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Live on £1 a Day Challenge – Day 1

£1 a Day Challenge?

So it is 19th September 2017 and I woke up today and thought: Can I live on £1 a Day? That Sounds like a Challenge to me!  Why I do these things I really don’t know, but it seems like fun to try! Of course it is not likely to be much fun if you have no choice in the matter.  I know I am lucky to have a great income (even though I have worked really hard to get it).

Thoughts and Feelings

Right now I am feeling a bit nervous and excited about the next 30 days.  I am also highly aware of the fact I am not actually in the position where I only have £30 to live on.  I have removed my bank cards from my bag and put them away for the duration of the challenge, but in the back of my head I know I have a safety net.  I’m not sure if that is going to help me or hinder me to be honest.

Already I am wondering if I can actually do this.  Part of me thinks yeah of course I can, and the other part is wishing I bought bread and eggs last night instead of profiteroles and ice cream…  Straight away my current lifestyle of eating whatever I want raises its head.

That reminds me that I should take a few photos of what is in my fridge and freezer right now.  I am a little embarrassed to be honest, but here we are:

The main thing that strikes me is the amount of convenience food I have in the freezer! Usually what I have would be used in 3 or 4 meals.  I do have some bacon and mince though so that would give me a couple more.  At a guess what I have would last me around a week if I wasn’t taking part in this challenge…

Progress So Far

This morning I started by putting £30 in cash into a spare purse.  I took all other forms of payment and hid them.  I am tempted to freeze my bank cards but I think I will be ok just putting them away.



Around 3pm I did start to feel hungry.  I had tinned tomato soup and wheaten bread for lunch so I should really wait until dinner time before I eat again.  I’m not good at feeling hungry and I feel like raiding the biscuit tin. Its only day 1 though so I am determined and drink a big glass of water instead.

Dinner time brought with it an interesting development.  I have a freezer with various packets of convenience food in it.  Not a huge amount I must add, but certainly enough for several meals.  I opted for crispy chicken, onion rings and potato wedges, nothing interesting in that right?  The interesting thing was the portion size I choose.  I went for about half the amount I usually do and ‘filled out’ the meal with lots of vegetables instead.  That and the fact I drank 2 glasses of water with my meal instead of 1 surely gives a plus point to the health level 😉

Day 1 Lunch

Day 1 Dinner

Total Spend So Far

Zero 🙂


Main Struggles

Today the main struggle I am having is to avoid the natural impulse I have to try and earn extra cash to increase the £30 limit.  It has given me the idea for another challenge – more about that another time lol!

Really no struggle as yet regarding food.  I have at least a weeks worth of food in stock already.  How I get on next week will be more interesting I think.  I am already thinking about how to make it stretch!

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Can I live on £1 a Day? That Sounds like a Challenge to me!

I’ve made a decision to try and live on £1 a day for the next month…. I like to do these crazy things now and again just for fun LOL! It was after reading the book How I lived for a Year on Just a Pound a day and Castaway I started to ponder about the possibility.   September has turned out to be an especially expensive month.  I am now highly motivated to spend as little as possible for the next month.

My own challenge will be a little different to that described in How I lived for a Year on Just a Pound a day as I will focus just on food shopping.  To answer a few questions I have been asked already:

The £30 is just for me.  Molly the woofer is far too spoiled to be expected to join in! That being said I do have a large stock of her food and treats available.

I will not be stocking up on food beforehand, but I will have the usual amount of food in my freezer and cupboards as I tend to have on an ongoing basis.  When I use any of this I will state used from freezer or cupboard etc.

I intend to try and be as healthy as possible by including lots of fruit and vegetables.  The plan does not include stealing or rummaging through bins….

Why Try to Live on £1 a Day?

Well apart from general curiosity and a love of challenges I figure there is a lot to be gained from trying to live on £1 a day:

  • It will put me into a very frugal mindset that will potentially save me a lot of money.
  • The sweet tooth I have needs put in its place.
  • I would love to loose a bit of weight if possible and this will certainly help me cut down.
  • Lots of people struggle to have enough money to live on.  This challenge will hopefully give some ideas about how to make a little money go as far as possible.
  • Christmas is coming and this is one way to save some money.
  • I get tired of spending so much on food sometimes.  I want to take control over my spending and stop buying things I really don’t need.
  • Since moving house I have thought about getting back to basics with food.  That means cooking from scratch more and getting creative in the kitchen.  This challenge will certainly test my ability to be creative with food.


I really don’t want to do too much in the way of preparation.  The idea is to act as if I have suddenly realised I have only got £30 to live on.  I have set aside £30 in cash and I will be keeping note of any spending.

As I have done before when short of cash, I will write a list of what is in my freezer and cupboards.  Planning I think is key to success.

Wish me luck, I have a feeling I am going to need it.  Feel free to join in if you dare hahaha!!  All hints and tips most welcome 🙂

Oh I am starting the challenge today…. The plan was originally to do this for October but I remember writing about not putting things off in Self Sabotage and How to Overcome It.  That also means I can’t cheat and buy lots in advance!

The Dairy

Today, 19th September 2017 is day 1.  I will be keeping a daily dairy of my progress and adding links below 😉

Live on £1 a Day Challenge – Day 1

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Boost Income Challenge – Panelbase

Welcome to the first post in my new Boost Your Income Series.

There are always good reasons to boost your income, however as I type this there are just over 100 days and 15 weeks until Christmas! Scary how quickly it comes round again each year, right? Well to help you all to get a few extra pounds in the Christmas fund pot this year I came up with the Boost your Income Challenge You all know how much I love my Challenges by now I am sure lol!!

Don’t worry if you are reading this at a different time of year – You can take part in my challenges can at any time!

How the Challenge Works

Its a very simple challenge that involves having a main focus on one earning site for a whole week.  This does not mean you can’t use more than one site for the week.  You just put this one site to the top of your list for the week and follow the instructions below:

Panelbase Challenge

This week I would like you to focus on the Panelbase survey site.  If you are not a member of this site yet please click here to register with Panelbase Survey Site.

Once you register you should log in to your account daily for the next week.  Try to complete all the surveys that appear in your dashboard each day.  It is very unlikely you will be able to complete them all.  There is a screening process used that will filter out anyone who does not meet the right criteria for the survey.

This is completely normal and you should not try to pass the filters by changing your responses.  Inconsistent answers can lead to a ban from some survey sites. Instead honest and consistent answers lead to more research opportunities in the long run 😉


Why Panelbase?



Panelbase is one of my own favourite casual earning sites for a few reasons:

  • Personally I tend to get plenty of survey invitations from this one.  Sometimes I can go through a little ‘dry spell’ when I just don’t seem to get through the screening processing at times.  I also seem to have the opposite at times too though, when I get through them all.
  • I like the fact Panelbase rewards for doing surveys are very varied. The lowest amount I have got for a survey on this site is 40p for about 5mins, but I have also got £4 for a longer one.
  • They seem pretty fair payments to me for time taken, and you don’t have to wait for ages for the payments to clear in your account (maximum is 7 days).
  •  I can usually claim the £10 within a week or 2, and others have reported claiming within a few days.
  • The actual payment into your bank account is pretty fast too, again just 7 days.
  •  It provides several opportunities for earning, and I have qualified for various research panels through survey completion.  These can pay a lot of money depending on what you have to do.  For example this week I qualified for a phone interview which will last for around 30 mins and pays £40.
Additional Information about Panelbase

Panelbase is a UK based site that is open to anyone over 16, but may be available in different countries as it is expanding.

Surveys are mostly to be completed online, but also some can be via telephone or mobile.

There are some product testing opportunities and focus groups as well.

The £10+ payment can be claimed via bank transfer, vouchers or charity donation.

This site requires you to fill in some profile questionnaires and to keep that information up to date.  It does help you to get more relevant surveys and less screen outs at times.  You must keep this updated for it to work properly.


My Personal Claim Challenge

It can be quite quick to get to the £10 claim level on Panelbase.  Just to demonstrate that, and to motivate myself I thought I would do a little claim challenge.  Feel free to do this yourself 😉

Starting with a zero balance I try to complete all surveys available each day until I get to £10.  A record of my progress is shown below.


  1.  I have 7 surveys available.  Screened out of all 7. Later did manage to complete a survey for £1.20
  2.  5 surveys available on logging in. Completed 1 for £1.60 = £2.80
  3. Just 1 survey available today.  None completed.
  4. None completed today.  Never many available over the weekend.
  5. None available on log in but got 1 through email for £2.  Almost halfway to £10 claim now 🙂 = £4.80
  6.  £1.60 added from 1 survey today = £6.40
  7. None available
  8. Screened out of all today
  9. Another day of getting screened out
  10. After a few days of getting none completed I got one for £2 today = £8.40
  11. Another 1 completed today for £1.60 = £10.00 😀 Have met the claim limit now and just waiting for a couple to confirm so I can make my claim!

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Increase Passive Income Challenge


I really want to increase my passive income at the minute, so its time for a specific challenge for that I think.  I have already started to work on my passive income streams a little.  For me to really focus on it though I want to write a plan, and monitor my own progress.

In case you don’t know already passive income is money received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.  More information about passive income is provided in my blog post What is Passive Income and How do I get Some.

My Passive Income Plan

As I have already started to work on my passive income the first part of my plan is to record my earnings for October.  This will give me a baseline measurement so I can check if it is increasing ok.  The total amount I earned from passive income alone in October was £67.65.  

Next I identify the amount I want to aim for.  I have decided I want to boost my passive income up to a minimum of £350 per month.  This amount will cover my mortgage payment each month and free up money for my house renovation project.  It will also cover my mortgage payment when my tenant moves out.

Now I need to break down that target as I have several sources of passive income at the minute.  I would like to aim for a specific amount from each of the sources as this will give me a more concrete plan.  Dividing the amount across different income sources also helps to protect that income against unexpected issues.

I have decided I will focus on 3 main sources for my £350 per month target:

Future Net

October Income – Not Checked.  I currently earn an average of £1.50 per day.  Target income £100 per month.

To increase my income from Futurenet I can do a few things:

  1. Keep compounding the income I receive from it.
  2. Add extra money.
  3. Refer others.


That leaves a target of £50 per month.  I would like to use my blog to earn this mainly via affiliate sales and traffic.


October Income – £1.50.  Target income £25 per month.

To increase my income from Awin I can do a few things:

  1. Keep writing affiliate posts.
  2. Refer others.
  3. Increase traffic to my blog

October Income – Not Checked.

Target income £25 per month.

To increase my income from Adsense I can do a few things:

  1. Keep writing blog posts.
  2. Increase traffic to my blog


I will now start to work on each of these income sources individually to help me reach my goal of £350 per month specifically from passive income.

Would you like to join me in this challenge? If so just let me know what you would like to aim for below 😉


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The Zero to Earning Hero Free Income Creation Challenge



Welcome to  Zero to Earning Hero The Free Income Creation Challenge!

If you have been following my blog for a while, or just had a quick flick through it you will know I LOVE challenges.  I challenge myself and I challenge others to achieve things pretty frequently via the blog.  This challenge has got to be my favourite though.  There is nothing more satisfying than creating a full time income from nothing.

I must admit to having a really strong desire to work with people who want to improve their lives.  Those who struggle with their finances, or want to get out of the benefit trap for example.  I always have had the opinion that those in most need are often ignored.  So many times I witness the “if you can’t pay to join move aside” kind of treatment and I hate it.  Well I want to do something about that with this challenge.

I want to work alongside those who need to earn extra money, but can’t pay to join anything.  In other words I want to help guide those with nothing through the earning maze, right through to having a great income.

This is not an easy journey.  It takes time and patience to start with nothing and create an income.  It is not possible to get rich quick in my opinion, but it is possible to do it slowly. I am very willing to give my time and knowledge to those who wish to work on that.

The Challenge

The Income Creation Challenge is available to people worldwide and has various parts:

First of all we will be working on setting your own goals for your income.  Both short term and long term goals are important for the challenge.

Each goal will be broken down into specific steps to follow on a regular basis. We will make sure the steps fit in with your lifestyle, time available etc.

We will provide you with various earning options to suit your needs.

We will monitor your progress towards your goal each week.  If progress is not made we will look at why that is, and adjust the plan if necessary.

Support will be provided via a dedicated facebook group and an email list.

You can opt out at any time if you feel the challenge is not for you.

To Join the Challenge

Joining is very simple.  Simply send an email to me at with zero to earning hero challenge as the email subject.  Just let me know you wish to join in the challenge.  I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Please feel free to share this post on social media or with friends etc 😉 I am happy to help as many people as possible!

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Earn £100 in a Week Challenge 4

Earn £100 in a Week
After my crazy busy couple of weeks spent with my Mum I am glad to be home again.  I started with great intentions to continue my online earning during my visit, but failed to maintain a routine.  I was doing a lot of sorting of the house I rent out and moving boxes etc during the visit.  After that I didn’t even have the energy to even turn my laptop on most days!  This week I am determined to get back up and over the earn £100 in a week level.

For your info this week I have used  Gifthulk,  Clixsense,Inboxpounds, Populus Live, Swagbucks, One Poll,  PanelbaseProlific academic,  Mintvine, Valued OpinionsYou Gov, Paid Viewpoint, Global Test Market, iSay, Maximiles, iPoll, Reward Shopping, Liquid Opinions, Top Cash Back,  Recyclix, and Jackpot Joy

I also checked: Lucky Phone, Selfie LotteryFree Postcode lottery, Bingoport


I started the week trying to establish an earning routine again.  I now have a spreadsheet, organised into order to do my daily sites.  Its actually made quite a difference as I no longer spend time wondering which site to do next 😉 I am also back to writing up my earnings daily on here as you can see!

I start with my daily free games on Jackpot Joy, then do the penny sites: Gifthulk, Clixsense, Inbox Pounds and Swagbucks.  After that I move on to check survey sites.  This gives me time to wake up the old brain before asking it to function lol! Today I made £4.14 from doing that and topped it up with a £4.47 payment from 1p auction sales.

Total earned today £8.61


This morning I had a lovely start by winning £8 on Jackpot Joy from the daily free game.  I love days when that happens as it gives a nice earning boost 🙂 I earned £4.10 from the penny sites and surveys and then a great £10.54 payout from Recyclix.  My earnings continued well with a £20 bonus from Jackpot Joy for completing a survey and a £20.25 payment from 1p auction sales.

Total earned today £62.90 = £71.51 so far this week 🙂 


I’ve been rather busy today with my online earning.  Now I have my spreadsheet in order of sites to do I find myself trying to work my way through as many as possible.  Its been good for my earning as I have added £7.31 to the pot just from the penny sites and surveys today.  As well as that I had 2 more payments in for sales from my 1p auctions.

Total earned today £35.96 = £107.45 so far this week 🙂 I think that must be the fastest £100+ earned so far for the challenge!! 


After a couple of big earning days this week I had a day today when I just did my penny sites and surveys.  This challenge is still encouraging me to do a bit more of those earning activities at the minute and was quite pleased to make over £5 just from them today.  I did add some new items to my 1p auction group today so hopefully that will give me some more sales for next week.

Total earned today £5.03 = £112.48 so far this week 🙂 


Today I started off with my usual penny sites and worked through the surveys list on my spreadsheet.  I was pleased to be able to claim another £20 from Inbox Pounds today as I just got a cheque from them last week.  As well as that I discovered another £4.06 payout in my Recyclix account, then a nice win of £25 on Jackpot Joy.

Total earned today £30.71 = £143.18 so far this week 🙂 


I woke up much too early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.  As I was so tired I just pottered around with a few surveys and penny sites today.  A win of £10 on Jackpot Joy topped up my balance a bit more before going for an afternoon nap lol!  Well I have been working quite hard 😛

Total earned today £14.69 = £157.86 so far this week 🙂 


I woke up this morning to a payment from some of my 1p auctions from last week which was nice.  Then I was able to do some surveys which is unusual for a weekend day.  I got one on populus and then 2 on valued opinions and 1 on You Gov.  I also made a little commission with affiliate window.

Total earned today £10.63 =

£168.55 this week 🙂 WOW!!!! 

Another weeks worth of earning completed and what a week it has been! I started off determined to make over £100 this week and it has been the best earning week since starting this challenge.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how I get on next week now.  It is quite a buzz to add it up each week I must admit. 🙂

Next week I plan to post the weekly challenge post, but also a post giving info on my top earning options for the month.  I’m really looking forward to doing those calculations to see which come out as the best earners this month!

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 

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Earn £100 in a Week Challenge 3

100-in-a-weekEarn £100 in a Week Challenge!

We are on the 3rd week of the Earn £100 in a week Challenge already, and what a difference it has made to my earnings.  If you haven’t been following my progress so far you can see how I earned £159.58 in the first week of Earn £100 in a week challenge  and  £113.56 in the second week.

This week I have been extremely busy sorting out the garage of my house as I have about 100 box loads of ‘stuff’ stored there.  My health has not been good this week as I have been doing too much physical work with all the clearing out. As a result I didn’t have much time to do my earning.  I did manage to do a little bit here and there, but not really looking forward to counting up the totals so much this week lol!

This weeks totals

Casual Earning Sites

This week I have earned £4.20 from Panelbase, 26p from Mintvine, £1.27 from Clixsense, 55p from Gifthulk, 79p from Swagbucks, 65p from One Poll, 25p from Valued Opinions and 21p from Inboxpounds.

Earnings This Week: £8.18


I made £29.51 on Top Cash Back from searching for and buying car insurance.  Another £20.10 made for my mum as well as we used her cashback credit card to pay for my car tax.  I won’t include that in my earnings as that is for mum and not me though 😉

Earnings This week: £29.51

Winnings From Gambling and Betting sites

This week I have made £21.61 from matched betting

Earnings This week: £21.61


This week I have made £3.84 from Recyclix.

Earnings This week: £3.84

Affiliate Earnings

This week I have made £6.50 from affiliate sales made through the blog.

Earnings This week: £6.50

Total Earned This Week:

= £69.64

I’m actually really surprised that I made just under £70 this week.  Ok so I didn’t quite make the £100 mark, but I’m still pretty pleased with what I have managed to make.  As it has been a bit of a hard week for earning it reinforces the fact that I need to increase the passive income side of things as much as possible.  I will continue to work on that.

How did you get on this week?

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 

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Earn £100 in a week Challenge 1


Earn £100 in a WeekThis first Earn £100 in a Week Challenge is designed to give me another little kick up the bum and get me earning again.  I have been feeling a bit demotivated and my mental health has been pretty low.  I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed as I am trying to decide if I should refurbish my house? and that is a very big decision for me.

For now I am going to follow my plan for dealing with low motivation and give myself an action plan.  As part of that I have given myself a small earning challenge for this week.  Earning £100 this week will hopefully kick start my motivation levels again.  I also haven’t been doing a lot of work on my own earning recently with writing my e-courses etc, so this will get me back into earning mode.

The plan is to try and have an extra £100 in cash by the end of the week.  This is going to take a combination of earning methods and I will detail my progress below:


I managed to get the week off to a very nice start mostly due to 2 payments from Recyclix today.  I have 5 cycles running on there at the minute and I got a total payout of £19.64 from 2 that I restarted. Rather than using this to start another cycle as I would normally do, I will be withdrawing it when I get over the £20 claim limit on there.



The survey sites I use adds another few ££ to my balance today as well.  £3.05 earned mostly from Panelbase and Mintvine, but also some pennies on Clixsense, Gifthulk, Swagbucks, Inboxpounds and Paid Viewpoint.  I like earning pennies on some sites as they all add up…like pennies in a jar!

I made another £3.47 (after paypal fees) from a sale of an old bracelet in my bargains and 1p auctions facebook group.

Finally another £5.06 made on Coral from playing roulette with my minimal risk strategy and a few spins on a slot game.

Total earned today £31.28


I had another good earning day today.  Started with a few sales which gave me £10.58.



Some more pennies added to  Clixsense, Gifthulk, Swagbucks, Inboxpounds and Paid Viewpoint, then a £1.60 survey on Panelbase.  Joined Opinion People and made 80p on there for completing profile questionnaires. Then I made a nice £10 profit on Jackpot Joy from playing roulette

Total earned today £23.53 = £54.81 so far this week 🙂 


Today I began my earning with a quick survey on You Gov for 50p.


Then I did my usual pennies earning on Clixsense, Gifthulk, Swagbucks, Inboxpounds and Paid Viewpoint.  I later got credited £15 on Inboxpounds for an offer I took up for the £2 bonus payment and I got a bonus payment on Jackpot Joy for £1.45

Total earned today £17.58 = £72.39 so far this week 🙂 


This morning I woke up to another sale which adds £4.81 to my earning pot for this week.  I then did another quick survey on You Gov for 50p. Throughout the day I was able to add several pounds more from various activities.  £1.50 from a survey on Prolific Academic , 50p from Mintvine, £3.55 on Jackpot Joy by playing roulette with my bonus from yesterday.  I also added a few more pennies with Clixsense, Gifthulk, Swagbucks, Inboxpounds and Paid Viewpoint.

Total earned today £11.04 = £83.43 so far this week 🙂 


Today I started with an amazing win on Jackpot Joy free games…. of £15.  Before I go on do be careful if you use any gambling site for earning! I have lost money as well as won some.  Please do read Is it possible to Make Money from Free Games on JackpotJoy?  to help you decide if you want to try this and ALWAYS set a deposit limit!


Then it was time to do the catch of the month free game on there, and I won more 🙂


As you can see I won 20 free spins as well as the £35….. so I played those and won again lol!!


I actually ended up withdrawing £60 from JPJ today which gives my balance a very nice little boost! As well as that I added £1.09 from another little sale, 75p to my Prolific Academic account, 52p to Gifthulk, 44p to Clixsense, some more pennies to Inboxpounds, One Poll, Mintvine and Swagbucks.

Total earned today £63.32 = £146.75 so far this week 🙂 


Today I didn’t have a lot of time to do any online earning.  I did a few of my penny click sites mainly, but I did make a sale of £7.82 which gives todays balance a little boost.  I also got another profit payment on Recyclix.  That added £1.21 and brought me over the 20 Euro claim limit.

Total earned today £9.89 = £156.64 so far this week 🙂 


I often find earning on Sundays to be a bit slow.  There are few surveys available usually, so for online earning it is mostly small tasks and clicks for me.  I started off doing the usual clicks etc on Gifthulk and was able to claim another $5 from there today.  I did manage to do a survey on Panelbase for £2 after all.  Then I also did few other little odds on my penny earning sites.  Not a big earning day, but another few pounds in the earning pot!


Total earned today £2.94 = £159.58 this week 🙂 


I’m really pleased to have made it to the end of my first week doing this challenge on such a high point.  Obviously I have smashed the £100 target for this week, and I managed to earn something every day this week as well.  I started this challenge due to feeling demotivated as you read, so I am very happy to say it gave me the kick up the bum that I needed to get me earning again.

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 

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Earn £10 Per Day with These Surveys Sites


10It is quite possible to earn £10 Per Day using Survey Sites.  An extra £300 per month is a nice amount for using casual online earning sites in my opinion.

Its not always easy to earn £10 per day with survey sites, and can be a bit time consuming at times.  The surveys themselves don’t take a huge amount of time, but the screening process certainly can.

Some sites are a bit easier to earn with than others on a daily basis.  This post details the main survey sites I would personally use when aiming for this daily target!  I have included my own earning levels for today for your information.


GlobalTestMarket – I completed 2 surveys today and added £2.61 from those.

This site usually has a lot of surveys available daily.  The payment level is reasonable for each survey in my opinion, though you should expect quite a lot of screen outs on here.

InboxPounds  – Today I got a 20p search bonus from last week and added 2p from searches/emails so 22p on there.

To boost earnings on this site you can complete some surveys, though I think the payment rate is pretty poor for those.  The offers tend to be a better option for higher payment.  Unfortunately the offers can lead to a lot spam emails so I suggest using a disposable email address for these.

Justtheanswer – Just a little 16p added on there today, but they do offer reasonable amounts usually for surveys.  This was a very fast one to complete.

I find there is less screening on this site than some others.

Maximiles  – Another small amount earned for this site today.  Just 14p added to the online earning pot, but again this was very fast.  The surveys on here are usually quite interesting and can pay well, but are not available daily.  My earning for today was from watching a couple of videos and clicking on an email.

Onepoll  –  Just 25p earned on here today and that was for 2 surveys.  This might seem like very little but 1 survey had 2 questions and the other had 5.  I usually find surveys available most days except weekends.

Populuslive – This is one of my favourite sites and I earned £2 on there today.  The survey took me about 8 mins so not a bad payment.  Surveys are not available daily on here but sometimes 2 or 3 can be available in 1 day.  Definitely one of the better survey sites in my opinion.

Shopnscan – £2.50 for a survey added today.  Technically this is not a survey site, but they do offer a few in the month usually.  I have added it as the payment is pretty good on these.

Swagbucks – £1.65 for 2 surveys today.  There are almost always surveys available on this site.  The payment can be a little low, but as you can earn from doing several basic activities on here too, I think that makes up for it.  You can also earn weekly bonuses for hitting a target each day.

Gifthulk – £1.89 for 1 survey today.  This one is another site that tends to have several surveys available daily.  I find it pretty easy to earn on here each day, even without doing surveys.

That makes my total for today a lovely £11.42 and my earnings are over the £10 target. Just shows what i can do in a few hours if i choose to!

I’d love to know how you get on with this daily earning challenge if you try it for yourself 😉

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂

PS if you want to know about other casual earning sites check out the A-Z list for a lot more options

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April 2015 Savings Challenge

Savings Challenge

While I wasn’t able to sleep last night I made the decision to set myself a savings target.  I am aiming to save £250 in April. By this I mean cash in my savings account so doesn’t include Amazon Vouchers. In addition I will give myself a different target for Amazon vouchers of £50.

How will I do It?

I  have some online accounts ready to cash out or close to it, but this challenge will still stretch me a bit and keep me motivated to earn.  On one account I have just claimed £50, and I’m expecting that payment this month.

I want to also try and sort out some accounts I can earn at least £5 a week from.  If i can identify 4/5 of those that will allow me to add around £100+ to the savings pot this month.

I’m hoping this target will help to motivate me to start selling again too.  I haven’t been doing any selling at all recently.  It should be possible for me to be able to make another £100 from selling.

If I can manage to do these few things ok that will mean I will hit target without much problem.  The main part will be to sort the £5 per week accounts.

Current Savings

I have to admit I have no idea if I have anything in my savings account already or not.  At a guess there will be a few pounds at least sitting in them to keep them open.  I will be sorting those out and moving all savings to one account as well this month.

So far this month I have made a claim for cash from Clixsense of $8 but not got it yet. I will only consider money I have got and moved into my savings account or Amazon account for this Challenge.

Progress so far then is £0/£250 £0/£50 lol that will change very soon 😉


Do you have a savings target for April?  Would you like to start working on this Savings Target along with me?

Personally I think its really important to have an Emergency Fund of at least £500 because things always come up unexpectedly don’t they? Do you have an Emergency Fund sorted out yet? If you want to work on that too why not join me with this challenge and give yourself a target you can aim for?

If you have enjoyed this post feel free to share it with others :) .  Thanks in advance if you do share it – I always appreciate help to reach a larger audience!

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