Before you start a blog there are lots of things you should know.  The first one is….Its very easy to start a blog, almost too easy in fact.  Yes I really said that!

You see to start a blog  all you have to do is come up with a name, register with a blog site and start writing.  I love the fact it is so easy and so accessible, I really do. However in some ways that also makes it seem like being a blogger is an easy thing to do.  Before you start a blog you should know it is not easy to become a blogger.

To explain, let me take you back to the beginning of my experience of starting my very first blog:

When I Started Blogging

To be honest I don’t remember the actual date but it was around 2012.  I heard about these blog things and was really curious.  The idea that I could write about my life online appealed to me, and at the time I was trying really hard to make a few extra pounds to live on.  I had discovered the whole earning online thing, and was wading through hundreds of websites managing to make a few pounds here and there.  My motivation was to start a blog basically to record my own experience.

Before you start a blog to do something similar, read on…

I chose to start by using Blogger, which is a free blog platform.  After pondering a while I came up with a name, registered on blogger and started writing. From day one of writing my first post I was in love with blogging!

I wrote and I wrote on a daily basis.  I wrote about sites I found, how much I made and when I got paid.  It was great.  Writing kept me motivated and on track with my earning sites.  It also helped me to keep a record of what sites I used.  Because I was using so many, that was really helpful.

In those early days I thought that was all I had to do to be a blogger.  I had a blog and I published posts on it so I was a blogger…. how wrong I was!

Today I would love to be able to read back over those very first blog posts.  Sadly, and without warning months and months of writing just disappeared…. I was heartbroken.  I got a quick email from blogger to say they had removed my blog because of some of the comments other people had left on it.  There was me thinking oh its great that others were leaving comments and little did I know that would finish it off…

Of course I should have taken copies of my posts and backed them up.  Actually I was in the process of trying to learn how to do just that when it disappeared.  Had I also learned the fact I could moderate comments before they appeared on my posts that would have saved my writing as well.  Me, I was too busy enjoying myself writing and earning to spend time learning what being a blogger actually means.

Before you start a blog I think you should know what it actually means to be a blogger.

What Being A Blogger Means

Firstly it is important to realise there are many different levels of blogging:

  • Some blogs are written purely for enjoyment.  Really they don’t mind if not too many people read it.  It is written mostly for the joy of writing and there is little or no attempt to build an audience.  There is certainly no desire to turn writing a blog into a career.  A lot of people do this at least for a little while.  It is a hobby and it is fun.  I would call this casual or hobby blogging.  This is what I was doing when I started my first blog.
  • After writing a casual blog for a while some people like it so much they decide to take things a bit further.  They start to learn about things like how to get more people to visit their blog.  The writing perhaps becomes more aimed at other people reading it.  The writer might or might not want to use the blog to earn a bit of money or promote something they are doing.  The blog becomes a means to achieve something different from the joy of writing.  I would say this is when writing a blog starts to change into becoming a blogger.
  • With experience of writing a blog and wanting to develop it further comes a lot of questions.  How do I get more people to read it? How do I generate money from my blog? What is the actual purpose of this blog? What is the difference between self-hosting and third party hosting? These questions mean there is a desire to learn how to become a blogger.  Some people have this desire before they start a blog.  Some people develop this desire after they start writing
  • When the writer starts learning about things such as search engine optimization, readability, marketing of a blog and direct or indirect revenue generation then, in my opinion they are training to be a blogger.
  • Once the blog just starts generating organic traffic AND is helping the writer to meet targets such as income, team building, making sales and such like, the writer is, in my view, an amateur blogger.
  • Only when the blog is established, with regular daily organic traffic and it provides a regular direct or indirect income can the writer call themselves a blogger.  They are a professional at this stage.  To me a great comparison is with those who have qualified to be a teacher, a plumber, a nurse etc etc.  It takes years of study, years of experience and an awful lot of doing things over and over until you learn how it actually works.

Others may not agree with me on these definitions of course – it is purely my opinion.  Is there anything wrong with hobby blogging? Of course not, its wonderful! Does everyone who writes a blog want to earn a living as a blogger? Of course not! Is everyone who writes a blog a blogger? Well no, just as teaching a child to read does not make everyone who does it a teacher….

What Does This Mean for You?

It means if you want to start writing a blog as a hobby then just go ahead and start writing and have fun.

If you want to use a blog to create an income or help you promote something else then just start writing, but be prepared for a large learning curve.  Also be prepared for the fact it is very unlikely to happen overnight.  There are some shortcuts you can learn but you will need to study.

For those of you who want to become a blogger, a professional blogger, then just start writing, but know you have a great journey ahead.  It is fascinating, frustrating and time consuming.  The twists and turns it will take you on can not be predicted…. I Hope to see you when I finally make it there too 😉

Ready to Start A Blog?

If you feel you are ready to start a blog then I highly recommend either Global Domains International or Bluehost.  They are both paid services which technically you don’t need if you want to write a blog as a hobby.  Both however will grow with you if and when your blog develops and they are great for beginners and professionals alike.  In addition, if you want to earn from writing a blog I can advise you and help you gain an income from Global Domains International – In my opinion you might as well make a little cash at the same time as writing a blog as not 😉

For more information about that you might like to read Want Cheap Website Hosting Fees? My Provider Pays Me!

If you are sure you never want to develop your blog into anything but a hobby and want a free to use option to give it a try I would recommend rather than Blogger.  Just make sure you make a back-up of any posts your write!!

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