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Overcome Your Growing Pains When Building A Small Business

When building a small business it is inevitable there will be some growing pains.  Things do not go as planned, you get caught in a slump, you can’t get referrals or sales to go up, and sometimes you even go backwards.  If you are building a small business I am sure you will recognise at least some of those!

Thankfully there are some easy steps to take to help you overcome these pains:

Talk to Yourself

Ok so I know its considered a sign of madness but in my opinion we are all a bit mad lol! Joking aside though if you are struggling you do need to learn to tell yourself certain things. For example, building a small business is not an easy thing to do.  It is normal to struggle a bit when you are trying to expand.  If it was easy everyone would do it.

Personally I know I can be a bit hard on myself, and my superwoman complex needs put in its place quite often.  Talking to yourself is important, but do make sure what you are saying is realistic too.  If you find you are putting yourself down or expecting too much then you need to be able to challenge those messages.  Building a small business is hard enough without you being your own worst critic!

Believe it or not talking to yourself is actually a skill.  If you were not working on your own you would have other people to help put things into perspective for you.  It takes time to learn how to do this for yourself in a balanced way.

Manage Your Workload

Perhaps one of the most common cause of growing pains when building a small business is not managing your workload well.  It is a major juggling act to be director, manager, sales clerk, accountant, advertiser and all the other roles you have too.  When doing all of this yourself the roles can get muddled and you can end up busy getting no-where.  In my opinion it works best when you have specific tasks for each role.  It also helps when you can split your time according to role and task.  For example I am currently in my writing role.  I try to spend around 1 hour per day writing now, and that means not being on social media, not thinking about what else I have to do and generally just focusing on writing.  When I finish my hour of writing I change roles to focus on marketing. I find taking a break between the roles to do something unrelated (like taking Molly for a walk) really helps with this.

Daily Routine

I hate to say it but having a daily routine is vital.  I used to actively avoid routine when possible, however when building a small business it just works.  It doesn’t really matter if your daily routine takes 10 mins or 5 hours as long as it is:

  • Regular.  In other words you do follow it each day.
  • Practical.  You need to be able to do it every day without fail so make sure it is practical to do so.
  • Result Driven.  This is a biggie.  We can all use our time in ways that are not directly linked to getting a result.  If you want to increase sales make sure what you are doing is designed to get more sales.  Sounds obvious but sadly its not.  Some people spend all their time increasing the number of likes on their Facebook page for example.  Nothing wrong with that, as long as those likes are from people who are actually interested in buying your product….
  • Reviewed.  There is no point in doing something every day unless it is getting results the want.  Check that it is working for you on a weekly or monthly basis.  Remember that external factors change and you may need to change tact to keep up.

Ask for Help

When building a small business it is often the case you are working alone, especially if you are also working from home.  Just because you are working alone however does not mean you can’t ask for help.  There are many forums, social media groups and support networks.  Whatever you are struggling with someone else will have struggled with it too.  Reaching out and asking for help is so much easier than ever.

Do Something Different

The do something different option is another way to overcome growing pains.  If you always do what you always do, chances are high you will always get what you always got! Remember that small changes can be much more effective than drastic ones.  Tweaking what you do already is always worth trying before you try to make massive changes.

Take a Break

Sometimes difficulties arise purely because you have been working non-stop.  Small business owners can easily work up to 80 hours per week and more.  Due to non stop working you can experience burn out and the only thing that helps with this is to take a break.  That might be as simple as taking a day off.  It really can make a difference to stop and come back refreshed.

Is there anything else you find helps? I would love to hear your opinion!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Loose Weight and Earn Cash – My Experience with Skinny Body Care

loose weight earn cash with skinny-body-care

Would you like to loose weight and earn cash at the same time?  If so you might like to consider Skinny Body Care.

Today I will share my own experience with this company.

How I got Started

I have to be honest about it, when my friend sent me the link and I had a look at everything I was highly sceptical.  You see I’m the kind of person who always looks at new opportunities from the perspective of what would make this a bad choice…. You see I have spent years checking out a lot of online earning opportunities to make sure they weren’t scams for this blog, and that makes you highly sensitive to looking for negatives.

With Skinny Body Care my first thought was the products wouldn’t work.  How many diet products are there out there that claim all sorts of things? Hundreds right? So I just thought, here is another one.

After doing quite a bit of research I did find a lot of people saying these products really work.  Now that raised my interest.  I also like to check what kind of demand there is for any product.  For Skinny Fiber (one of the main products) I found a huge amount of sales happening DIRECT TO CUSTOMERS.  This raised my interest even more….

After that I thought I would go ahead and buy 1 product to try it out for myself.  I am never happy to recommend something unless I have tried it and found it actually works.  Even though I had read these great reviews etc, I still thought its not going to work.  Guess what? I lost 6lbs in the first few weeks of using it!

I should explain that due to my health problems I can’t do any exercise and I have spent 5 years trying to loose weight without success.

It was only after I had tried the products for myself that I decided to actually start promoting Skinny Body Care.  Now, within a short time I have a whole list of people who all say the same thing. This stuff actually works.

The Products

Obviously the main products are diet related, but there are other products too.  The most well known of the diet products is Skinny Fibre, but Skinny Body Max and Hiburn8 are others that are available.
In addition to the weight loss products there are skin care products too.  Instant Youth reduces the appearance of aging within 90 seconds and Ageless is the long term anti aging product that Skinny Body Care supplies

The latest addition to the range is E3, an energy and endurance product to assist with exercise.

The thing that really ‘sold’ me on Skinny Body Care was the fact I was able to loose weight within a few days.  I started off using HiBurn8 because I was really curious about it. My sleep pattern is awful at times and the idea that this could be stopping me from loosing weight made me wonder about it more.  The liquid has a pleasant fruit flavour and quite easy to take.  That was another plus for me.  I’ve tried several products before and the taste just put me off using them.

Within a couple of days my appetite was definitely lower.  What really struck me though was I had no cravings for chocolate or cakes and biscuits.  I have such a sweet tooth I could live on chocolate sometimes I think, and I certainly don’t go for days without wanting to eat some.  At least I didn’t before trying HiBurn8.  I also noticed that I had more energy.  This was another big plus for me.  I have fibromyalgia which really affects my energy levels.  What I think was happening was I slept better at night and woke up more rested.  I know cutting sugar out of my diet can also improve energy levels, so that probably helped too.

I have to say I was really impressed with HiBurn8 and the fact I noticed a difference so quickly.

After using HiBurn8 for a while I went on to try the other weight loss products too.  As I said I like to try things for myself before recommending them.  I found the same effect on my appetite and cravings with both Skinny Fibre and Skinny Max.  The benefit with these is they really help to make you feel full during the day.  I just simply refuse to ‘go hungry’ on any kind of diet as it makes me miserable.  As I also battle with depression I am very careful to avoid anything that makes my mood drop.

The skin care products and the energy drink I have yet to try for myself.   I will be trying them soon though and will update this post when I do!

If you have any doubts about the products, then all I can say is try them for yourself (or get a friend or family member to try them for you).  I am sure you will find out how great these products actually are if you do.
There is an empty bottle money back guarantee provided by Skinny Body Care so if it is not for you simply return the bottle for a no quibble refund.

Getting Started with Skinny Body Care

It is really easy to get started with Skinny Body Care.  What I advise is to firstly register for a free account by clicking this link.  This will allow you to check out the website in detail, including the compensation plan.   Doing this will also provide you with your first team members and GUARANTEE that you will start earning straight away.  Active and paying team members are allocated through the unique powerline system.  Note at the beginning you will earn commission on the first 3 people allocated to you, but you will get many more than that added to your team.  This is to make sure you always have active and paying team members if any of the first 3 drop out.

After you check out your insider view of the website and have team members in your powerline the next step is to become active.  To do this you simply purchase 1 of the products for yourself.  You can use this yourself, sell it, or use it to provide samples to potential customers.

The cost to join as a team member is just $10 (in addition to your product purchase).

The Compensation Plan

Of course you would like to know about the compensation plan!  You will get full details of the plan by taking a free tour, however the basics are:

You recieve BOTH a weekly amount and a monthly amount.  The weekly amount is an enroller bonus which is paid out each week on Thursday.  It is paid for the previous week’s (Fri-Thurs) volume.

For each product you sell to a customer or team member you will earn a 40% commission on their FIRST order.  This will be $20, $40 or $60 depending on the order size.

The monthly amount is your ongoing commission for repeat sales made.  For this you earn an additional 10% commission for each customer on your first level.  This is $5, $10 or $15 every month per sale made.



All distributors start at 3 levels of commissions for everyone in their organization, and you can earn up to 6 levels of commissions as you advance in rank. You earn 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2 and 3% on level 3.

As you progress up the ranks you will open further payments of 2% as shown below:



Do you have any further questions? Feel free to ask them below or use the contact me form to submit your questions directly to me.

PS would you like to share your own experiences with a work from home company? I am very happy to post the experiences of others to my readers.  Please send your post to for consideration.  

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12 Ways to Reach More People on Facebook


reach-more-peopleHave you ever asked yourself How can I reach more people on Facebook?

If yes you are certainly not alone.  A huge amount of business page owners on facebook can really struggle to get their posts seen by those people who have already liked their pages.  Since facebook changed the system its no longer good enough for people to ‘like’ the page.  To see the updates from a facebook page they have to actually interact with it on a regular basis as well as like it.

The key to increasing your page reach is INTERACTION. This can be pretty difficult at times because it involves trying to get other people to do something.

These tips are all about interaction – ie, getting your followers to like, comment and share the content you publish.



The like figure is completely meaningless now yet most people still focus on it.  The difference between a successful page and an unsuccessful page is the number of people who see their posts.  This means a page with 100 likers could be much more successful than one with 10000 likers.

When you look at the reach figures of your page instead of the likes figure you will be able to do something to increase your page success.


Facebook is a Social Network and to have a successful business page on there you need to understand why people spend time on Facebook.  It is certainly not to be sold to most of the time, it is about having fun and often just about being curious.   People want to know more about you than what you are selling.


You need to learn to watch what happens on  your page and learn from it. Check your page insights for information about which type of post is getting responses and which are not.  Do more of the things that are getting your page likers responding.


Each business page is different. It offers different products, and attracts different people.  and most importantly is run by a different person or team. This means the people who follow your page will respond differently as well. You need to try and figure out what interests them and what makes them respond to you.  What is working on other pages will probably not work for you.  Also people get bored of seeing the same things all the time, so try to do things differently.  Make sure you are building up a unique brand.


The main complaint from people who follow pages is they get put off by spam posts.  I guarantee you that something you find really important to share about your business is not what others want to see.  One of the biggest mistakes business page owners make is to keep posting the same things to ‘help’ people see it.   Those who do follow your page and see most posts will get really bored seeing the same post 20 times in a week…


If I wasn’t selling this product, or working with this company would I want to see this?


As well as asking yourself would you want to see this, also know why you are posting each update.  What is it you are trying to achieve from each and every post.   You could be trying to make a sale, trying to build a relationship, figure out who your customers are, who can see your updates etc etc etc.  There are many reasons to post an update so know what you are trying to do and MEASURE the result.


Every facebook page should be working on building relationships with others. Get to know people and make sure you let your page likers get to know you too.


People love to give their opinions on things. Ask them anything that helps you to get to know them better….. and make sure it is easy to answer. Do you prefer coffee or tea will get more response than what do you think of the latest type of coffee? Why? because its easier to answer.


The most successful pages are those who are consistent in posting.  People get to know if you always post a special offer on a Friday for example and those interested in that will be more likely to check for it.  Know about the benefits of taking consistent action.


A very simple way to reach more people is to share posts elsewhere. Share it with people in groups on networking pages, via PM’s and on their pages BUT be careful you don’t annoy them.  Make sure you don’t SPAM others so be selective about what you share and be respectful of other peoples ‘spaces’.  Read group rules etc and ask for permission to share if you can….


By this I mean remember that facebook is owned by others.  You do not have full control over what happens with your Facebook page and it could just disappear some day.  I talk about this a lot in my post Who Holds the Keys to your Kingdom?

Which of these tips will you try? Do let me know how you get on!

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂

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