Quick paid surveys are not always easy to find.  Especially ones that do not screen you out because you don’t meet the criteria.

While checking out various sites however I have come across a few options that are very quick and easy, and also paid:

Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is an interesting survey site  that I have been using lately.  I’m enjoying the fact it offers a daily mini survey that you get paid for.  You basically just answer a few questions about yourself each day.  As long as you are consistent with your answers you then get the opportunity to do higher paying surveys.


Paid View Point

I really like this site because:

  • Although the daily earnings do tend to be pretty small ($0.03) they do add up quickly enough.  You can do the mini surveys everyday and the daily earning level increases over time.
  • They use a unique trait score value to make sure you are answering consistently, so make sure you pay attention and answer honestly.
  • The cash out level is reasonable at $15.
  • They have a great referral program which works on money paid when referrals make a claim.

my earnings

This is a screenshot of my current earnings and trait score balance.  It will take me a while to make a claim on this one I must admit.  The mini surveys take very little time though, and my earning will increase once I make it to 9000 on my trait score.

Particular items of note:

They ask for a mobile number which you use to confirm your account, however I have never received any calls or texts from them.  They use it as a means of protecting your account and earnings only.

If you change your details then your account will get frozen so no-one else can claim your cash.

I haven’t made a claim with this account yet.  However, they seem very professional and I would be surprised if there are any problems with it.  Have you tried Paid Viewpoint yet? If you have I would love to hear about your experiences with this site.


Swagbucks is a great site that I use a lot.  It has loads of different ways to earn and some of them are very fast and easy.

Daily Poll

I really enjoy completing the daily poll on swagbucks because it has pretty interesting questions.  It has a single question and I love to see the results:


Although you aren’t guaranteed to win from completing searches this is another quick and easy way to earn on Swagbucks.  Personally I use the swagbucks search engine automatically for all of my searches and this can get me several wins in a day.

Daily Crave

This option usually involves watching a few video clips or visiting some web pages.  It is a timed feature but only takes around 1 minute or so to complete.  There can be several of these available each day.

Deal of the Day

The deal of the day option is only a single click through from the home page.  You view the deal of the day page and you can earn for doing that daily.



Mintvine is another site that offers a paid daily poll option.  Just answer 1 question per day to earn $0.05.  There are also longer paid surveys on this site and you can earn points for getting screened out.


One Poll

I really like the surveys on One Poll.  Although they are a little longer than the others on this page they are usually pretty interesting.  You earn around 10p – 30p per survey on here which adds up quite quickly.  On this site I have also qualified for some great research panels which pay very well.  These are around £30 – £100 per panel.


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Ellie xx

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