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Inbox Pounds Bonus


I just logged in to find there is an Inbox Pounds Bonus currently available.  As shown above they have a £2 bonus available for completing 2 offers.  Although I don’t tend to do a lot of offers I do sometimes do the ones on Inbox Pounds as I find they have some good ones now and again.

I also am just £1.50 under the £20 claim level right now so this caught my eye!

The 2 offers must be completed before September 30th and you need to click through the offer link to get the £2 bonus.

If you do not have an account with Inbox Pounds you can sign up with this link.

There are a few different options with this that I would suggest you look at.  Firstly the 100% free ones, then the highest paying ones.  I also have a couple of recommended ones you might like to check out as well.  Of course you can complete any offers you choose for yourself too.  Be careful about the monthly subscription ones, and remember to cancel if you don’t want to continue with them afterwards. 😉

Free Offers

There are a couple of free offers available within this promotion if you would like to do those.  The 100% free offers are:

Double Down Casino – Earn 40p on this one, BUT be careful of any paid upgrades – this is a FB application and I expect there to be some paid option lurking in the background on this


FreeStuff –  Earn 60p on this one.  This one is a newsletter so be prepared for a lot of spam emails from this.  I use a dedicated ‘spam’ email address for this kind of offer.



So with the bonus payment you will earn £3 from completing these free offers.


Top Paying Offers



If you are happy to do the higher paid offers of Ladbrokes Sports and Ladbrokes Bingo you can earn £17 including the bonus payment, but you do need to make a deposit of £10 in the Sports account and £5 in the Bingo account.

Personal Recommendations


One of the offers I am always happy to recommend to complete on Inbox Pounds is the MobileXpression one.  Here you can see you will earn £2.50 for this, but you can also get a £10 Amazon gift card within 7 days for installing this app.  You can continue to earn 1 point each week as well and claim Amazon gift cards regularly from this.

Other ongoing earning options available are:

Permission Research – Earn £2.50.  This has ongoing prize draws each month.

Opinion People – Earn £0.50.  This offers ongoing surveys to earn from.

Newvista – Earn £0.50.  This one also offers ongoing surveys to earn from.


So these have a potential earning of £17 within a few days and of course the chance to keep earning weekly.  Unfortunately I am already registered with these so I can’t complete the offers myself so I need to do a mix and match option….

I’m going with the Tastecard one and the Ladbrokes Bingo one 😉


Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 😉 

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Earn £10 Per Day with These Surveys Sites


10It is quite possible to earn £10 Per Day using Survey Sites.  An extra £300 per month is a nice amount for using casual online earning sites in my opinion.

Its not always easy to earn £10 per day with survey sites, and can be a bit time consuming at times.  The surveys themselves don’t take a huge amount of time, but the screening process certainly can.

Some sites are a bit easier to earn with than others on a daily basis.  This post details the main survey sites I would personally use when aiming for this daily target!  I have included my own earning levels for today for your information.


GlobalTestMarket – I completed 2 surveys today and added £2.61 from those.

This site usually has a lot of surveys available daily.  The payment level is reasonable for each survey in my opinion, though you should expect quite a lot of screen outs on here.

InboxPounds  – Today I got a 20p search bonus from last week and added 2p from searches/emails so 22p on there.

To boost earnings on this site you can complete some surveys, though I think the payment rate is pretty poor for those.  The offers tend to be a better option for higher payment.  Unfortunately the offers can lead to a lot spam emails so I suggest using a disposable email address for these.

Justtheanswer – Just a little 16p added on there today, but they do offer reasonable amounts usually for surveys.  This was a very fast one to complete.

I find there is less screening on this site than some others.

Maximiles  – Another small amount earned for this site today.  Just 14p added to the online earning pot, but again this was very fast.  The surveys on here are usually quite interesting and can pay well, but are not available daily.  My earning for today was from watching a couple of videos and clicking on an email.

Onepoll  –  Just 25p earned on here today and that was for 2 surveys.  This might seem like very little but 1 survey had 2 questions and the other had 5.  I usually find surveys available most days except weekends.

Populuslive – This is one of my favourite sites and I earned £2 on there today.  The survey took me about 8 mins so not a bad payment.  Surveys are not available daily on here but sometimes 2 or 3 can be available in 1 day.  Definitely one of the better survey sites in my opinion.

Shopnscan – £2.50 for a survey added today.  Technically this is not a survey site, but they do offer a few in the month usually.  I have added it as the payment is pretty good on these.

Swagbucks – £1.65 for 2 surveys today.  There are almost always surveys available on this site.  The payment can be a little low, but as you can earn from doing several basic activities on here too, I think that makes up for it.  You can also earn weekly bonuses for hitting a target each day.

Gifthulk – £1.89 for 1 survey today.  This one is another site that tends to have several surveys available daily.  I find it pretty easy to earn on here each day, even without doing surveys.

That makes my total for today a lovely £11.42 and my earnings are over the £10 target. Just shows what i can do in a few hours if i choose to!

I’d love to know how you get on with this daily earning challenge if you try it for yourself 😉

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook etc 🙂

PS if you want to know about other casual earning sites check out the A-Z list for a lot more options

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Benefits of Blogging

the-benefits-of-bloggingHave you ever wondered about the benefits of blogging? Had the idea it would be something you might do if you had time?

A lot of people I talk to in the work from home arena say they would be interested in writing a blog.  Strangely however not many really know why.  Some people think it is a fun thing to do, and some like the idea of keeping a kind of online journal.  There are also those who know blogging can be beneficial to their business strategies, but don’t fully understand how.

When I first started blogging I literally had to research what a blog actually was.  Really my own reason to start was simply to keep a record of my own online earning and progress.  I also thought it would be a good way to share online earning information with others.  I definitely had no intention of turning it into my main income source, and had no idea how important it would become.

Now that I have decided to actually get serious about my work from home income, my blog will play a huge role in that.

Why? Let me count the reasons….

1. Lead Generation

Blogging is one of the best ways to generate high quality leads for any business.  According to Hubspot for example, “B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not”.  This form of lead generation is constant and passive too.  By that I mean a blog is constantly working to generate leads for you long after the actual post has been written.

Personally I tend to get daily leads coming to me as a direct result of my blog posts.

2. Lead Conversion

Most of us in the work from home arena understand that taking someone from having an interest in your business or product to converting them into a customer is not a straightforward process.  Especially now, with so many options available, and the rise in the number and type of scams.

Customers have never had so much choice, and buying has never been so easy either.  Therefore, the need to develop a relationship with those interested in what you offer is vital.  Blogging is a great way to build up the know, like and trust factors.  Again, according to Hubspot “B2C companies who blog get 88% more leads than those who dont”.  That figure is not actual sales, but of course more leads tends to lead to more sales too!

3. Providing Information

Having a blog that provides good information shows you are knowledgeable in the area of interest.   This helps to establish you as a credible business person, leader or trainer etc.  Sharing information that your potential customers are looking for also shows that you are open to discussion, and able to provide advice if required.  In other words it makes you appear more approachable.

Another benefit of providing information is it also allows you to respond to customer needs before they are even expressed.  By doing this you are demonstrating a level of understanding from the customers perspective.

4. Helps you Get Found Online

Blogging increases your visibility in a crowded space.  People can find you, and as stated above you also become more approachable.  A blog usually provides a way for your potential customers to contact you as well, and encourages them to interact with you even before there is any intention to buy.

Blogging is also more effective for search engine optimisation than a static website.  The more blog posts you publish the more pages you create which get indexed by search engines.  This means it is far more likely that your posts are to be displayed in search results.  Its a bit like fishing with 100’s of hooks rather than just the one.

You can actually build your blog posts around specific keywords that are relevant to your business as well.  Creating content in this way means you can target multiple keywords and phrases to maximise the chances of being found.

5. Helps Potential Customers with Research

Providing relevant and trustworthy information allows customers to validate their research.  As this comes direct from someone with the most knowledge about the products or service, it has more weight.  Knowing that you provide trustworthy information directly also saves the potential customer a lot of time and effort trying to find information elsewhere, and keeps them on your site, which has obvious benefits too.

You can also show you are willing to provide the solution to your customers problems.  In other words you have the opportunity to explain exactly how your product or service can help with their particular issue.

6. Costs are Minimal

Unlike a lot of big advertising campaigns, there is very little financial cost associated with blogging.  In fact, as I detail in this post you can also earn from your blog, rather than paying for it.

There are very few advertising campaigns that allow you to have a continual presence, and to provide so much information at all.  If there was this option I would hate to think about how much it would cost.

7. Builds a Professional Reputation

Blogging helps you to demonstrate you are a serious business person, who is willing to spend time and effort on your business.  A blog is a long term marketing asset which infers you are intending to be around for a long time, and so helps to build trust from that perspective.  Someone who is willing to spend time building their business via blogging is generally thought of in a very different way to someone who posts simple adverts.  For example, compare someone who only posts adverts on social media, with someone who writes a good quality blog.  Which of these people would you prefer to do business with?

8. Personal Values Exposed

Due to the personalised nature of blogging it becomes clear to your customers what values you hold.   Even the fact that you have taken the time to provide the additional information indicates you care about your customers needs.  The very topics that you choose to write about reveal a lot about your own thought processes, and what is important to you, so it is impossible to not expose your own values in a blog.

9. Builds Brand Identity

I previously discussed the need to have a unique selling point, especially when you work with an MLM company.  Blogging is perhaps one of the most unique things you can do.  Of course many companies write a blog, but the content is always highly unique.  In this way blogging allows you to distinguish yourself from your competition completely.

Additionally, having a blog provides an extra platform to use for branding.  Consistent brand messages are provided in a non sales focused environment, which increases exposure to these.  Potential customers will spend much longer reading a blog post of interest to them than looking at an advert, especially if they are not in the frame of mind for making a purchase.

10. Allows you to Measure Interest

How a customer responds to a blog can tell you a huge amount.  For example, are they subscribing to your blog posts? If so this provides a sure indication they are interested in your products or services.  Someone will not be willing to spend time reading a blog about something they have no interest in.

Statistical information provided by blog platforms can also help you to distinguish which products or topics are important to your potential customers.  Although there are a lot of factors that influence statistics you can take most of these into account.  The amount of time someone spends reading one post rather than another for example, can tell you a lot about that persons interests.


I am sure I could continue to add more benefits to this post – there are a lot of personal benefits as well as business ones, but I think I will save those for another post 😉

If you would like to start your own blog I am happy to recommend Global Domains International.  Having used several platforms myself I do consider wordpress blogs to be far superior to others.  I also highly recommend NOT using free blogging options for a business blog.  I have many reasons for saying that, and I will discuss it a lot more in another post as well.  In the meantime I will simply say there are a lot of limitations with a free blog, and it gives a particular impression to others as well.

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The Greatest Networker in the World


Click to Buy

The Greatest Networker in the World is, in my opinion, one of those books that you can read in one sitting.  Once you start reading it gets quite difficult to put it down until you finish it.  Its quite a thin book too, so won’t take too long – its not an all night kinda thing!  At least not for the first reading, it is one of those read more than once books….

Have you ever watched The Karate Kid film? Well I compare how he learns how to fight with this book.  You don’t quite know what it is you are learning until it is revealed to you.  Some of the ‘lessons’ you do need to read several times, and each time you learn a bit more.


It did make me laugh when the first chapter was called The End…. I won’t spoil it for you by saying the author was not in a good place at the start of the book. He was quite simply ready to give up all hope of becoming a success in the Network Marketing arena.   You can probably guess that just from the chapter title right?  Meeting The Greatest Networker at this point in his life leads to an interesting learning curve, and one the reader goes through as well.  This book is full of various conversations, and challenging thought processes.  The first couple of chapters really pull you into the authors shoes (or head).  It certainly raises the question of What you don’t know? when reading it for yourself!

Later in the book, there are some very interesting methods to help reveal the authors deeply held values and life purpose.  Just from reading, I was able to take myself through the same process.  I felt the same sensations of excitement to have used them as well!

Its very interesting to actually explore your own values and purpose in this way.  A way that goes beyond your own limiting beliefs.

I was very pleased to read on, and find some discussion about the competitive nature of Network Marketing as an industry. The tendency to try and market ‘your’ company as being better than another company is very common.  Personally, I have thought for some time that this can be quite damaging.  My own viewpoint on this reverberated with the level of responsibility discussed in the book.

Topics like recruiting, team building and management, mindset, duplication, making sales etc are all covered in this book.  They are covered in quite an unusual way, but they are discussed.  The book provides a whole new way to look at most of these topics, which was also entertaining.   Trust me, you will not know how the author manages to include kids playing games, or Japanese baths in these discussions until you read the book.  There is really no way for me to explain that without telling the stories!

Of course the story telling techniques are very powerful.  There are a lot of training courses that talk about the power of telling stories out there.  This book actually tells stories and lets you learn from those.  Its quite different than simply providing the information, and demonstrates that stories are very powerful.  It weaves through them in ways that you really want to know where they are leading to as well.

There is an interesting chapter also, about the whole work and life balance issue.  In my experience a lot of people in this type of work struggle with this a huge amount.  How to actually have a satisfying non working life, as well as a working one is a mystery to many.  The answer is actually quite simple.  The author covers this topic, again through story telling that most could relate to.  Balance is a continuous theme in fact, even down to the carrots….

How about the question of joining a established company versus being the ‘first level team members’ with a new company? Have you ever asked yourself about that? Or which sponsor to choose?  How about the question of if you are able to be a success in this industry? Yes they are all discussed in detail, but more than that.  There are exercises to do…if you care to look for them.  It is as if you are the student of The Greatest Networker, and you have constant access to what he has to teach.

Throughout the book, images of what it might mean to be a success in this business are also provided within the text.  Words that create the images in your head are cleverly used.  For me there is enough ‘room’ for my own ideas of success to be included.  I was motivated to actually create the images for myself.  Of course you need to replace the authors ideas of success with your own.  This is another powerful technique, and the psychology of how it is achieved in the book fascinated me.  The explanations of how these techniques actually work were basic, but sufficient to provide a knowledge to back up the exercises as well.

There is the temptation to simply read through the book as fast as possible.  You want to absorb all the knowledge, and have answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.  There are a few parts that I wanted to skip through myself, not really understanding why they were included at times.  However, the most benefit is gained from reading small portions, putting the book down and allowing your thoughts to develop.  This is the reason I suggest it is a book to read several times over.

I imagine I will be reading this over again quite a lot.  A notebook will be dedicated to recording my own lessons and progress just from this one book.  I will also start a accompanying motivation board or book for images.  I will be creating these by working through the book  No doubt they will be updated when I read through the book again and again as well.

This is just my plan, others may not wish to go into it in so much detail.  The good thing is you have the choice – read it in a few hours or keep going back and learning more.  Regardless of which you choose I’m sure you will be curious about how the book ends…. I have no intention of spoiling it for you!

Would you like to purchase it?

If you would like to purchase this book for yourself you can use my affiliate link here, or my non affiliate link here.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have.  I would love to hear your own opinions about it!

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Create Your Own Earning Plan

create-an-earning-planYou can create your own earning plan quite easily when you know how to do it.  The knowing how is where most people fall down, so this is how I do it!

Creating an earning plan is exactly the same as creating any other plan really – you start by knowing your goal.  You need to make sure your goal is clearly defined or you won’t know when you have reached it.

For example, lets say your goal is to earn an extra £1000 per month…. this is my own goal at the minute, so I can talk you though my process.

To earn a monthly income is a bit different to earning a one off amount as you need to look at recurring income.  So the questions I ask myself are:

What options do I have?

Personally I have hundreds of options to consider so I like to break that down into types of earning.  If you don’t have any options yet you might like to check out my A-Z of Earning Sites or read on for my own options.

Do those options meet my needs for recurring income?

Each option I can think of I will then consider individually to look at the potential for income.  I will remove any that don’t provide recurring income.

What ACTION can I take related to boosting my income with these options?

I look at what I can do with each option to increase income. This becomes my plan.


Affiliate Sales – (marketing products for others)

Amazon Associates – Huge amount of products

  • Could add more posts with product links.  What sort of products posts would be relevant to my blog?  Perhaps items related to motivation and learning? I love reading network marketing books which I buy from Amazon myself, so those would be relevant.

PLAN –  Write some blog posts which review various network marketing books that I read

MLSP – Training products

  • Could write blog posts about this.  This training system has a lot of options that I can blog about, in fact I could nearly write a whole blog just about MLSP.

PLAN – write a review of this site as a whole, and review some of the individual training courses as well.

MLM Gateway – Referrals for MLM

  • Could write blog post about this

PLAN – Write a training post about how to use this site.

Aweber – Autoresponder

  • Could write blog post about this.

PLAN – Write a training post about how to use this site.

Individuals offering affiliate programs – Courses

  • Need to check when courses are coming out

PLAN – Check the details of these

Network Marketing

Skinny Body Care – Diet Products and Skin Care

Stiforp – Online Marketing Training and Tools

GDI – Website Hosting

  • The plan is pretty much the same for all of these network marketing earning options.  To boost income on these I need to recruit new team members or sell more products.


Recruiting – Work through my prospecting list to update, contact those I haven’t chatted to for a while.  Check out current needs and see if any of my opportunities fit.

Sales – Work through Time to Plan for Making More Sales with the MLM products in mind.  Personally I like the recruiting side of things more than the selling, but I also know having customers is vital for having a stable business.

Casual Earning Sites (See A-Z for large list)



One Poll,

Populus Live,



PLAN – very simply to use each of the sites daily.  I would like to monitor my earnings for each of these sites and calculate an average monthly income from using them.

Selling my own items

Although this does not usually fit into the recurring income category I will include it for now.  I’m guessing i have enough to have regular sales for at least several months.
Boxes of household items – I want to focus on selling as much of this as possible over the next few months.

Clothing – will consider after the boxes of household items are gone.

I can sell these items in various ways – as individual items or job lots for example.  I also have the option to sell on various online sites such as Ebay, Gumtree, Preloved or Facebook.  My preference is Facebook.

PLAN – Start my auctions again.


This is something I have been considering for a while.  I am writing a few email courses at the minute and I have had others suggest I do some paid courses.  I don’t think I am ready to do that yet, and I am enjoying providing the free ones.  Currently I am going to put this aside as another option to consider for the future.


Blogging is one of my main focus points at the minute.  There are various ways I could increase my income from this blog, however I don’t want to change it too much right now.  Working on the affiliate income side of things is sufficient for now really.  There is one simple thing I can do and that is to put Adsense  back on to the blog.

PLAN – check what is happening with my adsense account.   Check which platform is earning and how.  Update my blog settings to allow Adsense ads to show on it again.

Having worked through all of my current options I have decided to:

  1. focus mainly on the affiliate earnings and the selling own items first of all.  This will provide me me with an income while I work on the other areas.
  2.  continue with using the casual earning options daily.  These don’t take long and am in the habit of doing them in the mornings already.  
  3. work on my prospecting list by aiming to chat to at least 1 person per day from the list.

Thats my plan for now sorted out.  If you follow my blog then you will see how I implement the affiliate earnings via blog posts.  I will also post earnings updates again, to help me stay on track!


Will you be developing your own earning plan? I’d love to know how you get on with it!


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Fancy Earning a Cheap or Free Holiday?

seDo you fancy a cheap holiday? or even a free one?

Who doesn’t? lol!

Well, if you are anything like me you would jump at the chance!   Secret Escapes have added a very interesting earning option now where you can literally earn yourself a cheap holiday (or a free one if you are willing to work for it!).

Just in case you haven’t heard about Secret Escapes yet, basically they negotiate exclusive rates for luxury hand-picked hotels and holidays.  According to their website you can save up to 70% off the price you’d pay by booking anywhere else.

I have had a look at the website and there are some decent offers available.  They are probably not the cheapest holiday provider out there, however for luxury deals I certainly know there are a lot more expensive options than Secret Escapes.

Apart from the offers they already provide on the site however, there is now an option where you can actually earn additional discounts, or even a free holiday!

How to Earn

There are a few different ways you can earn on Secret Escapes:

Firstly, just for inviting friends to sign up for a free account you can earn £50!

For your first 5 people you earn £5.

When you get to 25 people who have joined up you get a further £20

When you get to 50 people who have joined you get a further £25.

This is just the beginning though, after you have referred others and made a little money from doing that, you then earn commission on trips that are booked!

You will get £25 for each person who books their first trip with Secret Escapes.  This is unlimited so potentially you can earn yourself a free holiday from this.

Even better, as an incentive for people to join via your link, there is a £15 discount provided to your referrals too!


Seems like a nice little earner to me! I’ve love a free holiday, wouldn’t you?

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Who Holds the Keys to Your Kingdom?

You may have noticed that I have recently made quite a few changes to my blog, to my email lists, and to my Facebook pages and groups.  I have a huge amount going on at the minute, and the reason is I discovered My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

MLSP is an amazing program, that not only helps to increase the amount of leads for any company, but provides some of the top training within the MLM industry.

As a result of my own training with MLSP I now work from a more professional perspective, and it is having a massive impact.

One of the areas I have been focusing on recently is my email list – I have had some information about my customers for a while, including email addresses, but I haven’t really made very good use of this until recently. Now I understand the importance of having an email list I simply have to pass on what i have learned about this.

First of all, something I hadn’t really thought of before was the importance of being able to contact customers outside of platforms like Facebook. What would happen if your Facebook page disappeared overnight? Would you have to start all over again from scratch?  What about paypal? or your company website? Are they the ones who hold your customer information? 

If you are depending on others to hold your customer information, they really they hold the keys to your kingdom!

Lets examine that for a minute….

Many small business owners think the main part of their business is their website (which is usually a replicated site provided by the company they work with).  Or perhaps, if not a website, they think it is their social media page that is the hub.

This is just not true.

THE most important part of your business is your customer list.

When you stop to think about it properly, if you had to start all over again, the most difficult thing to replace would be your customer base.  Without them you can have as many fancy websites or social media pages etc as you want.  You still won’t have a business.

Big businesses understand this completely – they never depend on outside sources to be able to contact their customers and we shouldn’t either!

This means we need to do what we can to gather contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, addresses etc. Now this is not always as easy as it seems. We might have some of this information if someone has actually bought something, but what about all the other people we have worked hard to bring to our social media pages and groups etc?  These are people we have built relationships with.  They are the ones who know, like and trust us, and they are our potential future customers.

If we lost access to our social media accounts, how many of these potential customers would we be able to contact? If we lost access to our paypal accounts how many of our previous customers would we be able to contact?

If you wouldn’t be able to contact your customers, then it is time to change that BEFORE something happens to make you realise what you have done.

Where to Start?

The first thing you need to do is make a decision about how you would like to store your customer information. Remember you have a responsibility to make sure other peoples information is safe and secure.  It can’t be just written on a piece of paper, or on a document on your computer where it is open for anyone to see.  It needs to be stored in a locked cabinet or a password protected document.

When you first start collecting customer information, a secured excel document may be sufficient.  Once you start to gather a larger amount of information however you may wish to consider customer specific business tools.

Personally I use Aweber as my autoresponder.

If you want to learn more about business tools, as well as have access to all the tools you might need for online marketing, I’m happy to recommend Stiforp

If you want to have access to a full university about online marketing, as well as a very powerful lead generation system.  The system recommended by the top earners in MLM is My Lead System Pro.

(I will provide more in depth information on these in a later post).

Once you have decided how you wish to store the information it is time to start creating a master list.

If you have information in various places I suggest you write a list of these places to start working through.  Prioritize the most valuable information you have – your current and past customers are highest priority, so places such as paypal should be top of your list.  You can create and download files usually from these sites which make it easier to transfer data to a master list.

After that, places such as your facebook business page, or other social media sites should be tackled.  Even if you don’t have a lot of contact information on these sites it is worth creating a record of the information you have at the minute, then we can work on adding to that later.

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Become a Problem Solver!

are-you-a-problem-solver1Have you become a problem solver yet?

When someone working with any MLM company changes focus away from recruiting or selling, and towards becoming a problem solver, the difference can be massive.

The typical methods used in this industry are all sales based.  People try to convince others of why buying a product or joining a company would be the best thing they have ever done.  The common belief is: if you talk to enough people and keep saying how wonderful it is, eventually people will join.  Its an approach that most people struggle with.

Its pushy, its frustrating and it is the reason a lot of people have an issue with MLM companies.

Instead of this method, those who have progressed and learned a lot about the business, become good problem solvers.

Talking to people about the problems and challenges they are facing means you understand where they are coming from.  Understanding the current situation that person is facing allows you to figure out if your opportunity or product can provide a possible solution.  It takes no convincing, no pushing and as a friend of mine says “stops you feeling like you need to take a lot of showers to wash the yuckky feeling it gives you away”.

If you really want to increase your conversion rate and create massive growth in your business don’t sell people on the idea of Network Marketing find out people’s problems and find out if they are open to exploring a possible solution.

Understanding Problems

All problems have two features in common: goals and barriers.


Problems involve setting out to achieve some objective or desired state of affairs and can include avoiding a situation or event.

Goals can be anything that you wish to achieve, where you want to be.  Typically within MLM that can involve increasing income or being able to work from home.


If there were no barriers in the way of achieving a goal, then there would be no problem.  Problem solving involves overcoming the barriers or obstacles that prevent the immediate achievement of goals.

For Example:

If you feel hungry then your goal is to eat. A barrier to this may be that you have no food available.  How can you remove that barrier? Go to the shop to buy some.  That would certainly solve the problem.

There are 3 basic steps in solving a problem:

  1. Identify the problem clearly.
  2. Looking for Possible Solutions
  3. Implementing solutions.

Problem Identification:

This stage involves:

Identifying the goal and all barriers to reaching that goal.

The first phase of problem solving may sound obvious but often requires more thought and analysis. Identifying a problem can be a difficult task in itself.  Not all people think about goals and barriers to that.  For example, a lot of people will agree they would like to make some extra money, but might not be so forthcoming about how they would like to do that.  Instead of being able to say I don’t know how, they might say I don’t know what I want to do. This leads to suggestions being made about WHAT to do, rather than HOW, and so the problem is never solved in this kind of conversation.

Structuring the Problem:

This stage involves developing a clear picture of the problem.

Following on from problem identification, structuring the problem is all about gaining more information about the problem and increasing understanding. To build a more comprehensive picture of both the goal and any barriers takes time.  It also requires a degree of trust to have been developed between the parties involved. Most people are not open to discussing problems with people they don’t know or trust, so this is not usually a fast process.

Looking for Possible Solutions:

During this stage you will start to introduce the company recruiting or sales options as a POSSIBLE solution to the problem.  It is important to only do this IF they do provide a suitable solution.

Making a Decision:

This stage involves careful analysis of the different possible courses of action and then selecting the best solution for implementation.  This could mean deciding between different products you might be able to offer.  It could also be about joining the company you are with, or joining a different one.   Some solutions may not be possible, due to other problems, like time constraints or budgets. It is important at this stage to also consider what might happen if nothing was done to solve the problem – would it get worse? Are they happy to continue with the current situation?

It is important to check they have all the information they need, then give the person time to consider it.  It is not about being pushy at this stage, it is about asking more questions:

Do you have any more questions?

Do you understand what is involved?

Would you need additional support or training?

What would prevent you from doing this?

Are you happy to continue as you are?

All of these questions will help direct them towards making a decision!

Monitoring/Seeking Feedback:

The last stage is about reviewing the outcomes of problem solving over a period of time, including seeking feedback as to the success of the outcomes of the chosen solution.  Often people forget this stage, but it is vital to check it is working for the new team members.  This allows you to complete further problem solving should there be any issues, and increases the likelihood of success.


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How to Complete the GDI Learning Bonus

If you read my last post  and now would like to know how to complete the GDI learning bonus then this post is just for you 😉

Here are Step by Step Instructions to help you to complete the GDI learning bonus. (which pays you $25)

Let me know how you are getting on and if you need help with any step!

A. Log into your GDI back office.
B. On the left, click GDI Bonus.C. Scroll down and click GDI Learning Bonus.
Everything will be grayed out because you have not done anything yet.


Complete GDI Learning Bonus

Steps #1-#6 will walk you though everything you need to do to earn your $25 learning bonus.


Complete GDI Learning Bonus

Step#1. Trial Conversion (Achieve Active Status) 

This happens automatically when your $10.00 payment has been processed by GDI at the end of your 7 day free trial.

This will complete step #1, 

  Step#2.  Create a “GDI” email address with your domain:
Complete GDI Learning Bonus
  Click where it says “email address” this will take you to the next page.
In the first box where it says New Mailbox Prefix, type in gdi, the rest is there for you,   enter your email in the box below if you wish to be sent a confirmation of this, then click “Create Mailbox” .
Complete GDI Learning Bonus

Click on Webmail. Enter your temporary password temppass in the first box.

Complete GDI Learning Bonus

You will be taken to a new page that will give you a temporary password to log into your new GDI email account, it is usually temppass.  Copy and paste it in the box where it says password,  click Confirm. You will be asked to create a new password. Write it down once you have created it.
This will be your permanent password.

Complete GDI Learning Bonus

This  completes step #2

STEP#3. Send at least 10 Invites using GDI Inviters.

Click on the word Invites. This takes you right to the Classic Inviter.

You may choose from 2 different GDI presentations. You can preview each one to  see which you like best, then click to highlight the blue dot next to the one you wish to be sent to your prospects.

Fill in first and last name and email address of prospects. They ask you to send 10 to meet the bonus requirement, but you can take advantage of this to invite as many people as you want to take a look at GDI. Once you have all your prospects listed, go down to the button that says “Send Your Invitations!“.

You have now completed step #3 of your Learning Bonus! 

STEP#4. Directly refer 1 Converted (Signup went ACTIVE at End of Trial) Affiliate.

This is pretty self-explanatory.  You need to recruit one member who becomes active at the end of their 7 day free trial.  If you struggle with this let me know and i will help as best as i can!

You will find a large selection of GDI capture pages in your back office by going to My Replicated Sites on the left.
Be sure to pick your language. You can view each one before choosing. GDI will take note of your new member and mark your step with a green check mark once they see they became active.

This  completes step #4!

STEP#5. Activate your WordPress Site using either SiteBuilder or WordPress. You can choose whichever you prefer but I used Sitebuilder to create the Zero2EarningHero site.  The site doesn’t need to be complex but it does need to be published for your earning bonus (you can edit it later).

If you need help with this step let me know!

Now Type in your Domain in the Learning Bonus Box. See the example below, yours will look like that, but with your unique name you picked!

Complete GDI Learning Bonus

This completes step #5, congrats, you’re almost done!


   Set Your Preferred Commission Method 

Click on Preferred Commission Method.  You will see this chart:

Complete GDI Learning Bonus

I prefer being sent commission once my balance reaches $100.00. Anything less, there is  a fee. You can change your preferred commissions method by choosing one from the right, but take note of the fees.

Once you have made your choices, hit Update and it will be saved. If you ever wish to change the method or amount, come back in here to make your changes, always remember to hit update. You will be required to fill out some documents and send them in to be able to withdraw your commissions. You will find what needs to be completed and sent on your commissions page.

This  completes step #6, congratulations!

Once GDI sees you have completed each step, they will check them off. Some are almost instant, some take up to a week, so keep this in mind if you are going to put this off. You only have 8 weeks to complete this.
If you start it in your 7th or 8th week, you may not get things checked off in time, especially if you did something wrong and had to re-submit it.  This is what a completed Learning Bonus looks like!
Completed GDI Learning Bonus 


Complete GDI Learning Bonus

You completed All The Steps In Your Learning Bonus! 

Complete GDI Learning Bonus

Now your mission is to get 10 people under you to complete their Learning Bonus.  I WILL help you with this 🙂 

WHY? Because when 10 people Complete GDI Learning Bonus, YOU EARN $250.00!

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Want Cheap Website Hosting Fees? My Provider Pays Me!

GDIDo you want cheap website hosting fees for your own website or blog?

Most people just accept to have a professional site, rather than a free one, they have to pay hosting fees. If this is you then it might surprise you to know that you don’t need to pay hosting fees at all.  In fact you can get paid to have a personalised and premium domain name, hosting and personalised email address.

In my quest to keep finding different, but stable ways to make a little extra money from home, I came across a site called Global Domains International (GDI).

GDI was launched in 2000 as a provider of of international custom domain names.  They use the .WS extension as an alternative to the .COM and .CO.UK extensions.  WS stands for Web Site and so is completely relevant for any kind of site. Now, considering the more recent development of many new domain name extensions such as .ME and .INFO etc etc this caught my attention.  I have used some of the alternative extensions before, simply because they are much cheaper than .com and  When I saw that GDI actually offers the opportunity to make an income and not just save money I just had to look at it a lot closer.

I always complete my usual checks on a new company to make sure it offers a genuine opportunity, that it is stable and trustworthy and the income structure makes sense .  Everything on GDI checks out well, and all was left for me to do was to try it out for myself.

After signing up it didn’t take me too long to figure out how to use the site.  Using the GDI Tutorials to help me understand everything that can be done with GDI,  I have played around with lots of different options on there now. I must admit creating a website or a blog is pretty straight forward.  It has an easy to use online site builder if you want a website, and provides wordpress if you want to have a blog.

For those who like to try before you buy there is a 7 day free trial, and after that it is just $10 per month (or around £7).

But hold on!  Didn’t I just say I don’t pay any fees and get paid instead? Yes i did! The amazing thing about GDI is it offers a really great income opportunity.  Its really simple too….

You spread the word about how great it is to have an account with GDI and they pay you…. its a simple as that!

How do you earn?

When you recommend GDI to others you will earn a monthly income, and some brilliant bonuses too.  You are paid $1 per month, per domain, that is registered in your 5 level network.

You are not limited by width. You can refer as many people as you want to. This is an example of how your network can grow just with each person recommending GDI to 5 people:

As you earn $1 for each person in your downline the number of people is also the monthly payment you will receive.

Bonus Payments

There a several ways to earn bonus payments:

  1. GDI will pay you $25 for completing all steps in the GDI Learning Bonus. This is a great way to learn how to be successful with GDI while getting paid at the same time!
  2. For every 5 paid affiliates you refer in a one week period, you’ll earn a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit! Refer 25 new paid affiliates in one week and you’ll earn $500!
  3. For every 10 new affiliates you refer who complete their learning bonus you’ll earn a $250 cash bonus. There is no limit! Refer 100 affiliates who all complete their learning bonus and you’ll earn $2500!

GDI learning bonusGDI duplication

As someone who works from home already, I know that a lot of work from home people want their own website or blog.  For me GDI is a really obvious second income option and one I am very happy to recommend to others.

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook

PS: Do you want to create more quality leads for your business? – Check Out This System!

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