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Building Your List

So far in this course we have discussed a few of the main principles for becoming a successful network marketer:

The importance of learning

Developing a plan

Having a business mindset

Starting a prospecting list

How to talk to people about your business

The no selling technique

Once you have mastered these main principles you start to move into another phase with your business.  This phase focuses on the regular and ongoing tasks which are needed to help your business to grow.  I would consider these as small but significant steps without which your business is likely to level out.  They are the small consistent actions that make the difference between having a hobby and having a business. 

The first, and most important step is to start growing your prospecting list outside of your range of current contacts.  For many this will be one of the most difficult transitions because it involves a large step outside of the usual comfort zone.  For this reason it also signifies to a lot of people the first real step into business.

There are a lot of methods that can be used to reach out to strangers.  In many ways social media has made this a lot easier than it used to be, but in some ways it also makes it more difficult as well.  It is very easy to just start extending your circle of contacts on social media, in fact very often it just takes the click of a button.  The downside of this is the sheer number of people who are doing just that, and the ‘fallout’ of huge numbers of people doing this means you are just another one in a very long list.

Regardless of the issues of social media frenzy and the amount of competition you are likely to face, it is still a good option for making new connections.  Also when you are just starting out the fact that it is a free option is often another reason that makes it attractive.  In addition as you are likely to be ‘just another one’ that means any mistakes you make with this option is most likely to blend into the plethora of other less than professional approaches.  In essence it can be a good platform to practice building your skills before moving on to those used by established and successful network marketers.

The particular social media platform you use to start building your list is not really that important, what is important is getting into the habit of actually adding people to your list, preferably on a daily basis.  My advice on this is to not overstretch yourself by trying to add too many people at once.  Adding 3-5 people per day means you will increase your list by 100 – 150 per month and that is plenty to be working on.  Think quality rather than quantity!

When contacting strangers with the intention of adding them to your prospecting list, you should be approaching them from a getting to know you standpoint.  It is about developing a relationship with that person and not thinking about what you can get from them.  In other words you follow exactly the same principles as discussed in Are you Digging for Gold?  Remember these new relationships will take time and effort to build, and they need to be based on genuine bonds.  It is important to not try to fake interest in other people just so you can add them to your prospecting list.  People buy from and/or join people they know, like and trust, so faking anything at this stage is completely counterproductive.

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Stop Selling, Start Helping

Stop-Selling-Start-Helping-no-details-252x300If you are working with a network marketing company that requires you to make sales, and even if you don’t need to make sales but need to recruit others, you will benefit greatly from learning about no selling techniques.  It not only makes things a lot easier for you, but also more pleasant for those around you.

When someone new to the business starts to try to sell products (or their opportunity) one of the most common mistakes made is the idea of perfecting a ‘sales pitch’.  I always get asked about how I ‘make the sale’ or ‘get the sign up’ by new team members because there is a very common belief that there is a secret pitch that magically turns a no sale into a sale…. Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, if you are saying the same thing to lots of different people then that is where you are going wrong.

In my opinion the reason the ‘sales pitch’ doesn’t work very well is because it is focused completely on the wrong side of the conversation.  In other words, if you are more worried about what you are saying, instead of listening to what the potential customer is saying then you might as well be a big flashing billboard… you will get the information across, but chances are the only thing you will achieve is annoyance and frustration.

Instead of trying to learn the ‘perfect pitch’ those wanting to become successful in this area should try to learn about high level communication skills.  By this i mean listening skills, ways to keep a conversation open, empathy, reflection and being genuine.  Most people need to learn and practice high level communication skills as they are very different to regular conversation.  It is not a 2 way conversation where one person shares some thoughts and then the other shares theirs, it is about focusing on one person.  The role of the other person (ie you) is to try and put themselves into the shoes of the other, to understand what is being said.  Only by doing this will you be able to start the process of helping.

This is not a fast process, it requires time and effort to develop a relationship, to develop trust, before someone will open up to you.  However when they do open up and explain to you what kind of a problem they are having, you will then know if your product or service is suitable to help resolve their problem.  If it is suitable then just telling them about how it can help is all that is required, no hard sell, no pressure, just saying “I may have something to help you with that” is all that is needed.

Of course this does not always result in a ‘sale’ and it may even take time for them to come back to you.  If the product is right for them, and other aspects fit as well (such as the price being reasonable etc) then the chances are much higher they will come back to you than if you tried to sell it with a ‘perfect pitch’.

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It is a Business You Know!

Perhaps one of the biggest things that distinguishes those who succeed in Network Marketing from those who don’t is the difference between treating it as a hobby, or treating it as a business.  There is no doubt that people join various companies for all sorts of different reasons, and i am not saying it is wrong to treat it like a hobby – if that is what you want.  What i am saying is if you want to be successful you do need to recognise that it is a business and it needs to be treated like one.

What does that mean?

In my opinion it means having a commitment to working on your business, working on learning new skills, putting time aside for business related tasks, and not letting daily life get in the way of that.  It means taking consistent action that will lead to growth of your business, and it means knowing you will be working pretty hard for very little return at the beginning.

It also means taking full responsibility for your own business.

The taking responsibility bit is perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of Network Marketing.  The fact is a lot of people join with the idea that their upline will do a lot of the work for them….it also works the other way round when upline members think their downline will do all the work for them.  My advice is work on YOUR business to the best of your ability, imagine you are completely alone and you have opened your own business.  You are in charge and no-one else.  Yes you can get advice and support from others, you can talk through ideas and problems, however at the end of the day you are the boss.  If your business succeeds it will be because of what you do, if your business fails it will be because of what you don’t do.  That is sometimes hard to swallow, but that is what every business owner has to deal with, not just those with a network marketing business….

Are you a Business Owner? Or are you working on a Hobby?  There is a very easy way to tell the difference…..just ask yourself the question “What are you willing to do to make your business succeed?”

Are you willing to work on it for a long time before you get results? If not why not? Are you willing to get up and brush yourself off when you make a mistake? If not why not? Are you willing to make a time and perhaps monetary investment in it? If not why not?  You get the point don’t you?

Don’t forget, it doesn’t matter if you work on it full time or part time, it doesn’t matter if you have experience or not.  The only thing that matters is….It is a business and you know it!

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How to Start a Prospecting List

When starting a new network marketing business everything can be pretty exciting.  You may have received some stock to use so you can increase familiarity with the range, you will no doubt have received various information packs which details exactly just how much money you are possibly going to make, and you may even have written yourself a plan of how you will meet your business goals.

The next step is to start looking for customers and maybe even think about building a team.

Although the best way to do this is to start building a prospecting list, many new network marketers, perhaps fuelled with enthusiasm, tend to overlook this step and instead decide to just jump in.  They start simply by showing the products and/or opportunity to just everyone they can manage to get to look in the general direction of their new business.  The result is usually a bit of a hit and miss approach at best, and at worst complete chaos.

Another reason why new people to the business do not use a prospecting list is because they don’t want to ‘torture their friends and family’.  The truth is if you are torturing people then you are not using the list properly – I will explain more about this in tomorrows training, for now I want to just help you to start writing your own list.

This is an activity you should do now (or later if you really can’t spare 20 mins right now).  You need paper and a pen, or your preferred note taking device….

Personally I prefer to do a mind map style diagram like this:

prospecting mind map


I basically just start with myself and think about EVERY single person I know, and add them to the map.  I don’t think about if they would be interested or not in my business, at this point i am just thinking about people I know and adding them.

When I start to struggle to think of more people I then start to add them to my prospecting list, with as much contact info as possible, and a few notes.

Personally I use an excel document for my prospecting list and I usually add: date added, last contact date, name, address, email, phone number then working status, interests and hobbies, basic family info, general notes, business mentioned, response, to follow up.  Once you start using a prospecting list you will be able to personalise it to suit yourself.  Remember this will be a constantly growing document and you will be adding people you don’t know very well to it.  The categories such as family info etc will come in very useful later in the process.

Once I have names on my list I go back to the diagram and check if i have missed anyone out.

Guess what? Congratulations, you now have a prospecting list (and also a very handy list of all your contacts 😉 )

Have you just got to the end of this post and thought “i’m not going to do that”? If so i highly recommend you seriously think about if you want to be involved in network marketing because this is what it is all about.  I assure you I am NOT going to suggest you contact everyone and ask them to join you or buy something from you….that is certainly not how you use a prospecting list!


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Getting Started and Developing a Plan

So you have done it… have signed up to a Network Marketing Company – Well done, you about to embark on one of the most unique, challenging, amazing and hopefully profitable journeys of your life!  Even if you did this a while ago it is worth reading through this post as many people do not actually do these things when they first sign up.

Although each company is different in certain ways there are a lot of things that work in the same way for any company.  The first of these things is how to get started.

As part of the initiation into your new business you will no doubt have received an information pack.  This may be a pack that gets sent out to you, or it could be an online one, but you will have access to the information somehow.  If you are not sure where that information is then I highly advise contacting the person who recruited you, or the company to ask where you can find it.  Sometimes the information packs are a bit heavy going, but they are also full of very important things that you really need to know.

My advice is to give yourself a good couple of hours to go through it without distraction.  You don’t need to go through and read every word, but it is a good idea to look through everything to see what you have been given.  There are a couple of things I advise you look for specifically:

The Contract – I know these aren’t always easy to read, but it is worth checking for restrictions.  Quite often you can be liable to repay commissions or they can be withheld if you breach the restrictions as set out in your contract.  If you really can’t read it phone and ask for a brief outline to be explained to you.

The Compensation Plan – One of the most common frustrations with network marketing companies is not being paid what you were expecting.  It is definitely worth making sure you understand the compensation plan so you know accurately what to expect getting paid and so avoid any disappointment.  It is also one of the most difficult things to explain to potential recruits so the sooner you understand it the better.

The Contact Details of Customer Services – I always say if you don’t know the information yourself, at least make sure you know how to find someone who does.  Customer services should be able to advise you about any aspect of the company.

Developing a Plan


Every business needs a plan because otherwise you could simply flow along without actually getting anywhere.  Really you are better to think about quite a long term goal to focus on achieving and this is usually the main reason you joined the company in the first place.  This goal is highly individual and is certainly not always financial.

One of the main difficulties most people face is because their goals are not very well defined.  For example, to have a goal of “making a bit more money” is not very clearly defined – making 1p is a bit more money, but chances are that is not going to be very satisfactory.  What would be satisfactory? Think about that as your goal and then make it a bit higher.  Also think about when you want to achieve this goal.  Only when you have identified both a goal and a time limit can you start to write a plan of action.

You should also be able to measure your success – at what point would you be 50% completed? 100% completed?  If your goal is not clearly defined you will not know when you have reached it, nor will you be able to gauge how far you have still to go.  If unsure ask yourself “How will I know I have completed it”?

In the example shown below I know specifically the amount of money i want to earn, and the date to complete it by.  Now I can start to develop a plan to help me achieve it. Plan

The actual plan starts to take shape when i ask myself “What do I need to help me achieve this goal”? This should be resources you can gather (including knowledge).  For this example I needed ideas, a daily plan and a place to store the money.  The action needed then should start to become clear, in this example my ideas were to sell products and to recruit new team members, and i was able to break these actions down into smaller steps that relate to the goal.

You will notice however that I have the steps to follow, but not when to do them.  To make sure I will achieve my goal within the allotted timescale I need to give myself a schedule to work to.  Usually I would write the steps into my dairy which is why i haven’t provided a timescale on the example, some people prefer to give themselves a daily list.  To be honest i use my dairy because there are always other things going on that i need to take into account so that helps me to actually identify when i will realistically be able to set the time aside to get them done.

With a good plan you should be able to look through it at any point and know how you are getting on.  Sometimes things do happen that stop you meeting your goal on time, but if you review it regularly you can adjust the plan to take that into account and still achieve that goal.

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What is Wrong with Network Marketing?

Day 1Welcome to Day 1 of my 30 day Network Marketing Training.

It may seem strange to start a training course by talking about what is wrong with the business model you want to learn more about over the next 30 days.  I deliberately want to start the course in this way because I am guessing many of you have already joined a company (excuse me if I am wrong in that).  If you have already joined up then I have no doubt you have been told lots of wonderful stories about how much money can be made, how simple it is, and even how it is the best decision you will ever have made….. Even if you have not joined a company yet I imagine you have been told lots of positive things about Network Marketing and are considering joining based on that information.

The truth is…. all of those things are true.  It could very well be the start of an amazing journey for you, but to improve the chances of you being able to tell your own great story you need to be prepared properly for what is to come.  I cannot guarantee you will be completely prepared by the end of this course, but I do intend to provide a lot of information, guidance, further reading recommendations and to challenge your thought processes.  In short I intend to prepare you as best I can in 30 days.

A Brief History of Network Marketing

It is difficult to trace an actual date for the emergence of the Network Marketing Model, however it is generally agreed that it began around 1940.  It seems the idea came about when the distributors for an American food supplement company managed to increase their sales levels by talking to their friends and family about the products, and about the opportunity to become a distributor as well.  This led to a bonus structure being introduced based on the total number of sales made by a group of people who had been referred to the company through personal recommendation.

The result was the company involved achieved growth that had never been witnessed before.  From this original company 2 of the distributors broke away in the early 1960’s and created Amway, the first and the biggest Network Marketing company in the world.

Today there are thousands of Network Marketing companies available.  The success of many brands, including Avon, Tupperware, Kleeneze, Oriflame (and many others), is due to this particular marketing model.

An Inherent Problem with Network Marketing

One of the main reasons for the success of companies who use the Network Marketing Model, is simply because they recognise the fact that word of mouth recommendations for a product are the most powerful sales tool available.  If a friend recommends something, or provides a positive review of it, the chances are the majority of people will use that information to help in purchase decisions.  That means EVERYONE has the potential to become a sales person.  This form of marketing requires no training, no qualifications and often little or no investment.

An opportunity that is available to all who care to consider it, is both one of the main selling points, and disadvantages that Network Marketing faces.  In my opinion it equates to handing someone with no experience, knowledge or instructions a high power drill, and expecting them to do the same work as someone with years of training.  Some people might find they have a natural flare for it, but the majority of people will struggle.

The idea that anyone can succeed with a company using the Network Marketing Model is a very attractive force, and it leads to people signing up to various companies day in and day out.  It is entirely possible for anyone to succeed, and even to surpass their own goals with one of these opportunities, however just because the possibility is there does not mean that it is easy to achieve.

Yes there are many people in the world who have managed to develop their network enough to provide them with an income that most consider to be out of reach, and yes, many of these people would never be able to achieve this in any other way.  Network Marketing has created a lot of millionaires, and has provided a way for people who are unable to hold a traditional job to create an income that helps improve their lives.

Often the fact that those who are considered to have no special skills have been able to achieve so much, and even surpass the achievements of those who have spent a lot of time developing highly specialised skills means there is the idea this is a very easy way to make a living.  If it wasn’t, those with few skills would not be able to do it would they?  The fact is the system itself is simple to follow, but rarely though does any of the high achievement happen without hard work, persistence and most importantly ongoing learning.


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Are you Prospecting for Gold?

Today I would like to talk to you more about your Prospecting List, and explain how to actually use it properly.

How many times have you heard the words “The money is in the list”? It certainly wasn’t long after I started to do some research into online earning that I came across those infamous words. By the way ‘the list’ actually goes by a few different names, including an email list, a marketing list, a subscriber list, a customer list, a prospecting list, and even a list of friends and family..

Yesterday you should have made a start on writing your list, if not then do take the time to start it today.  It doesn’t really matter how many people you put on it at this point as you will be adding to it daily.  Every successful network marketer starts their list with details of their friends and family and then works on extending it from there.

The list only transforms into a Prospecting List when you start digging for gold….and usually this is when things go wrong!

When you first start off with any network marketing company they usually advise you to start off writing a list of your friends and family, just as I have here.  However, usually you are then advised to contact everyone on the list and ask if they would be interested in being a customer or a new recruit on your team.  In my opinion, this is just one of the reasons why network marketing companies have a bad reputation. Therefore I suggest you DO NOT do this.  If you find you are annoying people then you need to stop.

The fact is there are not many of us who would even consider contacting all of our friends and family and just say to them “give me money”, but somehow normal social etiquette gets forgotten in the excitement of starting your own business.  In the defence of those who have done this, it is not their (your?) fault because most of the training from network marketing companies says if you do not do this you are not serious about your business, you will never get anywhere, and you don’t believe in the product or opportunity (its a “gift” after all isn’t it???)….so to prove none of these are true new network marketers tend to cringe their way through ‘the pitch’ to their poor friends and family.

In case you missed it before I will say it again. I advise you DO NOT do this…..


But if you do not do it then how do you start with a list? 

Actually, it is not the writing a list of your contacts that is the problem here, it is just the approach.  Instead of just asking everyone you know if they would like to be a customer or a team member in your new business you need to learn more about the skills professional network marketers use:

According to Entrepreneur you should focus on listening to them, instead of doing all the talking.  This way you can listen for certain prompts such as “working too many hours, not spending enough time with the family, the possibility of a lay-off, no time or money for vacations, no savings or extra money for investments, etc”.

So instead of ‘digging for gold’ what you are actually looking for are problems that those on your list are facing.  Once you know more about what those problems are you can present the product or opportunity as a way to solve the problem…. This way, even if they say no, you have not treated that person as a source of money for you, you have offered to help them with their problem.   Trust me, your friends will thank you for learning the difference!

Another reason for starting your list with your friends and family is because they are easy to contact.  Also when you first start out you are likely to be unsure of how to raise the business topic and it can appear quite clumsy.  This is where your friends and family can be of most help to you – they can allow you to practice and improve your skills.  The way I suggest you do this is to have your normal conversations with them, if and when they ask about how you are getting on you can ask them for some help.  Explain you need to practice talking to people about the business and ask if they would help you with that.  Most friends and family are happy to help in this way, so you will not be annoying them at all.  You MAY find some are genuinely interested in joining you when you do this, however you need to consider this as a bonus and not an expectation.

As you work through your list and start to talk to people you haven’t spoken to in a while you will find the chance to raise the topic of your business starts to come up more naturally than needing to ask if you can practice.  People will ask what you are doing now etc and that allows you to casually mention what it is.  When this happens try to avoid going into ‘the pitch’ just talk to them and explain what you are doing and how you are getting on.  My favourite phrase goes something like this: “well i have started doing this thing where I make a bit of extra money by doing _____ and i’m really enjoying it.  I am learning a lot, making a little extra cash and am seriously considering taking it further”.  Thats it, no sales pitch, no awkward trying to figure out what to say etc and no full on info about the compensation plan etc etc.  When you raise the topic in a natural conversation like this one of 2 things will happen.  They will either ask you more about it or they won’t.  If they ask then answer their questions, if they don’t ask then don’t mention it again… Remember to let THEM direct the conversation and not you.

If you have a conversation when someone raises a problem you think your company or product can genuinely help with then this also provides the opportunity to mention it.  Again you should be casual about raising it.  My favourite phrase for this is “I might be able to help with that”.  Again let THEM guide the conversation, when they ask how? explain you have an opportunity or a product that they might like to try… answer their questions, and again, if they don’t show an interest then don’t mention it again…

Its actually very simple when you use this method.  If at any time you find you are trying to figure out how to raise the topic then don’t…


Want to learn more about building a prospecting list past your own contacts? I will be providing further information about that soon, in the meantime you might like to do some more reading on the topic.  I am happy to recommend the following:

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Network Marketing Recruiting for Facebook: How to Find People to Talk to and What to Say When You Do


Have you any experience of ‘digging for gold?’ How did it go? I always love to hear your stories 🙂


Step by Step Guide #1 to £100 in 1 month

Since starting the Work from Home Network (WFHN) I have had several requests for a step by step guide for earning £100 in 1 month.  To be honest this is a bit of a difficult thing to do because there are a lot of ways to do it, and some sites are more suited to one person rather than another due to their age, gender, working status, family status etc etc.  Nevertheless I am going to attempt to come up with a variety of daily activity plans that result in £100 or more being earned in 1 month.  As I will be adding more of these plans soon, you will be able to change your daily routine to help prevent getting bored with any particular site, and you will also be able to follow several of the plans at the same time if you want to earn more than £100 in the month.

I always like to start a plan like this with some quick and easy free ways to win some cash because a) they are really simple and take very little time and b) there is a chance of winning the full amount or at least part of it with a couple of clicks.

The following sites all provide ways to win a reasonable amount of cash with a couple of clicks.  I recommend you check them all daily!

The Selfie Lottery

Free Postcode Lottery

Lucky Phone

Date of Birth Lotto

JackPotJoy Free Daily Games

Search Lotto

Ashley Money Saver


Assuming you have not been lucky on any of the above sites I suggest you try to complete these steps daily:

The first site I recommend you use each day is Clixsense.   On this site you should aim to add around $0.70 daily = 50p

Step 1: Click Ads on the View Ads Tab

Step 2: Try to complete a survey on the Peanut Labs Offer Wall

If you are unable to complete a survey on Clixsense or prefer to do something else a good alternative is to complete a few Crowdflower Tasks


The second site I recommend you use each day is Gifthulk.   On this site you should aim to add an average of 100 points daily (700 per week) = 70p per day

Step 3: Complete the Guess the Card Game  I suggest using the guess the suit option on this game and keep the suit the same through out the game.  20 points

Step 4: Check in on the survey page and attempt to do a survey

Step 5: Complete 3 searches

Step 6: Check for and watch any videos


The 3rd site I recommend is One Poll.   You should be aiming for an average of 30-50p per day

Step 7: Complete any surveys that are available each day.

This site provides short surveys that pay around 10p – 50p each and often these surveys can be pre-entry to much higher paid panels.  There may not be surveys available every day, but the more frequently you complete surveys on this site the higher chance there is of more surveys being available daily.


The 4th site I recommend is Mintvine.  You should be aiming for an average of 100 points daily = 70p

Step 8: Work through any surveys available

Step 9: Complete daily poll (which you can find by clicking on the Mintvine Logo)

This site does have a high rate of screen outs, however you do get points for that as well so it will add to your earnings.


The last site I recommend for this plan is Panelbase.  You should be aiming for an average of £1 per day on this site.

This is a survey site which pays anything from around 50p – £2.50 per survey

Step 10: Complete enough surveys to cover the £1 target


If you follow this plan you should be able to earn an average of at least £3.50 per day = £105 in 30 days


I hope you have found this guide helpful.  If you follow it and you find you cannot earn £100 per month please do let me know as I will be able to adjust it for you.


Work From Home Network

I am very pleased to say our new work from home network has now been launched.  My vision for this network is quite simple – providing information and support to those who already work from home and those who wish to start.  Also to help connect our members with each other….

The Figures Checked for Life Tree World

If, like myself, you tend to check out the facts and figures work for any opportunity before you join it, you will be pleased to know they work out perfectly for Life Tree World.  Thanks to the fact LTW are so transparent about the amount of profit they make on items purchased from their website it is very easy to do the calculations.

I will focus mainly on the monthly income as the remainder is easily accounted for when you see the figures.

Firstly, I look at how many people are required for each level of income, then calculate the profit generated for each one:

Senior Star Distributor = £200 per month income

To achieve this you need to have 6 people in your team.

Each person needs to be placing an order of 100 point value which equals £100 of profit.

The total amount of profit generated by a team this size then is £600 (+£100 from you), so you can see it is very easy for the company to pay you £200 for meeting this level.


Team Leader = £750 per month income

To achieve this you need to have 21 people in your team.   That is split into 3 groups (or legs) each with 7 people.

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £2,100 (+£100 from you) at this level

Senior Team Leader = £2000 per month

To achieve this you need to have 66 people in your team. That is also split into different groups.

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £6,600 (+£100 from you) at this level


Team Director = £5000 per month

To achieve this you need to have 150 people in your team. That is also split into different groups .

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £15,000 (+£100 from you) at this level

Regional Director = £10,000 per month

To achieve this you need to have 240 people in your team. That is also split into different groups .

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £24,000 (+£100 from you) at this level


Regional President = £25,000 per month

To achieve this you need to have 720 people in your team. That is also split into different groups .

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £72,000 (+£100 from you) at this level

National President = £50,000 per month

To achieve this you need to have 1000 people in your team. That is also split into different groups .

Each person generating £100 profit means the total profit is £100,000 (+£100 from you) at this level


How about the chance of running out of people to sign up?

Well lets do the maths for that as well….

According to the Office for National Statistics 2015 report there are currently 27.0 million households in the UK alone.  That means there are enough households in the UK to allow for 27,000 IBO’s to earn £50,000 per month.  At the end of 2015 there were 9,000 registered IBO’s with Life Tree World.  As far as I am aware there is only 1 person currently earning £25,000 per month in April 2016.

LTW is also planing to expand into Europe, Australia and US in 2016/2017 which obviously increases the number of households significantly…


Do people actually spend £165 per month on groceries? 

According to The Money Advice Service the average food shop per month in the UK is around £200.

Average Weekly Food Spend

This report is for food shopping only.  LTW has many other products that are purchased on a weekly/monthly basis such as cleaning products, health products, baby items etc.  Also many items with high level demand such as make-up, fragrances, electronics and services such as TV packages.   The number of products being provided by LTW are also increasing rapidly.   As the average weekly spend in the UK is over £500 I would say there is a large margin for expansion into many different products.



UK Household average spend

For me personally those figures are very positive.  They also show LTW have taken a clearly planned and calculated approach to their business, which is just one of the reasons I am happy to promote it.

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