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Teambuilding Tools that Work

It can be difficult to find teambuilding tools that work.  Working online I see so many ‘guaranteed to work’ programs being advertised.  Sadly most of these programs just give you something else to promote.  In other words they can distract you from promoting your primary business.

Some of the programs available do help you build a team in your primary business as a bit of a side note.  They have a place for you to add your referral link inside the program somewhere.  Still with these you have to promote the other program first and foremost.

If you are looking for teambuilding tools that work I am happy to say I have gained at least 10 new team members from each of the options below:


Although I tend to promote the earning opportunities available on Clixsense it provides a very good advertising platform as well.  Personally I like to set aside a small amount of my earnings each month on Clixsense to use for paid advertising on the site.  There are many advertising options available at very low cost.  For example you can run an advert for as little as $1.10 (just over 80p).

To use the advertising you simply buy ad credits, submit your ad for approval then you can target a particular audience if you want to.  It is worth spending a little time designing your advert and targeting specific users, but at the price it is easy to run several trials.

Click to Join Clixsense


Lootclick is a great little tool to use for email advertising and it is free.  The way it works is you simply open up to 5 emails per day to earn credits.  The credits then allow you to submit your own advert.  I like this one because you do not get swamped with emails to open.  I have tried other similar programs but got hundreds of emails per day, this one is very manageable.

Click to Join Lootclick


This site is a free traffic exchange that works in a similar way as Lootclick.  With Easyhits4U you don’t open emails but surf ads online instead.  As you surf ads you earn credits to use to promote your own programs.  There is a paid option on this site available as well.

I really like this site as it offers many additional tools and ways to promote your business.  For example there are sections for you to submit your business into a link directory.  There are also free to use capture page tools.  I learned a lot about online marketing from using this site for free, and now use the paid advertising on there.

Click to Join Easyhits4U

MLM Gateway

This site is designed specifically for those working in multilevel marketing (or network marketing) companies.  Again there are lots of different ways to use the site.  There is a free option available which I personally used as a trial, though you can continue to earn credits on here also.

This site allows you to actually chat online with those interested in MLM opportunities, or you can send emails.  You actually get the email address as well so this is great to build your contact list.

You can also submit business information which gets displayed on the main ‘wall’ of the site.

Click to Join MLM Gateway


This site offers several options for promoting your own business.  There is a social media section that can be used for free – think facebook specifically for those interested in working online.  There is a a paid advertising service as well, which you can use to also build an income.

I really like this site for many reasons.  Basically you can do the same type of promoting as Facebook offers, including business pages, groups and a personal profile.  Everyone on this site however are interested in working from home.  There are no restrictions on who can see your posts on this site however and it works just as Facebook did at the beginning.

The paid advertising section starts from $10 (around £8) and qualifies you for daily profit shares.  Many people are using this to make an income as well as promoting other businesses.

Click to Join FutureNet


I hope these short summaries help you to choose relevant teambuilding tools for your business.  I will be posting more detailed how to use posts for these sites ASAP to help maximise your success from using them. In the meantime feel free to post any questions you have below 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Free Blog Setup for WordPress – Done For You Service

Free Blog Setup


How does a free blog setup service for WordPress blogs sound to you?

After working on this blog, and setting up several others I know quite a bit about using WordPress these days.  I also remember just how overwhelming it all seemed to me right back at the start.  All I wanted to do was to start writing and it seemed like I needed a degree in blogging or something before I could write my first post. It was so frustrating!

Now that I feel like a ‘real blogger’ and Love Love Love what I do, I’d like to help any other budding bloggers to get started too.  So if you have been wanting to start blogging but not sure where to start this is perfect for you.  If you just want to get stuck into doing the writing bit then why not let me take care of the other bits you need to get going?

What I Can Offer

To allow you to just focus on the writing side of things straight away I will:

  • Research the name you want for your blog and provide recommendations if required.
  • Create the blog site with basic specifications as discussed with you (name, colours, menus etc).
  • Add your own photos if available, or use the most suitable alternatives.
  • Install some of the most popular plugins such as sharing to social media buttons.
  • Basic SEO settings to help your blog get seen by more people.
  • Advice about writing your first few posts.
  • Advice about monetising your blog.
  • Ongoing blog related information, training and advice.

I will do all of this at no cost to you.

Note: To qualify for my free blog setup service you will need to sign up with my recommended hosting service.  I can offer the free setup service free to you because they pay me instead 😉

Are There Any Other Costs?

There is a initial cost of $10 per month to use my recommended hosting service.  However due to the unique program they offer,  combined with my personal strategy this cost will reduce to $5 per month which is around £2.50 – £3 per month.  I can also coach you to make a great income from using it if you wish to do so.

Why Use a Paid Hosting Service?

When you start blogging there are basically 2 options to choose from.  There are 100% free blog platforms available and there are options you have to pay a fee for.  Often what happens is people try the free platforms for a while.  After learning more about blogging however it becomes clear just how limiting the free platforms are.  For example:

  •  There can be limits such as not being able to use Adsense to monetise your blog.
  • You find you are not actually in control of your blog, and it can be deleted at any time.
  • There are ‘hidden’ costs, for example if you want to have a fully personalised blog address you will have to pay for that.
  • Experienced bloggers do not use free platforms so it is difficult to be taken seriously when using them.

These things only become apparent after you have spent the time and effort creating your blog and writing quite a lot of posts.  By that stage it is more difficult to move your blog to the paid self hosted option, and you realise you should have used that in the first place.  Yes I am talking from experience here – my first blog got deleted and I lost months and months of work…

Due to the limits of free platforms I feel I cannot recommend them for anyone who is serious about blogging.

I HIGHLY recommend using the paid option of self hosting your blog straight away so you can skip the whole having to move it thing and other issues.  If you still want to use one of the free platforms however is in my opinion the best one to choose.

To request Free Setup please complete the form below:


We respect your email privacy

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Types of Affiliate Marketing Simply Explained

Why Types of Affiliate Marketing Simply Explained?

Well, I began my journey into affiliate marketing just yesterday by writing my personal plan to get started.  Already it is proving to be very interesting I must admit! My research so far has shown me why there is a lot of confusion around this type of income generation.

The first thing I notice is the use of a lot of marketing terminology.  For someone just starting out in this area that alone can be rather off-putting.  It seems there is PPC, PPS, PPP, PPL, multi level, two tier, single tier and dear knows what else. Affilate marketing certainly has its own language.  There are also hundreds of different types of products and services.  Basically affiliate marketing programs cover practically everything.  Trying to wade through all of that as a newbie is VERY overwhelming.

Putting things into easy to understand language, these are the types:

Those that involve websites and blogs

This type of affiliate marketing requires the person doing the promoting to be able to create a website or blog.  The site needs to have a way for customers to purchase products or sign up to a service.  To do this you need to know how to add various links to the site.  You are also responsible for creating the content, providing the relevant information and for getting the customers to visit the site in the first place.

To be able to do all this requires quite a lot of knowledge and skill.  The promoter (affiliate) firstly needs to be able to create attractive content.  With all the competition online for sales it is not enough to simply add a buy now button to a product picture with a price for example.  The content needs to persuade the visitor to ‘convert’ into a customer.

The affiliate also needs to be able to get people to visit the site.  This ‘traffic’ can’t just be anyone, the visitors need to be those with an interest in the products or services on offer.  In other words they need to know how to target specific sections of the population – those identified as most likely to make a purchase.  To be able to do this well requires knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  It is that which increases the chances of your site showing in search engine results.

Website or blog related affiliate marketing is not a fast way to make an income.  It takes patience to build the site and generate quality traffic.  However, once the process is in place and the site is attracting customers it can work to generate a constant flow of income with little ongoing work.

Those involving adverts

This type of affiliate marketing requires the affiliate to be able to create an advert that converts viewers into customers.  This could be simply clicking on the advert, signing up to an email list or making a purchase.  To be able to do this involves knowledge of who is most likely to buy, where they are and how to get the adverts to show up at the right time.

Advertising related affiliate marketing can become quite costly if not done well.  For example, you could pay for an advert which does not lead to any conversions at all.  Competition is also very high and often those with large advertising budgets get most of the sales.

Those involving emailing

This type of affiliate marketing requires the affiliate to be able to create an email list of potential customers.  They also need to be able to create email content that a)entices the receiver to open it, b) read it and c) leads to a conversion.

Email marketing involves quite a bit of knowledge and skill to do it well.  Again it requires knowledge of potential customers and how to find them, but also being able to get people to join an email list.  It could involve the use of specific website pages which ‘capture’ the email addresses of those interested in particular products or service.  It could also involve the use of specific email marketing tools such as an autoresponder which sends emails to large numbers of people automatically.

Email marketing by those just starting out is often poor quality.  This means it can be quite difficult to gain real email addresses in the first place. When done well however email marketing provides a very good income.

Those involving simple link sharing

This type of affiliate marketing requires the person doing the promoting simply being able to share affiliate links.  The links have a personal code which allows for tracking of actions like clicks on the link for example.  Due to the simplicity of this method it is the one that most people starting off with affiliate marketing use.  Unfortunately, with the growth of social media this has led to a huge amount of ‘spamming’.  Spamming is sharing links indiscriminately in the hopes that they will be seen by a potential customer.

This type of ‘marketing’ requires little knowledge or skill.  However, it can lead to issues such as bans being put in place to stop you from sharing links.  You can be banned from sharing links by BOTH the place you are sharing them and the company who owns the products you are promoting.  You can also gain a very bad reputation and be shunned by practically everyone, including potential customers.

The best method of using this type of affiliate marketing is via building a relationship with potential customers.

Those involving word of mouth recommendation

This type of affiliate marketing requires the person doing the promoting having personal experience of the product or service.  They then share, by ‘word of mouth’ their own experiences with it.  This can be the most powerful type of marketing when done well.  It does however require access to a large number of people who actually trust what you have to say.

Which Type is Best?

Note that all of these types of affiliate marketing can be used individually, or they can be combined.  Each type has advantages and disadvantages and it is not easy to distinguish which is best to use.

People who make a good income with affiliate marketing are those who spend time learning and who develop the necessary skills.  That is why I have made the decision to complete some training specific to affiliate marketing.  When I have found some good training I will let you all know 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Start Affiliate Marketing – My Personal Plan

This month my focus is to start working on the affiliate marketing part of my earn £2500 per month plan.   I start this process by writing my personal plan for affiliate marketing.  My experience so far is with promoting other earning opportunities, so this plan is going to involve quite a bit of personal learning.  I am pretty excited to get started on this plan I must admit.  I’m also really looking forward to sharing my progress with it.  This time you will get to follow my progress right from the start of my journey!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Very simply affiliate marketing is any time someone promotes an item for someone else and receives a commission for doing it.  Affiliates do not work for a company, they are independent and may market several different products or different companies.

As I said my own experience is limited to promoting other earning opportunities.  When I talk about Clixsense for example and someone joins my team I make a small amount of commission from that.  I have also built teams in network marketing opportunities and earned commission for that.  So how is affiliate marketing different?

Actually the examples above ARE affiliate marketing.  Working with a network marketing company which involves making product sales for commission is affiliate marketing as well.  So with my experience in these what do I still have to learn? Well, I recognise the fact there are a lot of different types of affiliate marketing available, but I don’t know what they all are.  That is where my learning will start.

My step by step plan

So far my affiliate marketing plan is:

  1. To do some research into the types of affiliate marketing that are available
  2. Choose one particular product or service I want to promote
  3. Sign up for the affiliate program
  4. Identify specific methods of promoting the product or service
  5. Start to promote the product of service
  6. Review progress and adjust plan as appropriate

Affiliate Marketing Income Goal

I have already given myself an income goal of £700 per month from affiliate marketing activities.  Now I want to make this is a SMART goal:


To avoid any confusion with my other income streams I will choose one product or service that I do not earn from without making sales or referring others to.


The goal is a specific financial amount so is easily measurable.


I know for a fact that others make a lot more than £700 per month from affiliate marketing.  Is it achievable for me?  I think the overall goal is achievable for me given some time to learn and implement a marketing plan.  I might need to break the overall goal down into smaller amounts first of all.


This goal relates completely to my earn £2500 per month online plan.

Time Constrained

I would like to meet this £700 per month income goal within the next few months.  To tie this down further I will complete the first 3 steps in my plan today.  I will then be ready to start promoting over the next week.

By doing this I should be able to earn my first commissions before the end of this month.   I would like to aim for at least £25 by the end of June.


Wow, that gives me quite a bit of work to do today, so am off to start my research 😉 I will post about how I get on with that tomorrow!

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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My Daily Earning Plan for Swagbucks

I have had some requests for details of my daily earning plan for Swagbucks since posting my most recent earning update.  This plan allows me to make £10+ per month from this one site, which I then invest to create a higher income.  As always I am very happy to provide specific details of my earning plan to allow others to follow it.

 click here to join swagbucks

The current cost of a £5 Amazon voucher is 700SB and £5 via Paypal is 800SB.  This means aiming for a daily target of around 50SB.  Note these are the sale prices on site right now and they may be a little higher when you read this post.

To earn 50SB per day I recommend the following routine:

Navigate to the TO DO list on the left side of the home page as shown below:

  1. Complete the Daily Poll = 1SB
  2. Next complete all Daily Crave activities available.  I am earning 10+SB daily with these.  Most you can allow to run while doing other activities on site. 
  3. While Daily Crave activities are running click on Daily Search via the to do list on the left side of the home page.  If you do not win with this search do something else while you wait for at least 10-15 mins.  Then try searching for a popular trending topic for the day (check the news or social media for topics if required).  I am earning around 5-15SB per day by doing this.  DO NOT search different terms without waiting in between.
  4. Click on Deal of the Day in the to do list = 1SB
  5. Next click on attempt gold survey.  I click on all surveys in the list to see if I get automatically screened out.  You earn 1SB per screen out up to a maximum of 5SB.  If I have time I try to complete 1 survey.  Many Gold surveys are worth 100SB so I do this around twice per week. 
  6. When the Daily Crave activities are completed I suggest opening the Daily Watch activities.  These will run while doing something else, though you can speed the process up by clicking on the next video when the current one playing shows a tick 😉 Personally I opt for a 1SB playlist and a 2SB playlist on here.
  7. Lastly I recommend clicking on the Daily Discover tab.  Navigate to Offer Torro 1 click offers and click on all available.  This can earn you between 1-5SB

By completing this routine you will earn bonus swagbucks every day (for completing the to do list).  This is between 3-6SB – you get a smaller bonus for completing 6 of the 8 items in the list.  You can also earn another bonus for competing your daily goal.

If you struggle with completing surveys I recommend you boost your balance by using the Play option (access via link on left side of home page).  You will earn 2SB for every 2 games you complete up to a maximum of 10SB per day.

In addition to this routine I suggest you watch out for swagcodes and work on any active Swago boards as these can be very quick and easy to do.  Remember to check on our booster post in the Work From Home Network Facebook Group for details of other offers that credit 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx





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Income Plan Progress Update for May 2017

As you probably know by now I am working on my own £2500 per month plan at the minute.  Todays post is to provide you with an update about my progress towards this goal.

My personal plan involves multiple income streams.  I have an earning target for each type of income I am working on as follows:

Clicking Sites

The first section I focus on is Clicking Sites.  I use these because they provide a GUARANTEED method of earning a small amount of money.  They are also simple to use and work worldwide (so maximise the potential for referral option).

My target for earning using only these clicking sites was £50 per month.  Most of my clicking sites are in US dollars so the conversion is approximately $65 per month.

For my clicking income I am now using:

Clixsense – target is now $15 per month on there,  last month = $18.40

Grandbux – target was $30 per month, currently earning average of $1.40 per day = $42

Gifthulk – target is now $5 per month, currently earning average of $0.10 per day = $3 per month

Swagbucks, – target is now £10 per month, currently earning average of £0.35 per day = £10.50 per month

Inbox Pounds – target is now £5 per month, currently earning average of £0.07 per day = £2.18 per month


I am meeting my £50 per month target quite easily using these sites. In fact I am making over £60 now.  I am doing a few surveys on Clixsense as well as clicking to reach my new $15 target on there, but that means I can boost my income quite a bit.  Last month I made over $18 and am already up to $10 made on there this month (in 7 days).  I might increase my target to $20 per month for Clixsense as I am finding that so easy.

Survey Sites

Target was £100 per month on these.


I have started using survey sites a bit more again, however I am not up to target on them as yet. Last month I made just over £20 so I have decided to drop my target down to £50 on survey sites for now.  The reason is I want to stick to around 1hr of earning activities per day and surveys can be a little time consuming at times.

As I am also doing surveys on some of the clicking sites I will now combine the two targets.  From June then I will have a combined target of £100 from clicking and survey sites.

The main survey sites I use are:


One Poll


Populus Live

Green Panthera

Survey Network

Global Test Market


Target Earning – £500 per month which is around $650.  According to my observations on this site I tend to earn around $0.50 per day per $50 pack on average.  This means when I get to 43 x $50 ad packs I will be earning approximately $645.  I am now up to 40 x $50 packs.  I want to aim for 50 packs on here which will take me over target.  Once I hit that level I will review my plan


My earning for this site is currently around $600 per month with 40 x $50 packs.  I am now also making a monthly withdrawal as detailed in My FutureNet Plan.

I am very happy with my progress on FutureNet and will soon be over my earning target.

Personal Sales

My target for personal sales is £250 per month.  After struggling with this target quite a bit I have now developed a daily routine to assist me with it.  I focused on this a lot in May and as a result managed to make £230 from personal sales.  This was via a combination of car boot sales, and sales on Facebook and Ebay.

I will continue to work on my routine during June as I am still not quite on top of it.

Affiliate Sales

Target Earning – £750 per month


I have now made a start on building my affiliate income using my Facebook page, Daily Deals Direct .  Thanks to this I did make a few affiliate sales during May, but not as many as I had hoped for.  I intend to write a specific affiliate sales plan this month to help me focus on it.

Matched Betting

I still have not done any work on Matched Betting.  I am going to write a plan for this during June as well which should help a lot.

Target Earning – £300 per month

Current Earning – £0

Time Spent – Zero


Target Earning – £100 per month

My earning for Zopa hasn’t changed much as yet as I haven’t added any more money to my account yet.  It does tick over on its own pretty much so I just need to start my investment routine with this site now.  I haven’t done any calculations yet regarding current income from Zopa so my first step with this account is to monitor the earnings.


I have now added an income stream specifically in Bitcoin.  My first target is £10 per month which is currently around 0.005 Bitcoin.

I have just started working on this income stream using BTC Clicks.  My daily average earning is currently 0.01 mBit per day so I have a long way to go, though I do have a plan 🙂


I now have several of my income streams either on or above their individual targets.  These are:

Clicking Sites – Over Target

Future Net – On Target as soon as 3 more packs are purchased (which I will do within the week).

Personal Sales – Close to Target

This means my monthly income is now a regular £750 and higher than my estimated £500 – £600 per month by the end of May.

I continue to work on reaching target for the following income streams:

Survey Sites

Affiliate Sales

Matched Betting



This month I will be focusing mainly on the survey sites and affiliate sales.  I will be aiming for a monthly income of £1000 per month by the end of July.  This is to take account of my lack of experience regarding affiliate marketing.  I am looking forward to getting stuck into building this income stream especially as many bloggers earn a great income from it.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Bitcoin For Beginners – Start Earning Today


Welcome to my Bitcoin for Beginners post!

When I started dabbling in Bitcoin the first thing I did was try to do some research.  I say try as there is so much information online it was extremely overwhelming.  This post will provide you with the basic information needed and a simple earning plan.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a currency just like pounds or dollars are currencies.  The main difference is Bitcoin can only be held electronically.  In other words there is no actual coin or note that you can hold in your hand.

No-one controls Bitcoin, it is completely independent from any bank or other financial institution.

Why You Should Earn Bitcoin

The main benefits associated with Bitcoin are:

  • It provides an instant method of payment
  • It has minimal fees
  • Banks don’t control it and can’t take it away
  • Transactions can’t be reversed so there is no chargeback fraud
  • Online payments of Bitcoin are much more secure than credit cards
  • The use of Bitcoin is getting more and more popular
  • Experts predict the value will continue to increase dramatically over the next several years

Earning Bitcoin

There are many options available for earning Bitcoin.  Sadly a lot of these are only suitable for people with a high level of confidence online.  They involve opening specific Bitcoin storage wallets, downloading mining tools and even some knowledge of computer programming to be able to use them.  Unfortunately due to the level of knowledge required to use these options many people are susceptible to being scammed.  How would you know if you are downloading a program that collects all your personal information from your computer for example?

Personally I prefer to keep things simple when I first start out with something new.  I also like to stick with my own tried and tested earning models when possible.  The following ways of earning Bitcoin utilise the very stable PTC option and combine it with investment in exactly the same way I recommend in my Personal Earning Plan

Earn your First Bitcoin

To earn your first Bitcoin I recommend BTC Clicks.  This site pays you in Bitcoin for clicking on adverts and has been around since 2013.  It provides a simple upgrade option, referral income and rented referrals.  In other words everything you need to create a nice stable Bitcoin income.

Invest your Bitcoin

To boost your Bitcoin income I highly recommend USI Tech.  This site works like a revenue share company, however the profit is generated by the site via currency trading.  This site has been trading successfully for over 8 years.

I will provide detailed how to use posts about both of these sites ASAP 😉

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Benefits for becoming a Powerseller on Ebay.

There are some definite benefits to becoming a Powerseller on Ebay.  Some of these are not very obvious so I detail them here.

Its now about 6 weeks since I opened my new personal Ebay account.   As soon as I opened the account I made the decision to try and aim for Powerseller Status on this second account.  This is as well as maintaining that level on my first account, and I’ve had several questions asking why would I bother?

To be honest I am not a great fan of Ebay these days  due to a lot of the rules and the fees.  By accident I found out a lot of these issues disappear simply by being a Powerseller.   Basically Ebay are working on a reward system for sellers who consistently meet their high standards.  It is this system that makes being a Powerseller worth aiming for.  In my opinion most of the general frustrations I experience as a seller just disappear as soon as I reach Powerseller status.

The Benefits of Becoming a Powerseller on Ebay

According to Ebay the benefits of becoming a Powerseller are:

  • Priority customer support

  • Advanced selling education

  • Promotional offers

  • Opportunities to participate in research

  • eBay promotional merchandise

Personally none of that is very appealing to me.  The experience of being a Powerseller however has shown me the real benefits are:

  • Reduced Fees
  • Listings appear higher up on search results
  • Protection from the problems associated with lower star ratings left by buyers

These benefits are not immediately obvious, and are not advertised by Ebay.  However in my opinion these are much more relevant to sellers than the benefits Ebay do promote.

Basically I find becoming a Powerseller more or less makes selling on Ebay much more like how it used to be before they made all the crazy changes.   In other words it just makes things a lot easier to be a Powerseller now than not to be.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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How to Create a Sales Target

Creating a sales target might seem like a very simple task for some who work from home.  After all you can just pick a figure and work towards it can’t you?

Actually, there is a bit more to consider when setting yourself a sales target.

Why Create A Sales Target? 

Knowing why it is important to set yourself a sales target is the first step in the process.  If you don’t know why you are doing it you are less likely to take the process seriously.  A common mistake that new business owners frequently make is to simply aim for “as many sales as possible”.  However,  the number and frequency of sales you make is probably one of the best indicators as to how your business is going.  If you just aim for as many as possible how can you access your business properly?

As well as being able to monitor your progress sales targets help keep you focused on achieving your goals.  Those who set targets are generally more motivated and more likely to succeed.

A well set sales target will also enable you to build your business over time.

How to Choose A Sales Target?

Firstly the amount of sales to aim for should be based on some calculations.  What is the reason for you making the sales in the first place? Is it to help you pay your bills for example? If so you need to know how much these bills are.  Is it to replace an income? If so how much is that income?

Of course many people start a business for reasons other than financial reward.  A sales target however is directly related to the financial income side of the business.

Is Your Target SMART?

With any goal you want to work on it is a good idea to make sure it is a SMART goal, and the same goes for a sales target.  A SMART goal is one that is:

Specific – With a sales target it is easy to be specific.  A monetary amount is already specific as long as you choose a single figure.  By this I mean not saying I want to sell around £500 – £600, instead make a clear decision.  My personal sales target for example is £250 per month.  Alternatively you could use a specific number of sales you want to make, such as 100 items per month, or indeed a certain number of customers.  Any of these options are fine.

Measurable – Again a sales target is already measurable.  You know when you have reached halfway to a sales target because it is a number.

Achievable – A good sales target will stretch you a little, but still be achievable for you.  Make sure you consider any barriers such as other obligations.

Relevant – Is your sales target relevant to you? This takes you back to the reason you are making the sales in the first place.  Does it cover a bill? Or replace your other income?  What will it mean to you to reach this sales target?

Time Constrained – It is important to have a time limit attached to reaching your sales goal as this will help to keep you motivated to achieving it.  Is your target per month? per week? per day? Only for one month? Do you want to reach £x.xx level of sales within the next 3 months?

What is Your Current Sales Level?

Knowing what your current sales level is will allow you to make sure your new target is achievable.  It will also provide you with the information about what is required to hit your next target.

You should work out what your average sale value per customer is. The fastest way to do this is to make a list of the value of your last month’s sales, and then divide that number by the total number of sales.

Making this calculation will allow you to work out how best to reach your new target.  For example, lets assume your average sales value is £8 per customer and you want to increase your sales by £100 per month.   This means you need to aim for at least 13 new customers per month.  13 x £8 = £104.

If you are completely new to the business you can give yourself a target of 1 sale per day, or 10 sales in the first month etc etc.


Reviewing your sales target and your progress towards it on a regular basis will help you to stay on track.  It can also be helpful to write a list of things that worked well or not so well after your time limit has expired.  What helped you to reach your target? What got in the way of you reaching your target?

Continual Growth

Setting yourself a sales target that is achievable means you can work on an ever increasing basis.  Remember to nurture relationships with current customers as well as adding new ones so you are not simply replacing 1 customer with another.  Pay attention to what it is that your customers are buying.  Letting customers know if there is an offer available on their favourite product for example will help them to feel important to you.  Everyone likes it when they are made to feel important!

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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My Personal Future Net Earning Plan

This post details my personal Future Net earning plan for making £500 per month.  Future Net is one of several income streams I use in My Personal Plan to Earn £2500 per Month Online.

What is Future Net?

Future Net offers many business related services including:

Blog Hosting

Landing Pages


Business Pages

It also has:

A social media section

An external shopping section

Future Net Branded Products

Why Do I Use Future Net?

I have conducted extensive research into the revenue sharing model of online earning.  In my opinion Future Net is one of the most stable revenue sharing sites available for the following reasons:

  • Future Net was launched early in 2014.  This means it has lasted much longer than all other revenue sharing sites I am aware of.
  • It has a social media site which pays users a small amount for their activities.  Social media sites are highly profitable because they generate revenue through external advertising to their large user base.  By examining the Future Net social media site it is very obvious it generates revenue in this way.
  • The advertising on the social media site is from large companies who are not involved in work from home type activities.   These external adverts are also visible on the other parts of the website.
  • Future Net has several additional revenue generation streams.  The options such as blog hosting, landing pages and the shopping sections provide further revenue to Future Net.
  • During my time using the site it is obvious the owners are working on continual development.

When accessing online earning sites it is important to be able to identify where the site revenue is coming from.  The fact Future Net has obvious EXTERNAL revenue generation provides me with much more confidence in the site than other revenue sharing sites.

More information about this is provided in my post Are All Revenue Sharing Sites Ponzi Schemes?

My Personal Plan

From my own use of Future Net I estimate that $50 ad packs provide a return of around $0.50 per pack per day.  This is an average with quite a bit of daily variation in the amount.

At this rate I need to purchase approximately 43 $50 ad packs = $645.  This converts to around £500 per month.

I have now reached 35 $50 packs.  This was my original target amount and now plan to withdraw a monthly amount.  I have been debating over continuing to purchase packs until I hit 43, or withdrawing some cash now.  Its a tough decision to make to be honest.  I am going with the withdrawal option because I have found a new opportunity I want to check out and I always like to use earnings to fund other options.  Of course I will share my findings on this new one after using it myself for a while 😉

I also highly recommend withdrawing initial funds as soon as possible with any online earning site.  This increases the chances of making a profit.

My estimate is I will be able to withdraw $150 this month (May) from Future Net, and then $250+ each month after that.  I will purchase 5 new $50 packs each month and withdraw the remaining amount.  This will allow me to continue growing my ad pack total while also having a monthly income.  By doing this I will be able to withdraw my initial deposited funds by the end of June.  All monies withdrawn after that will be 100% profit.

Once I start purchasing the 5 packs per month I will know if this is sufficient to keep growing the total number of $50 ad packs.  I will review this plan next month to make sure I am on track.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx


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