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Earn £100 in a Week Challenge 4

Earn £100 in a Week
After my crazy busy couple of weeks spent with my Mum I am glad to be home again.  I started with great intentions to continue my online earning during my visit, but failed to maintain a routine.  I was doing a lot of sorting of the house I rent out and moving boxes etc during the visit.  After that I didn’t even have the energy to even turn my laptop on most days!  This week I am determined to get back up and over the earn £100 in a week level.

For your info this week I have used  Gifthulk,  Clixsense,Inboxpounds, Populus Live, Swagbucks, One Poll,  PanelbaseProlific academic,  Mintvine, Valued OpinionsYou Gov, Paid Viewpoint, Global Test Market, iSay, Maximiles, iPoll, Reward Shopping, Liquid Opinions, Top Cash Back,  Recyclix, and Jackpot Joy

I also checked: Lucky Phone, Selfie LotteryFree Postcode lottery, Bingoport


I started the week trying to establish an earning routine again.  I now have a spreadsheet, organised into order to do my daily sites.  Its actually made quite a difference as I no longer spend time wondering which site to do next 😉 I am also back to writing up my earnings daily on here as you can see!

I start with my daily free games on Jackpot Joy, then do the penny sites: Gifthulk, Clixsense, Inbox Pounds and Swagbucks.  After that I move on to check survey sites.  This gives me time to wake up the old brain before asking it to function lol! Today I made £4.14 from doing that and topped it up with a £4.47 payment from 1p auction sales.

Total earned today £8.61


This morning I had a lovely start by winning £8 on Jackpot Joy from the daily free game.  I love days when that happens as it gives a nice earning boost 🙂 I earned £4.10 from the penny sites and surveys and then a great £10.54 payout from Recyclix.  My earnings continued well with a £20 bonus from Jackpot Joy for completing a survey and a £20.25 payment from 1p auction sales.

Total earned today £62.90 = £71.51 so far this week 🙂 


I’ve been rather busy today with my online earning.  Now I have my spreadsheet in order of sites to do I find myself trying to work my way through as many as possible.  Its been good for my earning as I have added £7.31 to the pot just from the penny sites and surveys today.  As well as that I had 2 more payments in for sales from my 1p auctions.

Total earned today £35.96 = £107.45 so far this week 🙂 I think that must be the fastest £100+ earned so far for the challenge!! 


After a couple of big earning days this week I had a day today when I just did my penny sites and surveys.  This challenge is still encouraging me to do a bit more of those earning activities at the minute and was quite pleased to make over £5 just from them today.  I did add some new items to my 1p auction group today so hopefully that will give me some more sales for next week.

Total earned today £5.03 = £112.48 so far this week 🙂 


Today I started off with my usual penny sites and worked through the surveys list on my spreadsheet.  I was pleased to be able to claim another £20 from Inbox Pounds today as I just got a cheque from them last week.  As well as that I discovered another £4.06 payout in my Recyclix account, then a nice win of £25 on Jackpot Joy.

Total earned today £30.71 = £143.18 so far this week 🙂 


I woke up much too early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.  As I was so tired I just pottered around with a few surveys and penny sites today.  A win of £10 on Jackpot Joy topped up my balance a bit more before going for an afternoon nap lol!  Well I have been working quite hard 😛

Total earned today £14.69 = £157.86 so far this week 🙂 


I woke up this morning to a payment from some of my 1p auctions from last week which was nice.  Then I was able to do some surveys which is unusual for a weekend day.  I got one on populus and then 2 on valued opinions and 1 on You Gov.  I also made a little commission with affiliate window.

Total earned today £10.63 =

£168.55 this week 🙂 WOW!!!! 

Another weeks worth of earning completed and what a week it has been! I started off determined to make over £100 this week and it has been the best earning week since starting this challenge.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how I get on next week now.  It is quite a buzz to add it up each week I must admit. 🙂

Next week I plan to post the weekly challenge post, but also a post giving info on my top earning options for the month.  I’m really looking forward to doing those calculations to see which come out as the best earners this month!

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Introducing Freebie Friday – Try this for a quick and easy Free £10


How does £10 for free sound?


In fact how does a freebie EVERY Friday sound? Oh yeah baby – I’m Introducing FREEBIE FRIDAY!!!!

Yes I have been working away in the background to find lots of free cash 🙂 Some weeks it might be a giveaway, some weeks it will involve doing a little bit to earn guaranteed cash, and other weeks well who knows what else I will come up with 😉

This week it is a guaranteed cash option, but you need to do a little to get it.  Should take no longer than 30 mins….

If you live in the UK you can earn a little cash just for signing up to a couple of newsletters and getting a couple of quotes.  Its as easy as pie and 100% Free!  I’m REALLY sorry if you are not in the UK I promise the next Freebie Friday will include other countries too!

Here is how to make your free £10:

First Step

You will need to use an email address that you don’t mind getting ‘junk’ emails to. I usually open a free one on gmail or yahoo for signing up to offers.

Second Step

If not already a member of Top Cash Back: Click here to Join.

Note you will need to be able to confirm you want to join Top Cash Back and subscribe to the newsletters etc.

Complete the following offers:

Click on the page and click on the get cashback now button to complete a car insurance quote.  Even if you have done this before you might be able to do it again depending on when you did it last 😉  Watch out for Hummingbirds and click on it if you get one on the screen! I will explain this in another post lol.

earn £2.41

Click on the Pet Insurance page and complete a pet insurance quote.  Again even if you have done it before try it again 😉 

earn £0.63

Next register on the Property Moose Website and complete your profile. This is a once only offer do not try to do it again 😉

earn £2.10

Now register with My Survey UK. This is a once only offer do not try to do it again 😉

earn £1.78

Have a Cup of Tea (or something more suited to Friday Evening) – You have earned it.  LOL. PS Are you loving Freebie Friday yet?

Next wiggle on over to to sign up to This is a once only offer do not try to do it again 😉 

earn 73p

Now another one.  Pop over to Get Me a Ticket and sign up there. This is a once only offer do not try to do it again 😉

earn £1.05

Next join MyOffers. This is a once only offer do not try to do it again 😉 

earn 52p

Then sign up to Search Lotto. This is a once only offer do not try to do it again 😉 

earn 52p

Finish it all off by popping over to Catalink and sign up for that one. This is a once only offer do not try to do it again 😉

earn 42p

Hey Presto you have made £10.16 in cashback.  Easiest money ever 😉

I LOVE Top Cash Back and have made over £400 with them just for clicking through their website to buy something I was going to buy anyway!

I hope you have been able to do all the above offers today – your cashback should be through pretty soon.  Some within a few hours, some within a few days.  Don’t forget to check back to TCB to claim your cash! I will remind you next Friday too 😉

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Ellie xx

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35 (Mostly) Free Ways to Make Money for Christmas

free ways to make money for Christmas


With less than 100 days now to go before Christmas I am getting lots of messages asking what to do to make money before then.  Although I always recommend starting early (like January early lol) I am happy to provide some ideas to help you make money in time for buying presents etc.  Here are 35 tried and tested (mostly) free ways to make money for Christmas.


Obviously it depends on how much you need really, and how much time you have free.  The following ideas are those most likely help you to earn around £50 – £250+ within the next 4-6 weeks!


Join Survey Sites

Although some sites can take quite a bit of time to reach the claim level there are some that I would call fast cash options. With Panelbase, Swagbucks, Gifthulk and Mintvine for example you can usually make a claim within a few days to a week.  You need to be prepared to get screened out of surveys as this is part of the process.  Expect to be able to complete around 1 in 4 or 5 on average.

Sell Unwanted Goods

If you haven’t done a clear out for a while it is worth spending a few hours going through wardrobes and cupboards.  Obviously any festive themed goods sell well at this time of year, but also good quality used clothing, toys, books, DVD’s, jewellery etc.  You can sell items online via Ebay, Facebook, Preloved, Ebid, Gumtree etc as well as Car Boot Sales (yes there are plenty still going in winter – Check Car Boot Junction for UK ones).  If you prefer to stay warm and dry you could also try Shpock which is a car boot sale app, or Online Car Booty which is an online car boot website.

You could even host a ‘de-clutter party’ where you invite friends to bring so many items to sell or swap to your house.  These can be great fun and a chance to get your hands on something you have been admiring 😉

Got books, CD’s, DVD’s or Games to sell? Try Ziffit, WeBuyBooks, Music Magpie or Zapper.  Music Magpie and Zapper also buy mobile phones and electronics.

Matched Betting

You do need a bit of capital for this.  Usually around £100 to get started.  You should also be pretty careful with the instructions as if you do it wrong you can loose money.  There are a few Matched Betting companies around who basically do all the calculations for you and provide information on how to place the bets etc.  Profit accumulator, which does charge a subscription,  Freebets4all which is free,  and a great blog to follow is MatchedBettingBlog.

Profits are guaranteed IF you follow the instructions fully.  This is in my opinion not at all straight forward to anyone not familiar with online betting accounts and terminology.

Mystery Shopping

Quite a lot of companies pay for mystery shoppers to review their shopping experience from a customer perspective.  This can provide a nice income though you often need to pay in advance to buy something.  Be prepared to write detailed reports of your experience and travel around a lot!

The only company I have personally used for Mystery Shopping is GBW however there are various companies around.  Some seem to have better reviews than others, and some seem to specialise in particular type of shopping.  It is worth doing a bit of research or trying a few to see which suit your needs best.

The following are also genuine mystery shopping companies: Market ForceTernGrass RootsTNS and Its Incognito



Test Websites

What Users Do and User Testing both offer the opportunity to get paid to test out websites and provide reviews.  Many companies worldwide want to improve their understanding of peoples digital experiences on their websites.  Getting paid to test websites therefore helps these companies to refine their websites and make them more user friendly etc.

Use Cashback Options

At this time of major shopping sprees make sure you make the most of any cashback options you have available.  Top Cash Back, Quidco, Swagbucks, and Checkout Smart all offer free cashback on purchases.  Some credit card and debit card companies also offer cashback for paying with their card too.  If using a credit card do be careful to avoid unwanted debt and pay off the balance as soon as possible or this is a false economy.

Some Cashback Credit Cards you might like to check out are Asda Cash,

Bank Account Swapping

There are several banks offering cash incentives to swap your account to them.  Currently offering £100 is First Direct and £150 is Co-Op Bank.  M&S are also offering a £220 gift card to switch to them.  These offers can change a lot so do check the details before applying!

Seasonal Employment

As retailers prepare for a Christmas rush many will offer a short term Christmas contract.  It can be worth just asking in your local shops if they need help over the holidays.  You can also check for Christmas jobs on Total Jobs

Agency Work

Similar to seasonal employment but can involve working in various locations. Employment agencies are always looking for reliable staff during holiday periods and they can pay well too.  Its usually best to just phone or walk in to a local employment agency.  In the UK check on Yell for employment agencies.

Shop and Scan

Have you heard about people getting paid to scan their grocery shopping?  Its just another way for companies to get market research information which is very valuable to them.  I’ve done this for years with Shop and Scan NI and have many friends in England using Shop and Scan.  Both options pay in vouchers when you regularly scan your grocery shopping.

Medical Research

Depending on where you live and your current health you may be able to take part in paid Medical Research.  Drug companies are always looking for participants for their research trials.  These can be very well paid with some rates of over £1000 per study. If you would like to register your interest in taking part you can do so with Covance Clinical Trials if you live in the UK or Northern Ireland Clinical Trials in if in NI.

Doing Odd Jobs

You could offer your services to neighbours and friends or post on a local bulletin board for this.  If you prefer online methods of advertising add a post in your local facebook group, on twitter or check out what might be available on Task Rabbit.

Personal Shopper

At this time of year there are always people who would appreciate help with doing their shopping.  You could advertise your services locally via a bulletin board for example, or apply to be a personal shopper for a particular company.  Check out these Personal Shopping Jobs in the UK.

Pet Sitting/Walking

Pet sitting or Walking is another job that sees increased demand at this time of year.  With owners possibly spending more time out of the home they can be very grateful to have a trusted person to look after their pets.  If you would like to register as a dog sitter/walker Dog Buddy is a good place to start.  Purrfer Cats? Have a look at Home Loving Cats.  Another great site to have a look at for this kind of work is Holidog.

Mobile Expression

Mobile Expression is a handy little number if you really don’t want to do very much to earn a little extra cash.  Its a simple app that you download onto you mobile phone which gathers information about how you use your phone.  It does not gather personal information like phone numbers etc.  The information collected is related to when we call or text or how we access the internet etc.  Again this is to provide market research information to various companies.  The app can be removed at any time or can be kept installed for continuous earning.  You will be able to claim Amazon Vouchers for your participation.


Receipt Hog is a free mobile app that turns your everyday shopping receipts into cash.  You simply download the app, take photos of your receipts and earn coins for doing so.  Once you have added enough receipts you can redeem your coins for Paypal cash or Amazon gift vouchers.  You will need to add quite a lot of receipts to cash out before Christmas but it is doable.

Sell Gift Cards

Do you have any old gift cards you received last year for Christmas or for your birthday etc? If you haven’t used them you might like to sell them on Zeek for cash instead.  You will get less than the value of spending the gift card but it is handy if you aren’t likely to use it.

Recycle Ink Cartridges

This is a great option to look at if you do quite a bit of printing (as I do).  Anything that helps with recycling and has an added bonus of a little extra cash is certainly top of my list. There are a few options for this, but the one I use is The Recycling Factory.  Some other companies give you loyalty points, such as Tesco I believe, and some do charity donations too.  Any of these options are certainly better than throwing in the bin aren’t they?


Yes you can get paid to mind other peoples houses now too.  Isn’t this a great idea? It even helps to lower insurance costs I believe.  It would be pretty interesting travelling around different areas to mind peoples houses too! I’m thinking I could do it anywhere hot and sunny over the winter 🙂 lol.  If this sounds like something you would enjoy have a read up over on the Home Sitters Website 

Use your Current Skills

I debated about putting this one in the possible earning section as it does depend on you being able to make sales.  I have dabbled with the idea of providing some paid services on Fiverr myself, but I can’t really decide what services I would like to offer.  Mainly the technology based skills of SEO and website building etc seem the most popular on here, but also craft sales and the ever amusing different messages videos or photos are worth checking out too.   A lot of people report starting a very successful business through using Fiverr so it is a good option if you have marketable skills.


Use Coupons

There are literally hundreds of coupons available to use on your shopping.  It does take a little bit of organising and planning to become a skilled couponer, but you can save a huge amount of money by doing it.  I’m one of these people who forget to use them, or remember just as they have expired.  I want to improve my couponing skills though so I am starting with Super Savvy Me Coupons and Extreme Couponing for this one.

Use Checkout Smart

Checkout Smart is pretty similar to the couponing option but it uses an app so no printing etc required.  In my experience most deals are for the big supermarkets like Asda, Tesco and Morrisons.  They also include some of the smaller stores like Lidl, Spar and Co-op etc too though so worth checking regardless of where you do your shopping.


I love Flubit! Its a bit of a new discovery for me, but basically before buying anything on Amazon check the price on Flubit.  They pretty much guarantee to beat the price – can’t be bad to that can you? I’ve checked a few prices through them and some great savings were available.  When you are doing your Christmas Shopping definitely try to remember this one!

Amazon Sales

Amazon are quite famous now for their Black Friday Sale.  There are loads of other sales as well though.  Did you know there are daily deals on Amazon? There are also Amazon Vouchers to get automatic discounts.  There are Fashion Sales, Electronics Sales, Amazon Warehouse Deals and here is another Discount Finder just for Amazon!

Collection Only on Ebay

Another great way to get low prices items can be to check the collection only items.  These can often have fewer bids than items that can be posted.  This Ebay Local Deals tool is great to find those things close enough for you to collect. If you also use this in conjunction with ipostparcels you can find some great deals that would normally be out of reach as well.

Check your Bank Account

Many people have direct debits or regular payments going out for services or subscriptions they really don’t use, or forgot signing up to.  Take a little time to check through your bank account to see what you are paying.  If you can do without it or no longer use it, cancel it!

Change Suppliers

If you have also been with the same supplier for a particular service for a while it is worth checking if you could save money by swapping. Compare the Market make it very easy now to change suppliers, as do Uswitch.  Personally I like to check the prices with different suppliers and then ring my current company to see if they can offer a better deal.  A few times I’ve managed to negotiate a better saving with my current company than was being offered by the others! Remember If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Use Shops Own Brand Groceries

Shops own brand items are no longer the really unhealthy and tasteless products they once were.  In fact I would go so far as say many of them are higher quality now than some of the branded options that are available.  Certainly Asda and Co-Op own brand items get really great reviews. The prices are usually (but not always) lower for shops own brand items and you can save a pretty penny just by changing to these.  Do watch out for special offers on the branded goods too though 😉

make money for Christmas

Enter Competitions

These can be a bit hit and miss, and you might win nothing.  Some friends of mine though do all their Christmas ‘shopping’ via competitions and it is a great way to save money.  Make sure you know how to find the genuine competitions though and don’t waste time on fake ones!

Join a Free MLM

There are quite a few free to join MLM’s around including FM Cosmetics, Nu Skin and Natural Elements.  I suggest free MLM’s for this because often it can take time to build up a customer base.  Paid MLM’s are also an option, but make sure you have a good solid plan in place to get sales happening quickly if you choose any of those.

Free Bingo

There are a few different ways to take part in free bingo actually.  The first way is by getting to know what time free bingo games are available on the regular paid gambling sites.  For example on Jackpot Joy there are several times throughout the day when free bingo games are offered.  I have made money from free games on Jackpot Joy on numerous occasions.  There are many other sites that run free games too. I will be providing more info on those once I have finished my research into that.

The second way is to use a site called Bingo Port.  This site provides you with free credits to play on the paid sites which you can use to win cash.  How Bingoport works is quite simple really.  You play free bingo games with them, earn the credits from doing that, and claim vouchers.

Christmas Craft Fairs and Markets

If you are good at making things you might like to try selling goods at Craft Fairs or Markets.  Need some inspiration? There are thousands of ideas on the Pinterest Christmas Craft Fair Board.

You might also like to check for a Christmas Market near you or search for Christmas Craft Fairs .  Details of UK based Fairs and Markets are also on The List.

Buy and Sell

Fancy dipping your toe in the retailing pond? You can of course start small with a job lot of goods bought on Ebay or Gumtree etc.  In fact now is a good time to nab some great deals on job lots of goods as a lot of car boot people decide it is too cold for them at this time of year and will sell off job lots of all sorts of things.   Check for those collection only listings on Ebay and you never know what you might find 😉

Check for Unclaimed Money

No I’m not talking about PPI lol – don’t you hate those phone calls? Yes ok there are people who haven’t claimed PPI refunds, but there are many other pots of unclaimed cash lying around all over the place.

According to Unclaimed Assets Uk and The Financial Times it all amounts to over 77 BILLION pounds.  Sorry I have to say that again, £77,000,000,000 of our money is sitting  in various accounts just waiting to see if anyone claims it.  Basically if you have ever forgotten to update your details on old accounts, or just not asked if you have a refund due when changing utility suppliers you could have money sitting in dormant accounts.  Have you ever paid into a pension? Or bought shares?  How about old life insurance policies? Premium Bonds? Loyalty Cards?

If you have ever bought a lottery ticket there are £300 million in unclaimed National Lottery winnings!

Even if you are 100% sure about all of the above it is still possible to have an unknown windfall.  Its worth 5 or 10 mins just to check for unclaimed money isn’t it?

Free Lotteries

Yes you can win money for free! There are quite a few of these sites actually, that fund the winnings through advertising revenue.  The ones I know about are: Selfie Lottery, Lucky Phone, Free Postcode Lottery, Free Emoji Lottery, Date of Birth Lottery, Search Lotto.  Some of these offer winnings of over £500.  Thats not to be sniffed at 😉

Any other ideas that you would suggest to add to the list?

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How to Find Genuine Competitions – Another Way to Make Money!



I need to find competitions to enter today.  Its the first day for me to do something from my 10 Random Ways to Make Money Post.  The competitions one is the first on my list and its quite easy to tick off.

It amazes me actually how many people are serious compers.  If you have never heard of this ‘trend’ you might like to read Confessions of a Comping Addict to find out a bit more about it.  Some people make quite a bit of money from doing competitions.  Not only by winning cash prizes, but also from selling items they win.

I have to admit I do get a bit bored with the constant filling in details thing, even with using form fillers.  Usually I enter competitions on a very ad hoc basis so tend not to win much.  I know from talking to friends who do it a lot its a numbers game.  Most serious compers aim for about 100 per day or more. I don’t do it enough to increase my chances of winning very much I have to say.  There is of course the chance of winning with any competition entry so now and again I will have a go.

When I first tried entering competitions I had very little idea of how to find genuine ones.  In fact I think I spent more time entering fake competitions than real ones at the start.  There are loads of genuine competitions, both online and offline though when you know where to look.  Try the following places if you would like to try your hand at entering competions for yourself:

  1. Dedicated web sites and forums for comping – there is a whole community of people who enter competitions day in and day out.  It is definitely worth spending a bit of time to chat to those who have turned comping into a skill rather than just luck.  The main UK based forums I know about that provide comping info are Loquax, MSE and Hot UK Deals.
  2. Various magazines that have regular competitions.  Marie Claire, Womans Own, Take a Break and Now have daily competitions for example and they make it reasonably easy to enter them as well.
  3. Facebook is coming down with competitions and giveaways as the businesses on there fight for attention.  A few of the pages I know about that offer regular competitons include Top Cash Back, One Poll,  and Gratisfaction.  There are many groups you can join for competition updates too.  Comping Buddies for example is a popular group for UK residents.  You can also find groups dedicated to giveaways on Facebook, such as Giveaways Galore.  Another good one for UK offers is Free Samples Giveaways and Competitions UK.
  4. Junk mail.  I have come across several local competitions by checking through junk mail.  In my area we always get special offer leaflets for Spar for example, which always have a competition on them.
  5.  General websites sometimes have a regular competitions section.  It is worth looking out for reputable websites that have a dedicated comping section if you want to try this on a more serious level.  My Family Club and
  6. Twitter and Instagram are also great places to find competitions.  They are usually easy enough to find with the hashtags #giveaway #comp #competition #freebie #win
  7. Bloggers often do giveaways too.  Some do these each month, and some are less frequent.  Its really easy to find these too as there are sites such as Blog Giveaway Directory dedicated to telling you where they are.
  8. TV programs – Some of these can have a competition daily as well.  Good Morning Britain for example usually has competitions each day.  You can usually enter these for free on the website as well rather than pay to ring or text 😉
  9. Radio Programs – Hundreds of radio programs do giveaways.  Its actually hard to miss these if you have the radio on during the day.
  10. Groceries often have giveaways and competitions on them too.  I recently saw some on a pizza box and on a health drink.  Keep your eyes open the next time you are doing your shopping and I am sure you will see quite a few!

While writing this blog post I have entered 50 competitions.  Thats the first of the 10 Random Ways to Make Money options completed for me.  Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed….

Good Luck if you enter some competitions after reading this post 😉

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Earn £100 in a Week Challenge 3

100-in-a-weekEarn £100 in a Week Challenge!

We are on the 3rd week of the Earn £100 in a week Challenge already, and what a difference it has made to my earnings.  If you haven’t been following my progress so far you can see how I earned £159.58 in the first week of Earn £100 in a week challenge  and  £113.56 in the second week.

This week I have been extremely busy sorting out the garage of my house as I have about 100 box loads of ‘stuff’ stored there.  My health has not been good this week as I have been doing too much physical work with all the clearing out. As a result I didn’t have much time to do my earning.  I did manage to do a little bit here and there, but not really looking forward to counting up the totals so much this week lol!

This weeks totals

Casual Earning Sites

This week I have earned £4.20 from Panelbase, 26p from Mintvine, £1.27 from Clixsense, 55p from Gifthulk, 79p from Swagbucks, 65p from One Poll, 25p from Valued Opinions and 21p from Inboxpounds.

Earnings This Week: £8.18


I made £29.51 on Top Cash Back from searching for and buying car insurance.  Another £20.10 made for my mum as well as we used her cashback credit card to pay for my car tax.  I won’t include that in my earnings as that is for mum and not me though 😉

Earnings This week: £29.51

Winnings From Gambling and Betting sites

This week I have made £21.61 from matched betting

Earnings This week: £21.61


This week I have made £3.84 from Recyclix.

Earnings This week: £3.84

Affiliate Earnings

This week I have made £6.50 from affiliate sales made through the blog.

Earnings This week: £6.50

Total Earned This Week:

= £69.64

I’m actually really surprised that I made just under £70 this week.  Ok so I didn’t quite make the £100 mark, but I’m still pretty pleased with what I have managed to make.  As it has been a bit of a hard week for earning it reinforces the fact that I need to increase the passive income side of things as much as possible.  I will continue to work on that.

How did you get on this week?

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10 Random Ways to Make Money

Ways to Make Money


Somedays you just need to know about random ways to make money don’t you? I mean there are plenty of days when I think I can’t look at another survey.  Today is one of those I just feel like doing something different kind of days.  What can I do though?

This is my shortlist of things to do over the next couple of weeks just to mix it up a little. Maybe you would like to join me?  I will post some updates to let you know which sites I used and how I have got on with them.

  1. Enter 50 Competitions – I am a bit rubbish at doing competitions I must admit.  I have friends who enter about 100 every day and they win lots of amazing things.  I have tried doing some before and won nothing.  Maybe this time I will be lucky 🙂
  2. List 25 things on Ebay – I haven’t been on Ebay for months as I tend to stick with selling on facebook mostly now.  Ebay fees really put me off, and all the hoops you have to jump through as a seller can be frustrating.  Now and again though it is good to just suck it up and list some stuff on there!  Need more info about selling on Ebay? Check out my post Working with a New Ebay Account
  3. Matched Betting – I tried this before and ended up loosing money because I placed the wrong kind of bet.  I find a lot of betting sites pretty complicated to be honest.  I know however this works well for some people so I will give it another shot.
  4. Do some Crafting – I used to do a lot of this and I miss it sometimes.  There is quite a thrill in making something and selling it.  I’m not sure what I will be able to do in 1 day for this option – maybe some jewellery or something.  Or I could try to finish one of my many ‘work in progress’ projects!!  If you have more than 1 day available for crafting you might like to try to Make Money from Old T-shirts as a fun project.  I loved this one and might even do another 😉
  5. Website Testing – I know I signed up to a website where I can get paid to check out other sites and provide a review of them.  I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet though, so I will dedicate 1 day to doing that.
  6. Do a Freebie Hunt – Although not technically a way to make money this one is quite fun.  I haven’t done a freebie hunt for ages either.  With any luck I will even manage to find something I need and save myself a few quid by doing it.
  7. Mystery Shopping – This is another option I haven’t done for quite a long time.  I used to do mystery shopping on a regular basis before I moved to the back of beyond.  I’m sure I could find something reasonably close by if I try 😉
  8. Go to a Car Boot Sale – Its been several years since I did any selling at a car boot sale.  Its kind of hard to do with no car lol! I am now mobile again so will sort out some suitable things to take and keep my fingers crossed for no rain.
  9. Write an Ebook – I have been meaning to do this for ages.  I won’t be able to write it all in one day of course, but I can dedicate a day towards planning it out at least.
  10. Check for free Cashback – You don’t always need to be buying something to get cashback.  There are often a few options you can get paid to do for free, such as sign up to newsletters.  I will see what I can find in the free to do sections of my cashback sites for this one.

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 

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Have You Invested in Gold Yet?



Have you invested in gold yet? Does that seem like a question that couldn’t be aimed at you? If so I hope this post will make you reconsider that idea.

Over the past few months I have been watching the value of the pound quite closely.  It has dropped consderably as a direct result of Brexit.  Despite having no real understanding of financial markets I do know that a lower pound value is not particularly good news for those of us in the UK.  It means that importing goods from other countries becomes more expensive, and we do quite a lot of that.  It also means that holidays increase in price too as we get less other currency for our pound.  The value of the pound also impacts on interest rates.  The chances are they will reduce again from an already low level.

In my opinion we need to prepare for the cost of living to increase quite a bit.

Rather than simply sit and wait to see how things turn out, there are a few things we can do to help minimize the impact of the falling pound.  One of those things is to do what the ‘big investors’ do.

According to Money Week, Gold is frequently referred to as a ‘safe haven’ for investors during times of uncertainty.  It holds its value well and helps to protect from currency fluctuations.  Those who have invested in gold have seen an increase in their assets while others have seen a drop in theirs.

In the UK we are currently going through one of the biggest periods of financial uncertainty any country can face!  The experts don’t even know what impact Brexit is going to happen right now, and that is already showing in gold prices.

At the beginning of 2016 I read quite a bit about investing in gold.  It was actually due to a very savvy friend of mine buying gold jewellery that prompted me to start researching gold as I was curious about why he was doing that. It was all rather interesting I must admit, and I found the majority of experts were predicting an increase in gold value.

After reading several expert guides I thought I would dip my toe into the gold market too.  I found it was actually very simple to do and I bought £50 worth of gold.  Today that £50 is worth £65.58.  Not a bad return for about 3 mins ‘work’ to open an account with Goldmoney that is it? I am glad I invested in gold when I did.  I certainly wouldn’t have got a 30%+ return on that £50 in many other ways!



Now I have learnt a bit more about gold markets I intend to start increasing my gold portfolio….. lol I couldn’t resist saying that 😉 It made me smile just typing it!

Would you like to know a bit more about the gold markets? If so I highly recommend starting with reading the free report “Why you should buy gold now” from Money Week.  It is very easy to read and helps make sense of it all.

If you also choose to open a gold account do be aware that the value does fluctuate on a daily basis.  There is a risk with any investment of course, so my mantra is do not invest money you can’t afford to loose! Even with ‘safe investments’ things can be unpredictable at times.

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Cheapest Car Insurance Deal?


Today I was on the hunt for the cheapest car insurance deal I could find, but with great cover.  Its not something I was expecting to be doing as I have lived without a car for about 4 years.  A few days ago however my mum gave me a huge surprise, and I am now sitting waiting for delivery of my new (to me) car.

This morning we went to the car dealers office as they were going to sort the insurance for me.  When they came back with a quote of £361.30 though I knew I could do better.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve you know 😉

The first thing I did was check on the insurance deals available via Top Cash Back and immediately there were offers of up to £68 cashback!


I had a look at a few sites and got quotes from them.  With my first search I was able to save about £40 on the dealer quote.  On my second it was £94 of a saving.  On the next I got a quote for £204 via the Top Cash Back comparison tool.  This includes windscreen cover, legal cover, courtesy car etc and certainly meets my criteria

I should point out I also ‘played around’ with the quotes a little by checking if it made any difference which category I selected.  For example, most people don’t realise the difference it makes when you choose ‘not working due to disability’ rather than ‘unemployed’ etc. Of course you do need to be honest in your choices with these, however there tends to be a certainly amount of flexibility. Interestingly the lowest quote I got was from selecting the ‘houseperson’ option, rather than any of the other ones.  As I work from home this is a perfectly acceptable category for me to use.

Going with this quote I now have made a saving of £157.30 on the original quote.

On top of that saving, another £27 in cashback will get paid into my Top Cash Back account…..

I now have made a saving of £184.30

Next I noticed that I could refer my mum to Top Cash Back and get another payment of £7.50.  All we had to do was pay for the insurance through her account 😉

I now have made a saving of £191.80

As a final little boost we used my mums credit card which gives her a further 10% cash back payment on purchases.  There was a charge of £3 to use the credit card, however as she will get £20.40 back that wasn’t an issue.  Another £17.40 off the total from doing that.

It took about 30 mins to do, and for a total saving of £209.20 on the initial quote I think that was 30 mins well spent.  By the way, the original quote I got from the dealer was provided from using the compare the market website.  They said I wouldn’t find anything cheaper 😉

With all my tweaking I have now got a years fully comprehensive insurance for £152.10.  That is LESS than 50% of the original quote!!

It is amazing what savings you can make just from a few tweaks here and there!

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How to Earn with Recyclix – A Basic Guide.


I’ve had several requests for info about how to earn with Recyclix as I have mentioned it in my Earn £100 in a week challenge updates.  I have actually been meaning to write a post about Recyclix for a while, so thanks for the prompts to do that!

Recyclix is quite an unusual site, and I must say is one of my personal favorites.  Not only does it help you earn some cash, but it also helps the environment.  Those things combined mean it is a big hit in my book.  In addition it is actually very easy to use once you figure out what to do 😉  The site is available to use worldwide as far as I am aware.



Recyclix is involved in plastic waste recycling.  They convert waste such as plastic bottles and bags into reusble granules.  These granules (shown below) are purchased by manufacturers to make more products.

Recylix granules

Recyclix has been operating for several years in Poland and is now expanding into other countries.  The earning opportunity side of things came about in 2015 due to their expansion plans, and provides the chance to share in the profits the company make.

Very basically, to earn with Recyclix you need to purchase waste on the site.  Don’t worry you will not receive parcels of waste to your house 😉 All of the recycling and selling is done by the company on your behalf.

Step by Step Instructions



  • Check to see if you have been awarded a Free €20 by clicking on the Home Page.  If not make sure you have completed all parts of your profile.
  • If you have your free €20 you are now ready to make a purchase of waste.  You can also make a deposit now if you wish to.  You will not make any profit without making a deposit as your account will be closed before you can make a withdrawal if you don’t make any deposit.  The minimum deposit is  €20.
  • Make sure you are on the home page, showing the little factory like below.  Then click on the buy waste button.  You should use your full balance to do this.



  • Wait for 3 weeks for the waste to be turned into ground material.  If you have the same settings as me in your profile you will receive an email notification when this stage is complete.
  • Once your waste becomes ground material you have the choice to sell or recycle.  Selling at this stage is pretty pointless to be honest and will not provide you with any return.  I always recycle.  You will get a very small payment into your Recyclix account if this is your first cycle.
  • Wait another 2 weeks for the ground material to become granules.  Again you will get a notification via email when this stage is complete.
  • When you get to the granules complete stage you have turned the waste into a salable product.  One full cycle is now complete.
  • Again you now have a choice about what to do.  You can sell or restart the process.  I always recycle.   You will get another very small payment into your Recyclix account if this is your first cycle.
  • This is basically all you need to do to earn with Recylix at the first stages.  Just keep buying waste, recycle when it becomes ground material, then restart when the cycle is complete.
My Earning Progress

Earning will be slow to begin with, but increases over time.  I made a deposit of €100 and I have 3 pages in my profit statement so far.  Note when I got up to €20 in my account I used that to buy more waste.  You can withdraw at this stage if you prefer.




This is a very basic guide to using Recyclix to earn.  There are a lot of additional parts to the site which I will cover in a later post.  Earning options continue to develop as you use the site too and you increase the amount of waste you are recycling 🙂

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Earn £100 in a week Challenge 2

Earn £100-in-a-week

Earn £100 in a Week Challenge!

After enjoying the first week of Earn £100 in a week challenge  a huge amount last week I am raring to go with this weeks challenge! I just can’t wait to see how I get on this week 🙂 A lot of you are also joining in this week too, so I can’t wait to hear about how you get on as well 🙂

This weeks totals

This week I am counting up my earnings from various channels.  This is to provide an overview of the amount I get from each of those to see which is the highest etc.  I am still providing links to individual sites though as I know you like to know which ones I am using 😉

Casual Earning Sites

These are mostly online sites that pay to complete small online tasks or surveys.  This week I have used PanelbaseMintvine, Clixsense, Gifthulk, Swagbucks, Inboxpounds Populus LivePaid Viewpoint and Isay.

Earnings This week: £19.37

Winnings From Gambling and Betting sites

These are sites I deposit money into and place bets with that money to win cash.  In other words there is some risk involved so I advise caution if you try using them.  The earnings total are profits from these activities.

This week I have used JPJ with my minimal risk strategy.

Earnings This week: £50.84


These are sales made from household decluttering using my 1p auctions facebook group.

Earnings This Week: £31.60


These are money made from adding money into an account and allowing that to be used by the company in exchange for profits.

including Recyclix. and Zopa.

Earnings This week: £11.75


Total Earned This Week:

= £113.56


This week I have been working a lot on clearing out the garage at the house I rent out, so not had just so much time free.  Despite that I am again very pleased with the fact I made it over the £100 mark.  I do have plans to move a lot of my income generation towards the more passive methods to reduce the time spent.  This should start to show in my earning updates very soon 😉

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 

PS which type of update do you like better? This one or the previous one?

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