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Pay for Christmas 2017 Penny Challenge


I have been mulling over starting a Christmas 2017 Challenge for weeks now.  Today, inspired by my dear friend Tracy I am starting the challenge!

Yes I know Christmas 2017 has hardly passed but that is the point.  Starting now is the best time to do it.

The £600+ Challenge

Tracy posted her own challenge which involves saving pennies each day of the year, and with her permission I have nabbed the idea and added my own twist.  I love these little challenges that show the power of the penny.  I talk about it all the time on here!

Usually how this works is you save 1p on the first day of the year, 2p on day 2, 3p on day 3 etc etc.  By doing this you will have saved £667.95 by the end of the year.   You just put the pennies into a jar or something similar and add the relevant amount each day.

The  £1200+ Challenge

With my little twist, instead of just saving the pennies each day I suggest earning the pennies needed.  In fact you could even do both which would give you over £1200 at the end of the year…..

Now I know it is 15th January today and we have a little catching up to do.  Counting up the pennies that are needed to get on track with the challenge that means having £1.20 (or $1.20 etc depending on where you live 😉 )

I will be doing the challenge using what I call my penny sites – in other words the ones that I do every day.  It takes me around 30 mins to do my clicking and I use:





Reward Shopping

Paid Viewpoint


My Paying Ads


I think this could be a really fun and effective earning challenge.  If you would like to join in just comment below.  You can of course pop back with your updates as well – I would love to hear about how you are getting on!

Thanks so much for the inspiration Tracy 😉 xxx

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The Zero2earninghero System

What is The Zero2earninghero System?

The Zero2earninghero System is my own earning system which is developed from several years of research and experience in working online.  Each stage provides additional income streams and builds on the earlier stages.  An income can be made at every stage without needing to progress.

Full support is provided throughout as well as step by step instructions.

First Stage

Initially the goal of the system is to provide everyone who takes part a guaranteed way of making a small amount of money online.  I have done a lot of research to find sites that are free to join, very stable, well established and are available worldwide.  This is the most important part of the system as it provides an unlimited way to fund any paid options used in the system.

You will be earning £10 – £50 from this stage.

Stage 2

The second stage of the system is all about taking the small amount of money earned from stage one and making it grow.  To do this we use various accounts that cost a little to start but provide a higher return for that.  Again I have done a lot of research to find sites that are stable, well established and are available worldwide.

It is possible to create a great income of £1000+ just from stages 1 and 2.  It is very simple and just takes a little time and patience.  There are various ways to speed this process up as well. I advise of how to do this, but never put anyone under pressure to do this either.

If you are ready to start earning its time to sign up 🙂

Sign Up for My Free E-Course Below

We respect your email privacy


If you want to take your income further, and/or learn more about working online you are free to move on to stage 3 as and when you are ready to do so.

Stage 3

This stage involves learning the basics of marketing online.  The skills learned at this stage are useful for anyone who works from home.  It teaches the skills of getting unlimited referrals and sales.  I advise on various methods for this which include both active and passive ways of getting referrals.  This stage builds on stages 1 and 2 and incorporates the learning from those stages.

For many people this is as far as they wish to go in the system, however there are further options also available for those who wish to progress even more.

Stage 4

This stage includes additional marketing skills including affiliate marketing, website building, blogging and advanced promotional skills.  It is for those who wish to learn more about marketing skills and build on the knowledge gained in stage 3.

Stage 5

This stage involves developing systems and creating content.  This is the highest level in my system and is designed for those who wish to progress to learning some of the most advanced skills of marketing.


If you would like to join The Zero2EarningHero System simply complete the form below:

Sign Up for My Free E-Course Below

We respect your email privacy


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Productivity Tips to Prevent and Reduce Overwhelm

Productivity tips are not just useful for getting more done, they can also help you to reduce overwhelm in your work from home business.

Overwhelm is not just common for those who work from home, it is common in any kind of business.  The feeling that you are literally unable to breathe because you are buried under such a large mountain of work to do is very unpleasant.  It also causes us to become more and more unproductive.

Especially when you are responsible for every role in your business it can be difficult to prioritise and avoid headless chicken syndrome.  There are some simple steps you can take however to help you achieve more in less time:

Identify Your Goals

The first step is to stop doing everything and take time out to think about your goals.  This can be a goal for the day, the week, the month or even your overall goals.  It is best to make sure that those goals are SMART.  This means they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time constrained.  You can read more about SMART goal setting in my post Getting Started and Developing a Plan

The more specific your goals are the better.  For example rather than having a goal to ‘make more money’ identify exactly how much money that means.

Develop Your Action Plan

Breaking your goals down into small tasks allows you to develop an action plan that relate to your goal.  Again it is important that the plan is SMART. In other words do not plan to ‘spend some time on marketing’.  Instead plan to spend 1 hour promoting product A to target group C via the 3 social media channels Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Use Time limited Sessions

It can seem counter-intuitive to give yourself a short time limit to work on something when it feels like you have a huge amount to do.  Research shows however that short ‘blasts’ of work such as The Hour of Power increases focus and productivity.  One of the most difficult things about this is to actually stick to the time limit.  I advise setting an alarm and get up and walk away when it goes off.

It is also very useful to schedule time into a dairy.

What Works?

The 20/80 rule suggests that results come from 20% of our activity.  Pay attention to what you are doing and the results.  Aim to discover the 20% of activity that actually gains results relating to your goal.  The other 80% of things may also be important, however when you know what works you can do that first.

Create a Daily Routine

Since I created my own daily routine I have achieved more, earned more,  and wasted less time.  In addition I now have much more time available to do the other things I want to.  It has provided freedom from overwhelm and allowed me to move forward in my business while actually doing less.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful, do feel free to share it.  Thanks in advance to those who do share, I always appreciate your help in reaching new people 🙂 

Ellie xx

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Get Paid To Exercise

Yes you can get paid to exercise! Imagine that 😉 I wish I had known that when I used to run 10 miles a day lol!

Ok before you get your trainers out I should explain a bit more.  The get paid to exercise option is not as well known as the get paid to loose weight one.  I guess that is because it is not as easy to sell exercise.  You can’t exactly bottle it and post it out to customers can you? Of course you can sell equipment and DVD’s etc but you don’t need to exercise to do that.  This post is only about getting paid to actually exercise.

There are 4 options that I know of which allow you to get paid to exercise.  If you know of any others I would love to hear them!


Starting with the simplest is an app called Bounts.  You basically download the app on to a smartphone and when you walk or run etc you will be awarded points.  The points you can exchange for cash and vouchers.  With this app therefore you actually get paid a small amount depending on the amount of exercise you do.  Bounts does not require a tracking device such as a Fit Bit but can be paired with one if you want.  If you use only a smart phone you will need to download a tracking app as well.

The income for this is small and is more of a motivational bonus in my opinion.  You will not be able to create a full time level income from this.

There are likely to be more similar apps available too that I don’t know about.  Do you know of any? Let me know and I will happily add a referral link or code to this post for you 😉

You Tube

The next option is to make You Tube videos of yourself doing the exercise.  There are many instructional videos for exercise on there.  Of course you do need to be able to provide suitable guidance for this kind of video, however I am sure less instructional videos would work for this as well.  For example, lets say you want to start an exercise routine as a beginner.  You can video what you do and post it on You Tube just the same as an instructional one.  You could actually build up quite a following by doing this and showing your progress.

Should you wish to make a funny exercise video and post it on You Tube I imagine that might generate quite a lot of views too 😉

To get paid from posting videos on You Tube you simply need to register for an Adsense account and link it to your You Tube channel.  That will mean adverts get shown on your channel and you will get paid advertising revenue.

The income for doing this has the potential to be unlimited.  You would need to build up a large following and post frequent videos for it to work, however that is entirely plausible.

Exercise Coaching

Another option to allow you to get paid to exercise is to train to become an exercise coach.  You could provide one to one coaching, or take a class or boot camp for example.  Usually various qualifications and insurance etc would be required to do this.  As a qualified fitness instructor myself I certainly would not recommend you try to do this without the relevant training.


The final option I can think of to allow you to get paid to exercise is to start your own blog.  For example you could blog about your exercise routine, or your coaching sessions.  You could include videos and photos of you doing the exercises and discuss workout theories. This could fit quite well with any of the other options already mentioned, but can be monetized in its own right.   This could be via various means such as advertising revenue though Adsense, or affiliate revenue through a company such as Affiliate Window.  You could also develop and sell your own products on a blog, or promote classes etc.

Can you think of other ways to get paid to exercise? Or tried any of the above options? I would love to hear about it if you have 🙂

If you have found this post useful feel free to share it with others.  Thank you in advance if you do that – I always appreciate the help in reaching new people. 

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Freebie Friday – Try This Free Lottery for A Chance to Win £1000+

Free Lottery UK


This weeks Freebie Friday is only for people in the UK.  So sorry if it is not relevant for you.  I know I have a worldwide audience and am trying to find other non UK based Freebies too! Do let me know if you discover any or indeed if you can offer any either 😉 In the meantime why not check out the previous freebies added below!

I must admit I really love my free lotteries.  Sadly I have never won anything on them, but I have friends who have.  I figure my turn to win will come sometime 🙂

If like myself you like the idea of winning cash for free, todays freebie is for you.

The Free Postcode Lottery is very well established and has paid out a huge amount of money to winners.  Click to View the Winners Wall

There are currently 7 ways to win:

The Main Draw

The Survey Draw

The Video Draw

The Stackpot

The Bonus Draw

The Quidco Draw

The Flash Draw 

The prize amount for each draw varies, but range from £5 to over £1000.  The largest prize amount is for the main draw.  All postcode prize pots are rolled over if not claimed so it is impossible to give a specific amount.  The highest I have seen though was £1200.

You also have the chance to win a bonus amount relating to the number of days you check in to the site.  This amount is added to the prize pot when you  make a claim.

Not interested in this one? Don’t forget we have loads of Freebie Friday posts now and many of them can still be claimed:

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I hope you have found this post useful.  Do feel free to share it with others.  Thank you in advance if you do share it, I always appreciate you help my blog reach more people 🙂 

Ellie xx

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Internet Marketing Basics – What is an Autoresponder?

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is basically a service that allows you to send emails automatically to a list of people.  Usually newsletters and offer emails are sent by an autoresponder.  For example, you may be on my Aweber autoresponder list for my Monday Mojo updates.

Autoresponders usually work by sending out a series of pre-written emails.  These can be sent at various intervals such as daily, or weekly etc depending on the type of email you want to send.  The account owner simply adjusts the settings to send the emails in a certain order and at a certain time or day.

In the ‘back end’ of an autoresponder there are a lot of tools to help the sender monitor what is happening with the emails sent.  Statistics of email open rates, and link click rates etc is available.

Why Should I have One?

The main point of an autoresponder is to reduce workload.

In addition to this there are quite a few other benefits:

  • As part of an overall marketing strategy an autoresponder can increase business conversions many times over.  In other words they are very helpful to increase the number and frequency of sales or sign ups.
  • You can use them to send out special offers or free information such as e-books etc.
  • They allow you to build a long lasting relationship with someone long after they have visited your website.
  • You can maintain contact with hundreds or thousands (and more) of people without having to send individual emails to them.
  • They provide the means to literally drip feed marketing messages to potential customers until they are ready to become a customer.
  • You can direct your subscribers towards something important such a website, blog, course sign up, sales page etc.
  • They allow you to follow up with everyone who has expressed an interest in your business.
  • You are provided with statistical information such as open rates or click through rates.
  • They can generate repeat sales with little effort.
  • You can make announcements to all subscribers at once.
  • They can help you to brand yourself with logos, tag lines, marketing messages etc.
  • You can have several different categories of people.  People interested in courses can be in one list while those who have purchased a product can be in another for example.

Which One Should I Use?

There are many autoresponder services available.  The service I use (and highly recommend) is Aweber . Aweber has been around for a long time and is reasonably easy to use.  It also provides sign up forms and many other relevant tools as well as the email option.   In addition it has a very professional reputation.

Although Aweber can be a little higher in price it does boast the highest delivered rate in the industry.  Many cheaper services cannot guarantee emails are delivered correctly and a lot can end up in spam folders or get deleted by the email service.  In my opinion that makes the slightly higher price well worth it.

Click to Try Aweber for free

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December 2016 Income Report

Here is my online earning update for December 2016.  As mentioned in my November Summary my plan for this month was to focus on boosting my passive income.

Today I would like to share how exactly I made £859 from online earning in December 2016.

I do have to admit that figure is a little lower than I was hoping for.  I also have to admit that I have not been working as hard as I could have too.  Basically I spent the majority of the month away from home staying with family.   I know exactly why my income was a bit lower this month than last month too.  I haven’t spent much time doing surveys at all.  I did not do very much matched betting either.

Considering the fact I basically took the month off from doing surveys I am actually pleased with my earnings.  It shows that my passive income is increasing as planned.  I also know I can hit over £1000 again next month.

How I Did It!

I continue to use My Own Daily Earning Routine.  That has made really a big difference to me as I now spend around 2.5 hrs per day ‘working’.  The focus on passive income is starting to reduce my workload while my income is maintained or increased.

I always work on several income streams at once.  Here are the details of how much I made with each option:

Survey Sites and other Casual Earning

This month I made a total of £27.81 from this type of earning.  That was £13.89 from survey sites and £13.92 from casual earning such as PTC sites.  My top earners in this category for December were:

Clixsense £5.26

Mintvine £4.18

Panelbase £3.20

Gifthulk £2.89

Reward Shopping £2.34

Swagbucks £2.27

Considering the earning was mostly from clicking a button on each of these sites, I am quite happy with that.  The only sites I did any surveys on was Mintvine and Panelbase.

Gambling and Matched Betting

Jackpot Joy is still my main income source in this section.  This month Jackpot Joy made me £480.84.  For more information about how I use this site for earning you might like to read the following posts:

Scheduled Free Games on JackpotJoy

Is it possible to Make Money from Free Games?

Playing Roulette Splendide with Minimal Risk

Cashback and Passive Income

This month I made £281.34 from my passive income options.  This is up again on what I made in November which is what I want to see.  I will continue with my Increase Passive Income Challenge until I hit my current target of £350 per month with this type of earning.

For your info the sites I use for my passive income are:

My Own Sales

I have made some sales again this month after my break from it it November.  The total I made from these was £69.  Part of this was from doing some car boot sales which I haven’t done for years until this month.  They were pretty slow I must admit, but I deliberately chose quiet ones to get me back into doing them again.

Plan For Next Month

I will be aiming to earn over £1000 during January.  Again I will be focusing on increasing my passive income during the month.  This will include increasing my investment a little with Recyclix, Property Partner and Futurenet.  This is the last month I will be making investments in these as I will have hit my own investment targets.

I will still be completing surveys each day and will reinvest the earnings from those into advertising.  I have started doing a little of this already, but it is time to step it up now.

My plan is almost complete for this investment stage and I will be moving on to the next stage during January.  I am really looking forward to it as it means I will be able to sit back and let my work  so far continue to pay me.  I will be able to travel a lot more in 2017 now that I have done a lot of the initial work, which was my plan.

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 

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Freebie Friday – Free Jamberry Nail Wraps Sample

Yes it is Freebie Friday time again! I know lots of you have taken advantage of the previous Freebie Friday Offers.  I am glad you are enjoying them!

Today I am happy to offer you the chance to try Jamberry Nail Wraps for Free.  Sorry Guys if this is not your kinda thing lol!  Why not order some for a lovely lady in your life?

Many thanks to Ailsa, one of my dear work from home friends for giving me the chance to offer todays Freebie!

If you have never heard of Jamberry Nail Wraps they are basically an easy and mess free alternative to nail polish.  They are thin vinyl sheets with a specialist adhesive to use on your nails.  Application is fast and easy (see video below), and they are long lasting as well.  Oh and they are suitable for both fingers and toes 😉

The wraps come in all sorts of colours and designs.  Have a peek at Ailsa’s Jamberry Website, where you can see the full range available.  There is all sorts of information over there, including how to become a team member.  If you like the nail designs you can always set up your own business selling them you know! 😉

For this freebie you can choose from any of the designs shown below:

I am sure you will agree there are some great designs for you to try out.  My favourite is Sante Fe – I’m going for that one!

How to Apply the Jamberry Nail Wraps

The following video shows are the wraps are applied:

Ailsa assures me you can use a hair dryer to apply them if you want to.  You don’t need to buy the heater just to apply the sample wraps.

To order your free nail wraps simply fill in the form below with your details, choose the wrap you want and your sample will be with you ASAP!

I am sure you will love your free nail wraps if you take advantage of this offer.  Do feel free to share it with a friend etc too!

Do you have a Freebie you would like featured in my Freebie Friday Slot? Just use the contact me button to discuss further!

Happy Friday to you all

Ellie xx

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How to Prepare for the New Year

Prepare for the New Year

Do you prepare for the New Year in December?  I’m not talking about making New Year resolutions that are only likely to last for a couple of weeks.  I am talking about deciding what you want to achieve AND making an action plan.  I am talking about putting things in place to make sure you are successful in meeting your goals.

I used to make New Year resolutions.  Like most people I used to have the attitude of starting a New Year the way I mean’t to continue.  It rarely worked for me, and it rarely works for the majority of people.  I can almost bet on the resolutions that rarely get met as well.  Loosing weight, eating more healthily, taking time for yourself, going to the gym or doing more exercise in general, and doing something to improve your work situation are all top of the list.

I’m not saying these goals can’t be achieved, just they are not likely to be if you don’t do some preparation.  The following tips will help you prepare for the New Year and increase your likelihood of success:

Be Realistic

Big dreams are all well and good, and there is certainly a place for them.  However for goals that you actually will be working on over the next few months it is important that they are realistic.  These can be part of a longer, bigger plan, of course, but the one you are currently working towards needs to be achievable.

For example, I would love to be earning £10,000 per month before the end of the year.  Is that achievable? Well yes I know that it is possible to earn that amount online.  I might even be able to do that in a year.  Realistically though it is much more likely that I will be able to make it to £2500 per month within a year.  That doesn’t mean I won’t try to increase my earnings to that level as soon as possible.  I also have the option to increase that goal if I manage to make target sooner than expected.

Start Small

Some people will argue about this one.  They say to go as big as you can as quickly as you can.  In my humble opinion and experience though small, consistent progress is much more likely to be maintained.  When you set small goals you achieve them faster which helps with motivation to continue.  Certainly from a personal perspective I can say I have achieved much more since I ditched the go, go, go, crash and burn approach.

Make a Commitment

This is a little more difficult to actually put in place in my opinion.  I know when I made New Year resolutions in the past I felt like I was making a commitment.  Research shows though that writing things down and sharing with others increases the level of commitment.  That is just one of the reasons I write a blog 😉

Put Support in Place

Related to the make a commitment step it is a good idea to put support in place.  This can be all sorts of things including developing a daily routine, asking friends or family etc to keep you accountable, joining a group or forum, writing a dairy.  All of these things provide support and again research shows they make a big difference.

Review and Update

This is perhaps the most important step in the whole process.  It is a way to remind yourself of your goal and consider your progress.  Those who do not review and update are much more likely to go off on a tangent, get distracted and ultimately stop working on their goals.  The review process is one that keeps you on track, but also helps to identify problems and overcome them.  It provides a chance to adjust plans, add support, renew a commitment or even to make a decision not to continue.   Ultimately having a regular review stops goals from just sliding off your radar or putting them on the long finger.

Keep Starting Again

Should you at any point realise that you have stopped working towards your goal ask yourself if you still want to achieve it.  If yes then just keep starting again.  Life gets in the way of a lot of goals, but when you simply start again you will continue to move towards that goal.  There is no benefit to saying you have failed in this situation, unless you actually want to stop.  Those who achieve their goals either don’t stop, or just keep starting again.

I hope you have found this post useful.  A very big thank you to all who read, comment and share this post – I couldn’t keep blogging without you 🙂

Good Luck with your own goals for the New Year – May you smash through them all  😉

Wishing you a wondrous, fulfilling, healthy and very happy New Year!

Ellie xx


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Starting A WordPress Blog with Global Domains International

Starting a WordPress Blog

Starting a WordPress blog with Global Domains International (GDI) is quite straightforward.  Just a few clicks and it is ready for your first post.

Apart from the fact it is very easy to do, there are several other reasons you might like to consider using Global Domains International for your blog (or website).

Why Use Global Domains International?

Well these are just a few of the reasons…..

  • GDI uses the WordPress platform which is one of the most powerful and popular available for bloggers.
  • You can choose from many pre-designed themes and adjust them to personalise your blog.
  • Your blog can be monetised in several ways.
  • The monthly cost for a domain name and hosting is just $10 per month.
  • GDI provides a unique and lucrative income with large bonus payments and a monthly income.  Additional information about the income opportunity can be found in my post Want Cheap Website Fees? My Provider Pays Me!
  • GDI is very well established and provides a highly reliable service.
  • Lots of training videos are available to help you set everything up and develop your blog.
  • You can upgrade your account to Premium for additional benefits and storage if you require them as your blog grows.
  • You can change between a blog and a website at any time.
  • There is a free 7 day trial available.
  • Privacy settings are also available.
  • You can use the unique .ws extension which means you are highly likely to be able to use the domain of your choice.
  • You can add up to 10 personalised email addresses with the basic level, and 50 with the premium level.
  • Great hints and tips as well as customer support are available via their Facebook Page.

As well as this I am happy to provide guidance and support to all who join GDI via this team link.

How to Start a Blog with Global Domains International

The following steps are all that is required to start your blog.  (Note if you have already bought a domain name with GDI just skip to step 2)

  1. Sign up for your account via this team link.  You choose your domain name (website address) during the sign up process.
  2. Log in to your account via
  3. Using the menu on the left of your home page navigate to WordPress and More section (around half way down under domains)
  4. On the plugin page you are taken to simply click on the button to turn on WordPress.  Click on make primary service box if you want your blog to appear on the main domain, or add subdomain name such as  As you can see I chose the Primary Service option. Congratulations you now have a blog on GDI 🙂 Told you it was easy! 🙂

Logging In To Your Blog

If you have ever used the WordPress platform before you log in the same way as you usually do.  To access via your GDI account  just click on the blog domain link under the on button.  It is shown as in the pic above. This will take you to the WordPress log in page.  Use the same username and password as you use to sign in to your GDI account.

The WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard is where you do everything related to your blog.  You write new posts here, and can also change the appearance of your blog in a lot of different ways.  The video tutorial provided by GDI covers all the set up adjustments required:


After you have done the basic set up of your blog you can continue to adjust how it all looks at any point.  Again the GDI tutorial covers how to do this in part 2.  This video will help you to understand some of the main customisation features provided:


Several years after starting my own blog I continue to learn about the features provided by WordPress, and continue to play around with the settings.  This is why WordPress is so popular with bloggers – it does so many things.  There are around 300,000 plugin adjustments available!

My advice is to just start your blog by making a few little adjustments to the settings initially.  Focus on writing your first few blog posts and tweak the appearance later 😉 If you are anything like me you will never stop tweaking and playing with the settings…. its quite addictive!

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 


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