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How to Minimise Ebay Fees


Selling unwanted items is a great way to make some extra cash.  Ebay fees can be a bit of a shock at times though.  It is therefore important to be able to minimise the fees when selling on Ebay.

The fees you pay can be divided into 3 main parts:

Listing Fees

When you are actually adding your item to Ebay you go through the process of listing it.  There are various fees charged at this stage in the process.

The first fee will depend on whether you have a Private Seller Account or a Business Seller Account.

With a Private Seller Account you can list up to 20 items a month for free. After your free 20 items, each item you list costs £0.35.

With a Business Seller Account it is much more complex as you can add various shop subscriptions.  For this post I will assume you have a Private Seller Account.

In addition to the fees based on your account type, there are fees to add various features to your listing.  These are added as you complete the listing process:

You start off with a title, for example “Gold Necklace” and then decide which category to list it in.  When you enter the title you will now get various options to choose from in a drop down menu:

minimise fees on ebay

Click on one of these options to get to the listing form.  Your choices on the listing form are important.  You should note the fees for the following:

  • Adding a Subtitle – This adds £1 to your cost
  • Listing your item in more than one category – This adds 35p
  • Displaying a larger photo in search results – This adds £2.50 for some listings but is free for others.
  • Adding a reserve price – This adds 4% of the reserve price you set (reserve of £10 = 40p)
  • Adding a buy now price – This adds 50p to your cost

minimise fees on ebay

minimise fees on ebay

minimise fees on ebay

All of these are optional and personally I do not use any of them.

The price you charge for postage effects ebay fees too.  You need to be aware of this when filling in the listing form.

Ebay charges a final value fee of up to 10% (for private sellers).  This is on the full price the item has sold for INCLUDING the postage.  This means selling an item for £5 + £3 postage will cost 80p.

Fees for receiving payment

You will also have to pay a fee if the buyer uses paypal as the payment method.  This is 3.4% of the TOTAL amount you receive + 20p per transaction.

Total Fees Examples

To help simplify things for you I have done a few of the calculations for your info.  These calculations DO NOT include listing costs.

Total Selling Cost

£1.00 = 10p Ebay + 24p Paypal + Postage.  55p is lowest price for UK postage, so at this rate you will get 11p for this sale.

£3.00 = 30p Ebay + 31p Paypal + Postage.  75p is the lowest price for large letter UK postage, so at this rate you will get £1.64 for this sale.

£5.00 = 50p Ebay + 37p Paypal + Postage.  £2.85 is the lowest price for small parcel UK postage, so at this rate you will get £1.28 for this sale.

£10.00 = £1 Ebay + 54p Paypal + Postage.  £4.95 is the lowest price for medium UK postage, so at this rate you will get £3.51 for this sale.

£20.00 = £2 Ebay + 88p Paypal + Postage.  £6.05 is the lowest price for recorded medium UK postage, so at this rate you will get £11.07 for this sale.

£50.00 = £5 Ebay + £1.70 Paypal + Postage. £6.05 is the lowest price for recorded medium UK postage, so at this rate you will get £37.25 for this sale.

£100.00 = £10 Ebay + £3.60 Paypal + Postage. £11.99 is the lowest price for recorded UK postage with sufficient insurance, so at this rate you will get £74.41 for this sale.


As you can see selling fees and postage can take quite a chunk of the money made from sales on Ebay.  I used to list items starting at 1p or 99p on ebay, but due to the fees it is no longer worth risking this in my opinion.

How to Minimise the Fees on Ebay:

  1. Use only your Free Listing allowance of 20 items per month.
  2. Do not add a subtitle to your listing.
  3. List in one category only.
  4. Do not use larger photo listings
  5. Avoid adding a reserve price
  6. Do not add a buy now price to auction listings
  7. Keep your postage charge low
  8. Offer local collection

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 

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Try Your Luck with Todays Friday Freebie!



Today I have a great Friday Freebie for you.  Not only will you make £8 in cashback, there is a chance to win a lot more too.

I have to admit I love it when I spy a deal like this on Topcashback.  The deal is to spend £5 and they give you back £13.  So there is a guaranteed £8 for free with this one.  (Make sure you take screenshots to submit should the tracking not work).

As well as the £8 there is a chance of winning with the £5 you spend because the offer involves signing up to Lucky Pants Bingo.  Even if you don’t want to spend the £5 you can also get a free £5 and 20 spins without making any deposit on this site.

To get the free cash just click the link to open an account with Topcashback.  Then use the search box to find the Lucky Pants Bingo offer as shown below.



Next just click through the Get Cashback Now button.  This will open the registration page for Lucky Pants Bingo.

Deposit £5 following the instructions on the site.  Play through your £5, or use the free credit to see if you win anything more.

Good Luck for great wins if you try this one!

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Online Earning Update – How I made £1040.71 in November 2016

online earning


My online earning update for November 2016 is quite a shock for me to be honest.  As mentioned in my October 2016 Earnings Summary my plan for this month was to aim for £800, but I blew that right out of the water!

Today I would like to share how exactly I made £1040.71 from online earning in November 2016 😉

To say November has been a great month for my earning is an understatement.  I just keep looking at the figure and smiling.  For quite a long time I have had the goal in mind of making £1000+ per month.  Now, today, I have reached that goal for the first time.  I can’t deny it feels awesome!

How I Did It!

Well I have to admit that my  Earn £100 per week challenge last month really made a big difference.  It provided a baseline measurement for me, but also forced me into developing My Own Daily Earning Routine.

I always work on several income streams at once.  Here are the details of how much I made with each option:

Survey Sites and other Casual Earning

This month I made £248.85 from these sites.  My top earners in this category for November were:

GTM – £150

Panel Base £27.60

Inbox Pounds £13.99

Valued Opinions £7.75

Mintvine £7.25

Prolific Academic £6.82

Clixsense £6.10

Gambling and Matched Betting

Jackpot Joy is still my main income source in this section.  This month Jackpot Joy made me £525.14 with £130 of that being from the free games.

For more info about how I use JPJ you might like to read:

Scheduled Free Games on JackpotJoy

Is it possible to Make Money from Free Games?

Playing Roulette Splendide with Minimal Risk

I also made £17.86 from matched betting this month.

Cashback and Passive Income

I have spent quite a lot of time this month working on my passive income specifically.  This month I made £134.30 from my passive income options which is more than double what I made in October.  I will continue with my Increase Passive Income Challenge until I hit my current target of £350 per month with this type of earning.

For your info the sites I use for my passive income are:

My Own Sales

I have deliberately cut back on the amount of sales this month.  This is because I find it very stressful to work on making sales at times.  I do however have a long term plan in mind to help me with this.  I will write more about that later in the month.

Plan For Next Month

I will continue to work on my passive income as much as possible during December.  This will include increasing my investment a little with Recyclix, Property Partner and Futurenet.  I aim to fund this mainly from matched betting this month. I will still be completing surveys each day and will reinvest the earnings from those into advertising.

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂 


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My Own Daily Earning Routine


My Own Daily Earning Routine is something I am asked for a lot.  As it has been over a year since I posted an updated routine I thought I would share that with you today.

Please note some of the site links in this post are referral links.  This means I might get a small reward if you join by clicking through them.  I only refer others to sites I have checked out to be genuine and am happy to recommend.

I split my earning up into a couple of segments:

Daily Clicks

For the daily clicks part of my routine I spend around 30 mins – 1 hr daily.  I currently earn £30+ per month from this which I then upcycle into higher level monthly earnings.

  • My daily routine starts with the Free daily games on Jackpot Joy.  I love the fact I can start my day winning some cash.  Today for example I won over £60 from the free game which gave my balance a nice boost 😉  Note you do need to wager £2 per week to qualify for the free games!

More info can be found about this in my post Is it possible to Make Money from Free Games?

  • Second on my spreadsheet is Gifthulk.   I always start with the card game where I guess the suit.  Sometimes you win a boost on there so its good to do first.  I then check in for the surveys (5 points just for doing that). I do try a survey or 2 some days on here as you get points for screening out as well as completing them.  You also get a bonus after screening out 10 times.   I try to do a few searches daily too . You get some points for those each time but don’t overuse or you can get a block on your account.  I also check for videos to watch.

More info can be found about Gifthulk can be found in this post: Guest Post – An earning guide for Gifthulk!

More Info about using Clixsense can be found in my post: A Weeklong Website Trial – Clixsense

  • Then I check in on Inbox Pounds for paid emails and do a single search.  I do check the surveys for reasonable payment ones as well.  I do also watch out for bonuses for doing offers on here as they can be pretty good.

More info about using Inbox Pounds can be found in my posts: Inbox Pounds and Inbox Pounds Bonus

  • I have recently added Swagbucks back into my daily plan.  Now I complete the daily poll, the search, daily crave, deal of the day and usually try to play a couple of games.  I will also do the watch videos and surveys bits too if I feel like it!

More Info about using Swagbucks can be found in my posts: Swagbucks Surveys – Earn £25+ per Month with this Information! and How To Earn on Swagbucks – Easy System to add 20SB Daily

More Info about using Reward Shopping can be found in my post: How to Earn with Reward Shopping

Passive Income

This is the section I use to upcycle my earnings from the Daily Clicks part of my Routine.

Basically I use my earnings from the previous section to invest in various sites.  I use several sites for this to help maximise my income.  Also I advise the multiple income streams approach to minimize any unexpected risk, and protect income long term.  Quite frankly no-one has a crystal ball and any company can go out of business, so this approach best in my opinion.

It is highly possible to use just 1 or 2 of these, or 100+ passive income options because once they are set up there is very little ‘work’ involved.

The sites I use in this section are:

In addition I obviously use this blog for generating passive income too.

For More Info on these sites please check out the following posts:

How to Earn with Recyclix – A Basic Guide.

Earn £100 per month with Recyclix

Have You Invested in Gold Yet?

Want Cheap Website Hosting Fees? My Provider Pays Me!

Loose Weight and Earn Cash – My Experience with Skinny Body Care

Start Earning with Future Net

I will add more posts about Zopa, Futurenet, Property Partner, Stiforp and CB Passive Income as soon as I write them 😉

Income Boosters

This section includes any additional sites or activities that I use on a more flexible basis.  I use them mainly to speed up the income generation from the passive income options.  These include things like selling items for my Junk to Cash Challenge,  or when I decide to Earn £10 Per Day with These Surveys Sites.

I also use these options to help provide information for my readers, such as when writing the post Would you like to Know How to Earn £100 in a Week?.

The money I generate from these activities I tend to use for investing in the passive income options when possible.

Why I use this Routine

The reason I use this routine is because my focus is on creating a monthly income for my future.  I used to work mainly on what I call the income booster options when I first started out with my make money from home journey.  I needed the money there and then to help pay the bills and pay off my debts.  Now that I have paid off my debts and sorted an income though I am able to change from these more time intensive methods.  It is this change that will allow me to earn an unlimited income.

In some ways I wish I had been able to make this change earlier.  It is difficult to change direction though.  It involves a leap of faith in a lot of ways, as it is a bit scary to put money into different things.   Especially when money is short it is hard to take this leap of faith.  Being able to start using passive income methods with a very small amount of cash is great though.  It means they are not out of reach for anyone now.

I thoroughly recommend starting with a passive income option as soon as possible if you really want to create time and financial freedom.  What better way to do it than from using an income booster option to earn the initial seed money?  That is how it is possible to create a full time level income when you start with nothing 😉

I hope you have found this post useful.  If you have please consider sharing it on social media as that allows me to help more people! 


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Start Earning with Future Net




Its quite easy to start earning with Future Net.  There are many ways to earn on this site however, and several sections, so it can seem a little confusing at first.

In this post I will cover the basics of getting started with the social media section.  This is completely free.  I will cover the other options later!

Before joining this site you might like to watch the Future Net Club video to help you understand a bit more about what it offers:

Future Net Club

The social media section of Future Net is called Futurenet Club.  You can only join with a direct link to a current members profile.  Mine is if you would like to use it.

When you click on the link it will take you to the registration page which looks like this:



Simply complete the form and click on the registration button.  You will be asked to confirm your sponsor is Ellie Murphy if you used my link to join.  A short intro video will play before you get to your profile page as well.

Your Profile Page will look something like this:



To actually start earning with Future Net you simply post updates, comment on other peoples updates and send PM’s.  You will not earn for every comment you post, or every PM etc.  Earnings are based on activity levels so the more time you spend ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING on the site the more you will earn.  I have highlighted a few of the important parts in the image above.

The middle bit is where you post your updates or photos etc – just like you would do on facebook etc.

To make the most of the site you will need to have some friends to chat to.  You can connect with others by searching for a common interest in the top search bar and then sending friend requests.  Sharing your referral link on other social media sites can help you to earn more too.  The more people you refer to Future Net the more you can earn.

Personally I find Future Net Club is a great place to meet like-minded people, those who want to earn from home, or already do for example.  I’ve made some great contacts on there!

The Main Menu

As well as the highlighted parts shown above you will want to familiarise yourself with the main menu.  This is down the left side.   You can just click on any item in the menu to access that section.

The main menu sections to help you start earning with Future Net are:

The Success System –  Will take you to a further video presentation about how to earn with Future Net.

Future Net E Commerce – Future Net branded goods are available here, and are very useful for promotion.  There is also external shopping options here too.

Business – Will take you to to the paid sections of Future Net for higher level earning opportunities.  These start at $10 single payment options.

Your Activity Bonus – Will provide you with your earnings information related only to the social media section of Future Net.

Advertising – Provides the opportunity to promote your own Future Net business or external sites.

There are many other business tools available.  I will provide more details about these and the higher level earning options soon!

If you have any questions about using Future Net Club just let me know 🙂


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Freebie Friday – Amazon Goodies for Free with Amzreviewtrader



Amzreviewtrader is a site that allows its members to claim Amazon products for free, or with members only discount.  It was initially set up to allow small business owners the chance to have customers try out their products in exchange for leaving a review.  Due to a change in Amazon policies with regard to leaving reviews Amzreviewtrader (ART) is currently changing things a little.  You are no longer obligated to leave a review, however doing so builds your reputation as a reviewer.

How to get Items for Free

The process is very simple, you sign up for a free customer account with Amzreviewtrader.  Remember to confirm your email address!

Next its time to go shopping 🙂

To do this:

  1. Click on the Go Shopping tab
  2. Make sure you change the country settings according to where you live
  3. Search for products



When you find something you would like, simply click on the request deal button below the item.  This opens another window with a bit more information.




Note that you are not guaranteed to receive the item.  By clicking on request deal the seller will decide who gets the discount code.  They may only have a few available and many purchasers making requests for the codes.

To find out if you qualified for the deal click on the deal requests tab and look down the list.  Any Items you can purchase at the members only price will be marked as approved.


When you accept the voucher you get a code to add when you check out.  In this example the discount was £5.


If you do claim items for free with Amzreviewtrader do remember that it is often small business owners just starting off who are offering these products.  There is no obligation to leave a review however all sellers do appreciate when you do 😉

I hope you are enjoying our Freebie Friday posts so far? Don’t forget to check out previous Freebie Friday posts as many of them are still available!

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Get Paid to Loose Weight


How would you like to get paid to loose weight?

Yes you can get paid for doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things these days, and loosing weight is one of the most popular ones.   There are literally thousands of people who get paid to loose weight every day.  If you have ever paid for a diet plan, or a weight loss product you might be surprised about that, but it is true.

Lets face it, weight loss is a million pound, million dollar and million euro business.  Each and every second of each day someone buys something related to weight loss.  There are books, programs, pills, equipment, wraps and well dear knows what else all for sale.   It seems too that everywhere we go there is something telling us how important it is to loose weight.  Its on the news, its in magazines, its on leaflets in the doctors surgery.  We all know it effects our health.

The weight loss industry knows too, and they know it can be a struggle to loose weight.  Exercise and diets are a hassle for a lot of people.  Its hard to find the time, the energy and the motivation to exercise, right? Its also hard to stick to a low calorie diet.  These facts create a demand.   They create a huge demand for easy to use options, and something that works.

Now if you want to loose weight yourself you have a lot of options.  Most of them cost money.  Even the healthy eating option is more expensive than the non-healthy food.  So you can either pay to loose weight, or be paid.  I know which I would choose.

How to Get Paid to Loose Weight

Its very easy to get paid to loose weight actually.  Mostly you simply post updates on your progress on social media.  You see each time you post something like “Lost 3lb this week” you attract the attention of friends and family.  People congratulate you and then, depending on the settings you have, their friends see your post too.  Its pretty difficult to post an update like that and not get any response to be honest.  You can bet that those who also want to loose weight, or is on a diet will notice what you are posting.  Its relevant to them, so it gets their attention.  If you consistently post your progress updates you will also start to get questions.  How are you doing it? What are you using? Are you following a plan? etc etc.

When that happens you just tell them what you are doing…..

Of course you need to be doing something to loose the weight in the first place.  The product I use is highly effective.  Its easy to use too and is in high demand.  It also comes with an empty bottle guarantee. I use it and am loosing weight, post on social media and others contact me to ask about it.  When they try it I get paid. Read all about my experience with Skinny Body Care here.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or send me a message via my contact me link 🙂



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Freebie Friday – Start Your Passive Income for Free!

start your passive income for free

If you have been following my updates this month you will know that I am focusing on my passive income.  Today I would like to offer you the opportunity to start your own passive income for Free.

There are actually 2 ways you can start your passive income for free.  Just choose which you would like to use:

Start with a Free 20 Euros (deposit required)

Everyone has the opportunity to start their passive income with a free 20 Euros.  This is an offer provided by Recyclix to all new users of the site.  To get the free 20 Euros just sign up for your free account at  Enter code D81F-4072-E9B0 for the account ID and complete your profile.  You will receive your free 20 Euros to start using the site.   Please check my post How to get started with Recyclix for details of how to use it.

If you are happy to continue using the site you will need to make a deposit of at least 20 Euros within 8 weeks.  If you do not do this your account will close automatically.

Start with a Free $10 (no deposit required)

I am funding this opportunity myself.  I will provide a code to claim your free $10 on Futurenet to everyone who sends me a request to  Please use Free $10 claim as the email subject.  As I will be funding this myself it may take me a little time to get back to everyone depending on the number of requests I get.  I will get back to everyone as soon as I can.   Your $10 code will be sent via email and will need to be claimed within 7 days or it will be given to others on the list.

Happy Friday!

PS don’t forget you can view all the Freebie Friday posts via the deals and discounts tab in the top menu.

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Earn £100 per month with Recyclix


My plan to earn £100 per month with Recyclix is quite straightforward.  As detailed in How to Earn with Recyclix, A Basic Guide I have made a deposit and received my free €20.

With my €200 deposit and free €20 I made a purchase of 1100kg of waste.  Just from using the recycling process I have already got a small monthly income:

My earning total for October from Recyclix was £35.14.

As I already use money earned to buy more waste on the site my income will continue to increase slowly.  By doing this, so far I have increased the amount of waste I am recycling from 1100kg to 2140kg.  Almost, but not quite double what I purchased originally!


I would like to increase my Recyclix income to around £100 per month as soon as possible.  Basic maths would suggest that I need to triple the amount of waste in my recycling process to do that, however that is not the case.  By using the calculator on the site I can see what I need to do to earn €100 per month:


As shown, adding another €500 (approximately £430) or reaching 4640kg of waste would provide my target income of £100 per month.

I am willing to add a little more cash to my account to speed this up a bit.  Most of the extra waste however will be purchased directly from my Recyclix earnings.

The plan then is to add another €100 from my survey earnings this month.  That will leave around 2000kg I still need to purchase.   From my calculations it will take approximately 6 months to buy this direct from my Recyclix account earnings.  Really I would like to be able to earn £100 per month from Recyclix by January 2017.   I will therefore consider adding another €200 from my December survey earnings.

After I hit my £100 per month target I want to aim for 5000kg of waste.   By doing this I will be able to get equipment shares, and that will increase my income and speed up the recycling process as well.  I’m really looking forward to hitting that 5000kg level I must admit.  I can’t wait to see my earnings when I get to that point 🙂


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Increase Passive Income Challenge


I really want to increase my passive income at the minute, so its time for a specific challenge for that I think.  I have already started to work on my passive income streams a little.  For me to really focus on it though I want to write a plan, and monitor my own progress.

In case you don’t know already passive income is money received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.  More information about passive income is provided in my blog post What is Passive Income and How do I get Some.

My Passive Income Plan

As I have already started to work on my passive income the first part of my plan is to record my earnings for October.  This will give me a baseline measurement so I can check if it is increasing ok.  The total amount I earned from passive income alone in October was £67.65.  

Next I identify the amount I want to aim for.  I have decided I want to boost my passive income up to a minimum of £350 per month.  This amount will cover my mortgage payment each month and free up money for my house renovation project.  It will also cover my mortgage payment when my tenant moves out.

Now I need to break down that target as I have several sources of passive income at the minute.  I would like to aim for a specific amount from each of the sources as this will give me a more concrete plan.  Dividing the amount across different income sources also helps to protect that income against unexpected issues.

I have decided I will focus on 3 main sources for my £350 per month target:


October Income – £35.21.  Target income £100 per month.

To increase my income from Recyclix I can do a few things:

  1. Keep compounding the income I receive from it.
  2. Add extra money.
  3. Refer others.
Future Net

October Income – Not Checked.  I currently earn an average of £1.50 per day.  Target income £100 per month.

To increase my income from Futurenet I can do a few things:

  1. Keep compounding the income I receive from it.
  2. Add extra money.
  3. Refer others.


That leaves a target of £50 per month.  I would like to use my blog to earn this mainly via affiliate sales and traffic.


Affiliate Window

October Income – £1.50.  Target income £25 per month.

To increase my income from Affiliate Window I can do a few things:

  1. Keep writing affiliate posts.
  2. Refer others.
  3. Increase traffic to my blog

October Income – Not Checked.

Target income £25 per month.

To increase my income from Adsense I can do a few things:

  1. Keep writing blog posts.
  2. Increase traffic to my blog


I will now start to work on each of these income sources individually to help me reach my goal of £350 per month specifically from passive income.

Would you like to join me in this challenge? If so just let me know what you would like to aim for below 😉


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