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Step by Step Guide #1 to £100 in 1 month

Since starting the Work from Home Network (WFHN) I have had several requests for a step by step guide for earning £100 in 1 month.  To be honest this is a bit of a difficult thing to do because there are a lot of ways to do it, and some sites are more suited to one person rather than another due to their age, gender, working status, family status etc etc.  Nevertheless I am going to attempt to come up with a variety of daily activity plans that result in £100 or more being earned in 1 month.  As I will be adding more of these plans soon, you will be able to change your daily routine to help prevent getting bored with any particular site, and you will also be able to follow several of the plans at the same time if you want to earn more than £100 in the month.

I always like to start a plan like this with some quick and easy free ways to win some cash because a) they are really simple and take very little time and b) there is a chance of winning the full amount or at least part of it with a couple of clicks.

The following sites all provide ways to win a reasonable amount of cash with a couple of clicks.  I recommend you check them all daily!

The Selfie Lottery

Free Postcode Lottery

Lucky Phone

Date of Birth Lotto

JackPotJoy Free Daily Games

Search Lotto

Ashley Money Saver


Assuming you have not been lucky on any of the above sites I suggest you try to complete these steps daily:

The first site I recommend you use each day is Clixsense.   On this site you should aim to add around $0.70 daily = 50p

Step 1: Click Ads on the View Ads Tab

Step 2: Try to complete a survey on the Peanut Labs Offer Wall

If you are unable to complete a survey on Clixsense or prefer to do something else a good alternative is to complete a few Crowdflower Tasks


The second site I recommend you use each day is Gifthulk.   On this site you should aim to add an average of 100 points daily (700 per week) = 70p per day

Step 3: Complete the Guess the Card Game  I suggest using the guess the suit option on this game and keep the suit the same through out the game.  20 points

Step 4: Check in on the survey page and attempt to do a survey

Step 5: Complete 3 searches

Step 6: Check for and watch any videos


The 3rd site I recommend is One Poll.   You should be aiming for an average of 30-50p per day

Step 7: Complete any surveys that are available each day.

This site provides short surveys that pay around 10p – 50p each and often these surveys can be pre-entry to much higher paid panels.  There may not be surveys available every day, but the more frequently you complete surveys on this site the higher chance there is of more surveys being available daily.


The 4th site I recommend is Mintvine.  You should be aiming for an average of 100 points daily = 70p

Step 8: Work through any surveys available

Step 9: Complete daily poll (which you can find by clicking on the Mintvine Logo)

This site does have a high rate of screen outs, however you do get points for that as well so it will add to your earnings.


The last site I recommend for this plan is Panelbase.  You should be aiming for an average of £1 per day on this site.

This is a survey site which pays anything from around 50p – £2.50 per survey

Step 10: Complete enough surveys to cover the £1 target


If you follow this plan you should be able to earn an average of at least £3.50 per day = £105 in 30 days


I hope you have found this guide helpful.  If you follow it and you find you cannot earn £100 per month please do let me know as I will be able to adjust it for you.


Work From Home Network

I am very pleased to say our new work from home network has now been launched.  My vision for this network is quite simple – providing information and support to those who already work from home and those who wish to start.  Also to help connect our members with each other….

The Figures Checked for Life Tree World

If, like myself, you tend to check out the facts and figures work for any opportunity before you join it, you will be pleased to know they work out perfectly for Life Tree World.  Thanks to the fact LTW are so transparent about the amount of profit they make on items purchased from their website it is very easy to do the calculations.

I will focus mainly on the monthly income as the remainder is easily accounted for when you see the figures.

Firstly, I look at how many people are required for each level of income, then calculate the profit generated for each one:

Senior Star Distributor = £200 per month income

To achieve this you need to have 6 people in your team.

Each person needs to be placing an order of 100 point value which equals £100 of profit.

The total amount of profit generated by a team this size then is £600 (+£100 from you), so you can see it is very easy for the company to pay you £200 for meeting this level.


Team Leader = £750 per month income

To achieve this you need to have 21 people in your team.   That is split into 3 groups (or legs) each with 7 people.

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £2,100 (+£100 from you) at this level

Senior Team Leader = £2000 per month

To achieve this you need to have 66 people in your team. That is also split into different groups.

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £6,600 (+£100 from you) at this level


Team Director = £5000 per month

To achieve this you need to have 150 people in your team. That is also split into different groups .

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £15,000 (+£100 from you) at this level

Regional Director = £10,000 per month

To achieve this you need to have 240 people in your team. That is also split into different groups .

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £24,000 (+£100 from you) at this level


Regional President = £25,000 per month

To achieve this you need to have 720 people in your team. That is also split into different groups .

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £72,000 (+£100 from you) at this level

National President = £50,000 per month

To achieve this you need to have 1000 people in your team. That is also split into different groups .

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £100,000 (+£100 from you) at this level


How about the chance of running out of people to sign up?

Well lets do the maths for that as well….

According to the Office for National Statistics 2015 report there are currently 27.0 million households in the UK alone.  That means there are enough households in the UK to allow for 27,000 IBO’s to earn £50,000 per month.  At the end of 2015 there were 9,000 registered IBO’s with Life Tree World.  As far as I am aware there is only 1 person currently earning £25,000 per month in April 2016.

LTW is also planing to expand into Europe, Australia and US in 2016/2017 which obviously increases the number of households significantly…


Do people actually spend £165 per month on groceries? 

According to The Money Advice Service the average food shop per month in the UK is around £200.

Average Weekly Food Spend

This report is for food shopping only.  LTW has many other products that are purchased on a weekly/monthly basis such as cleaning products, health products, baby items etc.  Also many items with high level demand such as make-up, fragrances, electronics and services such as TV packages.   The number of products being provided by LTW are also increasing rapidly.   As the average weekly spend in the UK is over £500 I would say there is a large margin for expansion into many different products.



UK Household average spend

For me personally those figures are very positive.  They also show LTW have taken a clearly planned and calculated approach to their business, which is just one of the reasons I am happy to promote it.

The Difference Between Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes

tumblr_inline_n3biozMxk21sy8ldbI recently wrote a post discussing Ponzi Schemes and the fact that most of the current rev-share programs are Ponzi Schemes which are doomed to failure.  Since publishing that I have been asked if I could also explain the difference between Legal Multi-Level Marketing Programs and Illegal Pyramid Schemes.  These often get confused and that is because Pyramid Schemes try to mimic the very successful multi-level approach.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

There are 2 different types of Pyramid Scheme: One with no product at all, and another with products.  The one with no product tends to be very easy to spot, and is the one most people would recognise as a scam very quickly.  For example, I recently was asked to join an email pyramid scheme where I would have had to pay £25 to someone for the privilege of then being able to email my own contacts to ask them to join me.  All I would have to do is get 10 people to send me £25 and I would have £250.  The 10 people who had given me £25 would each then get 10 more people to send them £25 etc etc.  There was nothing changing hands except money.  Obviously I did not sign up 😉

The second, product based pyramid scheme can be harder to spot, but when you know what to look for it becomes a lot easier to recognise.

Most legitimate businesses make money from selling goods to their customers for a profit.  If the customers do not buy the products the business will fail, its as simple as that right?

The main reasons for customers not buying a product are a) It is undesirable (it has no real market) or b) It is not worth the price being charged.  These are the 2 main things to look out for when assessing if something is a pyramid scheme or not, BUT you also need to ask the question “Who is the final Customer?” In other words, where does it stop being sold and start being used?

The reason these are the main indicators are because pyramid schemes are built in a way that usually offloads poor value goods, or those with no consumer demand onto those who sign up as distributors.   These schemes usually have high cost ‘starter packs’ of the products which can cost hundreds of pounds, but you are assured the starter packs you buy will sell for a profit.  It is only once you have paid for the items you realise that YOU have become the Final Customer because there is no real market.

Lets take an obvious example:

You are approached by someone who says that hot air is the next big trend, and if you sign up with them you will make a fortune selling hot air.  All you have to do is pay £100 for 10 boxes of hot air, but hot air is currently selling for £25 per box so you will make £250 back and that is a great profit of £150….

Anyone want to buy 10 boxes???  What do you mean no? LOL!

Now lets take a less obvious example:

You are approached by someone who says that Butterfly Houses are the next big trend, and if you sign up with them you will make a fortune selling Buterfly Houses.  All you have to do is pay £100 for 10 boxes of Butterfly Houses, but Butterfly Houses are currently selling for £25 per box so you will make £250 back and that is a great profit of £150….

In this example you would need to know if Butterfly Houses are actually a) desirable AND b) do actually sell for £25 per box – It could very well be a legitimate business that you could earn with couldn’t it? If not sure change the words Butterfly Houses to £100 notes and I am sure you would be able to sell those for £25 a box 😉

In both examples the fact is if you can’t sell the product on to someone else you will be left holding 10 boxes of ‘product’ which you need to sell to get your money back, never mind a profit.  If you can’t sell them on YOU have become the Final Customer.

Sometimes instead of having to pay for a starter pack of products you will be asked to pay a large sign-up fee instead.  In some ways this is worse than having to buy a starter pack, because the only way for you to recoup your costs is to actually recruit other people after you find out you can’t sell the items on.

Another indicator that you have been enrolled in a Pyramid Scheme is when your sponsor into the program tells you to just keep trying and you will make it, or is suddenly impossible to contact – A sponsor in a genuine business will want you to succeed and usually will provide support and training.


Myths about Pyramid Schemes

Due to confusion about Pyramid Schemes there are a lot of myths that circulate as people try to create rules for identifying a Pyramid Scheme.  Some of these are:

  • If there is a product to sell it is not a pyramid scheme
  • If you have to recruit people to earn commission it is a pyramid scheme
  • If there are X number of levels for earning commission it is a pyramid scheme
  • If the structure appears to resemble a pyramid it is a pyramid scheme



What is the difference between Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes? 

Some people think that any kind of multi-level marketing business is a pyramid scheme, however the fact is most businesses have multiple levels.  The wholesale distribution system for example has several levels:

Sometimes it is even referred to as an ‘inverted pyramid’ because Manufacturers produce the most items, who sell smaller amounts to Wholesalers, who then sell smaller amounts to Retailers and on then to customers who buy the smallest amount of product.

Note the ‘inverted pyramid can very easily be turned round if you think of a single Manufacturer selling to 2 or 3 Wholesalers, who sell to 10 Retailers, who sell to 100 Consumers.

In the ‘normal’ distribution pyramid each level is happy to pay for the product because a) It is desirable (There is a real market)  AND b) The price allows for profit or value to be provided to each level.  The Final Customer has bought the product to use and not to sell….

In some Multi-Level Marketing Companies there is some blurring around the Final Customer idea, and that is because the distributor is someone who uses the products as well as sells them. This is not a problem as long as they are happy to pay for the product to use for themselves, and are not simply left with no choice because they can’t sell it on.

Are the number of levels important?

In a Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity there can be many different levels of distributors as people who have already joined recruit new people as distributors.  This DOES NOT mean those who join later have less opportunity to earn than those who joined early.  In fact it is quite possible for someone who joined later to earn more than the person who recruited them.


Fred joins The Multi-X Program and recruits 5 people.  Fred is quite happy because he earns commission from his 5 team members.  Fred does not encourage or train his team members to recruit others, but they are making sales so they are also earning.  The total team size is 6

After a while Sue who was recruited by Fred decides she would like to try recruiting and she manages to get 2 people in her team.  Excited by the fact she is now earning commission on her team members Sue encourages and trains her 2 team members.  Both of these team members manage to recruit 4 people each.  Sue now has 11 people in her team and is earning more than Fred.


The main questions to ask about an MLM opportunity

Is there a large sign up fee?  If yes what do you get for that fee? If products are provided for that cost check the usual selling price for those on an independent website or ask some friends about the prices you would have to charge.

Do you have to buy product to sell on? If yes think about how you will sell them on – who is your target market? Do you have access to them? Is there a lot of competition for selling?

Is there a real demand for the product?  Would you buy this product at the price being charged if you had no other motivation to do so? Is it a passing trend item?

Is there proper training and support available? Are there regular conferences, events, training days? Who will train you and how?

Are earnings based on effort (either sales or recruiting)? This can be a little confusing because passive, or residual income can seem like you get paid for doing nothing.  There is a difference between having to do something once (like recruit someone) and then getting paid commission on sales they make, and getting paid to do nothing except put money into a program.

Can you earn more than the person above you? This is vital – EVERY genuine MLM program provides EQUAL opportunity for ALL members which means it is very possible to bypass your sponsors earnings from your own efforts.

Who is the final Customer? Who will be willing to purchase this product to actually use?

If buying the product yourself are you happy to buy it for the price you paid? Would you buy the product again?

Is the company registered?  Do not just take the sponsors word for it, if in the UK check it with The Direct Selling Association, Companies House or a similar registration organisation if outside the UK.


If you are unsure about something, always ask for time to check it out.  A genuine company representative will be happy for you to do so!


I hope you have found this post useful – I am always happy to discuss things further with anyone who comments 🙂

Prices on Life Tree World

Recently I posted some information about earning on Life Tree World, which you can read about in my post:

Get Paid to do Your Grocery Shopping!

After discussing this opportunity with people one of the main questions they have is about the price of goods.  To help with that I thought I would just do some comparisons today of prices on Life Tree World, to see how they measure up to the general supermarket prices like Tesco.  Life Tree World claims the prices are around the same as the price normally paid, so lets just check some of them to see…..


The Screenshot below is from Life Tree World and is the first page found under the food category.


LTW food 1

Personally I have never heard of Jamaican Callaloo….so I just did a google search for that.  I found it on Amazon and as you can see the prices are very different:

LTW Price: £1.29 Amazon Price £4.68 or £2.49:


Jamaican Callaloo

Next up is the PG Tips Teabags.  Tescos don’t seem to have the same pack of PG Tips Teabags and the pyramid bags was the closest I found on there, the same pack though was on Amazon:

LTW Price £2.99

Tescos Price (pyramid bags) £4.69

Amazon Price £6.89


PG Tips

PG Amz

Next on the list is Nescafe Coffee 100g.  This one was available in Tesco!

LTW Price: £2.80

Tesco Price: £2.75


Nescafe 100g


Next on the list Kelloggs Fruit and Fibre 375g.  Guess what? Tescos didn’t have this size…The 500g box was £2.69.  When I searched for 375g boxes the first listing that came up was for British Corner Shop:

LTW Price: £2.19

Tesco 500g Pack: £2.69

British Corner Shop: £2.49


Fruit and Fibre

Next on the list is Kelloggs Coco Pops 350g.  Tesco didn’t have this size either and the closest I could find was 295g:

LTW Price: £2.19

Tesco Price 295g: £2.09

LTW – 10p more for larger pack

Coco Pops

Next on the list is Kelloggs Corn Flakes 500g.  Tescos did have this one!

LTW Price: £2.10

Tesco Price: £1.75


Corn Flakes

Next on the list is Weetabix 24’s.  Tesco had this one!

LTW Price: £1.99

Tesco Price: £2.39



Next on the list is Kelloggs Crunchy Nut 375g.  Tesco didn’t have this size and their 500g pack was currently on offer for £2.  When I searched for the same size the first listing that came up was a comparison one on My Supermarket:

LTW price: £2.19

Morrisons Price: £1.98

Sainsburys price £2


Crunchy Nut

Next on the list is Armoy Soy Sauce 250ml.  Tesco had this one:

LTW Price: £1.50

Tesco Price: £1.99


Soy Sauce


Last item on the list is Maggi Liquid Seasoning 100ml.  Tesco had this one:

LTW price: £1.10

Tesco price: £1.09




So, this little bit of research shows that LTW prices in general are around the same price as Tesco for some things, a little bit cheaper on some and a bit more expensive on others.  The actual total figures for a comparison shop when I only consider the items that Tesco stocks were:

LTW Price: £9.49

Tesco Price: £9.87


Obviously this comparison is only on a small number of products – all i did was take the items from the first page on Life Tree World and compare the prices as best I could with Tescos.  It would take quite a while to go through each product.  My findings show that shopping for the same items on LTW and in Tesco would result in a saving of 48p with LTW.  This is BEFORE any of the benefits of shopping with LTW, such as cash back, commission etc is taken into consideration.

I hope you found this little comparison useful!  If you would like any more information about Life Tree World, or would like to join up please email me on or join my facebook group.



How I Made £466.35 Online in March 2016

March 2016I have been meaning to start writing this post each month for a while now, but I did need to do some work on my spreadsheets so I had the info to share with you.   Now I can share my online earnings totals with accuracy and more important for you – details of how I did it.

I do use quite a few different online earning sites, but rather than just give you a big list of those along with my earnings on each I thought it would be most useful for me to provide a top ten, so here goes 🙂

My Top Earning Site for March 2016 was……drum roll please…..

LIFE TREE WORLD with an earning total of £80.58.  This is a brand new site for me so this is very exciting to have it as my number 1 earner already.  For more information about this site you can read my earlier post: Get Paid to do Your Grocery Shopping

Number 2 on the list this month is NEOBUX with an earning total of £53.82 for the month.  I should point out I have not withdrawn this cash as I am currently working on building up this account to provide a future income for me, but in terms of the largest amount added to the account Neobux is second highest this month.

Next on the list, with a total of £45.07 earned during march was Jackpot Joy.  This is of course a gambling site, but I am very strict with myself on here and use this Main Earning System .  This amount is profit which I have withdrawn to my bank account.

Those 3 sites have provided the bulk of my online earning total for March, but some other sites have certainly added several pounds as well:

Number 4 this month is Clixsense with earnings of £7.17

Number 5 is Populus Live with earnings of £7

Number 6 is TNS with earnings of £5

Number 7 is Global Domains International with earnings of £2.82

Number 8 is Prolific Academic with earnings of £2.80

Number 9 is Ipsos I Say with earnings of £2.64

Number 10 is Global Test Market with earnings of £2.21

The remaining amount from my total this month comes from quite a variety of sites (I will actually add a page with all the sites I personally use to it so you can check the list if you wish).  Just out of interest my worst earning site for this month was…..Maximiles where i earned just 6p in March.

Don’t forget this list reflects my own earnings only and I could have earned much more on different sites had I chosen to spend more time on using them.  Personally I now prefer to focus on less time demanding sites rather than those that take hours to earn on (such as many survey sites for example).  Like many other people who use online earning sites I do have my own favourite sites that I don’t mind spending a bit of time on and those I have become bored with.  The earnings totals do change a lot according to my own preference.

What have your top earning sites been this month? Are they the same as your favourites? I would love to know which sites you are earning on right now if you would like to share those with me 😉




Get Paid to do Your Grocery Shopping!

If I Would You

I don’t know how many times i have said it in the past – “If i didn’t have to pay for food i would be rich” lol! Its one of those things that every household has to pay for though so i just resigned myself to the thought that a lot of my hard earned cash goes to the supermarket… PS did you know supermarkets profit levels are in the trillions each year? Sainsbury’s alone reported profits of £681 million in 2015.

Just because food items are a necessity for every household though, does not mean to say we just have to pay for it without thinking. There are a lot of ways to save money on groceries and to get money back from our spending.  Just a few options to consider include: Couponing, Shop and Scan, Receipt Hog, Down Branding, Cash Back,  Loyalty Reward Cards,  etc etc.  There are actually so many ways to save or get money back that no-one should really be paying full price for groceries now.

But those are all ways to reduce the amount you spend, none of them actually cover the full cost of your shopping and then pays you more on top.  THAT is what I want to discuss with you today…

Did I just say pays you MORE than you spend on shopping? Yes i was surprised too, but yes I did!

Life Tree World is a company that actually pay you for doing your shopping with them.  I know it sounds ridiculous and impossible but let me explain how it works… on or contact me on to discuss directly with me.

Firstly Life Tree World buy goods direct from the manufacturer and relies completely on word of mouth advertising.  They also do not have any shops to pay for and maintain.  This saves millions on the traditional sales cycle as you can see below, and they share this profit with its customers:

slide 2

There are 4 ways Life Tree World shares profits with its customers:

  1. Single Profit Pool – 2% of all profits made are shared with active customers
  2. Residual Income –  This is gained from customers who join after you and are placed in the tree below you (are in your downline)
  3. Team Building Bonuses – If you actively introduce people to Life Tree World you are paid some very nice bonuses
  4. Free Gifts and Free Draws – There are lots of free gifts and free draws available with great prizes

So lets have a look at some figures and details because it still doesn’t really seem possible that you will be paid more than you spend with this does it?

The Products

The products are branded just like you would buy in the supermarket and the prices are around the same as well.  When i did some comparisons on prices I found some items are cheaper and some are a little more expensive than prices in Tescos for example.  The range of products is a bit limited for now but is increasing rapidly.  There are a lot of the big brand names available like Kelloggs, Heinz, Nescafe, Air Wick, Coca Cola, etc etc.

slide 9


Life Tree World Price is £2.80, Tescos Price is £2.75

You buy your groceries as you normally would, just using the Life Tree World website instead of the Supermarket.  Free delivery is available on spend of around £50 – £60 (under that you pay £4.99 for postage costs).  I say spend of around £50 – £60 because everything is calculated on a points basis and you need to spend 45 points worth of goods for free delivery so the actual cost can vary depending on what you buy.

LTW products

You just add items to your shopping cart as you would on any other online site


Buying a cumulative amount of 100 points worth of groceries (around £165) within 90 days will keep your account active and eligible for earning.



As I said earlier there are different ways to earn with Life Tree World.  If you are new to the site and there is no-one in the tree below you the earnings will be limited to the 2% share of the profit pool and various free gifts or offers.  For example when I joined and placed my first order I received a free gift of a slow cooker with my first delivery.

However, and this is the exciting part, just by staying active and buying your groceries will actually qualify you for further earnings.  This is because the tree is designed with just 3 slots for new members directly under each person – as new people join the slots get filled and so there will be people placed below you in the tree (as long as you have been buying your groceries to stay active).  When people are placed below you then you will earn an additional amount from their spend – This is the residual income.

slide 4

When you have 1 or 2 people in the tree below you the earnings will be small and provides a sort of cash back amount, but as the number of people below you increases then so does your earning. As shown above this will be £2, then £5, then £14, then £41 etc.   It will increase continually until at some point the number of people below you in the tree will be spending enough to actually pay you more than you spend on your groceries.  This is obviously not an overnight thing, but as long as you keep buying your groceries from Life Tree World it will happen – remember you do not need to actually do anything else to earn residual income except buy your groceries.  Residual income is paid to you EVERY MONTH.

I don’t know about you, but being able to get even £5 back every month just for doing the shopping  i usually do is quite appealing because I certainly don’t get that from any Supermarket….. then to know it will keep going up to amounts like £41, £203, £567 etc etc is just amazing.

When I first saw this it took me a little while to work through it in my head, but it really does work out.  The 3 slots tree means people WILL be placed below you and so you WILL earn on their spend.  Eventually the earnings from people below you WILL cover the cost of your groceries and then it will be more than you spend. Go on, work it out for yourself if you don’t believe me 😉


Team Building

I said a very important word in that last sentence – EVENTUALLY! If, like myself you do sit and work out the maths of adding 3 people under each person who joins you will understand it could take some time for the earnings to build up to the point where you are earning enough to cover your grocery bill, and beyond to pay you more on top of that.  For the impatient and savvy people among us though we do not have to wait.  The fact there are team building bonuses available for introducing people to a company who will literally pay you to do your shopping with them is a great incentive to spread the word.  After all, this is something that can benefit every single household…..Who do you know who spends money on buying groceries each month? I run out of fingers pretty fast don’t you?

The amounts you get paid for telling others about Life Tree World are great:

I will have my own £200 monthly payment getting sent out by 15th April and perhaps it will even be £750 by then because my own team is growing rapidly.  I only joined a few weeks ago and already I have had 2 people assigned to me by the person who introduced me,  I have filled the 3 slots below me,  and I am working on filling the slots below them.

I will continue to promote Life Tree World and continue to fill slots for those I introduce, so if this idea appeals to you do let me know via email to so I can allocate you to the next vacant slot below myself and my team members.  I will happily discuss all aspects of this opportunity with you in detail and provide you with the application link.  I am dedicated to my team members and assure you will be provided with ongoing support.

To sign up to my team please click here and use the following details: Distributor ID:  319649 Distributor Last Name: Murphy

slide 3

Its been an Exciting Few Weeks!

I’ve been working pretty hard over the last few weeks to get various ideas into place, and I feel like they are starting to come together quite well.  It has mainly been hard because I have been starting new projects at the same time as I have been trying to manage promoting my new Zero2EarningHero System.  It is all linked as I am investigating various options to add to the Zero2EarningHero System and so I have to try them out for myself.  I also have been trying to sort out the management of the system though to find what works and what doesn’t.  I have never created so many spreadsheets at one time in my life LOL!

From a promotion perspective I have been learning a lot of new skills – I discovered how to create videos for posting on YouTube and now there is a TrulyQuirkyMe YouTube Channel.  My videos are pretty basic and my channel needs a lot of work, but it is a start.  The first video I created was about the Zero2EarningHero System and how it works:


It took me several attempts to make this first one and I had to make it quite long to get all the information added, but make sure it was readable.  The first one made me dizzy when I was trying to read it as I had far too much information on it.  Then thanks to another one of my team members I discovered how to add music….but haven’t found something long enough yet so please excuse that – it is my first attempt after all 😉

Then, after working on the earnings spreadsheet for the Zero2EarningHero System I created another video which focuses just on the earning side of things which is a lot shorter:

I know the videos need a bit more work, but to be honest I was quite pleased with figuring out how to do this….

As well as the YouTube channel I have been checking out a lot of other advertising options to help me promote the system.  As a result of my own experiences with promotion methods I decided to add a new section to this blog: Recommended Advertising, Lead Generators and Safelists and I will also be writing a short course about advertising.

As well as doing all that I have been setting up the referrals pool which has started to fill up nicely as a result of the advertising being done by the whole earning team.  This has already gained several new referrals for those who have started to use the Zero2EarningHero System.  Currently I am working on developing an automated rotator to send the team referral links out to new leads.  That one still needs a bit of ironing out….

As I said at the start of this post, I have also been working on several new programs which will potentially be added to the system.  There are some really great ones I have discovered and will be posting more information about these very shortly.  For now my focus is going back to helping my referrals to get their team members up and running so they can start to see the earning system in action.  I can’t wait for the team members to see their incomes increasing as the system starts to work for them as well 😉


Zero2EarningHero – $130+ earned in first 7 days

It is exactly 7 days today since I launched my Zero2EarningHero System and so far it is right on track!

As always I am working on the sites involved myself so I can provide details of my own experience, as well as provide support and guidance to others using them.  This post is all about my own experiences.  Its a bit strange to review a system I developed….. so I will leave that up to some of my team members to write about, and I will simply discuss the financial side of it in this post.

The Zero2EarningHero System involves using several sites in a particular way which provides income streams from them all and works to use a small amount of money and ‘snowball’ it into a larger amount quite quickly.  If you want to join these sites I would appreciate if you add your details to the form on my Zero2EarningHero System page so I can allocate you to one of my Team Members, but the site names below are also referral links if you prefer not to do that or specifically want to join my teams 😉

My income levels on each are discussed below:


From using the Zero2EarningHero System I gained 4 new Clixsense Referrals in the past 7 days, all of whom are active.  This has made quite a difference to my account earnings already.  As you can see from the pic below my earnings for Feb have increased to $18.13 in comparison to $11.60 in January.  I continue to do the same basic tasks on there daily, which are: ad clicks, 1 click offers, clixgrid and forum visit to complete the daily bonus list.

Clix refs

Clix feb



I got the same 4 new referrals on Neobux as i did on Clixsense, and these referrals are all active on Neobux as well.  It is a little hard to distinguish increased earnings from these new direct referrals as I did get a few new referrals just before the 7 days of using the Zero2EarningHero System, and have also continued to rent new referrals as usual.   I do know I am happy to have 4 more new active referrals adding to my earnings 😉

Neo refs

Neo DR clicks Feb


Unlike Clixsense and Neobux I did not have any referrals for EasyHits4U before starting to use the Zero2EarningHero System and have not promoted this site other than just through the system.  I have now got 14 new referrals and have earned quite a lot of advertising credits (396) as well as $0.90

EH4U refs


I did get a few new referrals for this site, but not as many as EasyHits4U.  I think this is due to the requirements asking for a gmail email address specifically.  I have 5 new referrals on this site which have helped me to earn 3094 ad credits.

Lootclick refs



As the main earning machine for the Zero2EarningHero System at this level I was especially interested in the results for this site, and as predicted it did not fail to produce great results.  I first of all worked to complete the Learning Bonus, and also added 5 new referrals (I could have added more but I want to share other new referrals with my team members).

As a result of my work on this site for the past 7 days I have earned $25 for the learning bonus, (just waiting on the final step to be confirmed – which is to have my own account in good standing so no problem on that) and $100 for the new referrals (as long as their first $10 payments are all confirmed on day 7 ok – they all assure me this is ready 😉 ).  I have also now got a monthly income of $5.

GDI learning bonus steps

GDI Refs


So as a rough calculation I have increased my earnings by $138 in my first week of using the Zero2EarningHero System and gained a lot of free advertising credits – I obviously have not actually received the money as yet, but am considering it as money in the virtual bank.

I also know I am counting my $$ before they have hatched with the GDI $100 bonus, however I am pretty confident that will work out….(hope that doesn’t jinx it with famous last words LOL!!)  I was keen to show my progress in just 7 days as you all want to know already (see its your fault lol), and will post another update to confirm if I have received the bonus ok 😉



Upcycling Income – Zero to Earning Hero, Step 3

Welcome to Step 3 of Upcycing Income – Zero to Earning Hero!

This is a big one as it will add one of the main earning components to your system BUT it doesn’t add any more to your daily workload….AND you will have earned your first $25 from it within the next 7 days as well.  Hows that for 2 lots of great news? How about another?

It is actually highly likely you will have earned a lot more in the next 7 days AS LONG AS YOU HAVE FOLLOWED STEPS 1 AND 2 EXACTLY.  If you haven’t completed those steps yet I highly advise going back to do those now because your earning for step 3 depends on it 😉

One of the reasons step 3 depends on step 1 is because on day 7 from the date you sign up to this site you will have to pay $10.  Step 1 earnings are used to pay this.

But didn’t I just say you would earn $25 within 7 days? Yes i did, BUT that will not be in your account on day 7 to pay the $10 so you need to make sure to have $10 available for this payment.  IF IT IS NOT PAID ON DAY 7 YOU LOSE THE $25 bonus which i will explain later.  So what I am saying is DO NOT register on this site unless you are sure to have $10 (£7.50) in your account in 6 days time (ready to be taken on day 7).  In fact I highly recommend just moving $10 into your paypal account or card account etc right now then it is done and ready as long as you don’t spend it 😉

So, let me tell you a bit more about the site you will be joining for this step.  It is an exciting one 😀

This site will provide you with:

Your own personalised website

Your own personalised email

Your own money generator 

It costs $10 per month for this site, but i have designed the zero2earninghero so you are earning $10.50 from step one to cover this.

So why should you use your hard earned $10 to pay for this site? Very simply because it is going to turn your $10 into an unlimited income….

The following video explains more about how this works:

Remember the Zero2EarningHero system generates a high volume of active referrals who are taken step by step through everything they need to do to succeed, just as you have to get to this point, so you will not be short of referrals 😉 AND because you have completed step 2 you will be ready to advertise it straight away.  You have been getting advertising credits built up haven’t you?  If not……you guessed it, go back and do it before starting on this step 😉

Now just before you sign up to this site I will warn you it might look a little complicated, BUT as always I will provide a step by step guide and you will learn a little bit at a time.  I am always available for support in our facebook group too, as are the other team members so DONT PANIC when you see this site ok?


Then click HERE to  join my team on Global Domains International (GDI) – I will send you an email with step by step instructions to earn your first $25 bonus, so keep an eye out for that 😉

I can’t wait to start working with you on this!





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