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Daily Earning Plan for Clixsense

Daily Earning Plan ClixsenseThis is my current personal daily earning plan for Clixsense.  In my last post  How to Get Back on Track I said I was going to share my new earning plan.  After a little thought I have decided to do a daily earning plan for each site that I use and so I am starting with Clixsense.

I am using Clixsense, along with several others, to help me meet my income goal of earning £2500 per month. I aim to work only online for a total of 1 hour per day to earn this amount.

Each of my daily earning plans will provide full information to allow you to also be able to earn this amount if you wish.  If you prefer to pick and choose to use only some of the sites in my plan you are very welcome to do so of course – each site works independently of the others.

About Clixsense

Clixsense is over 8 years online and I have been using it daily for around 2 years. There are many ways to earn with Clixsense, namely:

Ad Clicking
Mini Tasks
Viewing videos
Completing Offers
Advertising other work from home opportunities

My Daily Earning Plan

Current income goal: $10 per month (£8)or roughly $0.35 per day.
Actions: Complete the ad clicks each day which takes me a couple of minutes. Complete a survey or 2 to reach target when needed.
Notes: Although this is a rather small amount to earn it is fast, easy and guaranteed. Once earned I invest this monthly amount into other sites to boost it further.  I have funded several sites by using Clixsense in this way.

Progress Towards Goal

Daily Ad click earnings are approximately $0.14
Referral earnings are approximately $0.03

To Do

Monitor Survey Income
Promote referral link to boost earning by team members
Upgrade to premier account again

Account Screenshot

Referral Link

If you wish to join Clixsense with my referral link it is

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I hope you have found this post useful, if you have feel free to share it with others. Thanks in advance if you do share it. I always appreciate your help you reach a larger audience.

Ellie xx

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How to Get Back on Track


Knowing how to get back on track when working from home is a very important skill to learn. It is very easy to get off track. It could be due to not having clear goals in the first place, not sticking to the plan, loss of motivation, health problems, life getting in the way of what you want to achieve, or getting distracted by the next ‘sure thing’. There are hundreds of things that can get us off track really.

Personally I feel like I have gone off track and lost my own focus recently. I want to get back on track as soon as possible. The first part of that is to write this blog post….I’ve been putting off writing you see 😉

Regardless of what has caused you to get off track the following steps will help you to get back on track.

Don’t Put it Off

The first thing to remember is the sooner you start working towards your goals again the better. You do not need to analyse what happened, you do not need to chastise yourself. These things simply make it take longer for you to get back on track again.

If you know you have gone off track then do something about that straight away. The longer you wait the more difficult it will become.

I’m doing this today by writing this post.

Remind Yourself About Your Goals

One of the main reasons I like to actually write down my goals and my plans is because it is very easy to read over them again. Just doing this can sometimes be enough to re-motivate myself. Sometimes it takes a bit more effort than that. It certainly helps to be able to read over what you wanted to achieve and the plans you put in place before though.

My own goal is to earn £2500 per month.

Check Relevance

If it has been some time since you developed your goals and plans it is important that you check they are still relevant to you. Sometimes we go off track because the original goals were not as important to you as you thought. This can happen a lot when you try to take on the goals of others.

I am happy my goal is still relevant.

Start With A Clean Sheet

This is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. It is about putting everything that happened before to one side and starting afresh. Personally I literally like to start with a clean sheet of paper in front of me. I write my goal at the top and work from there again. It can be helpful to give yourself a start date such as Monday morning, or 1st day of the month etc. Do be aware of using this technique as a form of procrastination however. Is there any reason you can’t start today?

I am at this point now. I will open my planning book and start to write as soon as I publish this post.

Write A New Action Plan

Although you may already have a clear action plan related to your goals it is often useful to actually write a new plan. It doesn’t have to be very different to the original, but it can be. To do this I analyse my goal again. Is it specific enough? How will I know when I have achieved it? Is it something I can actually achieve? Do I need extra resources to help me? Is the goal too large to work on all at once? Can I reduce it down into smaller steps?

I will share my new action plan with you tomorrow

Review What Happened

Without spending too much time analysing what did happen to get you off track I suggest writing a short note about it. Was it health? Did you get distracted? Did you lose motivation? Once you know what it was try to think about what could help you to avoid that problem again.  Write that on your plan.

I will include this in my action plan post tomorrow

I hope you have found this post useful, if you have feel free to share it with others. Thanks in advance if you do share it. I always appreciate your help you reach a larger audience.

Ellie xx

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How to Develop a Network Marketing Business Action Plan

Developing a network marketing business action plan is the first step towards running a successful business.   It does not matter how long you have been involved in network marketing, however it is best to do this as early as possible.

Why Do You Need An Action Plan?

Every business needs a plan because otherwise you could simply flow along without actually getting anywhere.  It is very easy in this type of work to be busy while actually achieving very little.   It is also possible that your own plan and that of the person who recruited you are very different.  An action plan will help to keep you focused on the right activities for you to meet your own goals.

Initial Goal Setting

Really you are better to think about quite a long term goal to focus on achieving.  This is usually the main reason you joined the company in the first place.  This goal is highly individual and is certainly not always financial.  Perhaps it is about getting to meet others with a similar interest as yourself for example.  For other people it is purely about creating an income.

Take a moment now to think about what it is you want to achieve from your network marketing business.  Once you are clear about what you want to achieve I suggest you write it down.

Clarify Your Goal

One of the main difficulties most people face is because their goals are not very well defined.  For example, to have a goal of “making a bit more money” is not very clearly defined – making 1p is a bit more money, but chances are that is not going to be very satisfactory.  Having SMART goals will drastically improve your chances of success:

Specific and Measurable

Ask yourself the question what would be a satisfactory outcome for you? If it is financial give your answer in pounds.  Think about that as your goal and then, just for good measure make your goal a little bit higher.  It should be clear for you to know if you have or have not met your goal.  You should be able to answer the following questions:

At what point will you have 50% complete?

How will you know when it is 100% complete?

If your goal is not clearly defined you will not know when you have reached it, nor will you be able to gauge how far you have still to go.  If unsure ask yourself “How will I know for sure that I have reached this goal”?


Make sure the goal you want to achieve is attainable.  This can actually be quite difficult for some people because they simply do not know what is attainable.  It is very common to either under or over estimate what is possible.  Writing a list of steps to take to reach your goal will help you to figure out if your goal is attainable.  If you are struggling to identify the steps you  need to take do ask for assistance from your upline, or comment below.


Check to make sure your goal is relevant to what you want to achieve.  If you have followed the steps above then it will be.  Goals can become irrelevant when you get distracted from your long term objective and is more often a problem when setting smaller short term goals.  Each time you set a short term goal ask yourself the following  question:

How does this help me move towards my long term goal?

Time – Bound

Finally think about when you want to achieve this goal.  Only when you have identified both a goal and a time limit can you start to write a clear plan of action.  Do make sure you are realistic with the time limit you set yourself.


An Example Action Plan

In the example shown below I know specifically the amount of money I want to earn, and the date to complete it by.  Plan

The actual plan starts to take shape when I ask myself “What do I need to help me achieve this goal”? This should be resources you can gather (including knowledge).  For this example I needed ideas, a daily plan and a place to store the money.  The action needed then should start to become clear, in this example my ideas were to sell products and to recruit new team members, and I was able to break these actions down into smaller steps that relate to the goal.


You will notice however that I have the steps to follow, but not when to do them.  To make sure I will achieve my goal within the allotted timescale I need to give myself a schedule to work to.  Usually I would write the steps into my dairy which is why I haven’t provided a timescale on the example, some people prefer to give themselves a daily list.  To be honest I use my dairy because there are always other things going on that I need to take into account.  Using my dairy helps me to actually identify when I will realistically be able to do them.

With a good plan you should be able to look through it at any point and know how you are getting on.  Sometimes things do happen that stop you meeting your goal on time, but if you review it regularly you can adjust the plan to take that into account and still achieve that goal.

Never Stop Planning

A good action plan is one that takes you right through to meet your original goal and beyond.  Every month or every week etc you should take the time to review your action plan, check your progress and add new goals.  It is a never-ending process that will keep you focused on what to do AND will help you to succeed.



recommended reading

If you have enjoyed this post you might like to take your learning a bit further.  I have chosen the following books as suitable follow up reading:


Goal Setting (Workbook Included): Goals & Motivation: Introduction To A Complete & Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint For Reaching Your Goals

Goals: Setting And Achieving S.M.A.R.T. Goals, How To Stay Motivated And Get Everything You Want From Your Life Faster: Volume 1

Procrastination: How To Get Things Done & Achieve Goals – Productivity, Focus & Execution



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Income Report For February 2017

Here is my online earning update for February 2017.  In my January Summary I explained how I made £501.84 and why my income was lower than planned.  During February I was determined to get my online earning income back on track by earning over £750.  Well I am very pleased to say that I actually made £1420.20!!! That is my highest yet from my current earning routine 🙂

I have to say I am delighted.  It is showing me that my current routine is working well and I am well on my way to hitting my £2500 per month target.


So, how exactly did I make that £1420.20 from online earning in January 2017?


How I Did It!

As always I followed My Own Daily Earning Routine which provides the main core of my income .  I continue to work for just around 30mins – 1 hr per day most days and I am loving the freedom that gives me.

I always work on several income streams at once.  Here are the details of how much I made with each option:

Survey Sites and other Casual Earning

This month I made £54.09 just from the casual click earning sites.  That is up from £26.16  last month, and also meets my earning target for my Earn £2500 per month plan.

For your info my current casual click earning sites are: Gifthulk, Clixsense, Inbox Pounds, Swagbucks, Reward Shopping, Grandbux and My Paying Ads.  I literally do the options that just require clicks on these sites.

I also made £44.54 from surveys during February.  This is lower than my target of £100 and so I want to work on that during March.

My top earners in this category for February were:

My Paying Ads £26.29 which is up from £3.04 in January

Grandbux  £10.66 which is up from £5.51 last month.

Clixsense £5.02 which is down from £8.99 in January

Gifthulk £3.07 which is up from £2.73 last month

Reward Shopping £2.87 which is down from £3.46 last month

Swagbucks  £2.22 which is up from £2.01 last month

Not bad just from clicking a button on each of these sites!  Some have gone down which is mainly due to chance on these sites so fluctuation is expected.

Gambling and Matched Betting

Jackpot Joy is still my main income source in this section.  I was very lucky on there this month and won a grand total of £846.77.  £500 of this was a bingo win where I spent £1.20 but the rest was from the free games.

For more information about how I use this site for earning you might like to read the following posts:

Scheduled Free Games on JackpotJoy

Is it possible to Make Money from Free Games?

Playing Roulette Splendide with Minimal Risk

I also managed to earn £18.77 from matched betting this month.  I have to admit I do struggle to do matched betting on a regular basis.  I think it is the sports aspect of it that I find very dull, rather than it being difficult.  I would like to increase my earnings from this in March.


Cashback, Revenue Shares and Other Passive Income

I have been working on building up my income from revenue sharing options this month.  Especially Futurenet which I consider to be one of the most stable revenue sharing companies around.  They have been going for several years and have several visible sources of revenue outside of the Ad Packs.  This company is growing steadily and expanding its visible revenue streams as well.  This means I am happy to invest in it more than I would with other rev shares.

My main sources of passive income this month were:

  • Recyclix,  which earned me £85.05 which is up from £73.23 in January with no further investment.  (My ID is D81F-4072-E9B0 if you would like to use it for joining)
  • Futurenet, which earned me  £143.86 and is up from £53.53 in January.  For your info I now have 18 x $50 ad packs and 20 x $10 packs on there.

I also made a little from

Most of these additional sites are ticking over for me at the minute.  I will work on them after I have reached target on the other options in my £2500 per month plan.

My Own Sales

I have started to work on building up my personal sales income a little now.  Last month I made £98.76 from this option, and in February that has increased to £175.37.  I do find personal sales are quite hard on me health wise, especially the car boot sales.  I aim to continue working to build this up to my £300 per month target at the minute, but I need to be careful.  I am going to look into a few easier options for my own sales this month just to see what alternatives are available.

Plan For Next Month

I am hoping to earn over £1500 during March.  My current focus will be on survey income and selling mainly, while the other investment sources of income are building.


I aim to earn around £100 from surveys and £300 from personal sales which is detailed in my Personal Earning Plan.  I am keen to try and get into a routine for my personal sales if possible so will be working on that a lot during March.  I also want to write the first of my affiliate income plans.

So far I am very pleased with how I am getting on with my £2500 per month earning plan.  It is certainly making a big difference having a clear target to work towards.  It has made a big difference too in the amount of time I spend earning.  With just around 1 hr per day now taken up with earning I am enjoying the free time I have a lot.

Did This Help You? If so, feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance if you do share it – I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience 🙂 

Ellie xx

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What to Blog About? – Choosing A Topic for Your Blog


Are you wondering what to blog about?  Choosing a topic for your blog is the first step towards actually getting started.  It is vital that you spend a bit of time thinking about the topic you want to write about BEFORE you do anything else.  This is because your blog topic will influence a lot of the other decisions you have to make.

What Can I Blog About?

Most people do have an idea about the topic they wish to write about.  If so you might like to move on to the What Do I Want My Blog To Do Section below.  If you really have no idea what you want to blog about it is best to consider topics you have a genuine interest in.  After all you will be writing about this topic for perhaps years to come.

To help you come to a decision I suggest you write a list of your hobbies and interests and things you know something about.  If you prefer to document your journey in something it is not necessary to have a lot of knowledge beforehand.  This kind of blog tends to be about learning and development so it can start with your current level.

Suggested Questions
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • What do you spend your time doing?
  • Have you taken any courses?
  • What type of books do you read?
  • Do you have any particular skills?
  • If you have a job, what does it involve ?
  • What do you enjoy talking to people about?

These questions will help you to generate a list of potential topics.  It is advisable to try and choose just one topic or one general theme to focus on.  A blog that does not have a core theme is difficult to promote.

If you find it difficult to decide between several topics it can help to write a list of 10 blog posts you would write on those topics.  The topic that is easier for you to come up with 10 blog posts about is the one you should choose.

What Do I Want My Blog To Do?

A blog can do many things, some of which are outlined in my  Benefits of Blogging post.

If you are considering starting a blog there is a good chance you have a general theme in mind already.  If so then you need to think about what the purpose of it is going to be.

Perhaps it is your intention to document your journey with a particular experience.  For example, lots of people like to write about their work from home business, their craft projects or places they visit.  Alternatively you might want to raise awareness about something.  Health issues are popular topics for this kind of blog, as are blogs that are a form of promotion.  Another kind of blog is the ‘How To’ version.  This one is aimed at teaching or providing guidance to your audience.

Some people simply want to write a blog in order to make money.  To be honest every kind of blog can make money so do try to have another purpose in mind as well.

Which Topics Should I Avoid?

Really there are very few blog topics that are advisable to avoid.  There tends to be an audience for pretty much everything to be honest.  I would advise avoiding topics that are too narrow however as you will need to be able to write about this topic a lot.  Topics that are controversial and are likely to attract the attention of people you are not equipped to deal with may also be inadvisable.


If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to all who do share as I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience with my blog 🙂

Ellie xx

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Using Payza for Online Payments


Using Payza for online payments is becoming more and more popular right now.  Due to a change in policy by Paypal a huge number of people who work from home have had to find an alternative payment provider.  Payza offers a very similar service as Paypal, so many are moving to this option.  I have been using it for quite a while myself and am happy to recommend it to others.

With a Personal Payza Account, you can:

  • Send and receive money
  • Shop online with buyer protection
  • Buy and sell Bitcoin
  • Receive payouts from affiliate programs
  • Request funds
  • Connect bank accounts and credit cards
  • Add and withdraw funds
  • Exchange currencies

Just like Paypal, Payza offers an instant online payment service in various countries, and you can use a credit card, bank card or an account balance.  It is also free to create an account.

Creating Your Payza Account

Its very simple to sign up for your free account with Payza.  Simply click this link to Create Your Free Payza Account.  You will be taken to the sign up page as shown below.  Click on the sign up button and you will be asked to complete some basic information.


First of all you will be asked to confirm which country you are in, and what kind of account you want.  I advise using the personal account unless you have a business where you will be paying suppliers and employees.  A business account also allows for sending invoices to customers.

You will then be asked to set up your basic account information.  Note your password must contain at least one upper case letter and one number or special character.

When you click on the get started button you will be asked to validate your email address before moving on.  After validation the next step is to complete your personal profile in the account dashboard.  Payza have a set up guide which shows on screen to take you through this process until your account is ready to use.  Just follow the instructions provided by the guide on screen.

Add Funding Method

Once your Payza account is ready to use you need to add a method of funding it.  Again it is just like Paypal in the fact you can add cash to the account to use for purchases, or you can link the account to a bank account or credit card.

All funding methods can be accessed via the add funds button at the top of your account dashboard.

To use one of the funding methods from the list available just click on the method you wish to use.  This opens a further screen.  For example when you click on credit card in the list you land on a page to insert the card details.  If you have not added a card yet click on the add credit card link as highlighted below:

Each option for funding has its own system to follow, however the processes are clearly shown on screen.  There are also tutorials and videos available on the site in the Personal Setup Guide.  This guide will explain and show you exactly how to use all the features of Payza and is very simple to follow.  Should you have any problems or queries about using Payza this guide should be your first port of call.


Again just like Paypal there are fees payable for using the Payza payment service.  They are a little higher than Paypal but lower than most other payment options available. The fees are shown below:


If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to all who do share as I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience with my blog 🙂

Ellie xx

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Get Referrals for Any Program

Get Referrals for Any Program

I want to help you get referrals for any program.  Why? The number one reason that people struggle with working from home is because they can’t get referrals (or enough of them).   When I ask in my Work From Home Network Facebook Group what members want help with, referrals is usually the top answer.

Over the years I have been working from home I have checked out many sites.  Some work well and some not so well.  I have read all sorts of claims about how programs will earn you thousands overnight, and those with more realistic claims as well.  Mostly these sites need a lot of referrals to help you earn a decent income.  Because of that I have also checked out all sorts of referral boosting programs too.  Any I have tried for myself charge quite a bit and haven’t lived up to their claims.  So I have come up with a free and simple system of my own.

My Referral Booster System

As much as I would like to just be able to give out free referrals like candy I can’t.  It takes both money and effort to get good quality referrals, so how can I help you get them for free?

First of all I can recommend a few sites that can help.  I can also offer something that will benefit us both at the same time.

The sites I have had success with and therefore am happy to recommend are:




Future Net

My Paying Ads

MLM Gateway

All of these sites are specifically designed to advertise work from home opportunities.  They can also be used to earn cash or advertising credits.  I recommend these as it is very easy to earn cash or credits with these.  You can then utilise paid and professional marketing systems without them costing you to use them.  You earn cash or credits simply by viewing other peoples ads.

If you do join and actively use any of these sites via the links above I will benefit by earning a little commission.  In exchange for that I will add you to my own team rotator to help you get referrals.

The Team Rotator

Each month I choose 10 people from my downline list and I actively promote their links for them.  I keep people on my team rotator list until they have 10 referrals of their own.  This means that the number of people on my team rotator does not continue to grow over a certain level and each person will be helped.   NOTE I will only promote the links belonging to ACTIVE team members who are using ANY of the sites above.   I also require a valid way to contact members so I can get referral links for promoting.

If you have any questions about this system please do not hesitate to contact me!



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How to Create an Earnings Spreadsheet


I’m getting more and more emails asking me about the best way to create an earning spreadsheet.  I have to admit it took me a while to figure out how to create one that worked for me.  Creating a spreadsheet can be quite a personal process as a lot of it depends on what you like, and what you want it to do.  First of all lets examine the basics of what it is and what it can do!

What is a Spreadsheet?

Very basically a spreadsheet is a electronic grid that allows the user to make sense of information.  It usually consists of a lot of figures, but this is not always the case.  It allows for manipulation and organisation of that information in a certain way.  Critically it also allows analysis of that information.

A blank spreadsheet looks like this:


A basic spreadsheet with information added looks like this:

Note that a spreadsheet creates a way to identify any point in the grid.  There are letters across the top and numbers down the side, so in the sheet above the February phone bill amount is in point C2.  Each point, or square on the spreadsheet is called a cell.

Why Use a Spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet can be used to simply record information (such as a list of contact details), to monitor figures (such as the bills example above) or to perform complex calculations and analysis.  It can also be used to create visual graphs.

Personally I use a spreadsheet to record, monitor and analyse my online earnings.  This way I know how much I earn, if it goes up or down, and the option that earns me the most etc.  In my opinion knowing this information is vital to planning and achieving a particular level of income.

How to Create an Earnings Spreadsheet?

You will need access to a spreadsheet program such as Excel, Google Sheets, or Open Office.  There are many other programs available – simply do an internet search and you will find a lot of options.  Personally I use google sheets as it is simple to use, free, easy to access and share, and requires no downloads etc.  All information is stored for you online as well.  Google sheets also has lots of templates available to use immediately without having to create your own.

The process I follow to create a spreadsheet is detailed below:

I use a new blank spreadsheet each time I create one.  To do that simply open google sheets and click on the image with the big + sign as shown on the far left in the image above.  On other programs it may be different, but there should be an obvious create new sheet button.

The first thing to do when you create a new spreadsheet is to give it a name to help you identify what it is.  I advise something like online earning…

Now you are ready to design the structure of your spreadsheet.  In other words what goes where.

What Information?

First I advise you write a list of the information you want to include.  For me, not only did I want to monitor my daily earnings, I also like to have the figures all in ££.  I use quite a lot of casual earning sites and the currency of the sites can be in pounds, dollars, or various types of points.  This can make it difficult to know how much I am making on each site per day.

The information you want to include on your spreadsheet will depend on what you want it to tell you.  Is it your earnings per day, or week, or month?  Do you want to know how much you make on each option you use or just an overall amount? Do you want to track your earnings to see if they have gone up or down?

Personally I like lots of details.  I have the date, the site name, the conversion from points or dollars into pounds, a site total per day, a particular type of earning total (such as clicking sites or passive income etc) and an overall daily earned total.  At any point I can look at my earning spreadsheet and know how much I have earned per day, from each site and my total earnings so far during the month.

The Layout

How you set out the information on your spreadsheet is one of the more difficult things to get right.  Usually there will be information on both the horizontal and vertical cells.  For example across the top row of the spreadsheet you could have the date, or the name of the sites.  Equally you could have this information down the side in the first column.  Often the date will go on one and the site name on the other.

My own spreadsheet looks like this:

As you can see I have the site names across the top and the date, as well as extra information, down the side.

Adding the Information

Once you have the design of your spreadsheet in place it is just a case of filling in the relevant information.  I choose to do this daily.  Each day I add the current balance of each site to the date row.  So on 1/2 the balance I had in JPJ was £28, in Future Net was $6.43 and in Gifthulk was 4772 points.

For some people simply having a record of their account balances each day, or week etc is enough.  If you want to know that your earnings are increasing each day for example you can see this quite easily just by recording the balances.  For more detailed analysis you will need to know how to conduct various calculations.

Basic Calculations

This section comes with a headache warning 😀 lol!

There are a huge amount of complex calculations that can be done on spreadsheets.  In this guide I cover just a few of the basics as this is usually sufficient for online earnings sheets.

To calculate how much is earned daily.

You need to know the balance from yesterday and today and just need to minus yesterdays balance from todays.  To do that on the spreadsheet you use a simple formula that instructs it what to do.  The formula uses the cell letters and numbers to identify the information for the calculations so will look something like this: =C4-C5.  In this example C4 would be the site balance for today and C5 would be the balance from yesterday.

To calculate how much is earned so far.

For this calculation you can use the minus formula or you can use an addition formula.  You could take the balance from 1st away from todays balance, or you could add all the daily totals.  To add on the spreadsheet you use the same formula as before but with a plus sign.  For example =C4+C5 will simply add the figures in those cells together.

Mostly an earning spreadsheet will only require the use of the minus and the addition formulas.  If you need to multiply or divide you need to use the star * or the forward slash / keys.  You might need to use these to convert your points balance into a currency amount.

Converting Points to Currency

The easiest way for me to explain this is with an example.  Lets use Gifthulk points for this.

From checking on the Gifthulk site I know that 5000 points are required to claim $5.  So if I earn 34 points in one day how much have I earned?

There are different ways to do this calculation, the way I do it is to calculate how much 1 point is worth.  So if 5000 = $5 I need to divide $5 by 5000 to find out how much 1 point is worth.  The answer is $0.001.  I then multiply this amount by the number of points earned.  34 points = $0.034.

To do this on the spreadsheet the formula would be =5/5000*34. Or using the cell numbers with the relevant information for the calculation it would look something like this: =C8/D14*A12

Currency Conversions

On google sheets there is the option to use todays currency rate to do the calculations.  All you need to know is the formula for the right currencies.  To convert $ into £ for example the formula is GoogleFinance(“CURRENCY:USDGBP”) to convert Euros the formula is GoogleFinance(“CURRENCY:EURGBP”)

Really when you know the formula you can do any type of calculation on a spreadsheet 😉

I do hope I have explained how the calculations work, but I understand it might give some of you a headache trying to read that….. I have tried to keep to the basics as much as possible.

If you would like a personalised spreadsheet created for you, with all required formula please contact me to discuss it.  I am happy to do this for a small fee.

Have you found this post useful? If so feel free to share with others.  Thanks in advance if you do share – I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience 🙂

Ellie xx

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How to Earn with Future Net

There are many ways to earn with Future Net.  Some are free and some require a little investment.  It is of course possible to start earning with the free options and then progress to the others if you want to.  You can also pick and choose which of the options you want to earn with.

The Official Future Net Video


The following are the main ways to earn with Future Net:

Social Media Club

The first free way to earn with Future Net is through the social media club.  It basically has a section that works just like facebook, but with Future Net you earn by being active on there. Basically you earn by posting, liking, sharing videos and photos and by sending other members a private message.  Really anything you do on most social media sites, if you do it on Future Net you will get paid.  My blog post  Start Earning with Future Net provides more details of how you can earn with this free option.

 Affiliate Sales

If you promote the Future Net products and make a sale then you will earn commission for doing that.  You will also receive commission if someone you refer to Future Net makes a sale.  The commission levels are between 3% and 5% depending on what is sold and who makes the sale.   The main products you can make commission on are landing pages, video mail, blogs, cloud storage, website templates and games.

Matrix Earnings

This is one of the paid earning opportunities available on Future Net.  To be eligible for earning you need to invest at least $10 for a matrix position.  It is a forced matrix which means there are limited positions available and new referrals are automatically placed into the next free position.  The Future Net Matrix has 3 free positions under each person who invests.  In other words there are 3 empty slots available for your referrals to be placed.  If you continue to recruit new members who join the matrix after the 3 slots under you are filled they will be allocated to the vacant slots under your own referrals.  This is a great option, because you can help your referrals to start earning while also earning yourself.  You get paid up to 10 levels deep in the matrix plan.

The matrix earning plan provides a huge potential for income as shown in the chart below:


Future Ad Pro

This is the second paid earning opportunity.  To earn from this option you simply purchase an advertising pack that costs either $10 or $50.  You are paying to advertise on the Future Net platform, so this is a great option for those wishing to recruit new team members for another opportunity.  In return for purchasing an advertising package and viewing 10 adverts per day you will become eligible for a share in revenue.  This means for each $10 package you purchase you will be given a return of $12.  For each $50 package you purchase you will be given a return of $60.

The share of revenue you receive daily depends entirely on the income generated by the Future Net platform on that day.

This is a screenshot of my earnings from ad packs:



Matching Bonuses

You will receive a Matching Bonus on the income made by your direct referrals.  This relates to the matrix earnings and is dependent on your own level:

Member (10$) – Receive 10% Matching Bonus!
Basic ($25) – Receive 20% Matching Bonus!
Gold ($50) – Receive 30% Matching Bonus!
Exclusive ($100) – Receive 50% Matching Bonus!
Sapphire ($500) – Receive 50% Matching Bonus!
Royal ($1000) – Receive 50% Matching Bonus!


Future Net continues to add additional features on a regular basis.  For example there is now a shopping section, and they recently added the $10 ad pack option.  In my opinion it is a great site that I am happy to recommend to all.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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Is Matched Betting Really Risk Free?

Is matched betting really risk free


Is matched betting really risk free? When I first saw the claims about this I must admit I was highly skeptical.  After doing quite a bit of research however I was convinced enough to give it a try for myself.

I started using matched betting over a year ago, but haven’t mentioned it much on here as I did not have the best experience with it.  Initially I did make money, but soon after starting to use it I lost money too.  So the simple answer you would think is no it is not risk free….

Actually the concept itself is risk free:

The way it works is you place 2 matching bets on 2 different sites.  You bet on one site that a particular side will win, and on the other site that it will not win.  This means you neither win nor loose money – you have covered all outcomes of win, loose or draw.  (A draw outcome is covered under the no win bet).  Betting this way cancels out any risk, but provides no benefit either usually.  It does however provide a benefit when placing a bet opens an offer to a free bet.

In matched betting it is the free bets offers that allow you to make money.  With a free bet you can follow the same procedure of placing 2 matched bets, but this time, because you have not had to pay for one side of the outcomes you will be in profit.

So how did I loose money?

Since starting to use matched betting I have actually lost money in 3 different ways. By highlighting these I hope you can avoid them if you try matched betting for yourself.

Error in the Bet

My original loss was due to me making an error in the bet.  I have to admit that I had absolutely no experience of sports betting before I tried matched betting.  I had no idea what I was doing and I was completely dependant on the instructions to tell me exactly what to do.  The instructions provided were correct, but what I did not realise is I placed the wrong type of bet.  I placed a bet on a horse race which obviously had more than 2 horses running.  I did not understand the terminology on the site and so the bet I placed was not for a clear win or loose scenario.

To avoid this I advise betting on a simple 2 sided sport such as football.  Also get someone who understands betting to check the bet for you before you place it.

Wagering Requirements

After taking a break from matched betting due to my first loss I returned to it with more understanding of what I did wrong.  This time I thought I could avoid any further losses, and I did until I used a site with high wagering requirements.  This meant to get my free bet I would have had to place bets totaling £700.  I did not realise this when I placed my first bet on this site.  When I did realise how much I was going to have to bet to get a free £10 bet I decided not to proceed with that site.  I therefore lost the money I bet already.

To avoid this I advise checking for wagering requirements in advance of placing a bet on any site.  Usually this means just sending a quick message to customer services.

Account Validation

The third issue I have encountered was due to account validation procedures.  Usually this is quite a simple process of sending a copy of ID and I have done this on many sites without any issue.  On one site however they requested a copy of a bank statement sent to my address within the last 3 months.  As I do not get bank statements posted out and only get them online this caused a delay in validation.  By the time I was able to get the account validated my free bet offer had expired.

In this situation I simply contacted customer support and explained what happened and asked for another free bet.  It took a little persistence but I got a new one.  Although I did not loose money on this occasion it could have turned out differently.

My Recommendation

To help you avoid these risks and to have a positive experience with matched betting I highly recommend using Profit Accumulator.  This service has really helped me to understand not just the processes involved, but has simplified what I found to be a rather complex and confusing option to use.  There is a great support network available too which I find very re-assuring given my earlier experiences.

If you have found this post useful please feel free to share it with others.  Thanks in advance to those who do share it, I always appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience!

Ellie xx

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