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Income Plan Progress Update for May 2017

As you probably know by now I am working on my own £2500 per month plan at the minute.  Todays post is to provide you with an update about my progress towards this goal.

My personal plan involves multiple income streams.  I have an earning target for each type of income I am working on as follows:

Clicking Sites

The first section I focus on is Clicking Sites.  I use these because they provide a GUARANTEED method of earning a small amount of money.  They are also simple to use and work worldwide (so maximise the potential for referral option).

My target for earning using only these clicking sites was £50 per month.  Most of my clicking sites are in US dollars so the conversion is approximately $65 per month.

For my clicking income I am now using:

Clixsense – target is now $15 per month on there,  last month = $18.40

Grandbux – target was $30 per month, currently earning average of $1.40 per day = $42

Gifthulk – target is now $5 per month, currently earning average of $0.10 per day = $3 per month

Swagbucks, – target is now £10 per month, currently earning average of £0.35 per day = £10.50 per month

Inbox Pounds – target is now £5 per month, currently earning average of £0.07 per day = £2.18 per month


I am meeting my £50 per month target quite easily using these sites. In fact I am making over £60 now.  I am doing a few surveys on Clixsense as well as clicking to reach my new $15 target on there, but that means I can boost my income quite a bit.  Last month I made over $18 and am already up to $10 made on there this month (in 7 days).  I might increase my target to $20 per month for Clixsense as I am finding that so easy.

Survey Sites

Target was £100 per month on these.


I have started using survey sites a bit more again, however I am not up to target on them as yet. Last month I made just over £20 so I have decided to drop my target down to £50 on survey sites for now.  The reason is I want to stick to around 1hr of earning activities per day and surveys can be a little time consuming at times.

As I am also doing surveys on some of the clicking sites I will now combine the two targets.  From June then I will have a combined target of £100 from clicking and survey sites.

The main survey sites I use are:


One Poll


Populus Live

Green Panthera

Survey Network

Global Test Market


Target Earning – £500 per month which is around $650.  According to my observations on this site I tend to earn around $0.50 per day per $50 pack on average.  This means when I get to 43 x $50 ad packs I will be earning approximately $645.  I am now up to 40 x $50 packs.  I want to aim for 50 packs on here which will take me over target.  Once I hit that level I will review my plan


My earning for this site is currently around $600 per month with 40 x $50 packs.  I am now also making a monthly withdrawal as detailed in My FutureNet Plan.

I am very happy with my progress on FutureNet and will soon be over my earning target.

Personal Sales

My target for personal sales is £250 per month.  After struggling with this target quite a bit I have now developed a daily routine to assist me with it.  I focused on this a lot in May and as a result managed to make £230 from personal sales.  This was via a combination of car boot sales, and sales on Facebook and Ebay.

I will continue to work on my routine during June as I am still not quite on top of it.

Affiliate Sales

Target Earning – £750 per month


I have now made a start on building my affiliate income using my Facebook page, Daily Deals Direct .  Thanks to this I did make a few affiliate sales during May, but not as many as I had hoped for.  I intend to write a specific affiliate sales plan this month to help me focus on it.

Matched Betting

I still have not done any work on Matched Betting.  I am going to write a plan for this during June as well which should help a lot.

Target Earning – £300 per month

Current Earning – £0

Time Spent – Zero


Target Earning – £100 per month

My earning for Zopa hasn’t changed much as yet as I haven’t added any more money to my account yet.  It does tick over on its own pretty much so I just need to start my investment routine with this site now.  I haven’t done any calculations yet regarding current income from Zopa so my first step with this account is to monitor the earnings.


I have now added an income stream specifically in Bitcoin.  My first target is £10 per month which is currently around 0.005 Bitcoin.

I have just started working on this income stream using BTC Clicks.  My daily average earning is currently 0.01 mBit per day so I have a long way to go, though I do have a plan 🙂


I now have several of my income streams either on or above their individual targets.  These are:

Clicking Sites – Over Target

Future Net – On Target as soon as 3 more packs are purchased (which I will do within the week).

Personal Sales – Close to Target

This means my monthly income is now a regular £750 and higher than my estimated £500 – £600 per month by the end of May.

I continue to work on reaching target for the following income streams:

Survey Sites

Affiliate Sales

Matched Betting



This month I will be focusing mainly on the survey sites and affiliate sales.  I will be aiming for a monthly income of £1000 per month by the end of July.  This is to take account of my lack of experience regarding affiliate marketing.  I am looking forward to getting stuck into building this income stream especially as many bloggers earn a great income from it.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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How to Get Back on Track


Knowing how to get back on track when working from home is a very important skill to learn. It is very easy to get off track. It could be due to not having clear goals in the first place, not sticking to the plan, loss of motivation, health problems, life getting in the way of what you want to achieve, or getting distracted by the next ‘sure thing’. There are hundreds of things that can get us off track really.

Personally I feel like I have gone off track and lost my own focus recently. I want to get back on track as soon as possible. The first part of that is to write this blog post….I’ve been putting off writing you see 😉

Regardless of what has caused you to get off track the following steps will help you to get back on track.

Don’t Put it Off

The first thing to remember is the sooner you start working towards your goals again the better. You do not need to analyse what happened, you do not need to chastise yourself. These things simply make it take longer for you to get back on track again.

If you know you have gone off track then do something about that straight away. The longer you wait the more difficult it will become.

I’m doing this today by writing this post.

Remind Yourself About Your Goals

One of the main reasons I like to actually write down my goals and my plans is because it is very easy to read over them again. Just doing this can sometimes be enough to re-motivate myself. Sometimes it takes a bit more effort than that. It certainly helps to be able to read over what you wanted to achieve and the plans you put in place before though.

My own goal is to earn £2500 per month.

Check Relevance

If it has been some time since you developed your goals and plans it is important that you check they are still relevant to you. Sometimes we go off track because the original goals were not as important to you as you thought. This can happen a lot when you try to take on the goals of others.

I am happy my goal is still relevant.

Start With A Clean Sheet

This is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. It is about putting everything that happened before to one side and starting afresh. Personally I literally like to start with a clean sheet of paper in front of me. I write my goal at the top and work from there again. It can be helpful to give yourself a start date such as Monday morning, or 1st day of the month etc. Do be aware of using this technique as a form of procrastination however. Is there any reason you can’t start today?

I am at this point now. I will open my planning book and start to write as soon as I publish this post.

Write A New Action Plan

Although you may already have a clear action plan related to your goals it is often useful to actually write a new plan. It doesn’t have to be very different to the original, but it can be. To do this I analyse my goal again. Is it specific enough? How will I know when I have achieved it? Is it something I can actually achieve? Do I need extra resources to help me? Is the goal too large to work on all at once? Can I reduce it down into smaller steps?

I will share my new action plan with you tomorrow

Review What Happened

Without spending too much time analysing what did happen to get you off track I suggest writing a short note about it. Was it health? Did you get distracted? Did you lose motivation? Once you know what it was try to think about what could help you to avoid that problem again.  Write that on your plan.

I will include this in my action plan post tomorrow

I hope you have found this post useful, if you have feel free to share it with others. Thanks in advance if you do share it. I always appreciate your help you reach a larger audience.

Ellie xx

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Get Referrals for Any Program

Get Referrals for Any Program

I want to help you get referrals for any program.  Why? The number one reason that people struggle with working from home is because they can’t get referrals (or enough of them).   When I ask in my Work From Home Network Facebook Group what members want help with, referrals is usually the top answer.

Over the years I have been working from home I have checked out many sites.  Some work well and some not so well.  I have read all sorts of claims about how programs will earn you thousands overnight, and those with more realistic claims as well.  Mostly these sites need a lot of referrals to help you earn a decent income.  Because of that I have also checked out all sorts of referral boosting programs too.  Any I have tried for myself charge quite a bit and haven’t lived up to their claims.  So I have come up with a free and simple system of my own.

My Referral Booster System

As much as I would like to just be able to give out free referrals like candy I can’t.  It takes both money and effort to get good quality referrals, so how can I help you get them for free?

First of all I can recommend a few sites that can help.  I can also offer something that will benefit us both at the same time.

The sites I have had success with and therefore am happy to recommend are:




Future Net

My Paying Ads

MLM Gateway

All of these sites are specifically designed to advertise work from home opportunities.  They can also be used to earn cash or advertising credits.  I recommend these as it is very easy to earn cash or credits with these.  You can then utilise paid and professional marketing systems without them costing you to use them.  You earn cash or credits simply by viewing other peoples ads.

If you do join and actively use any of these sites via the links above I will benefit by earning a little commission.  In exchange for that I will add you to my own team rotator to help you get referrals.

The Team Rotator

Each month I choose 10 people from my downline list and I actively promote their links for them.  I keep people on my team rotator list until they have 10 referrals of their own.  This means that the number of people on my team rotator does not continue to grow over a certain level and each person will be helped.   NOTE I will only promote the links belonging to ACTIVE team members who are using ANY of the sites above.   I also require a valid way to contact members so I can get referral links for promoting.

If you have any questions about this system please do not hesitate to contact me!



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My Personal Plan to Earn £2500 per Month Online

Earn £2500 Per Month Online

I have now written my own personal plan to earn £2500 per month online and have had lots of requests for the details.  I am very happy to share my plan with you, and indeed for you to monitor my progress.

As I always use a multiple income stream approach this plan has several parts to it.  I will provide details of each part of the plan so you can see exactly how I am building up my income to hit the target amount.

Please note that each section of my earning plan can be followed independently of the other parts.  This means my readers can use a pick and choose approach to following the plan if preferred.

Clicking Sites

Target Earning – £50 per month

Current Earning – £25-£30 per month

Time Spent Daily – 30 mins – 1 hr

This is my daily earning income stream.  I spend around 30mins to 1 hr on this every day and I consider it to be the most important part of my system.  Although it provides the lowest monthly income of each of the sections I use, it provides a guaranteed amount each month from very simple clicking tasks.  This money I then use to fund the higher income options.  In other words without this I wouldn’t have a regular and increasing monthly income at all.

In addition to using these sites for earning, I also use several of them for advertising and recruiting.  This obviously can increase my own earnings exponentially.

The sites I use for this part of my earn £2500 per month plan are:



Inbox Pounds


Reward Shopping


My Paying Ads

Note all above are affiliate links.

For details of the earning activities I use on each of these sites please check out My Own Daily Earning Routine post.

My plan for increasing income to target level is mainly via referrals.  I have also recently added Grandbux and My Paying Ads to my daily routine as both offer a further investment option which I will be utilising later for a further income increase.

Survey Sites

Target Earning – £100 per month

Current Earning – Varies but I usually hit at least £50 – £100 per month

Time Spent Daily – 10 mins – 1 hr

This is mainly a back up income stream that I use in the same way as the clicking sites.  I have this as an optional booster which I do when I feel able to.  Personally I enjoy doing some surveys most of the time, and I find it helps my health quite often too.  They allow me to rest while still feeling like I am achieving something 😉

The main survey sites I use are:


One Poll


Populus Live

Green Panthera

Survey Network

Global Test Market


My plan for increasing income to target level is simply to do surveys on a more regular basis.  For this target I need to aim for just over £3 per day from doing surveys.


Target Earning – £500 per month

Current Earning – $100 per month (£80)

Time Spent Daily – 2 mins

This is the site I am focusing on at the minute to hit target level.  To achieve this I will be purchasing more ad packs from my earnings on site.  I have worked out the average earnings are approximately 50p per day from each $50 ad pack and 5p per day from each $10 ad pack.  To hit my earning target of £500 per month therefore I am aiming for 25 x $50 packs and 100 x $10 ones.   I currently have 5 x $50 and 16 x $10 ad packs.  This means I can purchase a new $10 pack every few days directly from my account balance.


Target Earning – £250 per month

Current Earning – £100 per month

Time Spent Daily – None.

This site was the one I was focusing on previous to Futurenet.  The aim was to reach 5000kg of waste being recycled through my account and I reached that this month.  From the calculator on site my earnings are now at the 140 Euro level per cycle (5 weeks) and will increase with each cycle as shown.  No further action needed to hit earning target in a few weeks.

Personal Sales

Target Earning – £250 per month

Current Earning – £100 per month

Time Spent – Few hours at the weekend mainly

My personal sales earnings do tend to fluctuate quite a bit just depending on my activity levels.  By this I mean listing items for sale on Ebay or Facebook usually.  I have started to do some car boot sales as well when I am well enough to do so.  The personal sales side of things can be quite difficult for me to manage a lot of the time, but I want to clear out my house ASAP.   I will monitor this part of the plan closely and may reduce the target earning if I continue to struggle with it.

My plan to increase personal sales income is to list job lots on Ebay each week.  Also to attend car boot sales more frequently if possible health permitting.  I am hoping it will get easier in time.

Affiliate Sales

Target Earning – £750 per month

Current Earning – £0

Time Spent – Zero

I have not actually started working on affiliate sales very much as yet.  After my other income streams are in place I will focus specifically on some affiliate programs which I have joined already.  Several other sources I am using are perfect for advertising affiliate programs.  I will be writing a detailed plan for my affiliate income very soon which I will publish in another post.

My Paying Ads

Target Earning – £200 per month

Current Earning – £0.80 per month

Time Spent – 2 mins daily

I have just returned to using My Paying Ads this month.  From the daily clicks only I am earning approximately $0.03 per day but plan to purchase some ad packs at the end of the month to get this account starting to build up.  I will monitor the earnings and decide on a target number of packs when I can do some calculations with these.

Matched Betting

Target Earning – £300 per month

Current Earning – £50 per month

Time Spent daily – 15 mins

I have had my Profit Accumulator account for a while now and have used it a little.  My earnings plan for this account is to include it in my daily earning routine which I will be doing from now on.  I have kept my monthly earning target quite low for this one at the minute but intend to increase it over time.


Target Earning – £100 per month

Current Earning – £0.50 per month

Time Spent – Zero

I have had my Zopa account since 2006 but withdrew most of my balance from it recently.  As part of my earning plan I will be adding funds to this account again on a monthly basis.  As a rough estimate I believe I will need around £2000 in this account to hit my target earning of £100 per month.

That is everything in my current earning plan.  As you can see from the calculations when I hit target on each of these I will be earning £2500 per month.  Most of this plan is without any referrals, or can be achieved without any recruiting involved.  I will also be earning at least £1000 per month without any selling involved.  This is a deliberate plan to show how to make a good income that does not depend on either recruiting or sales.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Productivity Tips to Prevent and Reduce Overwhelm

Productivity tips are not just useful for getting more done, they can also help you to reduce overwhelm in your work from home business.

Overwhelm is not just common for those who work from home, it is common in any kind of business.  The feeling that you are literally unable to breathe because you are buried under such a large mountain of work to do is very unpleasant.  It also causes us to become more and more unproductive.

Especially when you are responsible for every role in your business it can be difficult to prioritise and avoid headless chicken syndrome.  There are some simple steps you can take however to help you achieve more in less time:

Identify Your Goals

The first step is to stop doing everything and take time out to think about your goals.  This can be a goal for the day, the week, the month or even your overall goals.  It is best to make sure that those goals are SMART.  This means they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time constrained.  You can read more about SMART goal setting in my post Getting Started and Developing a Plan

The more specific your goals are the better.  For example rather than having a goal to ‘make more money’ identify exactly how much money that means.

Develop Your Action Plan

Breaking your goals down into small tasks allows you to develop an action plan that relate to your goal.  Again it is important that the plan is SMART. In other words do not plan to ‘spend some time on marketing’.  Instead plan to spend 1 hour promoting product A to target group C via the 3 social media channels Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Use Time limited Sessions

It can seem counter-intuitive to give yourself a short time limit to work on something when it feels like you have a huge amount to do.  Research shows however that short ‘blasts’ of work such as The Hour of Power increases focus and productivity.  One of the most difficult things about this is to actually stick to the time limit.  I advise setting an alarm and get up and walk away when it goes off.

It is also very useful to schedule time into a dairy.

What Works?

The 20/80 rule suggests that results come from 20% of our activity.  Pay attention to what you are doing and the results.  Aim to discover the 20% of activity that actually gains results relating to your goal.  The other 80% of things may also be important, however when you know what works you can do that first.

Create a Daily Routine

Since I created my own daily routine I have achieved more, earned more,  and wasted less time.  In addition I now have much more time available to do the other things I want to.  It has provided freedom from overwhelm and allowed me to move forward in my business while actually doing less.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful, do feel free to share it.  Thanks in advance to those who do share, I always appreciate your help in reaching new people 🙂 

Ellie xx

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How to Prepare for the New Year

Prepare for the New Year

Do you prepare for the New Year in December?  I’m not talking about making New Year resolutions that are only likely to last for a couple of weeks.  I am talking about deciding what you want to achieve AND making an action plan.  I am talking about putting things in place to make sure you are successful in meeting your goals.

I used to make New Year resolutions.  Like most people I used to have the attitude of starting a New Year the way I mean’t to continue.  It rarely worked for me, and it rarely works for the majority of people.  I can almost bet on the resolutions that rarely get met as well.  Loosing weight, eating more healthily, taking time for yourself, going to the gym or doing more exercise in general, and doing something to improve your work situation are all top of the list.

I’m not saying these goals can’t be achieved, just they are not likely to be if you don’t do some preparation.  The following tips will help you prepare for the New Year and increase your likelihood of success:

Be Realistic

Big dreams are all well and good, and there is certainly a place for them.  However for goals that you actually will be working on over the next few months it is important that they are realistic.  These can be part of a longer, bigger plan, of course, but the one you are currently working towards needs to be achievable.

For example, I would love to be earning £10,000 per month before the end of the year.  Is that achievable? Well yes I know that it is possible to earn that amount online.  I might even be able to do that in a year.  Realistically though it is much more likely that I will be able to make it to £2500 per month within a year.  That doesn’t mean I won’t try to increase my earnings to that level as soon as possible.  I also have the option to increase that goal if I manage to make target sooner than expected.

Start Small

Some people will argue about this one.  They say to go as big as you can as quickly as you can.  In my humble opinion and experience though small, consistent progress is much more likely to be maintained.  When you set small goals you achieve them faster which helps with motivation to continue.  Certainly from a personal perspective I can say I have achieved much more since I ditched the go, go, go, crash and burn approach.

Make a Commitment

This is a little more difficult to actually put in place in my opinion.  I know when I made New Year resolutions in the past I felt like I was making a commitment.  Research shows though that writing things down and sharing with others increases the level of commitment.  That is just one of the reasons I write a blog 😉

Put Support in Place

Related to the make a commitment step it is a good idea to put support in place.  This can be all sorts of things including developing a daily routine, asking friends or family etc to keep you accountable, joining a group or forum, writing a dairy.  All of these things provide support and again research shows they make a big difference.

Review and Update

This is perhaps the most important step in the whole process.  It is a way to remind yourself of your goal and consider your progress.  Those who do not review and update are much more likely to go off on a tangent, get distracted and ultimately stop working on their goals.  The review process is one that keeps you on track, but also helps to identify problems and overcome them.  It provides a chance to adjust plans, add support, renew a commitment or even to make a decision not to continue.   Ultimately having a regular review stops goals from just sliding off your radar or putting them on the long finger.

Keep Starting Again

Should you at any point realise that you have stopped working towards your goal ask yourself if you still want to achieve it.  If yes then just keep starting again.  Life gets in the way of a lot of goals, but when you simply start again you will continue to move towards that goal.  There is no benefit to saying you have failed in this situation, unless you actually want to stop.  Those who achieve their goals either don’t stop, or just keep starting again.

I hope you have found this post useful.  A very big thank you to all who read, comment and share this post – I couldn’t keep blogging without you 🙂

Good Luck with your own goals for the New Year – May you smash through them all  😉

Wishing you a wondrous, fulfilling, healthy and very happy New Year!

Ellie xx


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Improve Productivity With The Hour of Power



If you would like to improve your productivity the hour of power is a simple tip that can make a big difference.  I use this strategy a lot myself.  It is probably the number 1 reason that I get results now with my own work from home activities to be honest.

Let me ask you something….

How many times have you got to the end of the day feeling like you have been really really busy but not achieved very much?

I used to feel like this almost on a daily basis.  Those were my headless chicken days.  I was just running around all over the place, hardly the finding time to stop and see that I wasn’t getting anywhere.  Thankfully my health problems meant I was forced to stop and change what I was doing.

I have to admit that my various health conditions can really impact on my ability to plan and focus on anything.  That combined with low motivation means it is vital that I work in small chunks of time.  What I discovered from that though is just how effective it can be.

Especially when you are working from home it is often the case that there is no real clear schedule to work to.  You might need to work around a lot of other things too.  Home life and caring for children frequently takes priority over work related tasks right? Yet it can also feel like you are constantly working and getting no where fast.  The hour of power can really turn that around.

How to Start with the Hour of Power

For the hour of power to work properly it is important that you have identified a specific goal to work on.  Would you like to earn more? Make more sales? Recruit more team members etc etc.  Take a few minutes to really think about what you want to achieve.  Once you have a clear goal in mind I advise writing it down.  I also advise writing down a list of activities that you think will help you to achieve that goal.  For an example of how I have done that you can read my plan to make more sales post.

Once you have identified the activities to help you achieve your goal you have a few options.  You can spend 1 hour on 1 of those activities or a few of them.

My Suggestions

  1. Make sure you have a very clear goal in mind.
  2. Use some kind of a timer/alarm to help you monitor the time spent working.
  3. Stick to the 1 hour time limit.
  4. Don’t try to do too many activities at once – focus on 1 or 2 if you can.
  5. Try to use the hour of power daily.
  6. If you can, give yourself a specific time to have your hour of power.
  7. Turn off social media if that is not part of your activity.
  8. Tell others you are not available during this hour, unless it is an emergency.
  9. Repeat the same activities daily for a week or a month etc.
  10. Monitor your results.

If you can’t set aside 1 full hour to focus on your activity without stopping you can divide it up into smaller chunks of time.  If you do this I do advise you still spend 1 hour doing the activities.  For example if you can only find 10 mins here and there in the day count them up so you have 1 hour in total.

What are your productivity tips? I would love to hear them!

If you enjoyed this post, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 What are your productivity tips? 

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12 Ways to Reach More People on Facebook


reach-more-peopleHave you ever asked yourself How can I reach more people on Facebook?

If yes you are certainly not alone.  A huge amount of business page owners on facebook can really struggle to get their posts seen by those people who have already liked their pages.  Since facebook changed the system its no longer good enough for people to ‘like’ the page.  To see the updates from a facebook page they have to actually interact with it on a regular basis as well as like it.

The key to increasing your page reach is INTERACTION. This can be pretty difficult at times because it involves trying to get other people to do something.

These tips are all about interaction – ie, getting your followers to like, comment and share the content you publish.



The like figure is completely meaningless now yet most people still focus on it.  The difference between a successful page and an unsuccessful page is the number of people who see their posts.  This means a page with 100 likers could be much more successful than one with 10000 likers.

When you look at the reach figures of your page instead of the likes figure you will be able to do something to increase your page success.


Facebook is a Social Network and to have a successful business page on there you need to understand why people spend time on Facebook.  It is certainly not to be sold to most of the time, it is about having fun and often just about being curious.   People want to know more about you than what you are selling.


You need to learn to watch what happens on  your page and learn from it. Check your page insights for information about which type of post is getting responses and which are not.  Do more of the things that are getting your page likers responding.


Each business page is different. It offers different products, and attracts different people.  and most importantly is run by a different person or team. This means the people who follow your page will respond differently as well. You need to try and figure out what interests them and what makes them respond to you.  What is working on other pages will probably not work for you.  Also people get bored of seeing the same things all the time, so try to do things differently.  Make sure you are building up a unique brand.


The main complaint from people who follow pages is they get put off by spam posts.  I guarantee you that something you find really important to share about your business is not what others want to see.  One of the biggest mistakes business page owners make is to keep posting the same things to ‘help’ people see it.   Those who do follow your page and see most posts will get really bored seeing the same post 20 times in a week…


If I wasn’t selling this product, or working with this company would I want to see this?


As well as asking yourself would you want to see this, also know why you are posting each update.  What is it you are trying to achieve from each and every post.   You could be trying to make a sale, trying to build a relationship, figure out who your customers are, who can see your updates etc etc etc.  There are many reasons to post an update so know what you are trying to do and MEASURE the result.


Every facebook page should be working on building relationships with others. Get to know people and make sure you let your page likers get to know you too.


People love to give their opinions on things. Ask them anything that helps you to get to know them better….. and make sure it is easy to answer. Do you prefer coffee or tea will get more response than what do you think of the latest type of coffee? Why? because its easier to answer.


The most successful pages are those who are consistent in posting.  People get to know if you always post a special offer on a Friday for example and those interested in that will be more likely to check for it.  Know about the benefits of taking consistent action.


A very simple way to reach more people is to share posts elsewhere. Share it with people in groups on networking pages, via PM’s and on their pages BUT be careful you don’t annoy them.  Make sure you don’t SPAM others so be selective about what you share and be respectful of other peoples ‘spaces’.  Read group rules etc and ask for permission to share if you can….


By this I mean remember that facebook is owned by others.  You do not have full control over what happens with your Facebook page and it could just disappear some day.  I talk about this a lot in my post Who Holds the Keys to your Kingdom?

Which of these tips will you try? Do let me know how you get on!

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Create Your Own Earning Plan

create-an-earning-planYou can create your own earning plan quite easily when you know how to do it.  The knowing how is where most people fall down, so this is how I do it!

Creating an earning plan is exactly the same as creating any other plan really – you start by knowing your goal.  You need to make sure your goal is clearly defined or you won’t know when you have reached it.

For example, lets say your goal is to earn an extra £1000 per month…. this is my own goal at the minute, so I can talk you though my process.

To earn a monthly income is a bit different to earning a one off amount as you need to look at recurring income.  So the questions I ask myself are:

What options do I have?

Personally I have hundreds of options to consider so I like to break that down into types of earning.  If you don’t have any options yet you might like to check out my A-Z of Earning Sites or read on for my own options.

Do those options meet my needs for recurring income?

Each option I can think of I will then consider individually to look at the potential for income.  I will remove any that don’t provide recurring income.

What ACTION can I take related to boosting my income with these options?

I look at what I can do with each option to increase income. This becomes my plan.


Affiliate Sales – (marketing products for others)

Amazon Associates – Huge amount of products

  • Could add more posts with product links.  What sort of products posts would be relevant to my blog?  Perhaps items related to motivation and learning? I love reading network marketing books which I buy from Amazon myself, so those would be relevant.

PLAN –  Write some blog posts which review various network marketing books that I read

MLSP – Training products

  • Could write blog posts about this.  This training system has a lot of options that I can blog about, in fact I could nearly write a whole blog just about MLSP.

PLAN – write a review of this site as a whole, and review some of the individual training courses as well.

MLM Gateway – Referrals for MLM

  • Could write blog post about this

PLAN – Write a training post about how to use this site.

Aweber – Autoresponder

  • Could write blog post about this.

PLAN – Write a training post about how to use this site.

Individuals offering affiliate programs – Courses

  • Need to check when courses are coming out

PLAN – Check the details of these

Network Marketing

Skinny Body Care – Diet Products and Skin Care

Stiforp – Online Marketing Training and Tools

GDI – Website Hosting

  • The plan is pretty much the same for all of these network marketing earning options.  To boost income on these I need to recruit new team members or sell more products.


Recruiting – Work through my prospecting list to update, contact those I haven’t chatted to for a while.  Check out current needs and see if any of my opportunities fit.

Sales – Work through Time to Plan for Making More Sales with the MLM products in mind.  Personally I like the recruiting side of things more than the selling, but I also know having customers is vital for having a stable business.

Casual Earning Sites (See A-Z for large list)



One Poll,

Populus Live,



PLAN – very simply to use each of the sites daily.  I would like to monitor my earnings for each of these sites and calculate an average monthly income from using them.

Selling my own items

Although this does not usually fit into the recurring income category I will include it for now.  I’m guessing i have enough to have regular sales for at least several months.
Boxes of household items – I want to focus on selling as much of this as possible over the next few months.

Clothing – will consider after the boxes of household items are gone.

I can sell these items in various ways – as individual items or job lots for example.  I also have the option to sell on various online sites such as Ebay, Gumtree, Preloved or Facebook.  My preference is Facebook.

PLAN – Start my auctions again.


This is something I have been considering for a while.  I am writing a few email courses at the minute and I have had others suggest I do some paid courses.  I don’t think I am ready to do that yet, and I am enjoying providing the free ones.  Currently I am going to put this aside as another option to consider for the future.


Blogging is one of my main focus points at the minute.  There are various ways I could increase my income from this blog, however I don’t want to change it too much right now.  Working on the affiliate income side of things is sufficient for now really.  There is one simple thing I can do and that is to put Adsense  back on to the blog.

PLAN – check what is happening with my adsense account.   Check which platform is earning and how.  Update my blog settings to allow Adsense ads to show on it again.

Having worked through all of my current options I have decided to:

  1. focus mainly on the affiliate earnings and the selling own items first of all.  This will provide me me with an income while I work on the other areas.
  2.  continue with using the casual earning options daily.  These don’t take long and am in the habit of doing them in the mornings already.  
  3. work on my prospecting list by aiming to chat to at least 1 person per day from the list.

Thats my plan for now sorted out.  If you follow my blog then you will see how I implement the affiliate earnings via blog posts.  I will also post earnings updates again, to help me stay on track!


Will you be developing your own earning plan? I’d love to know how you get on with it!


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If you don’t ask you don’t get…

Sometimes it pays to ask.  I have heard that a lot in my life I must admit, but its not always easy to ask is it? Other times its just a habit not to ask.  Today I really thought about the saying “if you don’t ask you don’t get” and would like to share why it’s on my mind.

Things just haven’t exactly gone to plan this week.  You know those times when no matter what you do its always just a little more complicated than it should be? Well this week its been a bit like that for me.    When that also seemed to have infected my online earning activities I decided I just wasn’t going to let it pass.

It wasn’t really anything major. I just didn’t get credited for some offers I had taken up, which happens quite often.  Usually I just let them pass with the aw well its just one of those things attitude.  Not today lol, my frustration with things not working as they should was quite high and I decided to do something about it…..

Offer 1

First of all i received an email from Amazon with this great offer to spend £20 and get £5 free:

amazon offer

As I am currently working on building up some Amazon vouchers to buy a few things I thought great, I can add another £5 to it this way.  When I clicked the qualify button though I got this message: Sorry, you are not eligible for this promotion. You can still purchase Amazon Gift Cards.  🙁

I was not a happy bunny.

I checked the requirements and I knew I was eligible, so I contacted support.  After chatting a little and sending them some info they decided to credit my account with £5 as a good will gesture.  I didn’t even have to buy the gift cards to get it! Result I thought 🙂 That was worth asking about.

Offer 2

Then, spurred on a little from that success I decided I was going to check up on something else.  I had referred a friend to Shop and Scan and I was supposed to have been awarded 500 points for that.  It hadn’t shown up on my account so I dropped them an email. Hey presto  500 points now have been added.  🙂 result number 2 = £10 better off than I was.

More Offers

Now i’m thinking about a few other offers I completed on Swagbucks.  I didn’t get credited for several of those either this week.  Guess what I’ve done? Yep dropped them an email.  I haven’t heard back yet from that one so fingers crossed for result number 3!

Have you ever had this happen? It makes me wonder about the amount of money companies save by not crediting offers as they are advertised.  Maybe we should all start to email a bit more often and ask them keep their promises 😉

Have you enjoyed reading about this? I would love to hear more about your opinions and experiences of asking for a promised reward.


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