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Surveys are a great way to boost your pay if you are looking for some extra money.  However many people start doing them and then give up.  Hopefully this post will help you avoid doing that… because lets face it, that is completely pointless and a waste of time!

Why Complete Surveys?

The simple answer to this is because they pay.  They don’t usually pay a lot mind you, and for some people that is reason enough to not do them.  Others however do them all the time.  Personally, when I first started online earning I was mainly doing surveys.  I can’t say it was very exciting, but it did help me pay my bills after I lost my job through ill health.

As well as providing an opportunity to earn however, completing surveys has many other benefits:

  • It is a completely free earning option.  This makes surveys a great option for beginners to online earning because it is risk free.  Often working online involves paying to join various programs, or paying for advertising etc.  When starting out it is very easy to end up out of pocket on these things as it takes time to learn how to do it effectively.
  • You get to provide your opinion on a huge range of topics.  Often your opinion, along with other peoples opinions, impact on the creation of new products, or advertising etc.  This means you can have a direct say about what you would like to see in a finished item.
  • You get to know about new developments in advance.  For example, I see a lot of movie trailers before they are available to the general public.
  • You can learn quite a bit from doing surveys too.  As the purpose of many surveys is to find out what people actually know about a topic, they frequently ask interesting questions.  Although they don’t often provide the answer if it is something I would like to know I will google it after I complete the survey.  By doing this I have learned quite a bit about topics I wouldn’t have otherwise looked up.
  • Completing surveys is also a great way to keep the brain active.  They generally involve some thought at least, and there are sometimes memory tasks as well.
  • It is a very flexible option.  It is something you can do when you have a spare 10 or 15 mins.  Also with most sites there is no obligation regarding how frequently you complete them.
  • Many sites provide you with the option to use a variety of devices such as smartphone, laptop, desktop and tablet.
  • Completing surveys can often lead to other higher level earning opportunities.  For example I was recently contacted to see if I would be interested in taking part in a 3 day focus group which paid £200.  This was the direct result of completing a short survey that paid me 50p.
  • Completing surveys can also lead to product trials.  I have been sent all sorts of things for free to test out in exchange for my opinion.  Just a few of these include a fitbit, a jar of mayonnaise, packets of biscuits, crisps and a set of saucepans.
  • Most survey sites offer a range of payment options that include shopping vouchers, cheque, paypal payment etc.
  • On a personal  note, I also find they are a great distraction.  This helps me manage anxiety levels and my general mental health as they give me something positive to focus on.

The Problem with Completing Surveys

Just as there are quite a few benefits to completing surveys to boost your income, there are also a few not so good things.

  • As already mentioned, the payment received for completing surveys can be quite low.  Some companies do pay better than others so it is worth bearing that in mind.
  • All surveys involve going through a screening process.  Some of these are just basic information like age, gender, work status etc, but some can be quite in depth.  This means you can spend time answering questions and then get screened out (disqualified).  Many sites do not give any payment to people who are screened out.
  • They can be repetitive.  Sometimes you get the same question to answer several times.  That can be really quite annoying.
  • They can lead to getting junk mail or sales calls if you have to provide contact details.  Some sites will sell on your contact information.
  • Some sites have quite a high claim level.  This can actually be a good thing as it is like a savings plan.  This also means it can take quite a while to get to claim the payment though.
  • Some sites have rather infrequent surveys available.  In my experience this tends to be the ones that offer a higher payment for each survey completed.  Again this can mean it takes a while before you are able to make a payment claim.
  • Usually the sites that offer cash payments are at a lower rate than those offering shopping vouchers.  Claiming cash therefore is not always the most efficient option.

Perhaps one of the main issues with doing surveys though is having the motivation to actually do them.  Because of this it is easy  to push them aside.  I find having a daily routine really helps me, and when I advise others to do the same they have said it made a difference to them as well.

Developing A Daily Routine

When people decide to start using survey sites to boost their income it seems the usual pattern is they try to join as many different sites as possible.  There are a lot of sites around and so this in itself can cause a bit of a problem.  To be honest it tends to just cause chaos.  It is very easy to end up with lots of little pots of money in 50+ accounts.  This is hard to keep track of, and it means it takes forever to actually claim a payment.

Instead of doing that I suggest:

  • Join around 10 – 15 survey sites at one time, or focus on using no more than 10-15 sites until you can make a claim.
  • Try to allocate some time each day to completing surveys.  If you can try to make this at the same time of day as well.  I usually aim for around an hour per day starting at 9am.
  • Log in to the survey site to complete surveys if possible.  This means you are less likely to get distracted by non survey related emails.  Usually you will get more survey opportunities by doing this as well.
  • Try to work through your list of sites in a particular order each day.  I always start with the highest paying survey sites first.
  • Record your earnings daily if possible.  I use a spreadsheet to do this but you can use any method that suits you.

Other Tips

If you want to earn a reasonable amount from doing surveys there are a few things you need to know:

  • Consistency is important.  In other words you should not try to predict what answer they are looking for.   Answering questions in a different way on a regular basis can lead to you getting sent less survey opportunities in the long term.
  • Some sites are more suitable for a particular category of people.  For example One Poll in my opinion is good for people with young children.  It can be worth trying different sites to find those that suit you best.
  • Some sites have a particular specialisation.  For example You Gov tends to have surveys related to politics.  Its much more interesting when you do surveys on a topic you enjoy.
  • Expect to only be able to complete 1 in 4/5 surveys you attempt.  It is normal that you do not fit the profile for all surveys and are not doing anything wrong when this happens.
  • Read the questions.  There are various techniques in place to stop people choosing random answers or speeding through surveys.
  • Take a screenshot of the page which tells you how much you will be paid, the time the survey is predicted to last and a survey reference number or code.  This is usually at the beginning or prior to starting the survey.  This is useful should you encounter a problem or not get paid the correct amount.
  • Take a screenshot of the survey completed page.  Again this is useful if there is a problem with payment etc.
  • Don’t rule out lower paying sites as often you can get more surveys on these.  This means you will actually get paid quicker despite the lower rate.
  • Remember that a lot of survey developers want the opinion of working age, people who are in employment.  This is the target audience for products a lot of the time.  If you are not in this category you will not get so many surveys to complete.
  • Males are generally less likely to complete surveys.  This means males can get higher payments in some circumstances.

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