Online Earning Plan Update

As many of you know I have been building my business and income levels up for a while now using my £2500 per month income plan.  Todays post is to provide you with an update about my progress towards this goal.

In my Online Earning Plan Update – Oct 2017  blog post I reported having an amazing month where everything just felt like it was falling into place.  November has been equally exciting for me and I have some major updates!

The first update is a little change to how I will be reporting my progress.  In that October report I added a few extra things and took away a few too.  By doing that I realised there are some things I am not taking account of by only talking about income.  My house for example is not going to be providing me with an income for a little while, however it will be increasing in value.  Also because I am using some of my earnings to invest into other things it is the value of those that is changing first, then they provide income.  For this reason I am going to start including a Wealth Report.

My Wealth Report is also a way to help motivate me to use my increasing income in a productive way.

Disclaimer: Please note site links are provided throughout this post.  You can click on any of the site names to be taken directly to the website.  Some of these are referral links and I may receive a bonus of some kind if you use those links to join.  Please be assured  I ONLY share referral links of sites I have a positive experience with.

My Wealth Report

I have to say it is a little difficult to know what to include in a wealth report at first.  Basically it will be the overall value of my assets minus any liabilities (or debts).  There are a few things I have no idea what the value is right now however, so my first step is to find out, and I am working on that already.

House – I have very little idea of the current value of my house so I have contacted the rates office to come and do an inspection.  This also has the added benefit of opening the door to potential grants for repair.  I could get a valuation done by some estate agents too and I will look into this as well.  I do still have a mortgage to pay on my house so when I find out the current value I can compare the two figures (and hope for a positive value).

Property Partner – In addition to my own house I did join a company called property partner a while ago and I got £50 free to invest in that.  I have not added any more to this account and I had forgotten about it before I started thinking about my assets to be honest.  I was delighted to find my free £50 has increased in value to £53.32.

Car & Bike – My car and motorbike are both certainly assets but I have no idea of the value right now.  Those are on my list to check!

Online Accounts – I am in the process of checking these and so far I have found £1367 with others yet to check.

That makes £1420.32 my current baseline measurement.  For my own protection I will not report my full wealth value every month and instead opt for an increase or decrease amount.  As this is my first time counting I will count this as an increase (as I have £1420.32 more now than I knew I had 😉 )  Ok so I know thats cheating a little bit but hey its good to start on a positive!

My Income

Next I move on to my personal income level which involves using multiple income streams.  I continue to have an earning target for each type of income I am working on.

Clicking and Survey Sites

As always the first section I focus on for building income is Clicking and Survey Sites.  I use these because they provide a GUARANTEED method of earning a small amount of money.  Then, using my  Zero2earninghero System I invest this small amount to create a great monthly income.

I now have a target of £50 per month from clicking and survey sites.   I have to admit I am struggling a bit to keep track of earnings again so have a bit of a plan… you will now see screenshots below.  This of course allows you to see my earnings from each site rather than just me tell you what it is 🙂 .  Not sure why I didn’t do this before actually!

For this section of my income I am now using:

Clixsense – target is $5 per month.

In November I earned  $0.57 which is down considerably from $4.84 the previous month.  I am just not using Clixsense at the minute.

Gifthulk – target is now $5 per month.

In November I made $3.73 on Gifthulk by 25th Nov so that is increasing a bit I think!

Swagbucks – target is £10 per month.

In November I earned  £15 which is down a bit from last month.  I just got tired of doing surveys this month!

Inbox Pounds – target is £2 per month.

In November I earned £0 which isn’t surprising when I didn’t even visit the site this month.

Mintvine (now changing to become Branded Surveys)– target is $5 per month.


In November I don’t know what I earned on this site.  I was planning on doing at least the daily poll each day on here to get the bonus and just didn’t manage it at all!

One Poll – target is £3 per month.

In November I earned £2.85  .  I think I was most consistent on this site in November and logged in most days.  I have my eye on the £40 claim from here to add to Zopa 😉

Populus Live -target is £10 per month.

In November I earned £3 .  I even ignored invites for populus surveys this month as wasn’t in the mood to do them.  Thats quite unheard of for me as populus is so well paid!

Panelbase – target is £10 per month.

In November I earned nothing on Panelbase as I didn’t log in here either in November.

You Gov – target is £5 per month.

In November I earned 50p on You Gov.  I am close to making another claim on here so want to aim for that in December!

Global Test Market – target is £5 per month.

In November I earned £0 as this is another site I didn’t use this month.

Valued Opinions target is £5 per month.

In November I earned 75p which is also quite far under target.

Maximiles is another site I use sometimes to watch videos and complete surveys.  I did a little earning on this one during November – around £2 earned and claimed £25 from it.


As you can see my targets and my income on these sites varied quite a bit as usual.  I did just get a bit fed up with surveys this month and could have made a lot more had I pushed myself, but I don’t like doing that too much.

My total earnings from clicking and survey sites was $4.30 = £3.22 + £23.35 .  A total of £26.57 then was made on these sites.  Obviously way off target this month for this part of my income, but its still another few pounds I can invest to help me make more 😉  Thats the beauty of my zero2earninghero system, it all builds up over time anyway!



Target Earning – £500 per month which is around $650.

I had several packs mature again this month and my total went down to 44 x $50 packs and 6 x $10.


I am still working on maintaining 50 x $50 packs and 10 x $10 packs which is my target for this site.  In November my earnings were $577.67 or £428.77 as shown below.  I did have a lot of packs mature and so put the majority of my earnings back in.  Thankfully this should even out next month however, as I have very few packs due to end then.  I am still considering increasing my pack total but have not decided yet.

I think I would like to get my packs spread out a bit to avoid the same thing happening in another few months.  Its a good idea to stick to purchasing 1 pack at a time on here in my opinion, to stop a lot maturing all at once.  It is a bit of a shock when they do!



My Future Net Commissions Nov 2017


Personal Sales

I finally have made a small start on personal selling again now.  Its been rather difficult with moving house and trying to work on the refurbishment of the house I own.  I have now added the shop feature to my Truly Quirky Me Facebook page and hope that will help me manage things a bit better in terms of selling my own stuff. Just some small sales on Ebay to report this month but hopefully it will be better next time 😉

Total earned: £127

Affiliate Marketing

During November I began working on my affiliate marketing plan.  I have made arrangements with a few specific companies which compliment my blog very well and I have started to see some results from these already.  It is a slow process to update posts and links etc, however the fact I am getting positive results so quickly is very reassuring.

This month I made £19.65 via Awin and $7.85 via Panthera

My plan for December is to continue to focus on 3 affiliate programs and write some blog posts about them.  I will also be updating old posts with links too.

I have to be honest here and say I could make a lot more money by promoting things for sale on this blog and my Facebook page etc.  It just doesn’t fit with my own ethos for the blog though so I can’t see me going down that route any time soon.  I might add some things to my Facebook Page as I will be selling on there again anyway.  For the blog though I prefer to stick with promoting items to help people earn more from working from home. I am quite happy with the limits that places on my affiliate income.


My poor little Zopa account is still earning me pennies at the minute and is set to automatically re-invest any money repaid from loans.  I feel a bit like I am neglecting one of my kids with this account right now lol!!  It will get a nice deposit soon though 😉  There is now £129.17 in this account.


My Bitcoin income is growing slowly but surely as I expected it would.

BTC Clicks account has now been upgraded for 180 days, earning me double from my clicks and referrals.  I have done a bit more clicking on ads this month to get me to the upgrade.

USI Tech I now have 5 packs for me, and I bought one pack for my mum on here.  The earning is getting faster daily and I am sure I will be up to 10 packs for myself very soon.   My plan is still to get to 10 packs through investment and repurchasing and then let the account build itself.  I should be on 10 packs by next month without any problem as I will be investing from Future Net withdrawal.


My house is empty right now as I work on the refurbishment plans, so no income from it.   I am now overpaying my mortgage though so this is adding to my overall financial health.

Global Domains International

This month I have started working on GDI again and this is where my main update is this month.  I originally joined GDI about a year ago now and added a few team members at the start.  Due to my health and my focus on building other income sources I let this account go and was left with just 2 team members for quite a long time.  This month I have implemented a brand new plan which I call my Viral Network Marketing Plan and as a result the team has exploded almost overnight.

I started working on the Viral Network Marketing Plan on 21st November and within a couple of days I had a lot of new team members, and some previously registered accounts reactivated.

GDI downline on 29th November


I did not make any withdrawals this month, but I expect to have a nice amount to withdraw next month 😉

Jackpot Joy

I have done a little gambling with minimum risk on JPJ this month,  and added £160 to my income from doing that in November.


Total income for November: £1005.37 which is up quite nicely from my earnings of £740.03 last month and double the previous month.

Now I have hit my £1000 target it is time to aim for £1500 .  I should be hitting that around January I would think.  The fact my income has increased steadily over the last few months is very re-assuring I must admit.  Gone are the days when my income was badly affected by my health, and I know it is just a matter of time before I hit my £2500 per month target.  Onward and upwards!


During December I will:

  • aim to earn £50 from my clicking and survey sites
  • continue to invest into USI until I have 10 packs
  • increase Futurenet back to 50 x $50 packs
  • write blog posts using my current schedule
  • continue with my marketing plans for my affilate earnings
  • focus quite a bit on building GDI
  • increase use of free and paid traffic sources

I’m really looking forward to it all, and of course seeing the results!

If you have found this post useful or inspiring please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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