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A Weeklong Website Trial – Clixsense

Today I would like to share A Weeklong Website Trial for Clixsense.  I have actually had my Clixsense account for several years but not really used it much.  Doing this trial though has really taught me a lot about using this site.

Website Description

Clixsense basically began as a paid to click (PTC) website where users earn money for clicking on adverts.  Since then it has expanded to offer quite a few additional ways to earn.  It continues to have a very clear PTC basis and focuses a lot on the advertising services associated with that.

Signing Up

As I have had my Clixsense account for several years, I can’t really remember the sign up process to be honest.  It is simple enough to sign up though.  Just complete the short form as shown below.  Then confirm your email address and your account is ready to go!

clixsense sign up


First Impressions

As I said this is an old account, but apart from doing a few clicks on adverts back then I hardly used it. I created this account in 2011.  The site has changed a huge amount since I signed up, with many new features now.  I can give you an account of my impressions now.

The home page, as shown below (with my personal details removed), does take a little bit of time to figure out.  As you can see there are a lot of sections to it.  The image is actually only part of the page but it does show what you are faced with on first logging in.  I should say I have used several PTC sites, and this type of layout seems pretty common. If you have never used a site like this before though it could seem very overwhelming and confusing.

Clixsense home


User friendly

Despite the first look at the home page I do find the site the be reasonably user-friendly.  The buttons are pretty much all self-explanatory.   Also the various sections of the home page are clearly marked.  There are some basic instructions and extra information links available when needed for clarification too.

Earning Methods

View Ads


This is a very simple way to earn.  Click on the view ads button in the top menu.  This takes you to a grid of ads which you can click.  Click the ads highlighted with blue in the grid.  The ones you have clicked already move down and turn gray.  When you click the ad you will be asked to click on the cat picture first. This is to prove you are a human and not a bot.  Once you have viewed the ad for the right amount of time you will see the click validated tick.


Personally I sometimes find this way of earning to be rather boring.  It also gets tiresome seeing the same website pages, or the same type of pages over and over again.  On a plus side it is very easy to do while watch TV etc.

Despite it being a bit boring this method of earning is used by a lot of people.  The reason being it is pretty much a guaranteed income on Clixsense.   There are a lot of adverts available on this site, so you can make money daily.



clixsense surveys

There are a lot of surveys available on Clixsense.  From what I have seen during this trial the payment rates are pretty reasonable too.  Some are even higher than several survey sites offer.  There are extra surveys available on the offer walls as well as the survey section.


Clixsense has 12 different offer walls, all with many offers listed on them.  I would highly recommend having a good look through the offer walls.  There are a huge amount of offers available – anything from watching videos, to free trials, and surveys.  Be aware though many offers add your email address to mailing lists.  I highly recommend using a secondary email address when signing up for any of these.  That will prevent you getting a lot of unwanted emails.

offer walls


The tasks are provided by Crowdflower, and I have used this option before on another website.  I did notice there didn’t seem to be many task available the few times I logged in.  This may increase with use though.



Just click anywhere on the picture to play.  This will open up a website you will have to view for up to 10 secs.  After this time has passed you will know if you win up to $10 or not.



Personally I find this time consuming and a rather boring game. Please see my trial dairy below for more details about it.

Daily Checklist

On the home page on the right side you can find the daily checklist.  Each item is ticked off if and when you complete the task that day.  For each day that you complete your daily checklist, a bonus will be added to your account balance.  This is added at the end of that same day. Premium members will earn a bonus of up to 16.0% of their personal earnings, while Standard members will earn a bonus of up to 7.0%.

Daily Checklist


Affiliate Commission

ClixSense offers $0.50 or $1 for referring others (depending on your membership type).  You also get commissions whenever your direct referrals click on PTC Ads, purchase advertising, complete simple tasks and offers.  Also whenever they or their referrals upgrade to Premium through 8 levels.

Premium Membership

Commissions for Premium members are substantially higher than Standard members.  It currently costs $17 to upgrade for 1 year.  There is an 8 level referral commission paid which is the most generous commission structure I have heard of on a PTC site.  The other benefits are shown below:



From my trial of using this site I would estimate it takes around 1-1.5 hours per day.



Although this is an old account I didn’t have any earnings before the weeklong trial.  This is an accurate representation of my earnings for 7 days.

Dairy of Trial

23rd March – started the trial today and after looking round the site a little bit I decided to try and attempt the daily checklist for a bonus payment.  I spent about an hour trying to earn today by clicking on ads, completing the clixgrid, doing some offers and trying to do some surveys.  I got screened out of a lot of surveys but eventually completed one.  $2.34 earned in total today.

clixsense 23rd

24th March – I tried to complete the daily checklist again today as I did manage to do it yesterday.  It took me a while as I was screened out of about 20 surveys.  Eventually I managed to complete one on an offer page.  I tried to do some of the smaller offers but they either didn’t count towards the checklist or wouldn’t credit.  I tried to play a game and no matter what I did it wouldn’t credit.  Took me over an hour to use the site today.  Frustration levels were quite high by the time I managed to complete the checklist.  $0.80 earned today including the $0.14 bonus from checklist yesterday.

clixsense 24th

25th March –, I have just spent an hour on the site trying to do a survey which I was screened out of after 30 mins.  It was only supposed to be 15 mins to complete.  I did the ever so monotonous clixgrid and earned nothing.  Tomorrow I will time how long it takes to do that. I’m trying to do the daily checklist and didn’t complete any offers/tasks today.  Basically the only thing I have earned from is clicking on adverts. I have earned $0.01 in an hour! What a total waste of time! Frustration levels at maximum.  I feel like not going back on the site ever again!

After taking quite a few hours away from the site to allow my frustration levels to lower I decided to try again.  This time I actually managed to complete the 2 offers required for the daily checklist.  There were some more ad view opportunities to do so I did those as well.  Now I have earned $0.79.  I am feeling slightly better than I did earlier.  I have now spent almost 2 hours on the site for that return though.


 26th March

After yesterday’s frustration I decided today to actually time how long it took for me to complete the clixgrid.   I clicked 30 boxes in the grid as quickly as I could and started the timer on another tab.  It only took one click for me to get back to the grid.  I was aware it seemed like it took quite a while to complete the 30 clicks before timing it.  Even I was surprised to see it actually took 10 mins and 8 seconds.  Today I actually won $0.10 by taking part, but usually this is time spent to win or earn nothing.  There is a chance of winning $10 from it, but to be frank i’m not sure I would bother.

clixsense grid timer

clixsense win

After completing the clixgrid i just logged off today.  I just couldn’t face even trying any of the other earning opportunities today.  I earned $0.15 today including the checklist bonus from yesterday.


27th March – After taking the day off from doing anything much on Clixsense yesterday I felt able to go back on today.   I had a bit of a fresh mind about it.  I’m trying very hard to actually give it a chance for the whole week so I can report back as much as possible for you.  Today I managed to do the Clixgrid (no wins today), completed ad clicks and tried to do 10 of the surveys.  I had no luck at all on those.  Do note I have never tried so many surveys on any other site without getting at least one to complete.  Its no wonder they don’t pay for screen outs on this site, it would cost them a lot I feel.

surveys screened


After asking some other users about how they earn on Clixsense yesterday, I found out some people only use this site for the Peanut Labs surveys.  So today, after the 10 screenouts on the other survey section I thought I would try this tactic myself.  Maybe I’m just not using Clixsense in the best way right?

To get to the peanut labs surveys on Clixsense I first had to complete a 30 question profile.  These were all basic questions and very easy to answer.

peanut labs



As soon as I completed the profile questions the surveys from peanut labs appeared.  I have used peanut labs before on other sites.  They always seem to have plenty of surveys available I must admit.  I was pleased to see this was the same on Clixsense.

peanut labs surveys clixsense

This time I was able to complete a survey straight away! Thank goodness for that 🙂 In fact I even did a second one it was so easy.  This meant I had met the daily checklist requirements as well.


PL clix


Due to the 2 surveys I completed on peanut labs I made $0.77 today.




28th March

Today I started my Clixsense earning with the PTC ads as usual.  I then tried the Clixgrid (no wins today).  After that I tried a couple of surveys on Peanut Labs and was able to complete the second one I tried.  It is much easier for me to complete surveys now i’ve started using this section.  Thankfully my frustration levels are much much lower! Including the bonus for completing the checklist yesterday I earned $0.91 today.


29th March

This is the final day of the trial.  I only had time to do the PTC ad clicks today.  Earnings were very low due to this with just $0.01 earnings today.




Overall Review

Despite the fact I was really fed up with using this site within the first few days of the trial I have decided to stick with it now.  Since changing over to using the Peanut Labs offer wall for the surveys I have found it a much better site to earn on.  I don’t think I will be trying to do the daily checklist anymore as personally though. The Clixgrid is very time consuming when there is no guarantee of earning from spending the time to do it.  I might do it now and again.   The main reason I will be sticking with it is due to the potential survey income.  I’m guessing I should be able to make a cash claim of $8 around once a week.  Thats around £5.39.

Potential earnings for a year without any referrals for me at this level = £280

If I  get referrals I will consider paying to upgrade my account.  At the minute the benefits aren’t worth it in my opinion.  As and when I should start building a team I can see how it would be much more appealing.

Recommended How To Earn Guides

Katy Kicker has written a fabulous guide which you can read here

I hope you have found this website trial useful. If you have used ClixSense  yourself I would love to hear about your own experiences of using it.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Feel free to share it with others :).

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  1. Your post is really informative and will help any newbies.
    Thanks for the reference to Cash2bfree appreciate the mention.
    It is the Peanut Lab Surveys I mainly do as well since they pay the most there compared to any other site. I only do the minimum amount of ptc clicks and Clixgrid to complete the Daily Checklist to get the bonus when I have earned a decent amount.

    • No probs, always happy to mention your blog 🙂 Good to know you tend to mainly do the PL surveys too. So you can build up your bonus in the daily checklist over time and then take the actions to claim it? Cool i didn’t realise that!

  2. GREAT WEBSITE! I came here from your bubblews page, and glad I did. I’ll try the clixsense for at least a while based on your recommendation and concerns. Thanks for providing this service!

    • Thanks very much Diana, good luck with Clixsense and i hope you get on well with it. Many thanks for using my referral link, much appreciated! Any questions just leave me a comment and i will get back to you asap 🙂

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