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Bitcoin For Beginners – Start Earning Today


Welcome to my Bitcoin for Beginners post!

When I started dabbling in Bitcoin the first thing I did was try to do some research.  I say try as there is so much information online it was extremely overwhelming.  This post will provide you with the basic information needed and a simple earning plan.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a currency just like pounds or dollars are currencies.  The main difference is Bitcoin can only be held electronically.  In other words there is no actual coin or note that you can hold in your hand.

No-one controls Bitcoin, it is completely independent from any bank or other financial institution.

Why You Should Earn Bitcoin

The main benefits associated with Bitcoin are:

  • It provides an instant method of payment
  • It has minimal fees
  • Banks don’t control it and can’t take it away
  • Transactions can’t be reversed so there is no chargeback fraud
  • Online payments of Bitcoin are much more secure than credit cards
  • The use of Bitcoin is getting more and more popular
  • Experts predict the value will continue to increase dramatically over the next several years

Earning Bitcoin

There are many options available for earning Bitcoin.  Sadly a lot of these are only suitable for people with a high level of confidence online.  They involve opening specific Bitcoin storage wallets, downloading mining tools and even some knowledge of computer programming to be able to use them.  Unfortunately due to the level of knowledge required to use these options many people are susceptible to being scammed.  How would you know if you are downloading a program that collects all your personal information from your computer for example?

Personally I prefer to keep things simple when I first start out with something new.  I also like to stick with my own tried and tested earning models when possible.  The following ways of earning Bitcoin utilise the very stable PTC option and combine it with investment in exactly the same way I recommend in my Personal Earning Plan

Earn your First Bitcoin

To earn your first Bitcoin I recommend BTC Clicks.  This site pays you in Bitcoin for clicking on adverts and has been around since 2013.  It provides a simple upgrade option, referral income and rented referrals.  In other words everything you need to create a nice stable Bitcoin income.

Invest your Bitcoin

To boost your Bitcoin income I highly recommend USI Tech.  This site works like a revenue share company, however the profit is generated by the site via currency trading.  This site has been trading successfully for over 8 years.

I will provide detailed how to use posts about both of these sites ASAP 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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  1. This is a great introductory post for those looking to have bitcoin explained to them. 🙂 There have been a lot of new people investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum lately… I think it’s really helpful to give people an idea of the basics so they can have the same success you’ve had!

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