Welcome to the first post in my new Boost Your Income Series.

There are always good reasons to boost your income, however as I type this there are just over 100 days and 15 weeks until Christmas! Scary how quickly it comes round again each year, right? Well to help you all to get a few extra pounds in the Christmas fund pot this year I came up with the Boost your Income Challenge You all know how much I love my Challenges by now I am sure lol!!

Don’t worry if you are reading this at a different time of year – You can take part in my challenges can at any time!

How the Challenge Works

Its a very simple challenge that involves having a main focus on one earning site for a whole week.  This does not mean you can’t use more than one site for the week.  You just put this one site to the top of your list for the week and follow the instructions below:

Panelbase Challenge

This week I would like you to focus on the Panelbase survey site.  If you are not a member of this site yet please click here to register with Panelbase Survey Site.

Once you register you should log in to your account daily for the next week.  Try to complete all the surveys that appear in your dashboard each day.  It is very unlikely you will be able to complete them all.  There is a screening process used that will filter out anyone who does not meet the right criteria for the survey.

This is completely normal and you should not try to pass the filters by changing your responses.  Inconsistent answers can lead to a ban from some survey sites. Instead honest and consistent answers lead to more research opportunities in the long run 😉


Why Panelbase?



Panelbase is one of my own favourite casual earning sites for a few reasons:

  • Personally I tend to get plenty of survey invitations from this one.  Sometimes I can go through a little ‘dry spell’ when I just don’t seem to get through the screening processing at times.  I also seem to have the opposite at times too though, when I get through them all.
  • I like the fact Panelbase rewards for doing surveys are very varied. The lowest amount I have got for a survey on this site is 40p for about 5mins, but I have also got £4 for a longer one.
  • They seem pretty fair payments to me for time taken, and you don’t have to wait for ages for the payments to clear in your account (maximum is 7 days).
  •  I can usually claim the £10 within a week or 2, and others have reported claiming within a few days.
  • The actual payment into your bank account is pretty fast too, again just 7 days.
  •  It provides several opportunities for earning, and I have qualified for various research panels through survey completion.  These can pay a lot of money depending on what you have to do.  For example this week I qualified for a phone interview which will last for around 30 mins and pays £40.
Additional Information about Panelbase

Panelbase is a UK based site that is open to anyone over 16, but may be available in different countries as it is expanding.

Surveys are mostly to be completed online, but also some can be via telephone or mobile.

There are some product testing opportunities and focus groups as well.

The £10+ payment can be claimed via bank transfer, vouchers or charity donation.

This site requires you to fill in some profile questionnaires and to keep that information up to date.  It does help you to get more relevant surveys and less screen outs at times.  You must keep this updated for it to work properly.


My Personal Claim Challenge

It can be quite quick to get to the £10 claim level on Panelbase.  Just to demonstrate that, and to motivate myself I thought I would do a little claim challenge.  Feel free to do this yourself 😉

Starting with a zero balance I try to complete all surveys available each day until I get to £10.  A record of my progress is shown below.


  1.  I have 7 surveys available.  Screened out of all 7. Later did manage to complete a survey for £1.20
  2.  5 surveys available on logging in. Completed 1 for £1.60 = £2.80
  3. Just 1 survey available today.  None completed.
  4. None completed today.  Never many available over the weekend.
  5. None available on log in but got 1 through email for £2.  Almost halfway to £10 claim now 🙂 = £4.80
  6.  £1.60 added from 1 survey today = £6.40
  7. None available
  8. Screened out of all today
  9. Another day of getting screened out
  10. After a few days of getting none completed I got one for £2 today = £8.40
  11. Another 1 completed today for £1.60 = £10.00 😀 Have met the claim limit now and just waiting for a couple to confirm so I can make my claim!

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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