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How to Earn with New Grandbux

How to Earn with New Grandbux is actually very easy. If everyone follows this guide then everyone will start to make money….

There are just 3 simple steps:

Step 1 View Ads
Step 2 Create Ad
Step 3 Use purchase balance to pay for ad or RR’s


To View Ads

– Click on earn xp at top of the page, click survey ads
– on the ad box around 1/4 way down is an arrow on right side
– click arrow until you get to question
– choose response to question

If you do this right you get a notification on screen to say earned XP and ad credit
XP moves you up the levels and ad credit lets you advertise something for free

Create Ad
– Click on Advertise at top of page
– Click on survey ad box
– Click on add new survey
– on page click on left side images to edit (where it says preview)
– make sure you click on visit here button to add your website referral link if have one
– on right side of page complete details
– agree terms
– save ad

– On list of ads under advertise tab look for new ad just created
– Click on little world symbol
– Under ad views choose either free credits or number of views
– Number of views price comes out of purchase balance so best to use this to get everyone started earning
– Add filters if you want
– click confirmation and save

You now just need to click arrow to activate it

Doing this will give you more XP to move you up levels quicker


To Earn you have to have referrals who make a purchase
Everyone has a purchase balance from old earnings to allow them to do this
If you have no referrals you can rent them

Rent Referrals

– Click on account tab at top of page
– Find referrals box and click on number
– right corner box has add referrals option
– click add referrals button
– choose add 1, 5 or 25 refs
– agree terms of service
– click rent now

Only when everyone starts to do this will the earning cycle begin for everyone 

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The New Grandbux Site – A Guide to Advertising and Earning

Todays topic is the new Grandbux site.  The new site went live on 26th September 2017 and it is very very different to what was there before.  I have spent a bit of time on it and so far I like what I see.   Some parts are yet to go live so I will update this post until all parts are included.

What is New?

First of all there are many new features:

  • Grandbux is no longer a PTC site and works more like a traffic exchange.  That means you view ads to receive credits which you can then use to place your own adverts on the site.  Even if you do not have something else to promote however there are benefits to using this exchange feature which I explain under Traffic Exchange below.
  • The ad viewing on Grandbux is now completely different to any other site I have seen.  The adverts are now referred to as survey ads, though they are not surveys in the sense you have to answer a lot of questions. There are 3 ways to interact with a survey ad:
  1.  Click to view the website being advertised.
  2.  Click the advert itself to view a slideshow and answer a simple question at the end.
  3.  Rate the survey ad
  • There are still rented referrals available however these will automatically expire within 48 hours (2 days).  Direct referrals will also expire but only after 240 hours (10 days).
  • You can now hold an unlimited number of direct referrals.
  • Each member at Grandbux will be designated an experience level.  The levels start at 0 and go up to 50.  There are many benefits associated with the level of experience the member reaches.  For example higher level members receive a higher ratio of credits for viewing ads.  The member level is also linked to the number of referrals that can be held, the commission amount paid, chances of winning on the grid game and how much experience credit is allocated.
  • The level of each member can go up and down depending on activity during each month.
  • There is no membership fee.  Upgrading of levels depends totally on activity and gaining experience.
  • Each survey ad has a single question that must be answered to be rewarded with credits and experience.
  • Experience credits are received in multiple ways, including from the activity of referrals.
  • Earning is now dependent on the purchase of advertising or completion of micro jobs.

There is also a new home page which now looks like this:

and a new account page which now looks like this:

Traffic Exchange

Viewing Survey Ads

You need to view survey ads and answer the single question to be awarded credit.  You will earn both ad credits so you can post your own survey ad, and experience credits which helps you maintain or increase levels.

To view the survey ads you need to click on Earn XP at the top of your page then choose survey ads from the drop down menu.  Alternatively you can click on any of the categories on the home page.

To get credit for viewing you need to click the arrow at the side of the survey ad until you reach the question.  You need to respond to the question or you will not get credited for the view.

You do not need to visit the actual website to get credit.  This is available if you want to check for more information or to join up etc.

You can also click on the stars to rate the survey ad.

Viewing Targets

Each member has a viewing target which they are required to view to maintain their account level.  You can see this on your account page.

Mine currently looks like this:

You can see I have already viewed 36 survey ads and need to view another 114 by Oct 31st to maintain my current level.  This is not the target to increase your level!

Post Your Own Survey Ad

When you have earned ad credits, or have money in your purchase balance you can post your own survey ad. To do so click on  the Advertise tab at the top of the page.

You then need to click on the Survey Ad box as shown below:

The next page will have a + New Survey button.  Click that and you get to the edit page:

You need to click on the preview side to add items such as images, title etc.  Then you need to complete the right side with survey name, category etc.  The customize survey question is what other site members will respond to and the responses they can choose from.  Remember to agree to the terms of service, then click the save survey button.  Your Survey Ad is not yet activated.

To activate you need to be on the My Surveys page as shown below.  Click the arrow under action to make the survey ad Active.  As you can see below I have 1 active survey ad called Clixsense Hints and Tips which shows my last blog post when viewed.

Why post a Survey Ad?

Survey Ads are designed to help you promote something such as a referral link to another website, or a blog etc.  However even if you do not have anything you want to promote you should post a survey ad to help you gain experience points.  This helps you increase your level and has all the benefits as described above.  In other words posting a survey ad helps you to earn more.  You can post a photograph or something like that if you do not want to advertise another opportunity or a blog 😉

How to Earn with The New Grandbux?

Earning with the New Grandbux is now done in two ways:

  1. You are paid commission for any advertising that is purchased by your referrals (either rented or direct referrals).  The commission rate depends on your own account level (between 0 and 50).  The higher your account level is the more commission you will receive.  As purchase of advertising is one of the main ways to increase level and therefore potential earnings your referrals will be much more likely to do this on the new site than before.
  2. You can also earn from completing micro tasks (which are not yet available but will be very soon).

I am guessing there will be lots of other bonus payments available very soon as well as Grandbux has always been extremely good about providing bonuses to its members!

My Personal Opinion

As I said at the start I do like the new Grandbux site a lot.  There are lots of changes, however in my opinion they are very well thought out.  Not only will the survey ads provide the advertiser with helpful feedback but they provide a way for the click through rate to be limited to those who are actually interested to view the site.  This is a really positive step for advertisers who previously ‘wasted’ credits on views that were purely for earning.

In addition there is an inbuilt motivation for all members to purchase advertising – To do so increases the level and earning potential.  In turn the purchase of advertising is the main way to earn from referrals.  That is a very nice cycle that should mean more earnings for everyone on the site.

The details of the commission rates have not been released yet and I await those with anticipation.  Also the extra features of the new Grandbux will be live very soon.

I do have a couple of … not exactly concerns, more hesitations.  I am a bit unsure about the referral expiration times on one hand, but also know that will reduce inactive referrals a lot.  I am interested to see how this works in practice.  I also would like to know what happens if a direct referral expires and then joins again via another referral link.

Obviously there are other parts to the site not live yet.  I will update this post as soon as I can with information on those.

Not a member of Grandbux yet? Click here to sign up on my team 🙂

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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New Clixsense Earning Tips

These new Clixsense earning tips should help you to make a bit more money from using the Clixsense website since it has changed!

Since Clixsense decided to remove the PTC part of the website earlier this year it seems some people are struggling to earn much on the site.  To help you out I have gone through the whole site and have the following earning tips to share with you:

Always Earn by Doing This

For the duration of time you spend on the Clixsense site use the Radio Loyality player.  Find this via the offers tab and then choose the CixOffers wall.  On this page click on the radio tab and click on Radio Loyality to open the player.

While the radio is playing make sure to check the radio player page regularly to see if there are any CAPTCHA to complete.  You will not earn anything unless you complete these.


Note this does not count towards the daily bonus checklist – More about that later in the post!

Main Surveys Page

On this page I suggest you do a few things.  First of all complete the survey profile via the link at the top of the page.  There are around 25-30 quick questions on there to answer.  Completing this and keeping it up to date means you are more likely to qualify for the surveys you see on the page.

Next I use the Sort option on the drop down menu on the right side.  I prefer to sort via reward as this moves the highest paying surveys to the top of the page.  If you prefer short surveys use the LOI option and the shortest ones will be at the top.

Personally I find trying to qualify for a survey on this page is quite difficult and frustrating.  I attempt 5 – 10 surveys per day on there and if I don’t qualify for any I move on to something else.

When working through the surveys take note of the survey company such as, Sample Cube, Saysoforgood etc.  If you pay attention you will notice you are most likely to qualify with a particular company.  After you figure that out you will be able to select the company which suits your personal profile best.  That is a great time saver.

If you don’t qualify for any surveys on that section you can try the Daily Survey Routers at the bottom of the page.  Again if you try the different companies you will get to know which suits your own profile best.


There are currently 12 different offer walls on Clixsense for me – you may have more or less depending on the country you live in.  Each wall has different types of offer available, though a lot of them can overlap.  It is worth learning which offer walls have the type of offer you prefer to complete.

General Offer Tips

  • I HIGHLY recommend using an email address you keep for signing up to offers as they can generate a lot of spam emails. Gmail is a good one to use.
  •  clear cookies before doing offers as this increases your chance of actually being credited for completing the offer.
  • If completing a high paying or long offer take a screenshot of the completion page confirmation in case it doesn’t credit.  You will be asked to submit these as proof of completion later if you open a no credit case

There are literally thousands of offers available on these walls so I will highlight a few of my favourites to look out for:


has the radio one mentioned above.  Also free sign up offers.

Can have some high paying surveys.  Keep an eye out for the offers completed near to you pop up.

Trial Pay

Can have some great free offers but watch out for the free trial ones as you may be signing up to a subscription.  Tends to have quite a few game related offers where you have to play the game to reach a particular level to qualify.  Some are quick and easy and others are long and drawn out.

Peanut Labs

Can have some short but well paid surveys.  Some good free sign up offers come up on here.  A good one to look for is Reward TV

Token Ads

Has quite a mix of offers usually.  Quiz factory offers can be fun. Page can jump around so you click on an ad so make sure it is fully loaded to avoid that.  Remember to share to FB to get the credit.

Offer Toro

1 click offers usually available and credit well as long as you follow the instructions.  Tend to require more than 1 click!


Easy Surveys Offer can be good to try.


Engage TV.  You can earn a lot with these if you can let them play for a while daily.


Good for mobile offers.  A good one to check for is Mobilexpression.  I have used that app for years and earned a lot from having it installed!

Super Rewards

Look for videos and slideshows on here.  Not always there but worth a look 😉

Revenue Universe

Has some good sites to join offers which can be high paying.

Kiwi Wall

Can have videos at times.  Sometimes offers are higher paid on other walls than this one.


These are provided by Crowdflower and Clixsense provides the highest level of payment for these a far as I am aware.  There are lots of different types of tasks and these are given a level. You need to start with 0 level tasks and build up to the others.  This is a filter process adopted by Crowdflower so only the best ‘workers’ get through to the highest paying tasks.  It takes time to work up the levels and patience is needed.

Tips for Completing Tasks
  • Always read the instructions fully.  They can be long but they do tell you exactly what you need to do to get through the task.
  • At the start aim to move up the levels and be careful about what you are doing.
  • You will learn how various types of tasks work over time, but make sure to check the instructions as they can change.
  • Check the ratings of a task as this tells you how satisfied others have been completing the task.  Low star ratings tend to mean there is an issue with completing.
  • Check the Clixsense forum for details of tasks that can be difficult or faulty.  Others can post a lot of tips for completion of a particular task on there.


I hope you have found these new Clixsense earning tips useful.  Do let me know if you have any others I have missed 😉 Feel free to join our new Facebook Group where we post lots of hints and tips as well as codes to boost your earning 😉

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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My Personal Future Net Earning Plan

This post details my personal Future Net earning plan for making £500 per month.  Future Net is one of several income streams I use in My Personal Plan to Earn £2500 per Month Online.

What is Future Net?

Future Net offers many business related services including:

Blog Hosting

Landing Pages


Business Pages

It also has:

A social media section

An external shopping section

Future Net Branded Products

Why Do I Use Future Net?

I have conducted extensive research into the revenue sharing model of online earning.  In my opinion Future Net is one of the most stable revenue sharing sites available for the following reasons:

  • Future Net was launched early in 2014.  This means it has lasted much longer than all other revenue sharing sites I am aware of.
  • It has a social media site which pays users a small amount for their activities.  Social media sites are highly profitable because they generate revenue through external advertising to their large user base.  By examining the Future Net social media site it is very obvious it generates revenue in this way.
  • The advertising on the social media site is from large companies who are not involved in work from home type activities.   These external adverts are also visible on the other parts of the website.
  • Future Net has several additional revenue generation streams.  The options such as blog hosting, landing pages and the shopping sections provide further revenue to Future Net.
  • During my time using the site it is obvious the owners are working on continual development.

When accessing online earning sites it is important to be able to identify where the site revenue is coming from.  The fact Future Net has obvious EXTERNAL revenue generation provides me with much more confidence in the site than other revenue sharing sites.

More information about this is provided in my post Are All Revenue Sharing Sites Ponzi Schemes?

My Personal Plan

From my own use of Future Net I estimate that $50 ad packs provide a return of around $0.50 per pack per day.  This is an average with quite a bit of daily variation in the amount.

At this rate I need to purchase approximately 43 $50 ad packs = $645.  This converts to around £500 per month.

I have now reached 35 $50 packs.  This was my original target amount and now plan to withdraw a monthly amount.  I have been debating over continuing to purchase packs until I hit 43, or withdrawing some cash now.  Its a tough decision to make to be honest.  I am going with the withdrawal option because I have found a new opportunity I want to check out and I always like to use earnings to fund other options.  Of course I will share my findings on this new one after using it myself for a while 😉

I also highly recommend withdrawing initial funds as soon as possible with any online earning site.  This increases the chances of making a profit.

My estimate is I will be able to withdraw $150 this month (May) from Future Net, and then $250+ each month after that.  I will purchase 5 new $50 packs each month and withdraw the remaining amount.  This will allow me to continue growing my ad pack total while also having a monthly income.  By doing this I will be able to withdraw my initial deposited funds by the end of June.  All monies withdrawn after that will be 100% profit.

Once I start purchasing the 5 packs per month I will know if this is sufficient to keep growing the total number of $50 ad packs.  I will review this plan next month to make sure I am on track.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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How to Earn $10 on Clixsense – Step 1 of My Earn $1000 per Month Strategy

How to Earn $10 on Clixsense

If you want to know how to earn $10 on Clixsense you are probably working on Step 1 of my $1000 per month strategy.

There are many ways to earn $10 on Clixsense including:

Clicking Ads
Completing Surveys
Completing Offers
Watching Videos
Playing Clixgrid
Completing the bonus checklist
Referring others

Recommended Activities

To make it as simple as possible for you to hit that $10 per month target here are my recommended activities:

– Add the clixaddon app to your browser. This means you will earn more from the PTC ads as you get notified when new ones are available to click.  The link is:

– Click all ads daily.  The link is:

– Check for videos on Offer Toro wall. The link is:

– Attempt surveys on Peanut Labs offer wall. The link is:

Note it is usual for you to get screened out of surveys frequently as a particular type of participant is required. The screening process checks if you meet the specific criteria for each survey and you will get screened out if you are not suitable.

– Attempt surveys on Personaly offer wall.  The link is:

IF you have managed to complete 2 offers (including surveys on the offer walls) play the clixgrid game and visit the forum to complete the bonus checklist.  The links are:

Using these recommendations you should easily be able to earn at least $10 per month. If you struggle to earn with surveys you may like to complete the tasks instead.  The link for these is:

I hope this post helps you to earn $10 on Clixsense and helps you towards making $1000 per month.  If you are still struggling to hit target please do contact me so I can assist you further.

PS if the links in this post do not work for you simply copy the end section and add it to the address in the top bar when you are on the Clixsense site.  The links vary a little in different countries.

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Clixsense Earning Strategy for $1000+ Per Month

Clixsense Earning Strategy

My Clixsense Earning Strategy

My Clixsense earning strategy is very simple and is available to everyone worldwide.  In my last post I mentioned having a new monthly target of just $10 per month from Clixsense.  This is part of my earning strategy to turn that $10 per month into $1000+ per month.

What is Clixsense?

Clixsense is what I would call a casual earning site.  By this I mean it offers lots of basic paid online tasks such as clicking adverts, watching videos, mini jobs, surveys and offers.  These tasks pay a small amount for each one completed. That does not mean you can’t make a high income from it, you can.  What I have found however is most people struggle to gain sufficient referrals to make that high level income from Clixsense.  That has motivated me to develop my Clixsense earning strategy to help others to make a high level income from this site.

Why am I focused on Clixsense?

I have used Clixsense daily now for several years.  I must admit I went through some initial hesitation that this site was a genuine way to make money from home.  It seemed impossible to make a decent income from clicking ads for pennies.  I also found it quite frustrating to use at first which you can read all about in my one week trial post.

So why am I focused on Clixsense?  I actually have a lot of reasons:

  1. It is very quick and easy to do the ad clicks each day
  2. There is no charge to use the site for earning
  3. It provides a guaranteed way to earn a small amount of money each month which is all that is needed for my strategy to work
  4. Clixsense is a worldwide site so has a high potential for getting referrals
  5. It is one of the most stable online earning sites I know of
  6. There are many different ways to earn
  7. Commission is paid down 8 levels of referrals
  8. It is possible to raise income on this one site up to thousands per month with the correct strategy
  9. Additional benefits such as high quality advertising are also provided on this site
  10. It has a huge amount of daily traffic from other professional online marketers

I must admit I also want to show that it is possible to earn a great income from using Clixsense.

To show I am following this Clixsense earning system myself here is my first Clixsense $10 per month earnings screenshot:

How to earn $10 per month on Clixsense

I have written a list of recommended activities to help you with earning

From $10 to $1000 per month

As I already mentioned it is possible to make thousands per month just from using Clixsense.  This usually requires having a lot of referrals and this is difficult for most people.

There is a simple way around this though.

By earning just $10 per month on Clixsense you open the doors to a massive range of options.  It is using these options in conjunction with Clixsense that creates an easy way to build up your income to $1000+ per month.

The options that I would recommend are either:

Investing the $10 per month into Future Net.  This site provides a profit through revenue sharing which means for each $10 you invest you get $12 back.  I have done extensive research into revenue sharing sites and find this to be the most stable one available.  As you can see from the screenshot below I have received over $1000 in commission from Future Net.

Or using the $10 per month to pay for blog hosting with Global Domains International.  This site provides the chance to create an income from blogging AND/OR from promoting the platform which can also be done without writing a blog.  In my experience a lot of work from home people want to open a website or write a blog at some point so this is a great earning opportunity on its own.   You may wish to read about the income GDI provides.  I have written about that in post Want Cheap Website Hosting Fees? My Provider Pays Me!

Additionally I advise reading the  Benefits of Blogging post when considering this option.

Higher Level Income

If you choose to follow this Clixsense earning strategy and commit to earning just $10 per month on the site I will also assist you with team building by providing referrals.  This will lead to an income that surpasses the $1000 per month level.  You will need to be in my Clixsense downline team (in any of the 8 levels) for me to provide you with referrals.  If you are already a member of Clixsense on another team please contact me to discuss how I can help.

To qualify please use the following referral links.  These belong to my team members 😉   Once you join your referral links will be added to the link rotation cycle here too.

Clixsense – Click here to Join

 Future Net – Click here to Join

Global Domains International – Click here to Join




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Daily Earning Plan for Clixsense

Daily Earning Plan ClixsenseThis is my current personal daily earning plan for Clixsense.  In my last post  How to Get Back on Track I said I was going to share my new earning plan.  After a little thought I have decided to do a daily earning plan for each site that I use and so I am starting with Clixsense.

I am using Clixsense, along with several others, to help me meet my income goal of earning £2500 per month. I aim to work only online for a total of 1 hour per day to earn this amount.

Each of my daily earning plans will provide full information to allow you to also be able to earn this amount if you wish.  If you prefer to pick and choose to use only some of the sites in my plan you are very welcome to do so of course – each site works independently of the others.

About Clixsense

Clixsense is over 8 years online and I have been using it daily for around 2 years. There are many ways to earn with Clixsense, namely:

Ad Clicking
Mini Tasks
Viewing videos
Completing Offers
Advertising other work from home opportunities

My Daily Earning Plan

Current income goal: $10 per month (£8)or roughly $0.35 per day.
Actions: Complete the ad clicks each day which takes me a couple of minutes. Complete a survey or 2 to reach target when needed.
Notes: Although this is a rather small amount to earn it is fast, easy and guaranteed. Once earned I invest this monthly amount into other sites to boost it further.  I have funded several sites by using Clixsense in this way.

Progress Towards Goal

Daily Ad click earnings are approximately $0.14
Referral earnings are approximately $0.03

To Do

Monitor Survey Income
Promote referral link to boost earning by team members
Upgrade to premier account again

Account Screenshot

Referral Link

If you wish to join Clixsense with my referral link it is

Related Posts

The Benefits of using Clixsense

A Weeklong Website Trial; Clixsense

Increase Income; Plant Your Money Tree Today!

I hope you have found this post useful, if you have feel free to share it with others. Thanks in advance if you do share it. I always appreciate your help you reach a larger audience.

Ellie xx

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How to Earn with Future Net

There are many ways to earn with Future Net.  Some are free and some require a little investment.  It is of course possible to start earning with the free options and then progress to the others if you want to.  You can also pick and choose which of the options you want to earn with.

The Official Future Net Video


The following are the main ways to earn with Future Net:

Social Media Club

The first free way to earn with Future Net is through the social media club.  It basically has a section that works just like facebook, but with Future Net you earn by being active on there. Basically you earn by posting, liking, sharing videos and photos and by sending other members a private message.  Really anything you do on most social media sites, if you do it on Future Net you will get paid.  My blog post  Start Earning with Future Net provides more details of how you can earn with this free option.

 Affiliate Sales

If you promote the Future Net products and make a sale then you will earn commission for doing that.  You will also receive commission if someone you refer to Future Net makes a sale.  The commission levels are between 3% and 5% depending on what is sold and who makes the sale.   The main products you can make commission on are landing pages, video mail, blogs, cloud storage, website templates and games.

Matrix Earnings

This is one of the paid earning opportunities available on Future Net.  To be eligible for earning you need to invest at least $10 for a matrix position.  It is a forced matrix which means there are limited positions available and new referrals are automatically placed into the next free position.  The Future Net Matrix has 3 free positions under each person who invests.  In other words there are 3 empty slots available for your referrals to be placed.  If you continue to recruit new members who join the matrix after the 3 slots under you are filled they will be allocated to the vacant slots under your own referrals.  This is a great option, because you can help your referrals to start earning while also earning yourself.  You get paid up to 10 levels deep in the matrix plan.

The matrix earning plan provides a huge potential for income as shown in the chart below:


Future Ad Pro

This is the second paid earning opportunity.  To earn from this option you simply purchase an advertising pack that costs either $10 or $50.  You are paying to advertise on the Future Net platform, so this is a great option for those wishing to recruit new team members for another opportunity.  In return for purchasing an advertising package and viewing 10 adverts per day you will become eligible for a share in revenue.  This means for each $10 package you purchase you will be given a return of $12.  For each $50 package you purchase you will be given a return of $60.

The share of revenue you receive daily depends entirely on the income generated by the Future Net platform on that day.

This is a screenshot of my earnings from ad packs:



Matching Bonuses

You will receive a Matching Bonus on the income made by your direct referrals.  This relates to the matrix earnings and is dependent on your own level:

Member (10$) – Receive 10% Matching Bonus!
Basic ($25) – Receive 20% Matching Bonus!
Gold ($50) – Receive 30% Matching Bonus!
Exclusive ($100) – Receive 50% Matching Bonus!
Sapphire ($500) – Receive 50% Matching Bonus!
Royal ($1000) – Receive 50% Matching Bonus!


Future Net continues to add additional features on a regular basis.  For example there is now a shopping section, and they recently added the $10 ad pack option.  In my opinion it is a great site that I am happy to recommend to all.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Earn £100 per month with Recyclix


My plan to earn £100 per month with Recyclix is quite straightforward.  As detailed in How to Earn with Recyclix, A Basic Guide I have made a deposit and received my free €20.

With my €200 deposit and free €20 I made a purchase of 1100kg of waste.  Just from using the recycling process I have already got a small monthly income:

My earning total for October from Recyclix was £35.14.

As I already use money earned to buy more waste on the site my income will continue to increase slowly.  By doing this, so far I have increased the amount of waste I am recycling from 1100kg to 2140kg.  Almost, but not quite double what I purchased originally!


I would like to increase my Recyclix income to around £100 per month as soon as possible.  Basic maths would suggest that I need to triple the amount of waste in my recycling process to do that, however that is not the case.  By using the calculator on the site I can see what I need to do to earn €100 per month:


As shown, adding another €500 (approximately £430) or reaching 4640kg of waste would provide my target income of £100 per month.

I am willing to add a little more cash to my account to speed this up a bit.  Most of the extra waste however will be purchased directly from my Recyclix earnings.

The plan then is to add another €100 from my survey earnings this month.  That will leave around 2000kg I still need to purchase.   From my calculations it will take approximately 6 months to buy this direct from my Recyclix account earnings.  Really I would like to be able to earn £100 per month from Recyclix by January 2017.   I will therefore consider adding another €200 from my December survey earnings.

After I hit my £100 per month target I want to aim for 5000kg of waste.   By doing this I will be able to get equipment shares, and that will increase my income and speed up the recycling process as well.  I’m really looking forward to hitting that 5000kg level I must admit.  I can’t wait to see my earnings when I get to that point 🙂


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The Benefits of using Clixsense


The benefits of using Clixsense are not immediately apparent when you first join this site.  In fact I would say a lot of people join it click a few ads and think its not worth the time.  I even thought the same when I started my weeklong trial of clixsense.  During that trial however I discovered the potential of this website for earning, and I have continued to use it daily.  I have now earned just under $200 (around £160) with this site by using it for a few mins per day.

I have to admit to being lazy with this site.  Basically the only thing I do on it now is the ad clicks, but there is a lot more you can do.  I have detailed all the earning options available on Clixsense in my weeklong trial post which also explains how to use them.  Today I just want to focus on the benefits.

Earning can be quite fast.

For example when I did a little experiment last year I was able to claim $16 (approx £12) in 11 days from Clixsense.  Quite frankly I have never found another site that offers such a consistent way of earning a reasonable amount of money within the first few days of using it.  Swagbucks is close, but not as fast as this is.  Clixsense also offers a higher payment rate than Swagbucks for particular surveys.

Fabulous Potential

In addition to the decent early earning opportunity offered, there is massive potential to increase earnings over time.  Through the team building option on this site you could actually earn a major income from this site alone.  Clixsense pays commission for 8 levels of team members and this makes a significant difference to the amount of money you can earn from it.


Clixsense also offers brilliant flexibility in terms of time you have available for earning,  This is because you can spend 10 mins a day on it or 2/3 hours if you so wish.  Both of these time availability options  (and of course others in between) can actually be used to create a reasonable income.

High Trust Level

Clixsense has been running for 8+ years and is very well established.   Payments are also consistently made within a few days, giving it a high trust level in the industry.

Low Claim Limit

There is a low claim limit of $8 (approx £5) which can be met in a few days.  If you upgrade the payment claim level reduces to $6.  Because of this Clixsense provides a reasonably quick way of gaining some funds when you need them.

Worldwide Site

Clixsense is available worldwide.  As far as I know Clixsense is actually available to every country in the world.  I haven’t found anyone who can’t register on the site so far.


Although there are more complex parts available the basic ad clicking is very easy.  Everyone can  do it if they can click a button with a mouse.


In my opinion these are some great benefits to using Clixsense.  It is difficult to think of any other online sites that offer all of these to be honest.  I do know that quite a few people have had a poor first experience with Clixsense.  I believe this is because they don’t understand how to maximise the earnings on it.  It took me a little time to understand it myself as I said.


If you have used ClixSense I would love to hear about your own experiences of using it – good or bad!  Feel free to add any comments or questions in the box below and I will get back to you asap :)

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