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Earning Bitcoin is Easy – Earn Bitcoin with BTC Clicks

Earning bitcoin with BTC clicks is a great way to boost your income and its really easy too.  When you first sign up to BTC Clicks  you will have the option of joining as an advertiser or an earner.  You can of course do both which is what I do.  To use the site to earn Bitcoin simply sign up for your free account and surf the ads….

BTC Clicks has been operating since 2013 and is a well trusted site with a good reputation.

How to Register for Your Free Account

First just click here to sign up to BTC Clicks and that will take you to a page that looks like the one below.  When you get there click on the blue start earning today button as shown:


After clicking on the start earning button you will be directed to a sign up form that asks for your email address.  There is also a captcha and you need to tick the box to continue.  When the tick appears click on the blue sign up button.  You will then be prompted to confirm your email address, and you need to open the email sent to you in order to do that.


After you verify your account you will then be able to log in and start earning bitcoin.

How to Start Earning Bitcoin on BTC Clicks

Earning your first mBTC on BTC clicks is really easy.  Go to the Surf Ads page and you will see a list of adverts that are available for you to click on.  At the right side of your screen you will see the length of time you need to view the ad for to be paid, and the payment amount.  To click the ad just move your cursor to the blue link and click and this will open a new page.


The Surf Ads Page Looks like this:

The new page that has opened will have a timer appear at the top.  You need to let the timer count down and then solve the little maths question to get paid for viewing the ad.  Basically this is an anti cheat measure to stop bots being able to earn on the site 😉  You will know if you have done it correctly when you get the green you have been paid message.

I like to click on as many ads as I can on BTC Clicks and that is because each click is earning Bitcoin currency.  Unlike other PTC sites that means the value of my earnings is extremely likely to go up because of the Bitcoin value rising.

Do note that you are earning mBTC with each click which is a smaller currency than earning Bitcoin itself.  Each Bitcoin is currently worth several thousand pounds and mBTC is like the penny equivalent.    This means your earnings for clicks is quite small right now, but could increase by a huge amount if the value of Bitcoin goes as high as is predicted.

Value Fluctuations are Good

On BTC Clicks, because you are earning Bitcoin currency, the fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin is a really good thing for earning.  That is because on this site you have the opportunity to purchase an upgrade which gives you double earnings on your clicks.  The best way to do this is to purchase your upgrade when the value of Bitcoin has gone down because it then costs you less.

After you upgrade you can choose when you want to make a payment claim, and you obviously want to do this when the value is high to get the best rate.  This is one of the things I really love about BTC Clicks – it is like a mini trading center that you can use to maximise your income!

Your Earner Dashboard

To access your earner dashboard you need to use the link at the bottom of the website.  This will take you to the main admin area of your account, and where you can do several things:

  • Rent Referrals – There is an option on site that you can use to rent referrals to help build your team on here.  This is quite difficult to do due to high demand and I suggest you try to get direct referrals instead.
  • Your Referral Link – You can find your referral link by clicking on the referral/affiliate tools tab on your dashboard.  You will find other promotional banners etc here too.
  • Transfer Money – To purchase an upgrade or rent referrals you will need to transfer money from your earning account into your purchase account.  To do this you just click on the Deposit to Purchase balance button which is about halfway down the dashboard page.
  • Make Withdrawals – The withdrawal tab is also on your dashboard.  To be able to withdraw money from BTC Clicks you will need to have a Bitcoin Wallet.  I recommend you use
  • Check History – Here you can check the deposits, purchases and withdrawals you have made.
  • View Referrals – The referrals tab allows you to view both rented and direct referrals.  You can also rent referrals from this tab.
  • Upgrade Membership –  There are 3 levels of Premier membership available and you can purchase them via this tab.  The 3 levels are 90 day, 180 day and 360 day upgrades and the price fluctuates with the Bitcoin value.
  • Change Account Details – Finally, there is an account details tab which is where you can make any changes you require to your account.

My Plan for Earning

My plan for earning on BTC Clicks is to firstly get enough earnings to pay for the 90 day upgrade so I am earning double from my clicks and from my referrals clicks.  I have done that already and it made quite a difference to my earning levels.  Next I aim to upgrade for 180 days and I am close to achieving this now too.  Once that upgrade is reached I will work on the final upgrade which is for 360 days.

Along with the upgrades I am working to increase my referral numbers to boost my earnings on this site.  Bitcoin sites are very popular and I am doing this mainly from advertising on EasyHits4U with free credits.

Overall I am enjoying using this site to earn Bitcoin.  It is easy to use and it doesn’t take long to make enough to purchase the first upgrade.  I also find it pretty easy to get referrals for BTC Clicks due to high demand for Bitcoin earnings.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Reasons Why The Future Net Scam is Not a Scam.

The Future Net Scam is Not a Scam and in this post I explain the reasons I say that.  It is quite a long post because there is a lot of evidence to provide.

What Is Future Net?

Future Net is a site that pays its members in several different ways:

  • There is a social media section that pays people for their activity of posting, sharing and commenting.
  • Revenue sharing is paid to those using the Ad Pro section.
  • Members are paid commissions for making sales of various products.
  • There is a forced matrix payment option.
  • Members earn commission for promoting the site to others.

The Future Net Scam?

If you have been reading reviews online you will no doubt have found some that talk about ‘The Future Net Scam’.  I would like to provide the evidence to the contrary, and there is a lot of that available.  So why are others warning against the Future Net Scam?

To be honest there are several reasons for that:

  1. Some people have no idea how to actually tell the difference between a scam and a real company.
  2. There are a few similarities between Future Net and other sites that have failed (such as Traffic Monsoon).
  3. Telling people that sites are scams is a ploy sometimes to promote a different company.
  4. Using the words Future Net Scam is a technique used to generate search views to a website (and yes I am using that option for this post!)

In this post I will cover all of these reasons to provide you with the evidence I have available to show the Future Net Scam is NOT a scam.  You can then make up your own mind about the site… lets start with talking about how to identify scam sites:

How to Identify Scam Sites

One of the main ways to identify  scam sites is to investigate where the money is coming from that is used to pay its members.  If the only visible source of revenue for the site is coming from the payment members make, it is highly likely to be a Ponzi (or Pyramid) Scheme. That means the money new members pay is used to provide the money paid out to the people who joined the site earlier.

Sites using this structure are absolutely destined to fail.  Very simply they will run out of money to pay people after a certain time.

Click here for more detailed information about Ponzi Schemes. 

For this reason I focus mainly on how Future Net makes its money in this post.  If you are unsure about this being the best indicator to help identify a scam site I suggest you google the terms Ponzi Scheme, and Pyramid Scheme.  If that doesn’t clear things up for you then you can contact Action Fraud to ask for their advice on the matter 😉

The Similarities Between Future Net and Other Failed Sites

One of the main reasons I believe some reviews talk about the  ‘Future Net Scam’ is because of the similarity with other sites that have failed.  The revenue sharing model has certainly had some very bad press, and I am happy to say I was one of the people warning against Traffic Monsoon.

Sadly scam sites have always used the similar to technique to confuse people.  Its not just scam sites either.  Phishing emails are sent in a way that tries to deceive people into thinking they are from a particular company.  Burglars pretend to be utility engineers to gain access to homes.  Others pretend to be builders, plumbers, kitchen installers etc etc to get people to hand over money.

Unfortunately scammers are always developing more advanced techniques to fool people out of their cash.  They nearly always use the similar to technique though.

The Scam Ploy

The scam ploy to me is quite disgusting.  That is when people deliberately say that something is a scam in order to gain trust and promote another opportunity.  In my opinion that is perhaps the worst form of deception.  It is underhanded and it targets vulnerable people as well.

The scam ploy is becoming much more prominent online with the growing rise of google research popularity.  Everyone turns to the internet first to do research these days and the scam ploy takes full advantage of that.  The scam ploy also takes advantage of those who are trying to do some research into earning sites, which is the right thing to do.  It does however take advantage of the fact that most people do not know how to do in depth research for themselves.

The Words Future Net Scam

Search engines such as google use the words people type into the search box to generate relevant search results.  Using the words Future Net Scam therefore increases the likelihood of a particular page or site showing up in search results.  As I said already I am making use of this technique to help this post get seen too.  I think it is important to provide actual evidence to people who are searching for information about sites and so I provide that evidence below.

Lets Look At the Evidence

Evidence The Future Net Scam is NOT a Scam

The majority of evidence is related to where the money is coming from to pay site members profits.  I have identified many income streams that are obvious on the Future Net Site and I detail them below:

External Advertising

The first thing that I notice about Future Net is the presence of external advertising.  I know already that a lot of sites generate the majority of their revenue through external advertising sources.  In fact I even make money from external advertising on this blog.  It is a very common way for sites to generate revenue.

On Future Net the external advertising is highly obvious.  There are adverts from a lot of big brands shown on various parts of the Future Net website, including the social media platform, the sidebars of the Ad Pro section and on pop up ads as well.

App Development

From doing a bit of research and from watching the website itself I know the Future Net team are deeply involved in app development.  This is a very popular method of income generation now, and one that is highly effective and profitable.  Some apps are generating millions in revenue for the developers.  On the download page for these apps Future Net is identified as the developer, and these are just 2 examples of apps they have produced.

Sales of Business Tools

Future Net has a wide variety of business tools available to members, such as blog hosting, landing pages, e-books, videos, e-learning, website templates,  webinar software, cloud hosting and more.  All of these items are clearly available on the site and there are payment plans for each.  The sale of business tools is another highly profitable market online.

Sales of Physical Future Net Branded Products

On site there are several product lines of Future Net branded goods.  These include, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, umbrellas, perfume and much more.

Affiliate Sales

Another extremely common form of revenue generation online is through affiliate marketing.  Again this is something I am familiar with myself and personally use it to generate income as well.  On Future Net there is a shopping section where products from other companies are available to buy.  This is obviously another source of revenue for Future net.


Future Net has recently opened a restaurant and cafe which is located in Kiev.  Plans to open more across the world are also underway.  Giving this online business a ‘high street’ shop front is an extremely savvy move for the company and sets it apart from its main competitors like Facebook.  What better setting than a cafe to use a social media site?


Percentage of Revenue Returned

Within the Future Net system there are automatic funding payments made from all members.  A 5% of profits made by members goes back into the Future Net site through an automated system.  The automatic payments are used to fund advertising and upgrades on the site which creates a constant form of revenue back to the company.  This is extremely important as the Ad Pack purchase system can mean members do not deposit funds to increase their account levels, and instead use a rebuy option.   By having the 5% automatically cycling through it overcomes this potential problem.

Levels and Payment of Revenue Share

The revenue share model used by Future Net is of a reasonable and sustainable level.  The $10 profit on $50 packs and $2 profit on $10 packs is not an over-inflated amount, and importantly it is paid back daily based on the profits made each day.  The fact the revenue shares do fluctuate on a daily basis show there is a calculation taking place.  Paying out a percentage of profits made rather than a set amount per day means this is sustainable over time.




Although the crypo-currency revenue side of the company is not actually available right now (November 2017), it is certainly well underway.  The value of crypo-currency and the benefits of offering this demonstrates another business savvy decision that is obvious to anyone to understands crypo-currency markets.

Non Revenue Related Reasons

In addition to multiple revenue sources as detailed above there are a few non-revenue related reasons I trust Future Net as well:

  • The fact Future Net has been up and running and paying consistently for over 3 years
  • Stephan Morgenstern, CEO of Future Net has been in this industry for over 25 years.  There is no history of him being associated with any companies which have failed, or any dodgy dealings.
  • The company is developing and growing on a consistent basis. Development plans are fulfilled when they are announced.  
  • Any negative reviews online are all stating that Future Net is a Ponzi Scheme which is obviously not the case.  Many people do not have a clear understanding of what a Ponzi Scheme is or how to identify one.  Many of these reviews are also promoting alternatives.  Sadly there are various companies who encourage the use of the ‘scam review technique’ simply in order to promote their company.  One company in particular encourages all their members to use this technique, and several of these reviews are promoting that company.
  • Customer service representatives are contactable and do provide support with any issues.
  • Having been with Future Net myself now for over a year, I have no reason to doubt the company.  I have received payments without delays or problems, I understand the revenue generation model being used and can easily show evidence to support my findings.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this post and have considered the evidence provided carefully.  If you wish to join Future Net you can click here to join my team.

I do provide full support to team members and also to people from other teams.  If you would like to receive my earning guides about Future Net to help you increase your earning on there please subscribe to my Future Net Income Builder email list by adding your details below.  PS, you can also win $10 codes on there just for subscribing!

Future Net Income Builder

I ALWAYS respect your email privacy

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Get paid to do Quick Surveys with One Poll

Get paid to do Quick Surveys

You can get paid to do quick surveys with a website called One Poll, a company I have used for several years now.  In fact I think it was one of the sites I joined right back at the start of my work from home only experience several years ago.

Why Join One Poll?

Personally I think there are lots of reasons to join One Poll:

Bonus Payments

I remember joining One Poll and seeing the claim level was £40 and the surveys were paying about 10p.  To be honest if I hadn’t been desperate to find something that worked back then I am not sure I would have done much on it.  The first thought is how long is it going to take to get to £40 right?  I am still using One Poll today though so I am glad I didn’t write it off when I saw that myself.

I’m not going to say you will get to the £40 limit fast on this site, but it also doesn’t take as long as you might think either. That is because of the bonus payments offered:

  • You get a £2.50 bonus for signing up
  • Another 50p is paid for new referrals
  • When you get to £10 worth of surveys completed you get another 50p bonus
  • You get another 50p bonus for linking your Facebook account
  • Another 50p bonus is paid when you hit £20 worth of surveys completed

All of those can add up quite quickly to help boost your account.

Survey Frequency

Although the claim limit is quite high on One Poll they are a site that tends to have several surveys available daily.  There are not many at the weekends usually however so it is worth noting that if the time you have available is mostly at the weekend.

Cash Payments

They are a highly reputable company who pay cash directly into your bank account or through Paypal.  Some survey sites do not pay in cash so this is a definite plus if you need to boost your bank balance rather than getting gift vouchers.

Quick Surveys

One of the main reasons I personally like One Poll is because the surveys are usually really quick.  Quite often you get paid 10p just for answering 1 or 2 questions for example.  Some surveys are a bit longer and you do get paid more for them.  You can usually judge the length of the survey just from the payment amount being offered to complete it.

Today for example you can see from the screenshot below there is a survey paying £1 as well as some for 10p, 20p etc.  I know before I start this survey is going to be more than a couple of questions.

The length of the surveys is also indicated by the progress bar One Poll use.  This is really good as you know how close to finishing the survey you are, and unlike some other sites it is accurate.

Attractive Survey Layout

As you can see from the pic above the surveys on One Poll are also provided in an attractive format.  Some surveys can be quite cluttered and difficult on the eye.  One Poll use a single question to a page option and mostly multiple choice answers that are easy to select.

Research Panels

One Poll do provide invites to longer research options such as research panels.  I have secured several research panel places via One Poll that paid £50+ for more detailed feedback.  These panels took place online and lasted around 30mins.


After using One Poll for a little while I got to like the fact it has a higher claim level.  It is a great site to use for saving up for a bigger purchase for example.  There are also benefits in my opinion to using a range of sites that pay different amounts, such as spreading your income out over the month.  Things like that don’t really become apparent until after you have a bit of experience earning this way.

No Time Limits

A further plus for One Poll is the fact they do not have a time limit or anything on your account.  Some other sites will re set your account to zero if you don’t log in within a certain time scale for example.  I don’t think that is a very fair practice to be honest, and I am very glad to say that One Poll doesn’t do that.  Once you earn money with One Poll it is yours and will be held in your account for you regardless of how long you don’t log in for.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Take A Survey for Cash on Mintvine

Take a Survey on Mintvine

Why Take a Survey on Mintvine?

You can take a survey on lots of different sites to earn cash these days, so why Mintvine?

Well believe it or not I can find doing surveys a bit of a pain sometimes.  They can be boring, long and badly written.  Some surveys are also a bit hard on the eye, and perhaps worst of all is the screening process! Yes I do get fed up with not matching the right criteria as well.

BTW, If you tend to struggle to earn much when you take a survey with paid survey sites I suggest you read How to Earn More From Surveys for some extra hints and tips that could help.

On Mintvine I find a lot of these little annoyances are dealt with pretty well.

The first thing I like about Mintvine is the fact it is a pretty attractive site as far as survey sites go.  It is easy to navigate and it has some little quirks that I just find quite amusing.

The Homepage

When you log in you see quite a simple homepage:

Mintvine Home Page


As you can see the homepage shows you the total points you have, and how much more you need to make a claim.  It also has a big red take a survey button and a daily poll.  The daily poll is a single question that will give you 5 points for completing.  If you complete 10 daily polls in a row you will also get a 25 point bonus.

Because of the daily poll option you can use Mintvine as a very quick and easy earning option if you are short of time.  Thats the second thing I really like.

Top Tabs

Along the top there are a few page tabs:


This tab takes you to a page where you can find your referral link and social media sharing buttons.  Mintvine make it very easy to share your referral link which is great because you do earn bonus points when any of your referrals take a survey too.  You will earn 15% of what they make on all Surveys and Offers and 50 additional points when they complete their first survey!

The referral bonus system means you can earn a really nice passive income on this site.  That of course is another one of the plus points on my list for Mintvine.

Survey Street 

This tab takes you to page where you can take a survey (just like the red button).

The surveys on Mintvine are really varied.  They work with a selection of researchers and the topics can be really interesting in my opinion.  Some of the most unusual surveys I have ever done have been on Mintvine.

In addition, I think the payment rate is pretty reasonalbe most of the time for a survey site.  The points system is 1000 points equals $10 so as you can see in the example below a 7 min survey is paying $0.80 or around 60p.  That works out at over £5 per hour.  There are higher and lower paying surveys on the site, but around the £5 per hour mark is about average.

Just to point out it can take a few days for a completed survey payment to be confirmed after you take a survey.  It will show as pending until it has been checked and sometimes until the survey campaign has finished.

Mintvine Surveys

Disqualification Bonuses

The next thing I really like about Mintvine is the fact you get a payment even if you screen out of a survey.  As shown above disqualification from this survey pays 4 points.  That amount does vary as well so its good to check the disqualification amount in advance.

As well as the amount shown on the survey page for getting screened out, I regularly get a bonus payment for getting multiple screen outs.  That is usually around the 30 – 40 point level.  Because of those screen out payments it can be really easy to get to the 1000 point claim amount.  I have certainly been able to make a claim within a few days before.

Just another little thing that always makes me laugh with the surveys is the survey code.  It is always some bizarre combination of words that sets the imagination off.  This one, Fushsia Giant Porpoise, makes me think about pink elephants in a swimming pool!! Its like a little game built in and it amuses me a lot 🙂

Almost forgot to say there is a prize draw as well.  Each time you take a survey you gain entries automatically into the daily, weekly and monthly draws.  The prize amounts are quite decent in my opinion:


This tab takes you to a page with several offer walls:

I have to admit I have never actually looked at the offers walls on here before.  Now that I have I know they are some of the better offer walls just by using them on other sites.  The payment rate on here is pretty much the same as Swagbucks and Clixsense rates.  They pay some of the highest rates for offer walls that I have found.

As a heads up Personaly and Peanut Labs tend to be quite good for surveys and Offertoro tends to have some 1 click offers.  Trialpay is usually only paid offers but there can be some great discounts in here.  Adwall and Adgate are more a mixture of everything.


This tab takes you to a page with details of all the points you have earned.  You can see again the total amount and the pending amount here, but also more detailed information.  For example you can check which surveys are still pending, the breakdown of how you have earned your points, how many polls you have taken in a row and how many entries you have in the challenges.

You can also report an issue with a survey on this page via a button at the bottom of the page.


This tab opens a drop down menu which has a few additional page links.  This is where you choose your payment preference from the large list of options, update your personal details etc.  The sign out button is also here.


That covers pretty much everything you need to know to take a survey on Mintvine, I hope you have found this guide useful.  If you would like to take a survey on the site and try the other earning options available here you can click here to join with my referral link.

PS if you like doing surveys you might like to also read Earn £10 Per Day with These Surveys Sites.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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How to Earn with New Grandbux

How to Earn with New Grandbux is actually very easy. If everyone follows this guide then everyone will start to make money….

There are just 3 simple steps:

Step 1 View Ads
Step 2 Create Ad
Step 3 Use purchase balance to pay for ad or RR’s


To View Ads

– Click on earn xp at top of the page, click survey ads
– on the ad box around 1/4 way down is an arrow on right side
– click arrow until you get to question
– choose response to question

If you do this right you get a notification on screen to say earned XP and ad credit
XP moves you up the levels and ad credit lets you advertise something for free

Create Ad
– Click on Advertise at top of page
– Click on survey ad box
– Click on add new survey
– on page click on left side images to edit (where it says preview)
– make sure you click on visit here button to add your website referral link if have one
– on right side of page complete details
– agree terms
– save ad

– On list of ads under advertise tab look for new ad just created
– Click on little world symbol
– Under ad views choose either free credits or number of views
– Number of views price comes out of purchase balance so best to use this to get everyone started earning
– Add filters if you want
– click confirmation and save

You now just need to click arrow to activate it

Doing this will give you more XP to move you up levels quicker


To Earn you have to have referrals who make a purchase
Everyone has a purchase balance from old earnings to allow them to do this
If you have no referrals you can rent them

Rent Referrals

– Click on account tab at top of page
– Find referrals box and click on number
– right corner box has add referrals option
– click add referrals button
– choose add 1, 5 or 25 refs
– agree terms of service
– click rent now

Only when everyone starts to do this will the earning cycle begin for everyone 

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The New Grandbux Site – A Guide to Advertising and Earning

Todays topic is the new Grandbux site.  The new site went live on 26th September 2017 and it is very very different to what was there before.  I have spent a bit of time on it and so far I like what I see.   Some parts are yet to go live so I will update this post until all parts are included.

What is New?

First of all there are many new features:

  • Grandbux is no longer a PTC site and works more like a traffic exchange.  That means you view ads to receive credits which you can then use to place your own adverts on the site.  Even if you do not have something else to promote however there are benefits to using this exchange feature which I explain under Traffic Exchange below.
  • The ad viewing on Grandbux is now completely different to any other site I have seen.  The adverts are now referred to as survey ads, though they are not surveys in the sense you have to answer a lot of questions. There are 3 ways to interact with a survey ad:
  1.  Click to view the website being advertised.
  2.  Click the advert itself to view a slideshow and answer a simple question at the end.
  3.  Rate the survey ad
  • There are still rented referrals available however these will automatically expire within 48 hours (2 days).  Direct referrals will also expire but only after 240 hours (10 days).
  • You can now hold an unlimited number of direct referrals.
  • Each member at Grandbux will be designated an experience level.  The levels start at 0 and go up to 50.  There are many benefits associated with the level of experience the member reaches.  For example higher level members receive a higher ratio of credits for viewing ads.  The member level is also linked to the number of referrals that can be held, the commission amount paid, chances of winning on the grid game and how much experience credit is allocated.
  • The level of each member can go up and down depending on activity during each month.
  • There is no membership fee.  Upgrading of levels depends totally on activity and gaining experience.
  • Each survey ad has a single question that must be answered to be rewarded with credits and experience.
  • Experience credits are received in multiple ways, including from the activity of referrals.
  • Earning is now dependent on the purchase of advertising or completion of micro jobs.

There is also a new home page which now looks like this:

and a new account page which now looks like this:

Traffic Exchange

Viewing Survey Ads

You need to view survey ads and answer the single question to be awarded credit.  You will earn both ad credits so you can post your own survey ad, and experience credits which helps you maintain or increase levels.

To view the survey ads you need to click on Earn XP at the top of your page then choose survey ads from the drop down menu.  Alternatively you can click on any of the categories on the home page.

To get credit for viewing you need to click the arrow at the side of the survey ad until you reach the question.  You need to respond to the question or you will not get credited for the view.

You do not need to visit the actual website to get credit.  This is available if you want to check for more information or to join up etc.

You can also click on the stars to rate the survey ad.

Viewing Targets

Each member has a viewing target which they are required to view to maintain their account level.  You can see this on your account page.

Mine currently looks like this:

You can see I have already viewed 36 survey ads and need to view another 114 by Oct 31st to maintain my current level.  This is not the target to increase your level!

Post Your Own Survey Ad

When you have earned ad credits, or have money in your purchase balance you can post your own survey ad. To do so click on  the Advertise tab at the top of the page.

You then need to click on the Survey Ad box as shown below:

The next page will have a + New Survey button.  Click that and you get to the edit page:

You need to click on the preview side to add items such as images, title etc.  Then you need to complete the right side with survey name, category etc.  The customize survey question is what other site members will respond to and the responses they can choose from.  Remember to agree to the terms of service, then click the save survey button.  Your Survey Ad is not yet activated.

To activate you need to be on the My Surveys page as shown below.  Click the arrow under action to make the survey ad Active.  As you can see below I have 1 active survey ad called Clixsense Hints and Tips which shows my last blog post when viewed.

Why post a Survey Ad?

Survey Ads are designed to help you promote something such as a referral link to another website, or a blog etc.  However even if you do not have anything you want to promote you should post a survey ad to help you gain experience points.  This helps you increase your level and has all the benefits as described above.  In other words posting a survey ad helps you to earn more.  You can post a photograph or something like that if you do not want to advertise another opportunity or a blog 😉

How to Earn with The New Grandbux?

Earning with the New Grandbux is now done in two ways:

  1. You are paid commission for any advertising that is purchased by your referrals (either rented or direct referrals).  The commission rate depends on your own account level (between 0 and 50).  The higher your account level is the more commission you will receive.  As purchase of advertising is one of the main ways to increase level and therefore potential earnings your referrals will be much more likely to do this on the new site than before.
  2. You can also earn from completing micro tasks (which are not yet available but will be very soon).

I am guessing there will be lots of other bonus payments available very soon as well as Grandbux has always been extremely good about providing bonuses to its members!

My Personal Opinion

As I said at the start I do like the new Grandbux site a lot.  There are lots of changes, however in my opinion they are very well thought out.  Not only will the survey ads provide the advertiser with helpful feedback but they provide a way for the click through rate to be limited to those who are actually interested to view the site.  This is a really positive step for advertisers who previously ‘wasted’ credits on views that were purely for earning.

In addition there is an inbuilt motivation for all members to purchase advertising – To do so increases the level and earning potential.  In turn the purchase of advertising is the main way to earn from referrals.  That is a very nice cycle that should mean more earnings for everyone on the site.

The details of the commission rates have not been released yet and I await those with anticipation.  Also the extra features of the new Grandbux will be live very soon.

I do have a couple of … not exactly concerns, more hesitations.  I am a bit unsure about the referral expiration times on one hand, but also know that will reduce inactive referrals a lot.  I am interested to see how this works in practice.  I also would like to know what happens if a direct referral expires and then joins again via another referral link.

Obviously there are other parts to the site not live yet.  I will update this post as soon as I can with information on those.

Not a member of Grandbux yet? Click here to sign up on my team 🙂

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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New Clixsense Earning Tips

These new Clixsense earning tips should help you to make a bit more money from using the Clixsense website since it has changed!

Since Clixsense decided to remove the PTC part of the website earlier this year it seems some people are struggling to earn much on the site.  To help you out I have gone through the whole site and have the following earning tips to share with you:

Always Earn by Doing This

For the duration of time you spend on the Clixsense site use the Radio Loyality player.  Find this via the offers tab and then choose the CixOffers wall.  On this page click on the radio tab and click on Radio Loyality to open the player.

While the radio is playing make sure to check the radio player page regularly to see if there are any CAPTCHA to complete.  You will not earn anything unless you complete these.


Note this does not count towards the daily bonus checklist – More about that later in the post!

Main Surveys Page

On this page I suggest you do a few things.  First of all complete the survey profile via the link at the top of the page.  There are around 25-30 quick questions on there to answer.  Completing this and keeping it up to date means you are more likely to qualify for the surveys you see on the page.

Next I use the Sort option on the drop down menu on the right side.  I prefer to sort via reward as this moves the highest paying surveys to the top of the page.  If you prefer short surveys use the LOI option and the shortest ones will be at the top.

Personally I find trying to qualify for a survey on this page is quite difficult and frustrating.  I attempt 5 – 10 surveys per day on there and if I don’t qualify for any I move on to something else.

When working through the surveys take note of the survey company such as, Sample Cube, Saysoforgood etc.  If you pay attention you will notice you are most likely to qualify with a particular company.  After you figure that out you will be able to select the company which suits your personal profile best.  That is a great time saver.

If you don’t qualify for any surveys on that section you can try the Daily Survey Routers at the bottom of the page.  Again if you try the different companies you will get to know which suits your own profile best.


There are currently 12 different offer walls on Clixsense for me – you may have more or less depending on the country you live in.  Each wall has different types of offer available, though a lot of them can overlap.  It is worth learning which offer walls have the type of offer you prefer to complete.

General Offer Tips

  • I HIGHLY recommend using an email address you keep for signing up to offers as they can generate a lot of spam emails. Gmail is a good one to use.
  •  clear cookies before doing offers as this increases your chance of actually being credited for completing the offer.
  • If completing a high paying or long offer take a screenshot of the completion page confirmation in case it doesn’t credit.  You will be asked to submit these as proof of completion later if you open a no credit case

There are literally thousands of offers available on these walls so I will highlight a few of my favourites to look out for:


has the radio one mentioned above.  Also free sign up offers.

Can have some high paying surveys.  Keep an eye out for the offers completed near to you pop up.

Trial Pay

Can have some great free offers but watch out for the free trial ones as you may be signing up to a subscription.  Tends to have quite a few game related offers where you have to play the game to reach a particular level to qualify.  Some are quick and easy and others are long and drawn out.

Peanut Labs

Can have some short but well paid surveys.  Some good free sign up offers come up on here.  A good one to look for is Reward TV

Token Ads

Has quite a mix of offers usually.  Quiz factory offers can be fun. Page can jump around so you click on an ad so make sure it is fully loaded to avoid that.  Remember to share to FB to get the credit.

Offer Toro

1 click offers usually available and credit well as long as you follow the instructions.  Tend to require more than 1 click!


Easy Surveys Offer can be good to try.


Engage TV.  You can earn a lot with these if you can let them play for a while daily.


Good for mobile offers.  A good one to check for is Mobilexpression.  I have used that app for years and earned a lot from having it installed!

Super Rewards

Look for videos and slideshows on here.  Not always there but worth a look 😉

Revenue Universe

Has some good sites to join offers which can be high paying.

Kiwi Wall

Can have videos at times.  Sometimes offers are higher paid on other walls than this one.


These are provided by Crowdflower and Clixsense provides the highest level of payment for these a far as I am aware.  There are lots of different types of tasks and these are given a level. You need to start with 0 level tasks and build up to the others.  This is a filter process adopted by Crowdflower so only the best ‘workers’ get through to the highest paying tasks.  It takes time to work up the levels and patience is needed.

Tips for Completing Tasks
  • Always read the instructions fully.  They can be long but they do tell you exactly what you need to do to get through the task.
  • At the start aim to move up the levels and be careful about what you are doing.
  • You will learn how various types of tasks work over time, but make sure to check the instructions as they can change.
  • Check the ratings of a task as this tells you how satisfied others have been completing the task.  Low star ratings tend to mean there is an issue with completing.
  • Check the Clixsense forum for details of tasks that can be difficult or faulty.  Others can post a lot of tips for completion of a particular task on there.


I hope you have found these new Clixsense earning tips useful.  Do let me know if you have any others I have missed 😉 Feel free to join our new Facebook Group where we post lots of hints and tips as well as codes to boost your earning 😉

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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My Daily Earning Plan for Swagbucks

I have had some requests for details of my daily earning plan for Swagbucks since posting my most recent earning update.  This plan allows me to make £10+ per month from this one site, which I then invest to create a higher income.  As always I am very happy to provide specific details of my earning plan to allow others to follow it.

 click here to join swagbucks

The current cost of a £5 Amazon voucher is 700SB and £5 via Paypal is 800SB.  This means aiming for a daily target of around 50SB.  Note these are the sale prices on site right now and they may be a little higher when you read this post.

To earn 50SB per day I recommend the following routine:

Navigate to the TO DO list on the left side of the home page as shown below:

  1. Complete the Daily Poll = 1SB
  2. Next complete all Daily Crave activities available.  I am earning 10+SB daily with these.  Most you can allow to run while doing other activities on site. 
  3. While Daily Crave activities are running click on Daily Search via the to do list on the left side of the home page.  If you do not win with this search do something else while you wait for at least 10-15 mins.  Then try searching for a popular trending topic for the day (check the news or social media for topics if required).  I am earning around 5-15SB per day by doing this.  DO NOT search different terms without waiting in between.
  4. Click on Deal of the Day in the to do list = 1SB
  5. Next click on attempt gold survey.  I click on all surveys in the list to see if I get automatically screened out.  You earn 1SB per screen out up to a maximum of 5SB.  If I have time I try to complete 1 survey.  Many Gold surveys are worth 100SB so I do this around twice per week. 
  6. When the Daily Crave activities are completed I suggest opening the Daily Watch activities.  These will run while doing something else, though you can speed the process up by clicking on the next video when the current one playing shows a tick 😉 Personally I opt for a 1SB playlist and a 2SB playlist on here.
  7. Lastly I recommend clicking on the Daily Discover tab.  Navigate to Offer Torro 1 click offers and click on all available.  This can earn you between 1-5SB

By completing this routine you will earn bonus swagbucks every day (for completing the to do list).  This is between 3-6SB – you get a smaller bonus for completing 6 of the 8 items in the list.  You can also earn another bonus for competing your daily goal.

If you struggle with completing surveys I recommend you boost your balance by using the Play option (access via link on left side of home page).  You will earn 2SB for every 2 games you complete up to a maximum of 10SB per day.

In addition to this routine I suggest you watch out for swagcodes and work on any active Swago boards as these can be very quick and easy to do.  Remember to check on our booster post in the Work From Home Network Facebook Group for bonus codes etc 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx





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My Personal Future Net Earning Plan

This post details my personal Future Net earning plan for making £500 per month.  Future Net is one of several income streams I use in My Personal Plan to Earn £2500 per Month Online.

What is Future Net?

Future Net offers many business related services including:

Blog Hosting

Landing Pages


Business Pages

It also has:

A social media section

An external shopping section

Future Net Branded Products

Why Do I Use Future Net?

I have conducted extensive research into the revenue sharing model of online earning.  In my opinion Future Net is one of the most stable revenue sharing sites available for the following reasons:

  • Future Net was launched early in 2014.  This means it has lasted much longer than all other revenue sharing sites I am aware of.
  • It has a social media site which pays users a small amount for their activities.  Social media sites are highly profitable because they generate revenue through external advertising to their large user base.  By examining the Future Net social media site it is very obvious it generates revenue in this way.
  • The advertising on the social media site is from large companies who are not involved in work from home type activities.   These external adverts are also visible on the other parts of the website.
  • Future Net has several additional revenue generation streams.  The options such as blog hosting, landing pages and the shopping sections provide further revenue to Future Net.
  • During my time using the site it is obvious the owners are working on continual development.

When accessing online earning sites it is important to be able to identify where the site revenue is coming from.  The fact Future Net has obvious EXTERNAL revenue generation provides me with much more confidence in the site than other revenue sharing sites.

More information about this is provided in my post Are All Revenue Sharing Sites Ponzi Schemes?

My Personal Plan

From my own use of Future Net I estimate that $50 ad packs provide a return of around $0.50 per pack per day.  This is an average with quite a bit of daily variation in the amount.

At this rate I need to purchase approximately 43 $50 ad packs = $645.  This converts to around £500 per month.

I have now reached 35 $50 packs.  This was my original target amount and now plan to withdraw a monthly amount.  I have been debating over continuing to purchase packs until I hit 43, or withdrawing some cash now.  Its a tough decision to make to be honest.  I am going with the withdrawal option because I have found a new opportunity I want to check out and I always like to use earnings to fund other options.  Of course I will share my findings on this new one after using it myself for a while 😉

I also highly recommend withdrawing initial funds as soon as possible with any online earning site.  This increases the chances of making a profit.

My estimate is I will be able to withdraw $150 this month (May) from Future Net, and then $250+ each month after that.  I will purchase 5 new $50 packs each month and withdraw the remaining amount.  This will allow me to continue growing my ad pack total while also having a monthly income.  By doing this I will be able to withdraw my initial deposited funds by the end of June.  All monies withdrawn after that will be 100% profit.

Once I start purchasing the 5 packs per month I will know if this is sufficient to keep growing the total number of $50 ad packs.  I will review this plan next month to make sure I am on track.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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How to Earn $10 on Clixsense – Step 1 of My Earn $1000 per Month Strategy

How to Earn $10 on Clixsense

If you want to know how to earn $10 on Clixsense you are probably working on Step 1 of my $1000 per month strategy.

There are many ways to earn $10 on Clixsense including:

Clicking Ads
Completing Surveys
Completing Offers
Watching Videos
Playing Clixgrid
Completing the bonus checklist
Referring others

Recommended Activities

To make it as simple as possible for you to hit that $10 per month target here are my recommended activities:

– Add the clixaddon app to your browser. This means you will earn more from the PTC ads as you get notified when new ones are available to click.  The link is:

– Click all ads daily.  The link is:

– Check for videos on Offer Toro wall. The link is:

– Attempt surveys on Peanut Labs offer wall. The link is:

Note it is usual for you to get screened out of surveys frequently as a particular type of participant is required. The screening process checks if you meet the specific criteria for each survey and you will get screened out if you are not suitable.

– Attempt surveys on Personaly offer wall.  The link is:

IF you have managed to complete 2 offers (including surveys on the offer walls) play the clixgrid game and visit the forum to complete the bonus checklist.  The links are:

Using these recommendations you should easily be able to earn at least $10 per month. If you struggle to earn with surveys you may like to complete the tasks instead.  The link for these is:

I hope this post helps you to earn $10 on Clixsense and helps you towards making $1000 per month.  If you are still struggling to hit target please do contact me so I can assist you further.

PS if the links in this post do not work for you simply copy the end section and add it to the address in the top bar when you are on the Clixsense site.  The links vary a little in different countries.

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