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Using Facebook to Recruit New Team Members

If you are using Facebook to recruit new team members you are certainly in the right place to do it.  If however what you are doing is posting ads in lots of Facebook groups, not only are you not using the most effective way, you can also get banned from posting.   Facebook are constantly adjusting the settings to stop these posts being seen and to inflict bans too.  That means if this is your only recruiting method you need to learn another way, and fast.

Now I am not saying posting ads in groups does not work.  I know that it does, at least for some people.  However I get many questions asking me how to get people to actually work after they join, and the answer I always give is “just do not recruit in this way”.   In my opinion all you are doing is recruiting people who do not know how to recruit, and they are highly likely to be struggling with something else already.   What are the chances of them doing better with you?

The Most Effective way for Using Facebook to Recruit New Team Members

The most effective way to recruit new and high quality team members on Facebook is to follow this process:

Step 1: 

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to connect with the right kind of people and do it in the right way.  There is no point in connecting with everyone and anyone in the hope they might join your team.   The people you want to connect with are those who know the key to recruiting on Facebook.  They are people who network.

Networking is NOT sending people links.  It is building relationships with people and generally getting to know them.

If you need help to do this you are very welcome to join my Work From Home Network – Free Coaching For Success Group.  In this group we run both daily networking opportunities and training.

Step 2:

Once you have made some connections you need to build a relationship with them.  It is important that you do this is a genuine way and aim to get to know them and nothing else.  It is from forging genuine relationships with people that you build trust.

To do this on Facebook is very very easy.  First of all share something about yourself on your timeline, a photo is best if possible.  Then visit the timelines of those you have connected with and comment on their updates.  Again be genuine and do not consider this to be a chore or something you do just to build your team.

Step 3:

The next step is to share knowledge.  Show that you know what you are talking about and you are happy to give that knowledge to others.  Be supportive and approachable and people will naturally come to you with questions.  If you do not have a lot of knowledge then spend some time reading and learning.  You will always know more than those who don’t give time to learning.

Step 4:

Step 4 is to share results.  By that I don’t mean bragging about your income or anything.  I mean posting celebration posts and pictures of the lifestyle you are able to have.  Celebrate getting new team members and congratulate them on their achievements too.  I guarantee people will be watching…

Step 5:

The final step is to simply provide people with the opportunity to join you.  If they know you are friendly, knowledgable, supportive and approachable they will join you as and when they are ready to.  They will take no convincing, in fact they are likely to ask you to sign them up 😉

Of course this process takes a little longer to work properly than just posting in groups.  Doing it however will help you to build a much more stable team and to recruit people who will also get results!  It is certainly worth a little extra time to learn about using Facebook to recruit team members initially and then have people will come to you!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx




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Increase Sales on Facebook with Scheduling


You can increase sales on Facebook in lots of different ways if you know how to do them in the right way.  One method is by using the Facebook scheduling tool which is available on business pages and now also in groups.

The Facebook scheduling tool is a very powerful and effective tool which works on your behalf when you are not able to be online.  Used correctly you can practically automate your entire workload on Facebook by using it,.  Today I would like to provide you with several tips to help you maximise the effectiveness of scheduling and increase your sales on Facebook.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

It is very easy to schedule posts on Facebook. You simply write your post as normal, including adding any photos, links and text you want to post, then click on the clock symbol beside the post button.  This takes you right into the Facebook scheduling tool.  Once the tool is open just choose a date and time for your post to be sent to your page or group.  To save the post click the schedule button and let the Facebook scheduling tool do the rest.

When to Schedule Posts?

It will certainly be of benefit to you to schedule posts when you are just too busy to do it manually.  Using the Facebook scheduling tool also stops you needing to be on Facebook throughout the day.  Personally I like to schedule posts for both my Facebook Page and my Group because that frees me up to get on with other things.

In terms of what time you should schedule posts to be published to your page or group, there are no hard and fast rules.  Each page or group has its own ‘best time’ to post that relates directly to the page content and the audience.  To assist you with discovering your ideal posting time I have developed a scheduling tool which you can download below.

Tips for Making Best Use of The Facebook Scheduling Tool

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you schedule posts:

  • First of all try to sound as normal as possible.  That sounds a bit weird but when I first started using scheduled posts everyone mentioned I didn’t quite sound like myself.  To do this just imagine you are about to post it manually and it should sound ok!
  • Do not mistake scheduling for a tool that completely manages your page or group.  You still need to reply to people when they post comments etc or they will just feel like you are ignoring them.
  • If it suits your page to have an actual time to post the same thing each day then do it, but have a good reason to.  Really most people do not actually post the same thing each day at the same time and your followers will soon catch on you are not there if you turn into a robot overnight!
  • Let people know you are scheduling posts at times to help you manage your time better, they will appreciate knowing that and not expect an immediate response.

What Posts to Schedule?

To be honest you can schedule pretty much any post, so it is up to you.  Certainly the sharing of products or blog posts etc can easily be scheduled in advance and that helps you to not forget to do it.  Posts like have you checked the new products on my website recently? along with a website link work particularly well.  Do not use this type of post exclusively though because your followers will get really bored!

Also make sure that you are not just posting adverts all the time.  Post product pics with questions to help increase interaction and get feedback from your followers.  Everyone likes to be asked for their option 😉

How to Increase Sales on Facebook with Scheduling

The main ways to increase sales on Facebook are:

  • Build relationships with your audience.  People buy from people they like and trust on Facebook so you can use scheduled posts to allow them to get to know you.  Add regular posts about your own life, including pictures of you to help facilitate that.
  • Don’t just share buy me now type posts.  Getting people to share their opinions or give advice is a great way to help people feel a part of your page or group. Be creative about how you share product pics and ask for feedback about them.  Playing games like Love it or Hate it, Guess the Price, or Which do you Prefer all get a lot more response than buy this now type posts AND still get your products seen.  Just getting your products seen more often will mean you increase sales on Facebook without appearing pushy.
  • Discount codes or reduced items can be a great way to increase sales on Facebook too .  ‘The first 10 people to comment on this post will get a discount code’ works very well.
  • Don’t forget to show your appreciation and thank people for spending time on your page or group.  Everyone likes to be appreciated and it encourages loyalty.

Managing Your Facebook Schedule

When writing this post I decided to design a tool to help with managing your Facebook schedule.  If used correctly and regularly it will help you to identify which posts and times are most effective for your own page.  That means you will be able to improve your Facebook page or group to make it more effective for you.  The more effective you can make your page or group the more sales you will make.  It is that simple.  The instructions for how to use it are included as well in the download.

Click to Download the Facebook Scheduling Tool

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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Viral Network Marketing – Build a Massive Team

Viral Network Marketing is a term I came up with to describe a new project I just started working on.  I have always wanted to build a massive team, and I have been thinking about how to do it for a while now.  Having tried and failed with a few network marketing companies before I knew the pitfalls, yet I also know the potential network marketing has.

Those who can build a massive team make a huge amount of money.  There is no denying that!

What is Viral Network Marketing?

Well I would describe Viral Network Marketing as an extremely fast method of team building.  It is one that literally takes on a life of its own and spreads from being shared – think about how a funny YouTube video gets shared!

The main thing that differentiates Viral Network Marketing from regular Network Marketing is the level of excitement generated.  It is the fact that people want to share the opportunity with others, and it is met with equal excitement that makes the difference.  There is no trying to convince people to join the team, the information provided speaks for itself.

In addition it is NOT hype, there is NO BS, results are fact AND there is proof.

I started Viral Network Marketing on 21st November…. Just look at the difference in my team growth:


How to Start Viral Network Marketing?

The first thing you need is a solid network marketing opportunity with a great payplan.  I use Global Domains International and I do that for several reasons:

  • The payplan is simple to understand
  • It is multi leveled
  • There are great incentives for team building
  • It is available worldwide
  • There is a very low start up cost ($10 or £7)
  • The product is in high demand
  • It appeals to a lot of people, especially those who work from home already – many people want a website or blog 😉

Simplicity is the absolute key here.  People need to know exactly how they will make money if they join.  It also needs to be explainable in one or 2 sentences.

Global Domains International pays you $1 per month for every person in your downline for 5 levels.  They also pay great unlimited bonuses of $25, $100 and $250 for team building.

Its simple, right?

Establish A Solid Foundation

Once you have a great opportunity in place the next thing you need to do is establish a solid foundation.  You need people who will join you at level one before the system becomes activated as such.  It is your foundation that holds your team in place, and those people are the ones who need to get results fast.   How you get these results is up to you – personally I recruit for people because I get new team members daily via this blog and other sources.

Gain Momentum

This is the main bit that will build a massive team.  Once you have all of the pieces in place it is about showing real results in an open forum.  I use my Team Building Facebook Group for this.  Team members posting their results in an open group is the best recruitment tool you can have 😉 When others see your team are getting results they are highly likely to give it a try.  That happens even if they are unsure about how it all works.

Maintain Your Team

Once your team is building you need to make sure to maintain it.  You need to check your team members are happy and getting results.  This means contacting them on a regular basis and helping them overcome any hurdles they might be facing.  A team that maintains its members will always grow.  It is when you are losing members and having to keep replacing them that problems arise.  Remember you will never be able to fill a leaky bucket and keep it full.  Plug any holes before they become a problem 😉

Click Here To Start Viral Network Marketing Today

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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The Ultimate Recruiting Guide – Help To Build Your Team

The Ultimate Recruiting Guide is something I came up with initially to help members of my Facebook group: Work From Home Network – Free Coaching for Success.  It was such a popular idea though I decided to open it up to all!

Why is it the Ultimate Recruiting Guide?

Well I wanted to offer something that is a bit different to the usual guides available, so I have included a huge amount of information.  As far as I know it is the only guide to combine motivation, guidance, training, specific wording and many free resources.  Personally I think this is what makes it the Ultimate Recruiting Guide, because you will never need another one.  Oh yes and of course the fact that I am providing this information for free 😉

Why is it Free?

I get asked all the time why I provide so much for free.  The simple answer to that is because I love to help others.  Its a big part of my personality and my life or I would never have trained as a counsellor and life coach.  Apart from that though I specifically like to help those who are excluded from a lot of things because they can’t afford to pay.  My zero2earninghero system is another example of that, and yes you can make a decent income without paying to get started!

Do also read my disclosure below!

What is included in the Guide?

Basically I share every single thing I do to recruit people to my various opportunities in this Ultimate Recruiting Guide.  That includes the details of the words I use and where I post.  I am hoping that by sharing this much detail, those who use the guide will get the same results as I do, which is new team members daily.

I provide full details of the places I post, the wording and how I follow up with people.  I also provide plenty of training and information about why I post in a certain way etc.  In other words I am sharing all of my recruiting secrets in this Ultimate Recruiting Guide because to be honest I don’t think that information should be kept secret from anyone.  Its hard enough to get a proper start in this industry without people keeping things secret after all!

Why not just Recruit Everyone Myself?

There are so many people out there who want to work from home I can’t possibly recruit everyone on my own… I want to champion the whole work from home industry and tell everyone how wonderful it can be.  Its my mission to spread the word far and wide, and to help those who really need assistance with their incomes.  The more people my readers can recruit to the club the better 😉


My Ultimate Recruiting Guide does contain some referral links to various sites I use.  Most of these are free, but some are paid.  By using the links included I am likely to benefit in some small way, such as extra credits on free sites, or a little commission if they are paid options.  For me this is more than enough payment to receive for providing the information, training and recommendations.  I only ever provide sources that I have used and been successful in recruiting from and in no way do I force anyone to join them.  It is entirely your choice to follow the guide and you will never be excluded from receiving further tips if you do not join the sites I mention.

How to get the Ultimate Recruiting Guide?

All of my tips, training and recommendations are sent out in a daily email.  To receive the emails each day you simply need to subscribe to my list by entering your details below.  I NEVER pass on your details to others and only send information you have asked for.

Ultimate Recruiting Guide


In the Ultimate Recruiting Guide I share all my successful recruiting techniques with you for free in a daily email…


Just submit your email address below:



I always respect your email privacy

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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5 Common Practices that Reduce Sales on Facebook.

5 Common Practices that Reduce Sales on Facebook

Sales on Facebook

Making sales on Facebook is a great way to boost your income, however it is important you learn how to use the platform well.  There are many things that sellers do which actually reduce their likelihood of making sales.

Today I would like to highlight 5 common practices that reduce sales on Facebook, and how to fix them.

Selling from Personal Profile

Facebook has a strict rule about selling from personal profiles – It is against their terms and conditions.  For this reason they use filters to stop sales post getting seen if they are posted on a personal profile.  In addition the name on a personal profile is also vetted.  It needs to be a real name and not one like Ellies Sales Page.

How to Fix It – Open a Business Page or Group to use for making sales on Facebook.

Posting in a Lot of Groups

If you are posting the same thing in a lot of groups each day it is very likely your posts are being restricted.  Facebook has a strict rule about spam, and posting in lots of groups is considered as spamming.  Many posts in selling groups are now being filtered as spam.  That means unless the admin approve them they are not actually posted.  You can even get blocked from posting in groups at all for doing this.

How to Fix It – If you want to keep posting in groups choose 5-10 groups to post in at a time.  You can post in some more after a few hours.  In addition try to vary the content (which will also increase your sales).

Only Posting For Sale Items on a Business Page or Group

Using a business page or group for making sales on Facebook is the right thing to do..  If the only thing you add to a page or group is for sale posts though, it is not very interesting to your audience.  Facebook filters posts according to the amount of interaction they receive – more interaction = seen by more people.  For sale posts get the least amount of interaction than any other kind of post on the platform.

How to Fix It – Remember that Facebook is a social media platform.  Use your page or group in a way that reflects the social nature of it.  That means not posting constant adverts and instead make it fun or interesting for your audience. Mix it up and try to engage your followers in conversation.

Adding People to Groups without Permission

It has become common practice to add people to groups on Facebook without asking if they are interested in joining it.  This can have a detrimental effect for 2 reasons.  Firstly adding people who have no interest means your posts get diluted.  Instead of having 100 people who are all interested you end up with 1000 people in a group and 900 of them have no interest in what you are posting about.  Facebook sees this as a low interest group because the majority of people are not interacting with your posts.

On the other hand having a group of 100 people who are all interested is a high interest group.  Facebook filters allow more posts to be seen from a high interest group than from a low interest one.

The second problem with adding people to groups without permission is people are highly likely to report your posts as spam.  They have not asked to see posts about your products etc so they don’t know why they are seeing them.  They are also likely to report your group.  The more reports made about your posts or group the less Facebook filters allow your posts to be seen.

How to Fix It – Simply ask people if they would like added to a group before you add them to it.  Don’t aim for high numbers, instead aim for high interest.

Sending Personal Messages about Products

This works in exactly the same way as the groups issue.  Sending adverts that are not relevant to people are highly likely to be reported.  If not reported the chances are you will just annoy people by doing this and they won’t even look at the product.  Even worse is sending group personal messages to a lot of people at one time.  I see this happening all the time and most people just click out of it immediately because they are not interested or do not want to be in a group chat.

PM’s are NOT the place to try and make sales on Facebook.

How to Fix It – Again just ask people if they would like to see something instead of sending it without permission.

Bad Practice and Good Practice

Basically all of the above issues are considered to be bad practice.  Facebook filters and reporting are there to protect its users from receiving a lot of things they don’t want to see.  If you remember that filters allow high interest and high value posts through and blocks other posts you will learn how to use Facebook in a way that benefits everyone.  Good practice is great for businesses because it directs you towards doing things that lead to increased sales.  Those things are building relationships with potential customers, paying attention to what people like to see or not and not talking like a constant advert.

Learn to open the filters and you won’t need to try to find ways around them 😉 Learn to connect with people in a social way and you will make more sales on Facebook!

If you are interested in learning more about how to increase your sales on Facebook you should also aim to find out Who is Your Target Audience?

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Improving Productivity on Facebook

Improving productivity on Facebook has got to be one of the hardest things to do.  You get on there full of intentions to promote your business like a demon then start reading…. 2 hours have passed before you know it and you still haven’t started ‘working’.  I think we can all relate to that!

So how can we go about improving productivity on Facebook? Here are a few of my tips:

Set an Alarm

I know if I go on to Facebook I will get distracted.  Often it is something that catches my eye I want to check out.  I start looking at websites and reading reviews etc, and although it is interesting and often informative I forget to do my own to do stuff.  I now never go on to FB without setting an alarm on my phone.  I use the timer option actually and set it for 15 mins.  I know when that timer has gone off I need to think about what I am doing – am I doing what I went on to do or not?

Time Limit

This one is related to the set an alarm tip, but is slightly different.  Recently I discovered this amazing thing called 1 hour…. lol.  No honestly, basically no matter what I am doing I give myself 1 hour to do it in.  It could be writing a blog post, doing some surveys, tidying the house, doing some exercise, playing with Molly the dog, relaxing etc etc.

No matter what it is I give myself an hour time limit.  It works wonders for me.  I get more housework done, more reading done, more learning done and I just feel much more balanced in terms of work, life and fun.  I started this with my Hour of Power idea which was only meant to be about work stuff initially and it just grew.  Try it, its brilliant (even though I do say so myself hahaha!)

Do One Thing

Ok for this one you need to really be strict with yourself.  When I go on to FB now I give myself ONE thing to do at a time.  It could be sort the scheduling for my page, reply to PM’s or post in groups.  I tell myself right you are NOT allowed to do anything else on FB until you have that done! The ping can ping all it wants I DO NOT need to look until I am done.

Turn Off the Sound

Talking of pings…. they are there to distract you.  Just turn off the sound on your laptop or phone for the 10 mins you need to get that one thing done.  Call it the equivalent of unplugging the landline when you need 10 mins with no calls.  Trust me, it works!

To Do List

I know this might be quite an old fashioned idea, but I write myself a to do list each day.  Its not a massive long list – I can write those easily, but instead I give myself maybe 3 or 5 things to do each day.  Actually sometimes its just 1 thing to be honest depending on how my health is.  I know regardless of what else I end up doing those few things need to be the priority.  I write them on a paper notebook and I cross them off when I have them done.  This works just as well for doing things on FB as any other part of life 😉


Scheduling on Facebook is an absolute must for me.  Now it is available for groups as well it is wonderful.  Personally I try to schedule for a month ahead, though it doesn’t always work I am getting better at it.

Do you have any other ideas for improving  productivity on Facebook? I would love to hear them 😉

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Increasing Sales Part 1 – Who is Your Target Audience?

Increasing sales when you work from home is a very common target, but how do you do it? There are many tried and tested methods for you to follow.  The first thing you need to do is find out who is most likely to buy your products!

Who Is Your Audience?

Before you can find out what your audience wants you need to know who your audience is.  This means being able to answer a few questions:

Are they male, female or both?

Do they live in a particular area?

What age are they?

What income level do they have?

Where do they spend their time?

What are their hobbies and interests?

You might have people already buying your products in which case you can get them involved in this.  If you do not have any audience yet you can create one (see how below).

So how do you find out the answer to these questions? Actually it can be really fun if you are willing to be creative about it 😉

Using Social Media for Research

One of the best ways to conduct research is on social media.  You have a pre-existing community on there who just love to answer questions.  Lets look at ways to get answers to the questions above…

Are they male, female or both? 

If you are making sales already you can look at your customer list.  Are there more males than females who already buy from you? Or is it the other way round? Maybe it is a mixture.  If you don’t have a customer list already and you are making sales then you need to start one.  It is easy to do this on a spreadsheet or in a notebook etc.  The least information you should be collecting is name, address and a means of contact such as email address or phone number.

No customers yet to check? I suggest you post a question on social media.  Add a photo and a question like  if the price was right is this something you would buy?  Or you might like to get a bit more creative.  Who buys this kind of thing? Just wondering what sort of price it is…

Do they live in a particular area?

Again if you have a customer list you should have addresses already to check.  If not social media questions can help. Who buys this kind of thing? Am wondering if there is a demand for this in _______

Age and Income Level

These can be a bit harder to find out.  Some people will be happy to answer and some won’t.  Think about alternative ways to find out.  Indirect questions can tell you a lot about a person…. who remembers when snickers were called marathons? will give you an idea of someones age if you know when that change happened.  What indirect questions could you use to find out about income levels?  How about…. don’t you hate it when you get halfway through the month and all the way through your pay?

Can you see how you can get answers to practically any question about customers or potential customers by doing this?


If you prefer to conduct more structured research you can send people surveys.  It is quite easy to create a survey with Google Forms and they look quite professional.  These can be sent to current customers or potential customers alike.  I suggest you make it clear you are trying to do some research to help you with marketing to others if you do this.  Also make sure people can leave out questions if they don’t want to answer.

Offline Market Research

This can be quite fun as well.  Again be creative and you can get all sorts of information.  If you are selling make up then visit various places that sell it already.  Look around you when you are there – who is looking at the make-up? Are they buying or just looking? Chat to people if you can…. Oh that is quite expensive isn’t it? Have you used this before?

Obviously don’t turn into a stalker if you are doing this lol!! Be casual about it and don’t spend a lot of time in one shop.

I hope you have found these ideas useful.  Do you have any more to share? Do leave a comment below!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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What is a Capture Page and Why You Need One!


What is a Capture Page?

A capture page (or squeeze page), is very simply an online page that is designed to ‘capture’ contact details.  Usually the contact details are just the name and email address, though sometimes other information as well.  People provide their contact details because they want to receive information related to a particular topic.  For example, if I was interested in beauty I might sign up to receive a free newsletter with beauty tips.

The capture page itself is often an advert of some kind.  Here are a few examples of capture pages I have come across recently:


How is this Different to a Registration Page?

A capture page is a kind of registration page, however it differs from registering directly on a website or forum.  The registration is to join an email list rather than sign up for an account.  To clarify, imagine I wanted to promote Panelbase as an earning opportunity.  I have the option to share a registration page link that allows you to sign up for an account with Panelbase.  You can see if you click on this link it will take you directly to the Panelbase website registration page.  If you fill in your details there you will be opening an account with Panelbase.

On the other hand I could create a capture page that allows you to register for my online earning opportunities email list.  If you click on that link you can see it takes you to another page on my blog.  If you fill in your details on this page you will be providing your email address etc to me.  You will not be signing up for an account with a specific opportunity, instead you will receive an email with the details of different opportunities.

Why Do Marketers Use Capture Pages?

To build an email list

It might seem more straightforward for me to just share a referral link to join Panelbase with you.  However the whole point of using a capture page is to build an email list of people who are interested in hearing from you.

To send information

By using a capture page I am able to send out many different types of information.  Rather than sending the referral link to only one opportunity I can send the details of several different opportunities.  If you are interested in joining Panelbase you may also be interested in joining other survey sites as well, right?

I can also send out information that might be of particular interest to my readers.  You might like to receive hints and tips to help you earn more from online earning sites for example.

To increase conversion rates

I can also send out information to guide people around a specific website and helps to teach how to use it.  This means people on my email list can earn more and are more likely to actually use a site I recommend.

To build a relationship

I also get to contact people on my email list regularly, and they can send me an email if they have a question too.  This means I can build up a relationship with them and we can get to know each other.  If I simply sent the link to the earning website I would not be able to do that.

To increase income

Most importantly, from a marketing perspective, a capture page works to help me increase my income.  When it is coupled with an autoresponder I can send the details of any new opportunities to thousands of people at the click of a button.  Due to the fact those on my email list have got to know and trust my opinion they are much more likely to join too.

To save time

By using a capture page I save a lot of time and effort.  I do not need to post adverts in Facebook groups (or other places) and I don’t need to contact each person individually to grow a team.  I have a large list of people who want to hear from me AND want to know when I find an opportunity that works.  The fact people on my list can also email me means I also get people asking me for opportunities quite often.  Can you imagine how much easier it is to build a team when people are asking you for your recommendations?

How to create a Capture Page and Email System that Works

One of the main problems that people new to email marketing face is learning how to create a capture page and an email system that works.  It is not enough to just know how to insert a form for people to enter their email address into.  You need to know how to design a page that makes people want to share their details with you.  Also there is little point in having an email list that you do not email.  The skills to create a capture page and email system that works takes time to learn.  There are lots of ways to do it all wrong, but thankfully lots of ways to get it right too.

If you would like to learn more about what makes a good capture page, and how to create emails that work please request my free email marketing training course.

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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Teambuilding Tools that Work

It can be difficult to find teambuilding tools that work.  Working online I see so many ‘guaranteed to work’ programs being advertised.  Sadly most of these programs just give you something else to promote.  In other words they can distract you from promoting your primary business.

Some of the programs available do help you build a team in your primary business as a bit of a side note.  They have a place for you to add your referral link inside the program somewhere.  Still with these you have to promote the other program first and foremost.

If you are looking for teambuilding tools that work I am happy to say I have gained at least 10 new team members from each of the options below:


Although I tend to promote the earning opportunities available on Clixsense it provides a very good advertising platform as well.  Personally I like to set aside a small amount of my earnings each month on Clixsense to use for paid advertising on the site.  There are many advertising options available at very low cost.  For example you can run an advert for as little as $1.10 (just over 80p).

To use the advertising you simply buy ad credits, submit your ad for approval then you can target a particular audience if you want to.  It is worth spending a little time designing your advert and targeting specific users, but at the price it is easy to run several trials.

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Lootclick is a great little tool to use for email advertising and it is free.  The way it works is you simply open up to 5 emails per day to earn credits.  The credits then allow you to submit your own advert.  I like this one because you do not get swamped with emails to open.  I have tried other similar programs but got hundreds of emails per day, this one is very manageable.

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This site is a free traffic exchange that works in a similar way as Lootclick.  With Easyhits4U you don’t open emails but surf ads online instead.  As you surf ads you earn credits to use to promote your own programs.  There is a paid option on this site available as well.

I really like this site as it offers many additional tools and ways to promote your business.  For example there are sections for you to submit your business into a link directory.  There are also free to use capture page tools.  I learned a lot about online marketing from using this site for free, and now use the paid advertising on there.

Click to Join Easyhits4U

MLM Gateway

This site is designed specifically for those working in multilevel marketing (or network marketing) companies.  Again there are lots of different ways to use the site.  There is a free option available which I personally used as a trial, though you can continue to earn credits on here also.

This site allows you to actually chat online with those interested in MLM opportunities, or you can send emails.  You actually get the email address as well so this is great to build your contact list.

You can also submit business information which gets displayed on the main ‘wall’ of the site.

Click to Join MLM Gateway


This site offers several options for promoting your own business.  There is a social media section that can be used for free – think facebook specifically for those interested in working online.  There is a a paid advertising service as well, which you can use to also build an income.

I really like this site for many reasons.  Basically you can do the same type of promoting as Facebook offers, including business pages, groups and a personal profile.  Everyone on this site however are interested in working from home.  There are no restrictions on who can see your posts on this site however and it works just as Facebook did at the beginning.

The paid advertising section starts from $10 (around £8) and qualifies you for daily profit shares.  Many people are using this to make an income as well as promoting other businesses.

Click to Join FutureNet


I hope these short summaries help you to choose relevant teambuilding tools for your business.  I will be posting more detailed how to use posts for these sites ASAP to help maximise your success from using them. In the meantime feel free to post any questions you have below 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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How to Develop a Network Marketing Business Action Plan

Developing a network marketing business action plan is the first step towards running a successful business.   It does not matter how long you have been involved in network marketing, however it is best to do this as early as possible.

Why Do You Need An Action Plan?

Every business needs a plan because otherwise you could simply flow along without actually getting anywhere.  It is very easy in this type of work to be busy while actually achieving very little.   It is also possible that your own plan and that of the person who recruited you are very different.  An action plan will help to keep you focused on the right activities for you to meet your own goals.

Initial Goal Setting

Really you are better to think about quite a long term goal to focus on achieving.  This is usually the main reason you joined the company in the first place.  This goal is highly individual and is certainly not always financial.  Perhaps it is about getting to meet others with a similar interest as yourself for example.  For other people it is purely about creating an income.

Take a moment now to think about what it is you want to achieve from your network marketing business.  Once you are clear about what you want to achieve I suggest you write it down.

Clarify Your Goal

One of the main difficulties most people face is because their goals are not very well defined.  For example, to have a goal of “making a bit more money” is not very clearly defined – making 1p is a bit more money, but chances are that is not going to be very satisfactory.  Having SMART goals will drastically improve your chances of success:

Specific and Measurable

Ask yourself the question what would be a satisfactory outcome for you? If it is financial give your answer in pounds.  Think about that as your goal and then, just for good measure make your goal a little bit higher.  It should be clear for you to know if you have or have not met your goal.  You should be able to answer the following questions:

At what point will you have 50% complete?

How will you know when it is 100% complete?

If your goal is not clearly defined you will not know when you have reached it, nor will you be able to gauge how far you have still to go.  If unsure ask yourself “How will I know for sure that I have reached this goal”?


Make sure the goal you want to achieve is attainable.  This can actually be quite difficult for some people because they simply do not know what is attainable.  It is very common to either under or over estimate what is possible.  Writing a list of steps to take to reach your goal will help you to figure out if your goal is attainable.  If you are struggling to identify the steps you  need to take do ask for assistance from your upline, or comment below.


Check to make sure your goal is relevant to what you want to achieve.  If you have followed the steps above then it will be.  Goals can become irrelevant when you get distracted from your long term objective and is more often a problem when setting smaller short term goals.  Each time you set a short term goal ask yourself the following  question:

How does this help me move towards my long term goal?

Time – Bound

Finally think about when you want to achieve this goal.  Only when you have identified both a goal and a time limit can you start to write a clear plan of action.  Do make sure you are realistic with the time limit you set yourself.


An Example Action Plan

In the example shown below I know specifically the amount of money I want to earn, and the date to complete it by.  Plan

The actual plan starts to take shape when I ask myself “What do I need to help me achieve this goal”? This should be resources you can gather (including knowledge).  For this example I needed ideas, a daily plan and a place to store the money.  The action needed then should start to become clear, in this example my ideas were to sell products and to recruit new team members, and I was able to break these actions down into smaller steps that relate to the goal.


You will notice however that I have the steps to follow, but not when to do them.  To make sure I will achieve my goal within the allotted timescale I need to give myself a schedule to work to.  Usually I would write the steps into my dairy which is why I haven’t provided a timescale on the example, some people prefer to give themselves a daily list.  To be honest I use my dairy because there are always other things going on that I need to take into account.  Using my dairy helps me to actually identify when I will realistically be able to do them.

With a good plan you should be able to look through it at any point and know how you are getting on.  Sometimes things do happen that stop you meeting your goal on time, but if you review it regularly you can adjust the plan to take that into account and still achieve that goal.

Never Stop Planning

A good action plan is one that takes you right through to meet your original goal and beyond.  Every month or every week etc you should take the time to review your action plan, check your progress and add new goals.  It is a never-ending process that will keep you focused on what to do AND will help you to succeed.



recommended reading

If you have enjoyed this post you might like to take your learning a bit further.  I have chosen the following books as suitable follow up reading:


Goal Setting (Workbook Included): Goals & Motivation: Introduction To A Complete & Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint For Reaching Your Goals

Goals: Setting And Achieving S.M.A.R.T. Goals, How To Stay Motivated And Get Everything You Want From Your Life Faster: Volume 1

Procrastination: How To Get Things Done & Achieve Goals – Productivity, Focus & Execution



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